Thunder Martial Chapter 345 - Breakthrough

Rumble! Rumble!

Dark clouds covered the skies as thunder rumbled. The terrifying might of the heavens pressed down in all directions, causing people to be terrified.

Everyone retreated at the first possible moment. Their expressions changed drastically as they became incomparably shocked.

This was the heavenly tribulation, the thing that the cultivator feared the most. It represented that the cultivator had gone against the heavens and will be met with divine retribution.

Why would a heavenly tribulation appear? Everyone's countenance changed as they stared at the terrifying heavenly lightning strikes, their hearts trembling uncontrollably.

The dense black clouds were like rolling Demonic Qi that lingered around it. They covered the sky and blotted out the sun, making everything pitch black. However, soon after, bolts of heavenly lightning descended, bringing with them the might of rolling thunder to extinguish all life.

The sky and the earth rumbled. Thunderbolts rumbled, and the entire world trembled.

This was a heavenly tribulation that would only appear when one become a sovereign realm expert, possessing the power to annihilate the world. Before advancing to the sovereign realm, everyone had to carefully arrange and not be careless, and only after everything was settled would it be possible for one to cross a heavenly tribulation.

But today, the calamity had come so suddenly, causing the peak Imperial Sky Realm experts to be at a loss of what to do.


The heavenly thunder descended, and like a meandering thunder dragon, it illuminated the entire sky. It was dazzling as it struck against the body of a peak Imperial Sky Realm expert. In the next moment, the destructive thunder might surged, and the peak Imperial Sky Realm experts was smashed into smithereens with a single strike.

A rain of blood rained down from the sky.

They were already injured inside the Ten Sides Killing formation, and now that they faced the heavenly tribulation, they no longer had any hope of surviving.

Black clouds rolled about, enveloping an area of a few miles. The intimidating aura of thunder descended, and streaks of dazzling heavenly lightning and rippling destructive aura appeared.

This was a terrifying scene to behold. All the people except for the ones facing the tribulation retreated far, far away. Some of the slower ones were obliterated by the lightning and turned into ashes.

Aside from the rolling thunder, the only thing between heaven and earth was a miserable shriek that continuously reverberated in the air.

The heavenly thunder descended and the mountain rock exploded. Half of the majestic mountains surrounding the Chenying Valley were cut off.

Zi Chen, I want you dead! One Imperial Sky Realm expert, whose entire body was charred black due to being hit by heavenly lightning roared loudly in the air. His eyes were filled with boundless killing intent.

However, the sky was filled with heavenly lightning that formed numerous heaven and earth chains that pierced through the sky and destroyed everything. Zi Chen's figure was nowhere to be seen.


The lightning descended and struck the top of the Imperial Sky Realm experts head. The next moment, he was blasted into smithereens and disappeared from this world.

In the distance, everyone fled in fear. It was too terrifying, even a peak Imperial Sky Realm expert died like that.

Die! If we're going to die, we'll all die together!

Some roared as their eyes were filled with unwillingness. They transformed into a ray of the light and rushed towards Wang Zhenwei and the rest who were a few dozen kilometers away.

Above his head, black clouds roiled about as he moved. Occasionally, a blinding bolt of heavenly lightning would descend.

Hurry up!

Seeing that the situation was bad, Wang Zhenwei turned and walked away, his speed was extremely fast, Qi Qingqiu and Liu Mingyong followed closely behind.



During this period of time, bolts of heavenly lightning struck down, and the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators that were slow running disintegrated into dust while screaming in pain.

Thunder rumbled over a distance of over ten li. During this period of time, people on the ground began to cough out blood as they resisted the heavenly thunder.


By the time the third bolt of the lightning struck the Imperial Sky Realm expert rushing towards Wang Zhenwei, he was finally no longer able to withstand it and was smashed to smithereens. His body had been completely annihilated.

This was an extremely shocking scene. Zi Chen had attracted the heavenly tribulation and no one was able to escape this calamity.

Zi Chen, you will die a horrible death.

Bolts of the Lightning descended from the sky like chains, piercing through the heavens. The moment the lightning turned many into dust, curses began to appear one after another.

One after another, people started to die, and it seems it will continue until everyone was obliterated.

An hour later, the black clouds dissipated and the sky became clear once more. The sun shone brightly and there were no clouds for miles.

The previous Chenying Valley had completely disappeared, and the blood-stained valley had become flat ground. Occasionally, there would even be a few lightning energy wreaking havoc as black smoke rose from them.

The steep mountain peak disappeared, and only corpses covered the valley. Blood formed streams, corpses covered the ground, and their blood filled the sky with resentment.

Amongst the six great forces that were surrounding Zi Chen, all of their experts had fallen.

On this day, the world trembled.

Zi Chen once again created a miracle, setting up a peerless great formation, and killing dozens ofs Imperial Sky Realm experts.

This is too terrifying!

All of the cultivators who thought back to that scene felt their hairs stand on end. Regardless of whether it was the previous great formation or the heavenly tribulations afterwards, they were all shaken.

After that battle, Chenying Valley became a Deathly Land within a radius of a few miles. It was said that at night, there would be wails from ghosts.

Zi Chennnnn! Dieeee

Occasionally, the passing cultivator would see blurry figures that resembled wraiths wailing before disappearing in a flash.

Zi Chen had killed many experts of the great powers, to the point that corpses were strewn all over the place.

No one dared to come forward again.

Some of the more daring cultivators would die without any grievances within a few days after they arrived here and were tainted with grievances.

