Thunder Martial Chapter 346 - Continous Breakthrough

Wang Qiong's breakthrough had caused a huge commotion, and everyone was anticipating whether he would leave or stay.

However, he did not express his stance. Instead, he continued to go into seclusion to consolidate his cultivation base.

One month later, another piece of news came out. Wu Mo, from the Wu Zong Sect, had successfully broken through and become the second monstrous genius to reach the Imperial Sky Realm.

Furthermore, on the day of the breakthrough, it caused a huge commotion and alarmed the Ancestor. After that, the Ancestor brought him to a place of importance in the Wu Zong Sect in order to give him the strongest inheritance to the Wu Zong Sect.

Following Wang Qiong's breakthrough, more and more monstrous genius broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm, causing a huge sensation one after another.

This was a prosperous era, and many talented monstrous geniuses had appeared, so they were very strong.

After two years, they finally broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm and became able to fly in the air and flee for their lives.

But back then, Zi Chen, the strongest monstrous genius, had actually died in that lightning tribulation, which inevitably caused regret in others.

In such a prosperous age, if Zi Chen appeared, it would definitely cause a bloodbath.

Moreover, some people were guessing if Zi Chen was still alive, would his strength also be able to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm?

Someone gave a definite guess.


Before the destruction of the Ling Wu Sect, Zi Chen had always been calm, and his cultivation speed was average. However, after the destruction of the Ling Wu Sect, Zi Chen's fame exploded, causing many waves and his strength increased by leaps and bounds.

In one fell swoop, he broke through from the Xiantian Realm to the Zhen Yuan Realm, standing at the same level as the monstrous genius, thereby possessing the power to suppress all the other monstrous genius.

However, someone had guessed that even if Zi Chen was still alive, after two years had passed, he at most had the strength of a Ninth Heaven and would not be able to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

After that, a series of shocking news spread out.

Wu Ping, another monstrous genius of the Wu Zong Sect had broken through to the Imperial Sky Realm, becoming the second monstrous genius to break through in the Wu Zong Sect.

Liu Family Liu Chen, the little fatty, had successfully broken through.

Cloud City's Wang Shi had also made a breakthrough.

Liu Family, Liu Bo received the inheritance from Zi Chen. His battle strength was very strong, and he managed to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

Furthermore, on the day of breakthrough, in a fight with Wang Shi, the two of them were evenly matched.

As for the second monstrous genius of Cloud City, no one knew how strong Wang Xian'er was, but there were some who guessed that she had already achieved a breakthrough.

Ah? Ahhh! Ahhh!

Within the Wang Family, one could occasionally hear Wang Shan screaming in pain. He was thoroughly provoked by the pieces of news that others had broken through, Why didn't I cultivate properly back then?

He was filled with regret as he roared repeatedly.

Others had all made a breakthrough, but he had yet to make a breakthrough. Even in these two years, he had not relaxed his guard but he was still a hair's breadth away from the Imperial Sky Realm.

This made him very unwilling.

It had been two years, and since the last battle in the canyon, a full two years had passed. In these two years, many monstrous geniuses had broken through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

For this region, this was the arrival of a prosperous era.

Zi Chen, if you are still alive, I, Chu Xun, will definitely kill you. On the first day that the Chu Family's monstrous genius broke through, he said some harsh words, causing an uproar.

Back then, no one dared to hoot Zi Chen.

But unfortunately, Zi Chen had already died and was unable to reply.

This was a golden age, and many monstrous geniuses had already broken through to the Imperial Sky Realm. Some speculated as to whether they were going to engage in a battle or go directly to another region.

All sorts of guesses appeared.


In the middle of the mountain range of no man, the sky suddenly trembled. The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly, yet a blinding bolt of the lightning descended with a terrifying pressure.

This was tribulation lightning, causing people's expressions to change. The might of the heavenly lightning was truly terrifying.

During these two years, there were two consecutive lightning tribulations in the mountain range. This was the third one, including today.


Below the bolt of the lightning was a young man. Golden light swirled around his body, and with a single punch, he shattered the bolt of the lightning. He opened his mouth and sucked in the lightning.

This was an extremely terrifying scene. If the people of the world saw it, they would naturally be extremely shocked.

In this world, whoever faced the lightning tribulation was fully prepared and used all sorts of things to resist. Who could use their body to shatter the lightning and also swallow the lightning energy into their stomach?



The sky shook as a terrifying lightning might appeared. More and more lightning bolts descended, forming a screen of the light, shining resplendently.

The young man felt as if his entire body was being turned into pure gold, blossoming with golden light. Using his powerful physique to withstand one bolt of heavenly lightning, even though his strength was merely at the Zhen Yuan Realm, his physique was incomparably terrifying.

Just like a dragon awakening, Dragon's Roars began to sound one after another. The golden blood and Qi in his body soared into the sky, dyeing the heaven and earth a golden color.


A fist Qi appeared and the heavenly thunder was smashed apart, turning into energy that was absorbed.

The heavenly thunder was raging, and even more lightning appeared. It was like a heaven and earth chains, piercing through the heavens, bringing with it a destructive aura.

This was an extremely terrifying scene. The heavenly lightning created a sea of the lightning that continued to wreak havoc.

Within a radius of thousands of meters, everything below had been turned into scorched earth. Plants had been turned into crumbs, and mountain rocks had been blown to smithereens.


Below, a brilliant golden light appeared between the youth's eyebrows. This was a spiritual consciousness that only Imperial Sky Realm experts had but it actually appeared on a Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator.

