Thunder Martial Chapter 342 - Chenying Valley

Inside Chenying Valley, Old Mo and the rest had long arrived.

Furthermore, he spent several days meticulously arranging the formation.

Alright, the Ten Sides Killing formation has been preliminarily completed. Next, there's only the most important formation flag left.

In the Chenying Valley, it was already packed densely with materials, all of them arranged according to the method of the Ten Sides Killing formation.

Old Mo, you are trying to play it big. With such a formation, once its power is fully unleashed, it can even kill a sovereign realm expert. Lu Peng was extremely surprised. In the past few days, he had learned many things, and his formation attainments had improved a lot.

Of course we have to play it big, the Limitless Sect from ten thousand years ago was the dominating power and no one dared to challenge them. Moreover, even if it's after ten thousand years, even if the Limitless Sect is gone, it's only descendant could not be bullied, let alone be bullied by some monkeys.

Old Mo extended his hand, a light flashed in his palm and a banner appeared.

These were all formation flags. The runes revolving on the surface of its bodies had a total of 9981 pillars, revolving around Old Mo.

Every single formation flag was a priceless treasure, and they were all more precious than Ma Yanqing's formation flag from back then. If Ma Yanqing saw that Lu Peng had a total of 81 formation flags, it is reckoned that he would do everything he could to snatch them all.


The formation flag trembled and released an endless amount of the Light. With a shake of Old Mo's hand, it flew into the air.


When the clanging sound appeared, it was as if the formation flag had stabbed itself into the void. It stood there firmly, without moving in the slightest.



Old Mo's hands flickered as formation flags flew out one after another. Soon even more formation flags stood in the air, their brilliance flickering as curtains of the light formed around them. They were connected to the numerous formations in the middle of the Chenying Valley, reflecting their brilliance.

By the time the eighty formation flag was all in the air, it seemed to have formed a picture, and even the formations materials seemed to have formed a picture, as if it was a whole.

The entire Chenying Valley seemed to have become the main body, completely merged together. The formation flag, materials and valleys were all the only ones left, and in the middle, a strong wave of energy circulated and went into hibernation.

Even if it was Zhang Haotian and Nie Tian who knew nothing about the formations, they could still sense a terrifying aura surging from within the formation flag. Their faces changed as they became more wary of the formation.

If Imperial Sky Realm experts were to fly into this formation, they would definitely die.

I am just missing one pole. As long as I put it up in the air, the Ten Sides Killing formation will be completed. Old Mo's gaze was sharp as he kept the last formation flag.

At the same time, he unleashed an energy, and in the sky, all the formation flags began to emit their own light. The entire formation activated and began to circulate, but without the most important formation flag, the light converged. In the next moment, all the formation flags hid themselves, and as if they had entered the void.

And the materials that covered the entire Chenying Valley also disappeared along with it. Chenying Valley was back to normal. If the formation was not activated, it was impossible to tell that there was a peerless great formation inside.

Old Mo, we're leaving. Take care.

Lu Peng took out the taiji and placed it on the ground.

Old Mo, take care.

Nie Tian and Zhang Haotian also spoke up. After that, the three of them ran far, far away from the Chenying Valley.

This was a battle of Ten Sides Killing formation. They did not have the strength to participate, so they could only leave. Before long, this place would turn into an Asura hell.

You kids do the same. Take care of yourselves. I think highly of you. Your future is outside, not in this small piece of land. With a flash, Old Mo entered the taiji.

Immediately after, the taiji released beams of the light and hid in the air.

After doing all this, not long after, Zi Chen appeared, and behind him, countless experts from various major powers followed, their killing intent filling the air.

If not for the order given by the people from Heaven Killing Pavilion, Zi Chen would have been torn to shreds in an instant.

Zi Chen, you really have a good plan. You have already chosen the place of death, Chenying Valley. It seems that you have made a fool of yourself No one moved, but many people ridiculed him.

He single-handedly killed many monstrous geniuses and offended several great powers. It wouldn't be too much to call him a hero, but this Chenying Valley is obviously prepared for heroes like him.

Since ancient times, there has never been a single living person who has lived after offending any of our great powers. This time, it is no exception either. No matter how powerful you are, no matter how terrifying you are, you will die without a doubt.

Many of the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators ridiculed him. With Imperial Sky Realm experts here, they had nothing to be afraid of.

Do you really think you can beat me? Zi Chen stood in the middle of the valley and coldly swept his eyes across his surroundings.

What, now that things are like this, do you think there's going to be a miracle? Everyone sneered.

Let me tell you, even if Su Long comes, he won't be able to protect you today.

Today is the day you die. No miracles will happen.

Experts arrived one after another, either standing in the air or standing far away. In short, they stood all over the canyon.

However, not every expert has come. There was still a person appearing in the distance from time to time.

Should we go take a look? The Liu Family asked while in the air. Beside them, Liu Mingyong, Wang Zhenwei and the others were all there, quietly watching from the sidelines.

No need! Liu Mingyong shook his head.

He had received the orders from their ancestor, for the matters today, he must not interfere, and must not follow, just stand at a distance. Although Liu Mingyong did not understand what he meant, he could only follow through.

