Thunder Martial Chapter 34 - Why Don' You Believe

Ha ha His brother's corpse was beside him, but Wang Xiong wasn't angry, instead, he was laughing.

Is it funny? Zi Chen looked at Wang Xiong.

Of course, it is very funny. Your True Qi has now been exhausted, I want to see what method you will use to deal with me. What an idiot, so what if you comprehended the Thunderbolt Finger, without any True Qi, you're just like a tiger without its fangs. Wang Xiong grinned fiendishly as he got ready to strike.

Seeing you made me think of someone. The corners of Zi Chen's mouth held a hint of ridicule. Zhao Can, was the same as you. He didn't care about his brother's life, only himself.

It is the same as you now. You obviously had the opportunity to make a move and save their lives, but you didn't. You used your brothers' life to exhaust my True Qi as a means to kill me. The people in this world like you are trash. Zi Chen said coldly.

Hmph. What is this brother nonsense, we were only fellow disciples. The fact that they could deplete your True Qi before they died, it can be considered as their accomplishment. Wang Xiong snorted coldly, and regarding Zi Chen's ridicule, he was not angry at all.

Man proposes, God disposes. Today, I will let you know that even if your scheme doesn't have any flaws, the one that will die today is still you.

Cut the crap! Accept your death.

Wang Xiong dashed towards Zi Chen, the rank two martial technique Mountain Splitting Palm emerged, just like a blade capable of splitting a huge mountain, it repeatedly slashed towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen, who had run out of True Qi, could only use his powerful fist against the huge mountain splitting blade, which made a Peng explosion sound.

Zi Chen was blown away in their first exchange. Both of his fists were somewhat numb.

With just the physique of an eighth rank fierce beast against the peak of the eighth layer of True Qi, Zi Chen was at a slight disadvantage.

Ha ha! Who told you to boast? Today is the day of your death. Wang Xiong laughed loudly as he attacked again.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Under the waterfall, both of them were having a life and death battle, exchanging blows. Wang Xiong's attacks were exceptionally swift and fierce, with every strike being fatal. His eyes were full of killing intent, he wanted to kill Zi Chen.

But Zi Chen appeared to be still very steady and countered every strike. He seized every opportunity to attack, and would land one or two punches on Wang Xiong.

Time passed as they fought.

Wang Xiong, who was grinning and had a face full of confidence at the beginning now had a solemn face and which finally turned into astonishment.

Impossible! Why is your physique so strong?! Wang Xiong cried out in astonishment. He struck Zi Chen's body with great difficulty, but it only left behind a faint mark on Zi Chen's body.


Wang Xiong's attack landed on Zi Chen's shoulder, but the sound of bones cracking that he had expected wasn't heard. Zi Chen's body was too formidable, after Zi Chen withstood this attack, he sent out a punch and pushed back Wang Xiong.

Your True Qi is decreasing, right? Zi Chen sneered. His green clothes were soaked with sweat.

You... let me see how much strength you have left. Wang Xiong also clenched his teeth, both of them had begun their battle once more.

After a long time, Wang Xiong's True Qi was exhausted, he was gasping as he didn't have the strength to continue the battle.

However, Zi Chen was just like a fish that was out of water. He had finally reached his limits and is also exhausted.

Haha! Zi Chen, you will be the one to die now. When Wang Xiong saw that Zi Chen didn't have any strength left, he laughed loudly, pulled out a short dagger from his back, and slashed towards Zi Chen's chest.

However, he suddenly felt a dangerous aura from Zi Chen's body. Zi Chen that was supposed to be completely exhausted and without any strength left just now was suddenly beaming with energy, and his eyes were also incomparably bright.

You will be the one to die. Zi Chen jumped up. His voice was loud, clear, and full of energy. There were no signs of him being exhausted at all

After that, Zi Chen walked towards Wang Xiong.

This.... This is impossible. You... You're a monster. Wang Xiong was holding the short dagger with a look of dread and fear in his eyes. He watched as Zi Chen slowly approached him. He slashed the short dagger weakly, and stabbed towards Zi Chen's chest.


Just as the dagger reached near Zi Chen's chest, he grabbed the short dagger and stabbed into Wang Xiong's chest, making blood quickly flow out. When the short dagger was pulled out, a stream of blood shot out from Wang Xiong's chest.

Hmph, so useless, he can only hold on until I reached my limit just once. Zi Chen sneered, he threw away the short dagger to the side, he did not care about the blood that was sprayed onto his body, and searched the dead bodies.

This motherf*cker. He is at the peak of the eighth layer of True Qi, yet he was actually so poor. He doesn't even have a single True Qi Pill. After a fruitless search, Zi Chen was very depressed. Zi Chen then took Wang Xiong's token.

On the token, a five appeared.

He was at the peak of the eighth layer of True Qi, yet he only has five contribution points. Wang Xiong, you are really f*cking poor. Zi Chen shook his head, his eyes were filled with contempt.

Zi Chen didn't know that Wang Xiong's contribution points had been used to obtain many things for Wang Meng.

Zi Chen later plundered the other two corpses, and he got a few Qi Restoration Pills and also obtained 11 contribution points. His harvest was quite good.

After he took all the contribution points, Zi Chen saw the number '29' on his own token.

29 contribution points, with one more point, they could be used to exchange for 15 True Qi Pills. Zi Chen was very satisfied regarding this harvest.


Beside the hill next to the lake, there sat an old man who held a gourd and a fishing pole.

He was very relaxed as he drank and fished.

Uncle, how are you today? Zi Chen returned from the depths, the bloodstains on his clothes had been washed away.

