Thunder Martial Chapter 339 - Threat

Chapter 339 - Threat

Beneath her were piles of corpses. There were women and children everywhere, and Lin Xue was squatting on the ground crying in grief. Her body was extremely lonely and helpless.

Meanwhile, a group of people flew over from above. Their auras surged, and they were currently in the midst of negotiations.

It's just a small clan, not even a single person is an Imperial Sky Realm expert. So what if it's destroyed? What's the big deal? Geng Family laughed disdainfully, Which year did our Letian City not have a family disappear? What kind of tragedy is this?

The Letian City was a chaotic force, even the Mayor often died, and the disappearance of a clan was really nothing.

The rise of every single faction is covered in blood. Everyone's the same. Is there a need to blame us? The expert of the Cang Family said.

That's right! The expert of the Li Family opened his mouth, In the Sky Martial Continent, experts are respected. In order to achieve their goal, they are willing to do anything they can. This is common sense, don't tell me that you don't know this.

Why pretend? What do we mean, don't you understand? Another one sneered.

The entire major powers were disdainful, they obviously didn't feel that they were in the wrong, and thought it wasn't a big deal.

This is too shameful. You've done such a tragic thing, yet you speak of it with such righteousness. Are you even human? Liu Mingyong was furious, he wanted to smash them to death.

Of course not. The expert of the Cang Family stood in the air, his figure imposing as he arrogantly said, In their eyes, we are gods, gods that stand above others, gods that can decide their fates.

Shameless! Lin Xue clenched her teeth, raised her head, and stared straight at the god. She had to remember him, and in the future, she had to knock the god down the divine altar and make him fall into the abyss.

Within the boundary of my Qin Family, you have annihilated my Qin Family's village. If this were to spread out, my Qin Family would not even have the face to stay in the Southern region. This matter, you must give me an explanation. An expert of the Qin family said, unyieldingly.

Qin Family? You're just a small clan, what more do you need? It was the old killer. Although he was an old man, he was not low-key at all, and was very powerful.

What did you say? Do you dare to say it again? A cold light flashed in the expert of the Qin family's eyes.

I say, the Qin Family is nothing, we can just annihilate you. Did you not hear it clearly, or do you think the Destroying Alliance does not have the strength to destroy your Qin Family? The old killer said indifferently, in disdain.

His tone was a little arrogant, for him to say that he would annihilate the Qin Family's forces. It was like a fox taking advantage of a tiger's might, borrowing the might of the Destroying Alliance's power.

You're courting death! The expert of the Qin family was angry, killing intent exploded in his eyes. He was not putting the Qin Family in his eyes, so he naturally could not tolerate this. If they retreated today, the Qin Family would not be able to raise their head in the future.

Killing intent surged, and the atmosphere instantly became tense.

The old killer was very calm and confident. With Destroying Alliance backing them up, they were full of confidence, and were no longer as low-key as they were before.

The other forces did not say a word, as if they were waiting to see a good show.

Enough. Whether or not you want to start a war doesn't seem to be something that a small family like you can decide. I'm afraid even your family elder doesn't have the qualifications to do so. Wang Zhenwei shot a glance at the old killer and said: Now, let's get to business.

The old killer's face changed a few times, and said: We can spare the lives of those cowardly ants, but I must bring Lin Xue away. This is what Destroying Alliance has instructed, to lure Su Long out, and to not make any mistakes.

The old killer brought out the name of the Destroying Alliance once again.

You're dreaming, all of you are people who have lost your humanity. If Lin Xue were to fall into your hands, would she still be able to live? Don't forget, what was the purpose of this matter? Liu Mingyong bellowed, his eyes wide open, holding the wolf-tooth staff tightly in his hands.

The original intention was naturally to lure Su Long out. The old killer said.

You old thing, you are really shameless, Su Long and Lin Xue are complete strangers, how could you lure them out? Liu Mingyong was furious, this old fellow was being unreasonable.

Don't we still have Zi Chen? The old killer asked.

I understand Zi Chen's personality, if he knew that Lin Xue had died, he would definitely not appear, but would instead hide himself even more, and only appear after he has become stronger. Wang Zhenwei said.

I didn't say that I would kill Lin Xue. I only said that I would take her away. The old killer emphasized.

Then you can try. I guarantee that Zi Chen will definitely not appear. Wang Zhenwei sneered, turned and glanced at the other forces, and said: Last time, you all went back on your word, and didn't even care about the face of the ancestor, and had already disappointed Zi Chen, causing him to be on guard. He already didn't believe you a long time ago, and he will definitely not place his life on you again.

Lin Xue is in your hands, he will die sooner or later, why must you go through so much trouble just for a dead man? All of you are too naive.

Then what do you think we should do?

Hand Lin Xue over to us. As long as we can guarantee her safety, Zi Chen will naturally appear. Wang Zhenwei said.

In your dreams, Wang Zhenwei. Don't put on a dignified look, we are naturally clear about your motives. The people of the Cang Family shouted.

You want to play such a small trick in front of us? Do you take us for fools? The Li Family people also sneered.

