Thunder Martial Chapter 338 - Numerous Imperial Sky Realm Expert

Die! The family head of the Lin Family was very fierce. He was the number one expert of the Lin Family and his fighting strength was strong. The ghost head blade in his hand swung, releasing Wuwu sounds, like an evil ghost crying.


Blade Qi appeared, bringing along a large amount of cold light, it rushed towards a cultivator and instantly killed him.

Come on, you damned bastards. He held the long blade in his hand, and his hair stood on end as he raged. Under the ghost head blade, he had already drunk the blood of two cultivators.

Hmph. You will die a horrible death. A cold laugh sounded as a cultivator of the Ninth Heaven rushed towards the family head of the Lin Family.

He held a sharp weapon in his hand, and his entire body was ignited in blazing flames. This was the Cultivation Methods of the Li Family, the fire technique was extremely terrifying.


The family head of the Lin Family let out a loud shout, the blade Qi dropped from the sky, bringing with it an incomparable aura. The blade shone brilliantly, like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves.


Boundless flames surged, and a sword of fire appeared. The two sides collided, creating a shockwave that forced both of them to retreat.

The two were of similar strength, and once again, they charged towards each other like two beams of light.


Just like billowing thunder, explosions rang unceasingly, the energy aftershock shook the four directions.

The battle between the two became more intense, and the more they fought, the faster it became.

Die! A light shout sounded out, and a green figure appeared. It was very nimble, like a bolt of lightning, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of a cultivator.

The green light transformed into a woman, she was extremely beautiful, just like a blue lotus, elegant and refined. It was indeed Lin Xue, but the usually cute Lin Xue had a face full of frost today, her eyes filled with killing intent.

In front of her, the cultivator who was fighting with her fell to the ground dead.

You are all so vicious, so vicious, you will receive your retribution. Lin Xue said coldly.

Kill them, don't leave a single one alive. The loud shout resounded in the air once again.

For some reason, Zhou Yu's heart suddenly felt a chill. However, at this moment, a cultivator from a large force flew towards him.

No Zhou Yu cried out in alarm, his eyes filled with fear. At that moment, he was regretting his decision.

You all can't He retreated quickly, his eyes filled with fear, but he was just a mere Xiantian Realm, how many tricks could he use?


A cold light flashed and Zhou Yu saw that his body had retreated backwards. After taking a few steps back, he fell flat on the ground with blood spurting out of his neck area.


On the family head of the Lin Family's side, the battle was extremely intense, the two of them were attacking with no regards to their lives, clashing against each other continuously, until they started to cough out large mouthfuls of blood.

This time, over a dozen Zhen Yuan Realm experts had come, but in the battles before, nearly ten had died. The remaining people were practically besieging Lin Xue.


Lin Xue was light and agile, like a ray of green light, constantly flashing, at the same time, her jade-like hands formed a seal, a brilliant light flashed, and martial techniques appeared.

She only had the strength of a seventh heaven, but her combat power was no weaker than the monstrous genius. At this moment, she was surrounded and attacked by several eight Ninth heaven cultivators, but she was not even in a disadvantage.


Green light flashed, and transformed into a sharp blade, piercing into the heart of a cultivator. In the next moment, the cultivator died.

At the same time, a cold light landed on her head. They wanted to cut Lin Xue apart, but her figure flashed, and she immediately dodged. At the same time,a ray of Sword Qi shot and pierced through the center of a cultivator's brows.

Her face was as cold as frost, and her killing intent permeated the air. Her actions were decisive and merciless. Her family's deaths had completely infuriated her.

After obtaining the inheritance, her battle power was very strong, killing ordinary experts was very easy, and she could definitely compare to the monstrous geniuses.


The Lin family's head was fighting the other cultivator and it was still not finished which caused someone else to join in. The person charged towards the Lin Family head.

Two against one. The family head of the Lin Family was in danger from just one exchange.


Finally, with a loud bang, endless waves of energy surged forth. When all the light had disappeared, the curtain to the battle finally fell.

The two swords on the Lin Family's head and it were all fatal wounds, and on the other side, the blade with the ghost head chopped off one of the cultivator's heads, and pierced into the heart of another cultivator.

The family head of the Lin Family was dead.

Father! Lin Xue cried out in sorrow, her tears flowing unceasingly.

You guys, go kill all the people hiding in the house. In the sky, the Imperial Sky Realm expert said coldly. It was obvious that he was very dissatisfied with this battle.

At this moment, the little village was dead silent. There were no longer living people. Only a few people that were hiding in their rooms because of fear were still alive.

Don't go. Lin Xue's face was cold and green light flashed around her body. Her hand formed a seal and a powerful martial technique appeared.


A cyan light flashed, bringing with it an indescribable power, and a cultivator was beheaded.


Lin Xue's entire body was covered in a misty green light. Thousands of lights flickered, like numerous sharp blades, they rushed forward with an extraordinary might.



This time, where the cyan light had passed, the battle power of Lin Xue, who had killed two Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators in a row, was extremely terrifying.

Damn it!

The Imperial Sky Realm expert cursed, he raised his hand and pointed out a finger, and a ray of energy shot out like a thread to trap Lin Xue.


