Thunder Martial Chapter 336 - Lin Family's Trail

Clangs continued to ring, as if ten thousand swords were resonating but soon after, the clouds and mist shrouded the area again, but this time, the clouds and mist seemed to be shrouded in danger from all directions, as though there were tens of thousands of sharp weapons hiding within.

Do you know what you're talking about? Tan Fang asked coldly, his voice ice-cold.

Beside him, a few sovereign realm experts had also released their Qi, surging violently in all four directions.

As expected of the Destroying Alliance, such a powerful move. However, if you think that this is enough to take over my Floating Mist Sect, then you are completely wrong. Piaomiao's expression did not change as a hint of ridicule appeared in his eyes.


The killing intent surged, releasing endless ripples, this time, the Heavenly Sword was stronger, the moment it touched the formation, the Clangs became even more loud.

Soon the clouds and mist began churning rapidly. The great formation was completely activated, and an incomparable pressure appeared. It was as if a great ancient beast had awoken, and the aura was extremely tyrannical.

Do you want to fight? I'll accompany you then. Piaomiao's eyes suddenly became very cold, and his entire body surged with a powerful aura.

Then let me experience the Floating Mist Sect's Sect Protection formation. Tan Fang bellowed, his entire body releasing dazzling light. At that moment, he seemed to have transformed into a heavenly sword that was capable of destroying everything as he slashed towards the formation.


The vpod was like water as it was easily torn open. Black cracks spread out, and a terrifying killing intent surged out.



The Sect Protection formation was completely activated, it was shrouded in clouds and mist, it was extremely white, as though they had arrived in a fairyland, but in the white mist, there was an extremely dangerous Qi, as though there was a hundred and eight thousand swords hidden, releasing the Clang sounds.

Piaomiao stood on top of the sect protection formation. With a wave of his hands, a terrifying energy revolved, bringing about a great formation. The Clang sound became even thicker, like the sound of sharp swords clashing, moving for tens of miles.


The sword strike that cut through the void finally landed, chopping at the clouds in the sky. A terrifying aura rippled and the clouds dispersed, revealing numerous light swords. They were exceptionally sharp as they charged forward.

This was a very intense fight. The power of the Heavenly Sword was very strong, it could cut through the void, but the power of the light sword was not weak either.

The tens of thousands of light swords were instantly shattered. However, even more light swords condensed and rushed forward.

What a terrifying defensive formation! The sovereign realm experts were shocked. Even though it's such a large formation, its defensive power was astonishing.

Open for me! Tan Fang bellowed, and the Spirit Qi around his body was even more terrifying. Like a dazzling sun, it quickly slashed down.


The great formation was activated, and endless might surged. Sword of Lights appeared one after another, surpassing one hundred and eighty thousand swords, and their power was even stronger than before.


With a huge shake, the entire area shook, and the hundred and eighty thousand swords shattered, while Tan Fang was forced to retreat due to the impact of the energy.

In front of the Floating Mist Sect, the clouds and mist continued to hover, but the Clang sound continued to emanate from it and the intent surged outwards.

He actually lost? Several sovereign realm experts were stunned. What kind of great formation was this, to have such power.

I don't believe it. Tan Fang's face was extremely ugly. This time, with a flash of light in his hand, a sword appeared.

It was a sword shining with brilliant light, and the moment it appeared, it shattered the space, causing a terrifying pressure to engulf the world, and even the sovereign realm experts found it hard to endure. This was a legacy.


The sword shook gently, causing the air to collapse. Tan Fang held onto the sword, and slashed downwards.

This was a strike based on one's cultivation. It was an all-out attack, and it was extremely terrifying. It wasn't like a moment ago, where all he did was to lay low and wait for an attack.

The void was sliced open, and the great formation began to violently tremble. Even the formation foundation was shaken, and a rumbling sound was emitted.

Cloud Sword!

Piaomiao shouted, his expression becoming more serious. His hands moved even faster, leaving behind afterimages, causing the clouds and mist to move, and then converging together to form a cloud sword. During this period of time, the Clang sound kept on ringing, as though tens of thousands of sharp blades were fusing together.

When the Cloud Sword appeared, it was like a resplendent white light that struck against Tan Fang's sword, causing a loud sound to burst out. As a terrifying aura rippled out, the space started to shatter and the entire sky started to tremble, even the Floating Mist Sect's mountain gates started to tremble.

However, the great formation still managed to block this strike. This formation was truly powerful.

Let's attack together. When Tan Fang held onto his sword, which had returned to him, a cold light flashed in his eyes as he loudly shouted.

A terrifying aura rippled in the next moment. All of the sovereign realm experts had ice-cold looks in their eyes as they prepared to charge into the formation.

Enough, little fellows. This is the Floating Mist Sect. Right at this moment, an aged voice sounded out beside the crowd's ears, directly shaking their souls, You guys came late, Su Long left long ago.