The others were also ridiculing him.

Humph, inheritance, is there not such in my Wang Family? Don't tell me you are still thinking about other people's things? Wang Zhenwei scoffed.

Is there anyone who would complain about having more inheritances? Don't deceive yourself. Someone mocked.

Last time we went to the ruins, my Cloud City received an inheritance as well, but we are still living very well. Everyone, don't think of others as being as despicable as you, you can throw away the face of your ancestor nonchalantly but we are unable to.

You! The crowd flew into a rage.This is only my suggestion, if you guys are not willing, then I say anymore but I want to say one thing, we will bring Lin Xue to Yongji City, and let her stay there to ensure her safety. Wang Zhenwei said.

Oh, you actually won't bring her to Cloud City?

Humph! Wang Zhenwei replied with a cold snort.

At this moment, there were many sovereign realm experts in the Heaven Killing Pavilion that came in order to kill Su Long.

The few major forces wanted to kill Zi Chen, but the two sides did not clash. Instead, they could still cooperate, so they were all watching the old killer, waiting for the other party's reply.

After thinking about it, he finally decided to make a choice. The old killer nodded and said: I can agree to that, but can you guarantee that Zi Chen will appear?

As long as Lin Xue is in our hands, he will definitely appear. Wang Zhenwei said confidently.

Alright then!

The several powers finally agreed that on the same night, numerous experts brought Lin Xue back to Yongji City and at the same time, brought the remaining Lin Family members along with them.

Afterwards, the village turned into a sea of fire.

On the second day, a shocking piece of news appeared.

Zi Chen's girlfriend, Lin Xue was captured, right in Yongji City. If Zi Chen did not appear now, Lin Xue's life would be in danger.

This was an undisguised threat. As soon as the news spread, it caused a great stir.

Is there even a bottom line of the great powers?

They actually used such a method. Looks like they were really forced by Zi Chen to this extreme, and are afraid that Zi Chen would really go into seclusion all the way until he becomes an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

The entire world shook as all kinds of sounds rang out.

Zi Chen, with your woman in our hands, are you still going to be a Tortoise?

Lin Xue is right here with us. If you still don't appear, don't blame us for being impolite.

Lin Xue is a beauty. Zi Chen, don't worry, such a beauty will definitely be appreciated

The Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators of the various major forces stood up one after another to express their stance, and various kinds of threatening words appeared.

The great powers are truly shameless. They actually managed to think of such a move.

Shameless to the extreme, to actually use Lin Xue to threaten Zi Chen.

The entire world was shaken, causing many dissatisfaction.

Zi Chen, three days later, if you don't appear, Lin Xue will definitely die.

Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated, hurry up and come out to die.

When Lin Xue was captured, the few major powers decided that Zi Chen would appear, so they did not look for anyone else, and the numerous experts were transferred back.

Furthermore, they were guarding outside Yongji City. If they saw Zi Chen, they would immediately kill him.

With regards to the Lin Xue incident, as the rumors spread, it was naturally spread far and wide.

Damn you, you bastards! In Zi Chen's eyes, fury was burning, but he quickly calmed down. This was a trap, if he went in recklessly, he would die.

On that day, he had quietly left Yongji City, leaving it far behind.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed and Zi Chen still had not appeared.

Could it be that Zi Chen did not care about Lin Xue's life and death?

The great powers had found Wang Zhenwei, and he had promised them that day.

Are you an idiot? How long will it take for the news to reach all the way to the mountains and forests? In just a short three days, you want him to appear? Wang Zhenwei ridiculed.

Zi Chen, ten days from now, if you don't appear, Lin Xue will definitely die. The major powers gave him another deadline.

Even after the numerous experts returned, no one was able to find any trace of Lu Peng and the others. Three days later, they also left some clues behind.

On the fourth day, Zi Chen arrived at the Dayang City, and met several of his comrades here.

Lu Peng, Zhang Haotian, Miao Kong, and Nie Tian were all present.

These great powers are really shameless, they actually used Lin Xue to threaten Zi Chen.

This is obviously telling Zi Chen to die.

Just then, Zi Chen walked in.

Zi Chen. A few people stepped forward to welcome him.

What do we do now?

This is a trap that we have to break. I need your help. Zi Chen said.

How can we help? Everyone was stunned.

Ten Directions Killing formation. Zi Chen said coldly, a cold glint in his eyes.

Are you planning to use the Ten Directions Killing formation to kill them? Lu Peng jumped in fright, turned and shouted, This is a very good suggestion, I agree very much.

In the blink of an eye, he scrunched his face, But my attainments with the formations are simply too lacking, I am simply unable to unleash the might of the Ten Directions Killing formation.

Don't worry, when the time comes, you will attack together with Old Mo. Zi Chen was very calm, he had already thought of a plan beforehand.

Not only that, there was also a reason why he hadn't appeared in three days. Fortunately, the major powers had given him another ten days.

Then what can I do? Miao Kong asked.

Materials, I need a large amount of formations materials.

On the fifth day, Wang Qiong arrived.