Thunder Martial Chapter 343 - Ten Sides Killing Formation

As the formation was activated, the killing intent was berserk. The 80 formation flags emitted beams of the light and became one with the entire Chenying Valley.

Aside from those who watched from afar, the rest of the forces that had arrived were completely surrounded by the formation.

Light flickered, and a hazy light appeared. A terrifying killing intent emanated from it.

In the outside world, everyone was shocked. No one knew what had happened, why the Chenying Valley had suddenly disappeared, and the valley suddenly became hazy. They could not see anything, as if it was covered by a layer of clouds.

When Old Mo appeared, his eyes were cold, locking the last formation flag into the void. At this moment, an even more terrifying killing intent filled the air. The Chenying Valley became gloomy, and the sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling resounded, causing people's hearts to tremble.

The entire Chenying Valley had disappeared, leaving only a revolving formation that emitted a terrifying aura.

In the sky, there were formation flags and materials on the ground. They resonated with each other and formed the Ten Sides Killing formation.

This is?

The Chenying Valley had disappeared and the place had become hazy. Sensing the terrifying killing intent surging in the surroundings, The Imperial Sky Realm expert's face changed.

This is the thing that will knock you down the altar. Under the activation of the formations, Zi Chen stood in mid air. The Golden Light around his body surged as streaks of golden lightning wreaked havoc.

Imperial Sky Realm, you broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm?

Beneath them, stood a group of cultivators in the Zhen Yuan Realm's eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets. Zi Chen actually flew up into the air, and hovered in the air as if he was floating up in the air.

Zi Chen did not bother with the other party and was too lazy to explain either.

These Zhen Yuan Realm experts were cannon fodder and ants. In the Ten Sides Killing formation, just a thought from him was enough to kill them. In this place, he was the real god.

Zi Chen's eyes swept across the place and landed on the body of an Imperial Sky expert, who called himself a god, and said coldly, Didn't you call yourself a god? Today, I'll let you see what a god really is.

He stood high in the sky as golden light surged around him. Streaks of golden lightning surrounded his body as his eyes were ice-cold and emotionless.

Go to hell!

The killing intent from the surroundings made the Imperial Sky expert feel danger, and he took the initiative to charge towards Zi Chen. A terrifying aura surged, and the killing intent filled the surroundings.


He struck out with his powerful attack, and an earth-shattering power appeared. It surged towards Zi Chen, causing the air to vibrate.

In my eyes, you are the ants and I am the god. Today, I will show you what a god can do. Zi Chen's cold voice seemed to come from the depths of hell.

In the next moment, he pointed at the Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Just as he said that, above his head, a formation flag flashed and released a wave of destructive light like a world destroying heavenly Lightning.


The Heavenly Lightning landed. It first destroyed the attack that the Imperial sky Realm expert made, and then it struck his body. The destructive aura rippled continuously, and with such a powerful attack, the Imperial Sky Realm expert did not even have time to scream before he fell from the sky.

One Imperial Sky Realm expert died....

A single strike had killed an Imperial Sky Realm expert, causing everyone's expressions to change.

Zi Chen stood in the air beneath the eighty-one formation flag, a cold light revolving within his eyes. At this moment, he was like a true god.

Everyone's face changed, they felt a chill at the bottom of their hearts, Zi Chen did not use his star sands and had killed an Imperial Sky Realm expert in one strike.

The fear in the Zhen Yuan Realm Cultivator's heart spread. Since Zi Chen could kill Imperial Sky Realm experts in one strike, killing them is effortless.

Zi Chen's gaze swept across again and landed on one of the Imperial Sky Realm Experts. He said coldly, Didn't you say that you can kill me in one punch or kick? Then I guess I will do just that


As his cold voice fell, the light on the formation flag began to swirl once more. A terrifying killing intent surged as a destructive energy descended.


The energy around the Imperial Sky Realm expert's body surged, and a brilliant light appeared under his feet. He dodged to the side, and at the same time, he unleashed energy attacks in an attempt to block this attack with this spirit armament.

The spirit armament was trembling as it displayed its supreme strength. It quickly rushed forward, causing the space to shake.

However, it was useless. All resistance was futile. Such a powerful strike from the formation could tear apart everything in its path, and all the attacks that came in contact with the destructive energy shattered. At the same time, the destructive strike landed on the Imperial Sky expert.

A miracle did not happen, the spirit armament did not manage to block the attack and the Imperial Sky Realm expert died. The spirit armament trembled a few times in the air and lost its balance, falling from the sky.

The surroundings were deathly silent. The Imperial Sky Realm experts, who had previously been very arrogant, were now filled with astonishment. All of them were silent, and felt chills run down their spines.

Zi Chen stood in mid air, his entire body shining with a gold light, like a real god, adjudicating everything, with just a few words, two of them were killed.

Everyone's hearts turned cold, not knowing what to do.


With a flash of the Light, the air trembled and a sword Qi appeared. Carrying a cold aura, it rushed towards the center of Zi Chen's brows.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion's Imperial Sky Realm assassin, merging into the air, suddenly appeared and made a killing move.


Zi Chen stood in mid air without any reaction, and Old Mo merely snorted coldly. Following the movement of his hands, light flowed on top of the formation flag, and yet another frightening aura descended.


