Thunder Martial Chapter 337 - Tragedy

The remote Liu Family village was very peaceful.

As the sun set in the west, the golden afterglow sprinkled down, covering the village with a faint layer of golden gauze. At the entrance of the village, a few children were playing. The sound of young laughter continuously rang out. An old man was sitting on a dead tree and playing chess with another old man. Occasionally, he would look at the laughing children with a happy smile on his face.

This is a happy picture, but unfortunately, it was broken in the next moment.

Kill, other than Lin Xue, do not leave a single one alive. Suddenly, a cold voice rang out, breaking the peace of the little village.

A powerful aura filled the air, and many figures flew towards the little village. Killing intent surged around their bodies, and their eyes were cold and emotionless.


A cold light flashed, and a sharp blade appeared, slashing towards the children at the entrance of the village. A cold light flashed, and the head of a child flew into the air.

Fresh blood splattered on the faces of the other children. All of them were stupefied, standing in place with eyes full of fear.

You all...!

The two old men who were playing chess looked up in anger and instantly stood up. His entire body surged with True Yuan, but when he saw the figure standing in the air above him, his expression changed drastically as he cried out in surprise, Imperial Sky Realm!

Humph, your Lin Family sure knows how to hide. Four people appeared in the air, standing in mid-air. Their auras surged, sealing off the little village.

The dozen or so people who had arrived were all experts of the Zhen Yuan Realm. Their strengths were all at the Eighth or Ninth Heavens and their killing intent surged crazily.


A cold light flashed past, and a head flew high into the sky. Blood gushed out from the headless body, and an old man fell to the ground.

Of the two old men, one of them had instantly died. Today, a catastrophe had befallen a remote mountain village.

The stupefied child once again saw blood and let out an ear-piercing shriek. He called out for his parents, then ran toward the village in panic. His body staggered, and he lost his balance. A few of the children even fell down, crying loudly.

Don't cry, let's go. A slightly older child around the age of five or six turned around and went to pull two children up.


With a single step, a great power's cultivator caught up to him. The sharp blade in his hand flashed with a cold light. The five to six-year-old child was beheaded, and blood sprayed all over the two three year old's body.

Fresh blood splattered, a cold light flashed again, and the two little fellows died. Their large pure eyes lost their spirit.

Uncle, why do you kill us? When a slightly older child saw the arrival of cultivator, his eyes were filled with fear. He leaned against the wall and his young and tender voice sounded.

Because you deserve to die. The cultivator laughed sinisterly, a cold light flashing across his eyes.

When the child appeared at the entrance of the village, he was immediately killed. The group of cultivators were all ruthless, their eyes were ice-cold, as if what they killed was not life.

Multiple cold flashes appeared, and one by one, all of the children fell to the ground.

Who exactly are you? Why are you so cruel to not even let a child go? The old man at the village entrance roared. His hair stood on end and his eyes were bloodshot.

These children were all the future of the Lin Family, and were all very young. They would often call him Grandpa, and occasionally even steal chessmen. They were all very mischievous, but today, they fell into a pool of blood and were slaughtered.

In his hand, a brilliant light flickered as he released a blinding light. This was an all-out attack that combined all of his power. It was out of the ordinary.

Bastard, die! The old man roared as he charged towards the group of cultivators. With a blinding light in his hand, he took a step forward.


A cultivator in the Eighth Heavens held a sharp blade as he resisted. True Yuan filled his body, but it was useless. The attack that the old man used was extremely terrifying. The light rushed forward, cutting apart the sharp blade and cutting through the cultivators body.

A cultivator of a great power had died.

But at the same time, there were also several rays of cold light that landed on the old man's body. Wounds appeared one after another, and the sound of sharp blades piercing his body rang out. The old man fell down unwillingly.

In just a few short breaths of time, the slaughter at the entrance of the village ended.

Uncle? Ah! You bunch of bastards, I'll fight you to the death. A young man heard the scream and rushed out of the village. The first thing he saw was a lot of children lying in a pool of blood.

He shouted loudly. His eyes were suffused with red light, and his killing intent was limitless.


An aura surged around his body as a terrifying energy surged. He was actually a Zhen Yuan Realm expert as well, and he charged straight towards the crowd.

A life for a life, that is his goal.


A cultivator of a huge power was punched through the chest by the young man. At the same time, he also pushed back another person. He did not have any defense at all and threw out an unreserved attack because he knew that he could only make one.

A cold light flashed as it cut across the young man's neck.

The sword light flashed, and the young man fell to the ground.

This was an absolutely miserable massacre. Not a single person remained, and before anyone even entered the village, they had already killed the old man and children.

The rogue cultivator just wanted to collect some bounty but he never thought that the big power would be so cruel and wanted to cut the grass at its roots.

All the great powers cultivators were like a pack of fierce wolves as they charged into the middle of the flock of sheep.


Regardless of whether they were women or children, they would not let them go. As long as they saw someone, they would definitely kill them.

