Thunder Martial Chapter 341 - Trap

The monstrous genius of the Cang Family fell into a pool of blood.

Just then, an ear-piercing whistle sounded, as two spirit armaments flew towards Zi Chen with a terrifying killing intent.

The spirit armament appeared in front of Zi Chen in an instant. Its body flickered as he used the Nine Thunder Pass, leaving afterimages behind him.


Even though his afterimages were just thunder and lightning, it was unable to dodge the attacks of the spirit armament. One after another, afterimages were shattered. At the same time, the spirit armament slashed at the light barrier, causing Clang sounds to ring continuously.

Hurry up and create up some distance! Old Mo cried out in alarm. The light barrier he was controlling was almost unable to hold on any longer.

Zi Chen was like a ray of light, he quickly rushed forward, and without any more dodging, he ran out of the small town.



The Clang sounds continued to ring, transforming into a ray of light, desperately chasing after him. At the same time, waves after waves of powerful energy surged in the sky, filled with rage.

The Imperial Sky Realm experts roared with rage as they chased after Zi Chen.

However, Zi Chen was very slippery. The Imperial Sky realm experts were helpless, their speed could not compare his, allowing him to play however he liked.

Tonight, this town was destined to be restless.

The Imperial Sky realm experts completely berserk, releasing one terrifying attack after another. They were enraged, they did not care about anything else as the frightful energy descended, causing many houses to explode, and miserable screams to continuously ring out.

Zi Chen, come out if you have the ability.

After two hours, two unwilling voices resounded in the sky, and Zi Chen had already disappeared.

That night, the town was bustling with noise and excitement.

Everyone was discussing about Zi Chen's incident, and the Cang Family was undoubtedly slapped in the face once again. The third monstrous genius died, and the two Imperial Sky realm experts did not manage to catch him.

Early in the morning, the news spread and it caused a huge commotion.

Many forces heard about it and sent out their forces to chase, sweeping through all the mountains and dense forests. However, they came up empty-handed.

When the three day time limit was up and Zi Chen appeared. Even though he had killed people from the powerful forces, no one was able to catch him.

Now, even the major powers didn't know what to say.

However, it was clear that this matter was not over. Since Zi Chen had appeared, it was clear that he had appeared with a high profile.

On the second night, another force was massacred. It was Zi Chen who was decisive and ruthless in his actions.

After killing all of the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators, he turned around and left, not wanting to be entangled with the Imperial Sky Realm experts0

They could only watch as Zi Chen fled. Their speed could not compare to his and the spirit armament was unable to kill him in one strike.

On the third day, it was the same as before. This time, it was the Chu Family who suffered.

The Chu Family's dignity could not be violated, but every time they met Zi Chen, it seemed like the Chu Family would suffer losses and their dignity would be violated time and time again.

For three consecutive days, Zi Chen caused a huge commotion. The Zhen Yuan Realm experts of the Cang, Li, and Chu Family, all three families were slaughtered by Zi Chen.

It caused a huge sensation.

Hmph, aren't you all arrogant? Since you decided to kill the Lin Family members, then I'll do the same. Geng Family, it's your turn next. It was on that day that Zi Chen said those words.

The Zhen Yuan Realm experts of the three forces had already been killed, and every Imperial Sky Realm experts were on full alert. They flew around guarding the surroundings, but Zi Chen still managed to find an opening.

As for the Geng Family, after hearing it, they also made full preparations, and they had set a trap for Zi Chen, and was waiting for him to take the bait. As for the Zhen Yuan Realm experts, they didn't dare to rest at night as well.

No one cared if they lived or died.

Zi Chen's words were very domineering, shocking and exciting. Everyone was paying attention to this matter and many rogue cultivators were also staring at the people of Geng Family, wanting to see how Zi Chen would kill all the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators from the Geng Family.

Everyone was looking forward to the battle at night.

But after a night had passed, the Geng Family cultivators did not find anything abnormal. Zi Chen also did not appear.

Sigh! After waiting for an entire night, Zi Chen did not appear, causing everyone to sigh in disappointment.

But they all understood.

The Geng Family had obviously set a trap for Zi Chen to crawl into. Dozens of Imperial Sky Realm experts were hiding in the dark, so he was naturally not that foolish.

Zi Chen, you talk too big, you didn't show up.

You're just boasting. If you have the ability, then come. We'll be waiting for you.

On the second day, a crowd of Zhen Yuan Realm experts braced themselves and clamored.

Do you think I'm an idiot? There are so many Imperial Sky Realm experts guarding there, only fools would take action. Zi Chen replied once again.

Without a doubt, the area where his voice came from had turned into scorched earth. It was destroyed immediately by Imperial Sky Realm experts, and the ground was destroyed up to three feet. It was a complete mess.

Zi Chen, if you do not care about Lin Xue's life, you can continue to hide, but if you hide it for a day, we will cut off one of her body parts. Let's see how many days you can hide.

Humph, then you can give it a try.

Both sides fought back and forth, wrangling and stalling for time.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion did not say anything, they were happy to see such a thing. The major powers kept oppressing Zi Chen, making him afraid to show his face, which is also giving them time to wait for Su Long to hear the news.

As for Zi Chen, he was also waiting for them to gather some materials.

