Thunder Martial Chapter 344 - Tribulation

The light that shone down carried a frightening killing intent as it shot straight at Ma Yanqing.

The latter's face changed and he cried out in alarm. The rune around him flashed continuously, wanting to block this attack.


He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and retreated quickly. The surrounding runes were all scattered, but he managed to preserve his life.

Break for me!

Ma Yanqing's face flushed red and he spat out a mouthful of blood essence. The blood essence glowed and circulated with light, which condensed in the air and did not scatter. Ma Yanqing waved his hands, and a mysterious rune appeared, led by the blood essence, it formed a mysterious formation.

Ma Yanqing followed closely behind the formation, wanting to use this opportunity to rush out of the formation.

You're courting death! This was the first time Old Mo spoke, his eyes flashed with killing intent. He knew that although his formation attainments weren't very high, his temper was comparable to a master.


The formation flag trembled again, and the bright light illuminated the entire formation, following that, a ray of the light dropped down, causing the air to tremble.


Ma Yanqing immediately used the formations drawn to protect himself, however, the light still fell and enveloped Ma Yanqing.

Ah! The first generation formation master let out a blood-curdling scream. After that, he disappeared with the disappearance of the light and was turned to dust with a single strike.


The great formation was completely activated, the formation flag and its materials melded together, shining brilliantly, producing bursts of thunder that could extinguish all forms of life.

Old Mo stood in mid air, his figure constantly flashing, dodging all of the attacks.

The formation flags that were in the air were constantly moving. They revolved in the air and released tens of thousands of rays of the light that are like sharp blades that cut through everything.



A Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator didn't even have the time to let out a scream before he was sliced open by the light. If Imperial Sky Realm experts could only rely on their own strength to dodge the attack of the light, then the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator's were in danger of being completely massacred.

In a short moment, almost ninety percent of Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators died, and it would also be a matter of time before the remaining ten percent died.

Zi Chen, you are a demon.

You will die a horrible death.

You are so devoid of humanity, you will be struck by lightning.

The remaining Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators continued to curse, their words were vicious, and they were extremely terrified.

Hmph, killing me is equivalent to obeying the orders of the heavens? However, if I kill you, I will be struck by lightning? What sort of logic is this?

The ancient weapon in Zi Chen's hand was dyed in blood, it became a blood red color with boundless killing intent as he killed all the cultivators who were lucky enough to avoid the light.


Zi Chen made his move ruthlessly, turning into a ray of the light. Only after a few breaths of time, the rest of the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators were already slaughtered.

At this point, all the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators had died, and hundreds of people had lost their lives.

The valley was dyed with blood.


The heaven and earth shook violently. The remaining Imperial Sky Realm experts all unleashed powerful attacks, using their strength to break the formation.


A ray of the light descended, and a terrifying killing intent surged. It was like a sharp blade cutting through the body of an Imperial Sky Realm expert.


The activation of the formation caused the sound of thunder to ring out.

This time, Old Mo channeled all his energy, causing all kinds of materials to blossom in radiance. Tens of thousands of Uiams Stones consumed all of their Yuan energy in an instant.

The entire formation went completely berserk.

The true demise of the ten great powers had arrived, destroying all life.


An Imperial Sky Realm expert suddenly exploded, transforming into a bloody mist that dispersed. A bloody rain began to float between the heaven and earth.


With a flash of brilliance, another Imperial Sky Realm expert's body was torn apart and died a violent death.

The destruction of the ten great powers was fully displayed at this moment.

No matter which corner of the formation an Imperial Sky Realm expert was in, as long as he was swept by the light, his body would explode in the next moment.

No one could block such a terrifying attack. Even someone at the peak Imperial Sky Realm could be killed.


Miserable screams rang out unceasingly, one by one, the Imperial Sky Realm experts were sent flying into the air and died.

Go to hell!

One of them clenched his teeth as his entire body drenched in blood. A cold glint appeared in his eyes, after resisting the two attacks, he rushed towards Zi Chen.


However, Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and dodged it.


Another ray of the light fell, and this powerful Imperial Sky Realm expert that had blocked the two streaks of the light died.


Streaks of light poured down and were constantly killing Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Broken limbs and arms were everywhere. It was a human tragedy.


An ancient mirror flew up and its light flickered. This was a forbidden artifact, controlled by a peak Imperial Sky Realm expert, it released powerful undulations.

After sending his spiritual consciousness in, the forbidden artifact exploded.

When an attack that was equivalent to that of a sovereign realm expert appeared, a destructive power filled the heavens and earth and began to attack the formations.


Forbidden artifacts came out one after another. At this moment, none of them dared to act rashly. The price they had to pay for doing so was death.


The great formation began to ripple. Another tens of thousands of Yuan Stones exploded, and their energy was absorbed.

There were more than sixty Imperial Sky Realm experts earlier but after the formations's massacre, there were less than twenty left, and all of them were injured.

Their strengths were all very powerful, either in the late Imperial Sky Realm or in the peak Imperial Sky Realm. However, a little fellow in the Zhen Yuan Realm was able to cause them to not have the slightest bit of temper.

In the formations, Zi Chen was unrivalled. After the dozen or so people paid with their lives, they came to this conclusion, and at that moment, the only thing they could do was break through the formation.