The news of Zi Chen's incident had spread like wildfire, causing everyone to be shocked.

He had really created a miracle, but his own life and death was a mystery.

Some guessed that Zi Chen was still alive. After summoning the heavenly thunder, he fled immediately, leaving some hope for survival.

However, even more people guessed that Zi Chen had already been obliterated by the divine lightning, because it was a thunder tribulation that caused even the air itself to be burnt to ashes. Not to mention that Zi Chen, who had thrown away all these miracles, was only a cultivator of the Zhen Yuan Realm.

The few great forces had suffered heavy losses. This time, Zi Chen had really hurt them, many of those who had the hope of breaking through to the sovereign realm actually died.

Such a loss made them so pained that they wanted to vomit blood.

The few major powers were furious, their anger was intense, and they had to vent it somewhere. Moreover, whether Zi Chen lived or died was unknown. There were no traces of him, where could they go to vent their anger?

Lin Xue was still in Yongji City.

Therefore, the big powers would look for trouble with Lin Xue, but with the Liu Ancestor, no one could do anything to her.

Furthermore, one night, the Liu Ancestor was furious, and with a loud shout, he killed two Imperials Sky Realm experts who tried to ambush and kill Lin Xue.

Furthermore, on the second day, Patriarch Liu announced that he had taken Lin Xue in as his adopted daughter and that she would be considered one of them. From then on, Lin Xue's status increased greatly, and the Liu Family could openly protect her.

Tan Fang, who was in charge of the Heaven Killing Pavilion, was very surprised to hear about this result, but it was nothing more than this. The Heaven Killing Pavilion had suffered heavy losses this time, and many of the old killers had died.

He wanted to clean up everything, to reform the Heaven Killing Pavilion, to reform this Barbarian Land, but unfortunately, within a few days, he received news that Su Long had appeared and was not in this Barbarian Land. Both sides were engaged in an intense battle, and their losses were great.

Dammit, he actually left this place long ago. Tan Fang was furious, the anger in his eyes burned. Then, he turned and brought the people that had arrived with him, and left Heaven Killing Pavilion, leaving the region.

At that moment, the elders were completely dumbfounded.

They had suffered terrible losses this time around, and their only reliance actually abandoned them. They wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Half a month later, Heaven Killing Pavilion was attacked by a large force.

With Cloud City as the leader, and the Liu Family and Qin Family as support, as well as the participation of the Wu Zong Sect faction, they started to attack the various branches of the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

At the same time, they would search through the branch to find the headquarters and launch a destructive attack.

The world shook once again.

In one month's time, both headquarters of the Heaven Killing Pavilion were flattened, and the last headquarters was found. However, when many forces arrived at that place, the place was already empty, and all the assassins ran away.

In this region, the three great sects and the Seven Cities had lost a great power. The Heaven Killing Pavilion had been destroyed...

Letian City.

This time, the Geng Family's experts suffered a lot of losses, and because the Letian City was filled with all sorts of battles, they did not have the time to care about other things.

The loss of the Cang and Li Family of the Cangli City was extremely great. This led to the formation of a great power. Because of the loss of their experts, they dropped out of the top three and became one of the bottom powers.

The Chu Family had also recently become very low-key, no longer boasting about the fact that the Chu Family's dignity could not be violated.

As for the other faction of the Wu Zong Sect, they suffered heavy losses and was completely suppressed by Miao Kong's faction.

This region had undergone great changes.

The bounty of Zi Chen by the few major powers had long been lifted, and the portraits were all cancelled. However, Zi Chen still had not appeared.

Everyone guessed that Zi Chen was already dead.

Lin Xue believed that Zi Chen was still alive, but she did not search for him.

This incident made her understand one thing, experts were to be respected.

At the same time, many monstrous geniuses also went into seclusion to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

The shock brought about by Zi Chen was too great, to the point where they more or less felt inferior and desperately cultivated.

Time flowed on. One month, two months, three months.. Half a year... Soon, a year had passed.

However, Zi Chen still had not appeared.

And the rumors of the Zi Chen incident, which had spread and stirred up a huge commotion, had also slowly decreased after the time had passed by.

Without Zi Chen offending a great power, this region had once again recovered its silence, as if there was no life left at all, and became deathly still and heavy.

A year had passed, and another monstrous genius appeared in Chu Family. Their battle strength was very strong, so when they fought with the monstrous genius of the Cang Family, they were unable to determine the victor.

The two of them were at the Ninth Heaven, so they were not far from breaking through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

The battle was intense, but the spectators felt bored. They had watched Zi Chen fight one big battle after another, and were extremely shaken, killing over a dozen monstrous geniuses, which one of them were not bloody? Seeing today's battle, they felt that it was gaudy and unreal, and many of them felt that it was meaningless.

Because of the monstrous genius battle, Zi Chen, who was about to be forgotten, had once again become the topic of discussion.

But Zi Chen hadn't appeared for a year, so the chances of him surviving wasn't high.

Everyone was lamenting that one of the strongest monstrous genius had died in the end.

A few months later, news spread out from the Wang Family of Clouds City that shocked everyone in the world. The number one genius, Wang Qiong, officially broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm, becoming the first young monstrous genius to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm of this region.

This was a piece of shocking news.

Wang Qiong had finally broken through, it was just like what many people had guessed.

The entire world was shaken, and everyone was paying attention to Wang Qiong.

In the past, monstrous geniuses would leave this place after breaking through to the Imperial Sky Realm and wander around in the outside world for thousands of years.

This time, whether or not Wang Qiong was leaving, became the focus of discussion.