The spiritual consciousness was golden and it was incredibly powerful. When it appeared, it glowed with boundless golden light, bathing the entire sea of the lightning. The youth was undergoing his tribulation, and his spiritual consciousness was also undergoing its tribulation.


The latter coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, and his entire body was charred black, as though he had been injured by lightning.

The spiritual consciousness also shrunk back as the golden light dimmed, making it look extremely dispirited.


However, the young man shouted loudly and did not retreat at all. A powerful aura erupted from his body and he stood under the sea of lightning. His spiritual consciousness also rushed out from between his eyebrows, bathed in the sea of the lightning and reborn amidst the heavenly thunder.


As the bolt of the Lightning struck down, the young man's entire body began to emit black smoke. He looked like a piece of charcoal, but his eyes were very bright.

His bones were on the verge of breaking apart, and cracks spread out across his skin. His injuries were severe.


By the time the final bolt of the lightning landed, the youth's life was almost gone, but he did not die. After that, a surge of vitality appeared, like a storm. The youth stood in the middle of the storm, reborn.

Beside him, with a flash of light, an old man appeared.

Rebirth from the thunder tribulation will greatly increase your strength. Every time you experience the baptism of thunder tribulation, it will be a transformation, and it will also be a massive lucky chance. After experiencing the thunder tribulation, your perfect body will be your greatest reliance in the future.



The scorched black body emitted a cracking sound before splitting apart. Streaks of golden light appeared, dazzling to the eye. It was accompanied by the appearance of a powerful aura.


In the end, the scorched black body exploded and a brand-new perfect body appeared and the golden light was resplendent without any flaws.

Within his perfect body, blood flowed like a raging river, providing endless energy. He was like a True Dragon, hibernating within.

The young man was naturally Zi Chen.

Two years had passed, and countless pills had been consumed. Among them, he had experienced three thunder tribulations, and finally reached the Ninth Heaven

I wonder how they are doing?

Zi Chen had been cultivating in seclusion for two years now, and would only appear when he broke through the thunder tribulation.

The thunder tribulation was powerful, it was not a good to stay in the same place, thus Zi Chen left quickly.

A moment later, powerful auras appeared one after another, but other than a scene of world destruction, there was nothing else.

Two years had passed, and Zi Chen believed that the turmoil back then had passed long ago.

No one tried to make things difficult for him anymore.

His breakthrough this time was stable, so it was unrealistic to think that he could break through in a short period of time. Zi Chen decided to make a trip outside.

It was just that after he had arrived at the Dayang City, Zi Chen had been greatly shocked by each and every piece of news he had received.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion had been annihilated, a large force had disappeared, and the large forces that had suffered heavy losses before, although they still had their legacies, they had become much more low-key, no longer acting as arrogantly as before.

After that, was the news of Wang Qiong and the others breaking through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

This news was still from a year ago, and it had already been a year since Wang Qiong broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

Following that, the other monstrous genius all had breakthroughs.

They actually broke through. Zi Chen was a little stunned, but after thinking about it for a while, he finally understood. In the past two years, he had already broken through three realms.

Zi Chen, if you're not dead, then come out and see how I, Wu Ping, will kill you.

I, Li Zhou, can kill you with one hand.

The great forces had not forgotten about the humiliation two years ago. They had been silently enduring, and after their monstrous genius broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm, they began to clamor.

They had gone to the battle grounds before, but had not seen the purple golden gourd. The crowd of monstrous genius guessed that Zi Chen was still alive, and thus they kept on clamoring.

After their strength broke through, their confidence burst forth. They were extremely arrogant, and upon seeing that Zi Chen did not appear, they began to clamor nonstop.

However, even though Zi Chen did not appear, he still had friends, friends that could be compared to the monstrous genius.

Zhang Haotian and Lu Peng had obtained the inheritance of the Human Slaughter. With so many monstrous geniuses breaking through to the Imperial Sky Realm, the two of them naturally could not be left behind.

After Zhang Haotian broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm, he responded to the monstrous genius of a great power.

If you want to die, I, Zhang Haotian, will kill you. He was just as cold as he was before, and his words were as cold as ice, causing everyone to tremble.

Zhang Haotian appeared at the same time as Lu Peng. Although the latter did not have a breakthrough to the Imperial Sky Realm, the runes around his body flickered, representing his identity as a formation master, causing people to tremble in fear. Some people even suspected that the formation was set up by Lu Peng.

Thinking about the formation two years ago, no one dared to underestimate this formation master.

If Zi Chen doesn't appear, as a mere rogue cultivator, if you want to die, I can grant your wish. With their breakthroughs, many of the inheritance martial skills could be used. The monstrous geniuses of the great powers were very powerful.

This was their first battle in the skies, and they had to win with all their might.

On the night of the full moon, come to the Deathly Land for a life or death battle. In the end, Zhang Haotian spoke out coldly.

This monstrous genius wanting a life or death battle caused an uproar. This was the biggest shock that people had received in the past two years.

Everyone became excited.

The full moon? When Zi Chen heard of this news, a cold light flashed across his eyes.

In these two years, his perfect body had become even stronger, and he possessed a more powerful spiritual consciousness. If not for the energy in his body being unable to keep up with his realm, he would also be in the Imperial Sky Realm.

He was extremely dissatisfied when the monstrous genius of the great powers clamoured once again.

After enduring for two years, it's time to make a move.