As the light faded, another person died.

All of them felt their hearts tremble as they continued to attack the formation.

At this moment, it was as if the Imperial Sky Realm experts didn't care about how valuable forbidden artifacts are. Every time it appeared, it would release its strongest attack and explode.

And each strike was equivalent to a Sovereign Realm expert.


The big formation suffered a huge impact, the formation flag began to tremble, and the materials started to disappear. The Ten Sides Killing formation started to loosen up.


The Imperial Sky Realm experts seemed to see hope, and they once again increased the power of their attacks.

The large formation rippled even more intensely, and the formation flag's vibrations were even faster.

Once the forbidden artifact was used, it was equivalent to a Sovereign Realm expert attacking the big formation.

Zi Chen, the formation is about to crumble. Old Mo warned.

Keep killing. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold, and his eyes were already filled with killing intent.

The formation appeared and enveloped the entire Chenying Valley, making it so that no one could clearly see what was happening inside.



Only the trembling could be heard, telling of the intense battle that was taking place in the Chenying Valley.

This is a formation, Zi Chen actually laid out a formation here. Everyone was shocked.

So what if he has the formations, there are so many Imperial Sky Realm experts. This formation cannot kill them, Zi Chen is definitely dead.

That's not for sure, Zi Chen intentionally bringing everyone here means that he is fully prepared, this time he might really be able to live.

Don't forget, the formation master, Ma Yanqing is also inside. With him there, there is no formation in the world that can't be broken.

As time passed, the formation had already lasted for a quarter of an hour. The rumbling sounds still had not stopped, and instead, the trembling only grew more intense.

No one has broken the formation yet? Everyone's face changed. Even the people who thought that Zi Chen was going to die were stunned.

One had to know that there were dozens of Imperial Sky Realm experts in the formation.


A terrifying explosion sounded as a terrifying killing intent filled the air. In the end, an earth-shattering explosion resounded as the hazy formation was broken.

Chenying Valley appeared.

And in the center of the gorge, there were less than 10 people left.

After that was the scene of mountains of corpses and seas of blood. It was a horrifying sight.

The green mountain peak was covered in endless amounts of fresh blood, turning blood-red and emitting a thick, fiendish aura.

In the middle of the valley, limbs were scattered everywhere. It was very difficult to find a complete corpse, it was just like a tragedy.


Everyone's faces changed as they were overwhelmed with shock. They never thought that this would be the end result.

There were hundreds that went in but less than ten were alive. All of them were injured, and not a single one of the several hundred Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators were alive.

Looking at Zi Chen, there was not a single wound on his body, his clothes were clean, without a speck of dust.

Everyone was shocked and didn't know what happened.

Wu Mo was at a loss for words, he thought, this was too much.

No one said anything. The place was deathly silent.

Only the heavy breathing of the surviving Imperial Sky Realm experts could be heard.

Now, do you dare to call yourselves Gods? The formation disappeared, and Zi Chen landed. He raised his head and looked at the sky, his voice cold.

We can kill you very easily, so of course we are gods.

The Imperial Sky Realm experts survived. Chenying Valley recovered once again. The formation was broken, and Zi Chen had become a Zhen Yuan Realm Cultivator. He no longer had any trump cards left, so they were naturally not afraid.

It looks like you won't cry until you see the coffin. Don't tell me these corpses didn't teach you a lesson? Zi Chen sneered.

Boy, don't waste your breath here. You've killed so many of us. You can be proud of yourself, but that's all. An Imperial Sky Realm's eyes were filled with killing intent as he shouted, Now everything is over! You can go die now!

As soon as he said that, he rushed towards Zi Chen.

Killing him in a single strike is letting him off too easily. I have to dismember his body.

The rest of the Imperial Sky Realm experts also rushed forward.

With so many people flying over, Zi Chen did not dodge. His eyes were calm and his mouth had a cold smile.

In the next moment, he released his aura.

The peak of the fifth heaven was about to break through to the sixth heaven.


The sky shook and an aura of destruction appeared. It was clear and boundless, and thousands of miles in the sky. Suddenly, a bolt of the lightning shot down from the sky at an extremely fast speed.

Zi Chen's lightning tribulation had arrived.

At the same time, an indescribable energy appeared in the air, enveloping the people that were flying over. The moment this energy appeared, the Imperial Sky Realm experts paled in shock and couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

Heavenly tribulation!

As soon as an Imperial Sky Realm expert finished speaking, the sky and earth lost their color. Black clouds suddenly rolled up in this ten thousand li clear sky, enveloping an area of several hundred li.

At the same time, an inexplicable heavenly might enveloped down.

Hurry up!

Wang Zhenwei was the first to sense that something was amiss. His face immediately changed, and in a flash, he was thousands of meters away.

At the same time, Liu Mingyong and Qi Qingqiu's expressions changed greatly as they escaped as well.

Heavens, it's actually a heavenly tribulation, why did Zi Chen draw in such a lightning tribulation?

The three paled. Retreating, they retreated several dozen li.

And several dozen kilometers away, the previous Chenying Valley had already been surrounded by a sea of lightning. Heavenly thunder surged, and dark clouds rolled back as an apocalyptic scene unfolded before them.