During this period of time, he went to find Liu Chen.

He only appeared once every two or three days. Each time, his figure would flash and disappear, causing Imperial SKy Realm experts to pursue him. Afterwards, he would disappear completely.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten days had passed and both sides seemed like they were playing a hide-and-seek game.

Zi Chen, we got it.

The great powers gradually lost their patience and were prepared to teach Zi Chen a lesson. It was also at this moment that Zi Chen finally waited for his group.

They found everything they could find.

The materials that you want are really scary. It has even alarmed the family elder, you must give it a little bit of effort, make a big one, and bring about a real sensation. Wu Mo who had always been lazy, free and unrestrained, became serious for once today.

Light flickered within his hands, and a large pile of materials appeared. They were all for the formations, flickering with dazzling multicolored light.

That's right. Old Mo appeared. Looking at these materials, he nodded his head and said, If I cannot cause a sensation, even I would be unwilling. Such an arrogant fellow, they must pay the price for their arrogance.

Xian'er said that you must survive. Wang Qiong did not say much. After taking out all the ingredients, he stared at Zi Chen for a long time before saying such a thing. He was tired of Zi Chen and could not be bothered to care about him. If not for Wang Xian'er's repeated instructions, he would not have bothered to care about Zi Chen.

I will live, and I will live very well. I thank her for her help during this period of time. Tell her, wait for me, I will marry her. Zi Chen nodded his head. He was serious, but Wang Qiong's expression changed, a light flashed in his eyes. He wanted to slap Zi Chen to death, but he did not say anything in the end.

Little fatty, do you have anything to say? Zi Chen looked at Liu Chen.

Liu Chen shook his head, and said, I do not, but my family does, and they wish for Lin Xue to stay in Yongji City, so they told me to ask you. They want to listen to your opinion.

In the previous battle, the Lin Family was almost completely annihilated. Other than Zi Chen, no one else could be Lin Xue's guardian.

Zi Chen stared at Liu Chen.

This... Don't misunderstand, she will just be staying in Yongji City. There's nothing else. Liu Chen quickly explained.

Everything will depend on her. If she is willing, I have no objection. Zi Chen said.

That's great. Liu Chen was very excited, and then he took out a lot of ingredients, which were not less than Wu Mo's. It seemed that the Liu Family had been very diligent in this matter.

Is there anything else we need to do?

No need, it's not appropriate for you to show yourselves. Leave the rest to us. A cold light flashed across Zi Chen's eyes.

After disappearing for a long time, Zi Chen appeared again on this night.

Just like a ghost, he sneaked into the Geng Family's residence. After that, there was a massacre, and all of the Geng Family's Zhen Yuan Realm experts were exterminated.

In the end, Zi Chen escaped from the Imperial Sky Realm experts and left.

So far, the four forces had all been massacred by Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, for the last three days, if you still do not appear all at once, don't blame us for being rude to Lin Xue.

The great powers were enraged, and repeated this process over and over again. Zi Chen had already lived for more than a month, and had killed many of their people.

They did not want to continue playing, and the people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion, upon seeing that Su Long had not appeared for a long time, had also lost their patience.

The only choice was to kill Zi Chen, force him into a corner, and make Su Long appear.

At the same time, after consuming so many Blue Spirit Herbs, Old Mo had also refined what Zi Chen needed.

Where are you planning to place the formation? Old Mo asked.

Chenying Valley!

The Chenying Valley was a place where the major forces killed many powerful rogue cultivators. Over the years, this ending had never changed.

Alright then! Old Mo nodded. After that, he let Lu Peng bring the taiji to Chenying Valley first to set up the huge formation.

And on that day, Zi Chen appeared in Cangli City.

This time, he didn't change his appearance.

Zi... Zi Chen!

Seeing how familiar the cultivator was, a cry of alarm sounded out.

Zi Chen turned his head and smiled at the other party.

Ah! The other party seemed to have seen a ghost. With a shriek, he turned around and ran.

At the same time, even more people saw Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, it's Zi Chen. He's appeared.

It really is him.

Heavens, I never would have thought that he would actually appear.

The crowd discussed animatedly, and they were extremely shocked.

When Zi Chen appeared, the major powers immediately rushed over after receiving the news.

From every direction, many experts arrived one after another.

Seeing this, Zi Chen immediately ran. In his hand, there was a purple golden gourd, which was glowing. This purple golden gourd had killed many Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Everyone guessed that the star sands was gone, but no one was willing to try.

Soon, even more experts appeared and headed towards Zi Chen.

Cold light surged and flashed. One by one, they arrived in the sky and followed Zi Chen.

At this moment, the many forces had all arrived, and even Wang Zhenwei and the others had arrived one after the other.

They were not that extreme, they were just following from a distance.

Surround him and don't kill him!

Tan Fang of the Heaven Killing Pavilion spoke out, asking someone to carry the message.

Behind Zi Chen, numerous experts followed. All of them were Imperial Sky realm experts, brimming with killing intent, but they did not make a move.

On the ground was a group of Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators. With their numbers and courage, they followed closely behind Zi Chen.

At the same time, more and more cultivators from all over came and surrounded Zi Chen.

Chenying Valley, Zi Chen had finally arrived.