The Imperial Sky Realm assassin, together with his weapon, was immediately destroyed.

Another person had died. Everyone's heart turned cold.



The air vibrated again as two killers appeared one after the other. One on the left and one on the right, they charged towards Zi Chen.



This was the Ten Sides Killing formation, and it was controlled by Old Mo. Nothing in the formation could escape the perception of Old Mo, and following the movement of his hands, two terrifying auras descended, and two more Imperial Sky Realm experts died.

There were no miracles here, only massacres and death.

Kill! Everyone attack with all your might! Quickly kill Zi Chen!

Finally, an Imperial Sky Realm expert spoke up, waking everyone from their shock.



The Imperial sky Realm experts woke up from their stupor and rushed towards Zi Chen. In an instant, dozens of them took action, and the strong energy aura swept up the air.


Dozens of them attacked, causing the entire formation to go berserk. The formations began to vibrate, and even more light started to circulate on top of the formation flag.

Dozens of attacks landed on Zi Chen's body. Like the collision of meteorites, they erupted with an aura of destruction. The place where Zi Chen stood on, instantly turned into nothingness.

Everything was destroyed.

Even the void had shattered, no one thought that Zi Chen would still be alive.

But at this time, a cold voice sounded, Old Mo, open the formation and kill them all.

Unknowingly, Zi Chen's figure had already reached the side of Old Mo.


Old Mo waved both of his hands, the seal rose again, the entire formation trembled, the formation flag began to spin, following that, waves after waves of powerful energy appeared. The Ten Sides Killing formation was completely activated.

Dammit, this is the Ten Sides Killing formation!

It was Ma Yanqing, he had also come here to join in on the fun and see if he could take advantage of the situation, but never would he have thought that he would enter into an unrivalled killing formation.

Before this, he had felt that this place was very strange, but he had not realized that this was a grand spell. Now that the formation had been activated, he finally realized what was happening.

The Ten Sides Killing formation represents the destruction of all ten sides. There is no way for any of us to survive. Ma Yanqing's face was pale white, his eyes full of despair.


The formation went berserk, and everything became chaotic.

Zi Chen was constantly being attacked in the air, but when the great formation was activated, waves after waves of powerful energy circulated and flashed, erasing everything.


The great formation revolved, and a terrifying aura appeared. An Imperial Sky Realm expert, without even letting out a scream, was smashed into ashes and even his spirit armament was destroyed.


On top of the great formation, rays of the light spread out and emitted a terrifying aura. As the light swept past, over a dozen Zhen Yuan Realm Cultivators were cut apart by the light.

This was a terrifying scene. Ten Sides Killing formation represented the end of ten directions, and no one could escape.

Ah! Help!


Zi Chen, let us go!

Miserable screams and cries for help rang out unceasingly. All sorts of miserable, despairing howls resounded inside the formation.

However, it was useless. The light kept falling like sharp blades, cutting through everything. Even those with spirit armaments could not block it, let alone those who only had normal weapons.

Broken limbs flew everywhere, blood flowed, and the smell of blood filled the air.

This was simply a massacre.

The ray of the light descended, no one could survive.


A large amount of the light scattered down, and one after another, Zhen Yuan Realm experts died, not a single corpse was left.


The great formation revolved, and one of them struck an Imperial Sky Realm expert and his body fell to the ground.

On this day, the Chenying Valley was covered in blood, and broken limbs could be seen everywhere.

Zi Chen's figure flashed, avoiding all of the powerful attacks, at the same time, he moved beside Zhen Yuan Realm Cultivators and carried out one massacre after another.


In his hands, the Silver Spear had already turned into a blood-red color.

Break the formation first, and don't kill Zi Chen. In this formation, he will not die. Ma Yanqing's shouts were drowned by the exploding sounds of energy.

In that moment, all the Imperial Sky Realm experts had gone crazy, they were continuously attacking, some were attacking Zi Chen, and most of them were attacking Old Mo.

Because he was the one controlling the formation.


Another stream of energy descended, obliterating everything. An existence comparable to Wang Zhenwei coughed out a large mouthful of blood.


The energy continued to fall for the third time in a row.

During this period, Old Mo's figure flashed, as though he had teleported. He dodged the attacks from the spirit armament, and no one could stop him.

He was the true god within the formation.

Even the expert of the peak Imperial Sky Realm had died. At this moment, panic was spreading in the air.

Break the formation first, don't kill Zi Chen. It was also at this moment that Ma Yanqing's voice rang out, sounding like rolling thunder that caused everything to shake.

It's the formation master!

Formation Master, we also have a formation master here.

Seeing Ma Yanqing, everyone seemed to have found hope as their eyes lit up.

This is the Ten Sides Killing formation, only when you break it with your full strength will you be safe. You must unleash your strongest attacks and break the formation with all your might. Ma Yanqing shouted.


A terrifying aura descended and pointed straight at Ma Yanqing..

However, runes then appeared around his body and he dodged to the side.


Still, he could not fully dodge and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, but he avoided the fatal blow. He shouted at the same time, What are you waiting for? Hurry up and break the formation.

Just at this time, the big formation released a killing intent. A curtain of the light dropped down, striking towards Ma Yanqing.