Miserable screams and cries for help filled the air. The scene was a complete mess.


Bloody light scattered, and a great disaster arrived. The Lin Family were in danger, and many of them fell under the butcher's blade.

You bunch of animals, I'll fight you to the death. A hot-blooded man from the Lin Family shouted, wielding a weapon. With a cold glint, he rushed out, wanting to fight with his life.


The sword light flashed, and his head flew into the air. Not everyone had the qualification to fight with their life on the line.

Idiot! The cultivator from the great powers ridiculed. Then, he used his blades to kill the next person.


A middle-aged man came, his aura surging with a terrifying aura. He was a cultivator of Ninth Heavens, his fighting strength was strong, and his position in the Lin Family was very high. Moreover, he was the younger brother of Family Head, he had already killed two cultivators from the great powers, as for the third one, they were all sent flying by him, but he suffered heavy injuries.

His fighting strength was very strong, he was one of the few experts. With a loud shout, he wielded his blade and rushed forward, attacking the third person who was heavily injured.


Above his head, four people were blocking the air. Seeing how fierce the other party was, they instantly pointed their fingers and a sharp sword qi appeared. Like a ray of light, it rushed towards the middle-aged man.

Hah! The middle-aged man shouted. Sensing the presence, the long sword in his hands danced and slashed at the Sword Qi.


The speed of the sword qi was very fast. The long sword was a step too late, and his forehead was penetrated. A bloody hole appeared and his life force dissipated.

The Lin family's situation was even more chaotic now that the younger brother of the Lin family's head was dead.

Why? Why do you want to kill us? We have no enmity or grievances with you Someone shouted out loud, filled with resentment.

Because you all deserve to die. If you have to blame someone, blame it on Zi Chen. Blame it on Lin Xue. They caused your deaths. An ice-cold voice sounded out in the air as he looked down.

Below was a hellish place on earth. Miserable screams rang out incessantly, sounding very mournful.

Run, run!

Go, go quickly!

The Lin Family was in chaos. Even if the younger brother of the family head has died, who could stop them? One figure after another flashed towards the outside of the village.

However, no one was able to escape successfully. The major powers were already prepared. The moment they left, they would all be killed by the Imperial Sky Realm experts.

We have never gone out, and have been hidden for several years. We have never been worried. Who was the one who betrayed us? One of the elderly roared unwillingly. The young people continued to die, and their children were killed. The Lin Family had no future, and was completely finished.

The face of the person who reported the incident to him was a bit pale. He was only doing it for the sake of the reward. Now that he had witnessed such a tragedy, his heart was filled with regret.

Zhou Yu, it's actually you. Just at this moment, a startled cry came out of a young man within the Lin Family. His face was deathly pale as he fled, but when he saw Zhou Yu, he stopped and recognized him.

Liu Mu. Looking at Liu Mu, Zhou Yu's expression was extremely complicated, he did not say a word, he knew that his greed caused many innocent lives.

Bastard, I treated you as my brother and you actually betrayed me? Liu Mu was so angry that he started to curse, but in the next moment, he felt many cold gazes staring at him from all directions.

Dammit, it's you little bastard! I told you not to go out, but you went out to fool around and even exposed our tracks! An old man rushed out, his eyes filled with regret and anger, rushing towards Liu Mu with endless killing intent.

For his own selfish ends, he had harmed the entire family. Hundreds of lives were going to fall, and he was going to kill this unfilial son of his.

It's not me. It's him. He betrayed me. I just mistook him for a brother. Pointing at Zhou Yu, Liu Mu tried to defend himself and retreated.


Suddenly, a sword light flashed by and attacked from behind the old man. Liu Mu wanted to cry out in alarm, but it was already too late.


Liu Mu heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing his old father lying in a pool of blood and his life force disappearing, Liu Mu did not have time to lament over it. He turned around and left, carrying a baggage in his arms.

It's all that damnable woman's fault. She's the one who harmed the clan. Liu Mu scolded and his speed was very fast. He avoided several cultivators and went around the entrance of the village. In a flash, he rushed towards the distance.


Just at this moment, a ray of light fell from the sky and touched his forehead. He was startled and then fell to the ground dead.

The four Imperial Sky Realm experts stood guard in four different directions on top of the Vault. No one was able to escape.

Father, I was wrong. Lin Xue's eyes were brimming with tears as she rushed out, her heart filled with regret.

That day, she had told her father about the inheritance. Her father had told her to leave alone, but she had insisted on taking everyone in the clan with her.

That day, her father had told her there were too many members in the clan, so it was impossible for them to keep the matter a secret. However, Lin Xue was very stubborn.

However, a family with the same heart would only be able to persevere for a year before discontent would appear.

Thus, it became the tragedy of today.

You're not wrong. Your suggestion all those years ago was something that I agreed to. Lin Xue's father also rushed out, holding a large blade in his hand, his eyes flashing coldly.

The killing continued in the village. No one could live, other than Lin Xue, the big powers did not plan to leave anyone alive.