At the same time, the other three powers also did not move.

Within the Chenying Valley, the atmosphere became extremely oppressive. The numerous murderous intents gathered together, almost to the point of materialization, causing one's scalp to go numb.

Zi Chen stood in the valley and looked at everyone. He was not afraid at all, as if he did not sense the killing intent.

Brat, I hate your expression. You're already going to die, yet you're still acting so arrogantly. At the same time, an Imperial Sky Realm expert moved, causing ripples to appear in the air as he pointed his finger towards Zi Chen.


The Sword Qi was approaching, it was extremely sharp, like a ray of the light, but Zi Chen's body flashed as he used the Nine Thunder Pass, easily dodging the attack.

You still dare to dodge? How dare you? The Imperial Sky Realm expert raged. Then, wave after wave of energy surged and a terrifying pressure descended, striking at Zi Chen, causing him to retreat.

Hmph, that's more like it. The Imperial Sky Realm sneered. He was very satisfied with his masterpiece.

A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, but he held it in.

He had to line up and fish for big fish. Even if he could not catch big fish, he had to fish for more small fish. And it was obvious that the Imperial Sky Realm expert in front of him had just stepped into this realm not long ago. Zi Chen had killed too many Imperial Sky Realm experts for him to care about this one.

He wanted to fish for big fish, to fish for big fish existences like Wang Zhenwei. Only by killing some of these existences that had hopes of breaking through to the sovereign realm would he be able to make the large forces truly feel sorrowful.

The news of Zi Chen being besieged in Chenying Valley had instantly spread and spread throughout the entire Southern region, causing an uproar.

This was deliberately done by the Heaven Killing Pavilion to lure Su Long out.

Surrounded by dozens of Imperial Sky Realm experts, Zi Chen was in danger.

The people who were paying attention to the incident felt worried for him. All of them sighed in their hearts, how could a monstrous genius die like that?

Clearly, they didn't think that another miracle was happening.


The Imperial Sky Realm experts did not dare to kill, but it did not mean that they did not dare to attack. At that moment, several Imperial Sky Realm experts made their moves and released many attacks. Zi Chen's figure flickered, like a mirage, but he was still struck by an energy attack, and coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

He turned pale and stepped back again.

Ha ha, aren't you very strong? You are known as the monstrous genius with unparalleled combat power.

What monstrous genius, you're just trash.

Such a person only dares to act so arrogantly in front of us. In front of the Imperial Sky experts, he is nothing.

All of the Imperial Sky experts took action. They were extremely fierce, and although they did not kill Zi Chen, they were able to injure him. Not far away, a group of Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators jeered at him. Back then, Zi Chen had been so powerful, but now, he seemed as weak as a chicken.


Zi Chen coughed out blood again, his face was pale white, but his eyes were calm. But in the eyes of others, such a gaze was despair and helplessness.

Terrifying! Terrifying!

Zi Chen really wants to play big, could it be that he's going to trap everyone from the big powers?

There are more than sixty Imperial Sky Realm experts and he still wants to wait. Don't tell me he wants to wait for the sovereign realm experts to arrive?

Zi Chen was humiliated, but he was still enduring, causing the expressions of Wu Mo and the others to change. He called Zi Chen terrifying, and swore to himself that he would not be an enemy of Zi Chen.

More and more Imperial sky Realm experts gathered in the Chenying, until there were more than sixty of them. As for the number of Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators, there were even more.

It was absolutely frightening to send out a dozen or so Imperial Sky Realm experts. Even among the major powers, the number of Imperial Sky Realm experts was not that many.

For each of the major powers, it was already quite impressive to have a few dozen of them. This time, nearly half of them, in addition to the ones that had perished in the past, had appeared.

This was a very terrifying number. If half of their numbers were to be lost here, it would be equivalent to reducing the strength of the major powers by 50%.

Is this enough?

There were a lot of people around the same level as Wang Zhenwei. Zi Chen wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and glanced into the sky.

What? One of them sneered as a powerful aura surged around him.

This was an expert at the same level as Wang Zhenwei, who was about to break through the sovereign level.

I say, all of you, it's enough. Don't you all feel that it's shameless to have so many people deal with just one of me? Zi Chen asked coldly.

Hmph, shameless. You are just a mere ant. How are you qualified to talk about shameless in front of us? Another person in the sky sneered.

Ant? Zi Chen's mouth formed a sneer, If I am an ant, then who are you, a god from a high place?

For someone like you, who I can squash with one finger, I am a god and you are an ant. The Imperial Sky expert was very proud.

That's right. You are just trash. I can kill you with one strike and crush you with one kick. If we are not gods, then what is? Another Imperial Sky Realm expert also clamored.

Zi Chen laughed coldly, killing intent flashed in his eyes as he said: God? That's good. Today, I'll let you all see who is the real god.


As the sound of his voice faded, the entire Chenying Valley erupted with rage. A formation flag appeared, releasing a terrifying aura, there were a total of eighty of them, covering the entire sky and the sun, enveloping the entire Chenying Valley.