Little brother, you haven't left. When the old man saw Zi Chen, his muddy eyes lit up.

Not yet but I will return to the sect tomorrow. Zi Chen said with a slight smile as he moved in front of the old man. After he discovered that there wasn't any fish in the fish basket, Zi Chen then removed his clothes and jumped into the lake.

Uncle, your fishing isn't as fast as my speed of catching fish. After Zi Chen jumped into the lake, he caught several fishes swiftly and arrived at the shore. He placed the fish in the fish basket.

As a result, There were 7 to 8 big fishes in the fish basket now.

Little brother, what are you doing? This old man can't eat so many fish.

Uncle, if you can't eat them all, then you can raise them at home. I will return to the sect tomorrow, there are violent beasts in this forest so you must be more careful. I caught a few more fishes for you; therefore, you should eat sparingly. I will come again when I have the time Zi Chen caught two more fishes.

Beside the bonfire, Zi Chen sat together with the old man and they were chatting while eating the grilled fish. It was still about the previous matters they had discussed, they seemed to have talked about them several times.

He told the old man about the matters that had happened in the sect, including the excrement throwing, and the old man had told him some other interesting things.

While chatting, they both laughed loudly.

There was a lot of wine in the gourd. They each took a sip of wine but because he was weak against alcohol. Zi Chen was soon drunk

Little fellow, you're not bad A trace of appreciation could be seen in the old man's eyes as he looked at Zi Chen who was sleeping soundly by the bonfire. He then arrived by the lake and poured the fish from the bamboo basket into the lake. Carried the empty bamboo basket and the fishing rod and while carrying a wine gourd on his back as he walked towards the foot of the mountain.

His steps were slow but firm and powerful.

Early next morning, Zi Chen became sober, and he felt some headache.

Oh, I drank too much yesterday. This wine is really not a good thing. Zi Chen rubbed his head unceasingly, he suddenly discovered that there was something missing.

Uncle? Zi Chen sobered. Yesterday he had said that he wanted to accompany the old man back.

Did the old man return already? I don't know if he left at daytime or nighttime. Not good, I have to go and take a look, what if some accident had happened? Zi Chen descended the mountain. He saw a wooden hut from afar, and there was a bamboo basket hanging outside the hut.

Um, it seems that he returned safely, I should also go back to the sect. Zi Chen felt relieved. He turned around and walked in the direction of the sect.


In Ling Wu Sect, the matter about Zi Chen had already spread.

Senior brother Wang Xiong had found the trail of Zi Chen, he brought some people and went personally. Zi Chen's life and death had been determined when Wang Xiong left the sect.

After Lin Xue heard this news, her face turned pale, and she hurriedly looked for Su Mengyao, but she shook her head helplessly as she said, I don't have any means. I don't even know Zi Chen's location.

Lin Xue returned dejectedly, she arrived at the outside of the sect unknowingly, there, she saw Wang Meng.

Wang Meng was standing in the distance, he seemed to be waiting for something.

Hmph! Lin Xue snorted angrily, Wang Meng was naturally waiting for Wang Xiong; therefore, Lin Xue also waited at the other side, waiting for Zi Chen to return.

A moment later, Miao Kong also got the news, compared with Lin Xue's solemn expressions, Miao Kong was a lot calmer.

Is Zi Chen still your friend, don't you worry at all? The anxious Lin Xue couldn't help but complain.

Of course I'm worried, but it isn't necessary to show my worries. When Zi Chen returned that day, he should have already expected this, but he still chose to return. Therefore, he chose to face it head on. so being anxious is useless. Miao Kong smiled

Hmph! I think that you don't care about him, you're not his friend. I also heard the matter about Zhao Can, you are the same as Zhao Can. Lin Xue's words were very blunt.

Miao Kong wasn't angry, rather, he just smiled.

What's wrong? Am I right? Go, you weren't his friend, go away. Lin Xue wanted to drive Miao Kong away.

Miao Kong's light smile turned into a forced smile. Facing the unreasonable demand of Lin Xue, he could only say, Okay, I am also worried about Zi Chen, but his fortune shows that he doesn't look like someone who dies easily; therefore, I believe that he will return.

Pei Lin Xue spat and said,You're a cultivator, but you still believe these nonsensical things.

Although she said she doesn't believe it, but in Lin Xue's heart, she actually felt comforted when she recalled carefully. Zi Chen didn't seem like a person who dies easily, although Lin Xue didn't really understand what exactly fortune telling was.

Miao Kong shrugged and smiled lightly.

Zi Chen is bound to die this time. You can stop dreaming. My big brother led Lin Chuan and the others, even if he has ten lives, he would still die.

From the distance, Wang Meng heard their chatting voices, he could not help but pour cold water on them.

Nonsense, your brother is the one who will die. Lin Xue said furiously.

Ha ha

Wang Meng laughed loudly, looked at the angry Lin Xue, and asked, In the Ling Wu Sect, who can kill my big brother? Just a trivial Zi Chen, he doesn't even match to carry my brother's shoes. You said that Zi Chen will kill my big brother, do you even believe your own words?

Uh Lin Xue was startled, she became speechless. She thought that if Zi Chen was able to survive, that would depend on whether Wang Xiong was able to discover him.

Ha ha, if you don't even believe in your own words, who will believe them? Wang Meng laughed loudly, he laughed unrestrainedly and carefree, because the doubt that was caused by Lin Mi before he died had already vanished.

However at this time, a familiar and indifferent voice actually resounded, Believe. Why don't you believe? You must know that in this boundless universe, there is no lack of strange things.