A light flashed around Lin Xue's body. Like a green snake, she became boneless and very flexible, avoiding the attack.

At the same time, her hand formed a seal and another ray of green light shot out, slashing the last cultivator to pieces.

What a nimble movement technique. At the same time, the Imperial Sky Realm experts were even more certain that the other party had obtained an extraordinary inheritance in the debris.

The four of them acted at the same time and used their spirit energy to transform into tangible objects, enveloping towards Lin Xue.

Around Lin Xue's body, light once again flashed, and with a flash of green light, her entire body became hazy, as though she had truly turned into a ray of light, and became invisible, passing through the four Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Hmm? The four of them frowned, very surprised.

Do it, don't play with her anymore. It won't be good if we alarm the other powers. One of them spoke up.

Alright, I'll immediately injure her and bring her back. Another person said.


Afterwards, a terrifying energy surged as the four of them took action. Their auras were overflowing and the energy released was overwhelming, filling up the entire space and pressing down towards Lin Xue.

This attack did not only aim to catch Lin Xue, it also aimed to kill all the people in the room who were not dead yet.



The surging energy pressed down, each and every building could not withstand it and they all exploded one after another. Occasionally, there would be a shrill scream from within.

Lin Xue turned into a ray of green light, but her face was still streaked with tears. Her heart was in pain and she was blaming herself for causing everyone to die.

But she did not want to die. She wanted to take revenge for her father, for the Grandpa, for the whole family.


She turned into a streak of green light and dashed left and right, trying to find a chance to escape. However, her surroundings were sealed off, leaving her with no chance at all.



More houses burst into pieces as screams of agony rang out nonstop. There were also voices of children calling for their parents.

Lin Xue could no longer hold on. She coughed out a large mouthful of blood and the green light surrounding her dimmed.

Stop, you bunch of animals. All of a sudden, an explosive shout rang out in the air, and soon after, a large expanse of red light appeared. It was as if a blazing heavenly sword was flying over from the sky, transforming into a red light.


The Heavenly Sword arrived above the four people. With a sudden slash, ripples appeared in the air and a terrifying aura filled the air, instantly dispersing the overwhelming energy.

At the same time, the Heavenly Sword's slash landed on the four of them, causing an unparalleled aura to erupt. The Heavenly Sword exploded, and the four people all coughed out large mouthfuls of blood as they were sent flying in all directions.

And below, the green light surrounding Lin Xue dissipated, and she regained his true body.

You all are truly shameless. You even did such an inhumane thing. An angry bellow rang out in the air, followed by the appearance of a figure.

Red light flashed around his body like a giant. With a single step, he caused heaven and earth to tremble.

It was Wang Zhenwei, he was stronger than before, he had almost broken through to the sovereign realm and a terrifying Qi surged through his body, sweeping away everything in his surroundings.

His gaze was ice-cold and filled with killing intent. Especially when he saw the miserable deaths of the innocent people below him, his fury burned even hotter.

The shamelessness of your several big powers has indeed reached a limit. Yet another cold voice rang out. The sky trembled and a brawny man appeared. In his hands, he was carrying the wolf tooth staff.

The wolf tooth staff shook gently, and the air shattered, revealing a black hole. Liu Family Liu Mingyong's was here, he was a fierce man.Hua!

In the distance, a flash of light could be seen as another person appeared. It was Wu Zong Sect's Qi Qingqiu. His gaze was ice-cold.

He was from another faction of the Wu Zong Sect Sect that supported Miao Kong.

A total of three people appeared consecutively. They were all extremely powerful, and as they stood in the air, their countenances underwent a drastic change.

What do you mean? However, the four of them were not to be outdone. They represented the four forces.

You guys have gone too far, coming to my Qin Family's territory to massacre a village, are you looking down on us? The Lin Family was situated within the scope of influence of the Qin Family. It was precisely because of him that the few of them were able to arrive in time.

The four of them represented the four factions, but it was obvious that they were much stronger than the other four factions.

The four of them did not dare to take a deep breath. In the following four, everyone had the strength to kill them.

They are only following orders, how can they not put the Qin Family in their eyes. Brother Qin, you are overthinking it. At this moment, an indifferent voice sounded.

After that, there was the sound of something tearing through the air. Every single expert that appeared was all Imperial Sky Realm experts, representing a very high status.

Other than the Light Moon Pavilion, all the other big powers of the Southern region were here.

Geng Family, Chu Family, and Cangli City had all joined the expert as well as the other faction of the Wu Zong Sect.

Someone from the Heaven Killing Pavilion also came. It was an old killer. Back then, under the influence of a large force, they arrogantly walked in and even said that they were threatening the major powers.

Lin Xue raised her head and looked at the large forces with a blank look. She didn't understand what they meant, but when her gaze fell on the four of them, her eyes were filled with hatred.

At the same time, she also remembered these four powers.

Cang, Li, Geng, Chu!

Alright, everyone is here. Tell me about it. Wang Zhenwei said indifferently, his voice was ice cold, his eyes filled with killing intent.

This is simply miserable and shameless to the extreme. Liu Mingyong shouted, the wolf tooth club in his hand trembling.

For no reason at all, you have destroyed an entire region's family forces. You did not even spare the women and children. Are you still human? Qi Qingqiu also said.