An aged voice rang out, but it carried an indescribable might that shook the soul. Even the expressions of a group of sovereign realm experts changed greatly.

This is?! Tan Fang's face also revealed a look of astonishment.

The few of them looked in the direction of the Floating Mist Sect, their eyes were filled with disbelief, they had never thought that there would be such an expert here.

Their expressions were ugly, and they were in a dilemma. The aura around their bodies had been restrained.


Just then, Piaomiao spoke coldly. Clouds and mist shrouded him, and the Clang sounds disappeared. The formation was concealed, and the clouds blocked the Floating Mist Sect once again.

What should we do? The group of sovereign realm experts all turned pale in shock. They looked at Tan Fang as though they wanted to retreat.

Let's go, this level of expert will not lie. Let's go back. Tan Fang said dejectedly, never would he have thought that even he, who has powerful as legacy would be unable to harm Floating Mist Sect, and he couldn't even break through their formation.

Furthermore, there was such an expert overseeing the sect.

As expected of a power that has existed for a long time. The other powers in this region are simply unable to compare with it. Just the Sect Protection formation itself was of a much higher level than the other forces.

I won't believe that Su Long will be so patient as to not appear after we find that little fellow. Tan Fang scoffed.

Yes sir!

After returning to the Heaven Killing Pavilion, they would send even more experts to find Zi Chen.

Mountains, rivers, canyons, dense forests, they had all become the spots they were looking for.

At the same time, the assassins of Heaven Killing Pavilion also joined the ranks that was looking for Lu Peng and the others. It was clear that they wanted to find them and use them to threaten Zi Chen, then threaten Su Long again.

Yongji City.

That day, during Zi Chen's final battle here, he killed five of the Imperial Sky realm experts and cut down many Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators, causing a huge commotion. After that, Zi Chen left.

No one would have thought that Zi Chen, who had just left, would return after his injuries had recovered.

When everyone was heading towards the mountain and dense forest to find Zi Chen, he had already been in Yongji City, and had been in closed door cultivation for more than a month.

During this period, he trained with all his might. The Yuan Pills had been consumed countless times, and he was working harder and harder than ever before.


Time quickly passed, and another half a month had passed, yet there were still no clues about Zi Che. Furthermore, the people from the Destroying Alliances had returned without any success, which caused quite a stir.

Could it be that all of them have disappeared?

The major powers were not willing to accept this, so they sent out more people. Furthermore, the Wang Family, and those powers that were friendly with Zi Chen's group, received a severe warning, telling them to be more serious.

After that, the other factions also sent people to support them.

At the same time, all kinds of bounty were handed out in front of the streets and alleyways.

Another half a month later, they finally found some clues. Someone had come to collect a high price bounty and knew of the Lin Family's tracks.

This was a middle-aged man with very small eyes. Cold light circulated between his brows and it was very cold. Looking down at the Xiantian cultivator, he asked coldly: Do you know anything about the Lin Family?

Yes. The cultivator's heart trembled. He avoided the other party's gaze and said: I know Liu Mu. That day we drank together, he drank too much and talked about many things

Oh, what? The middle-aged man's eyes flashed.

I was paying attention to this at that time, and after that we drank a few more times, he said that they used to be a big family, called the Lin Family, but they were here to seek refuge after a great disaster.

However, at that time, he even told me in a low voice that he thought I was his brother and told me a secret. At that time, he was already drunk, but he was still very careful.

The middle-aged man's eyes flashed, and a cold smile appeared on his lips. He directly threw a bag of Yuan Stones to the other party and said: Not bad, lead the way.

Okay, okay. The other party was terrified. After taking the Yuan Stones and feeling its weight, he nodded again and again. He was overjoyed.

Within the domain of Dayang City, there was a small town called Flying Water Town. This was a relatively remote town, and the expert in the town was only a fifth heaven cultivator.

However, the small town was grand and imposing today. There were many Imperial Sky Realm experts, and more than a dozen of them were at the eighth or ninth heaven. The entire town was in a state of panic as they released their powerful auras.

Sir, during that day, he said that he was bored to death and that he came out to take a breath of fresh air.

Ever since the Lin Family left Cangli City, it had been a few years since they came to the Liu Village. It was a small village, but the people living inside were all from the Liu Family, and there were no outsiders.

Of course, the Liu Family here was the Lin Family of that day.

This place was close to the mountain forest, and was deserted. It was declared to be a remote village, and very few people knew of this place.

In the beginning, the Lin Family was very curious about where they lived. In their free time, they would enter the forest to hunt.

But as time passed, this curiosity was slowly replaced by boredom. Without the luxurious life of a large city and its servants, many people were not used to it and many people were dissatisfied.

Thus, there were gradual complaints, and some Lin Family members did not listen to family head's advice and went to the little town to have fun.

There were even some people who did not care at all and continued to spout nonsense, ignoring the family head's warnings.

Today, trouble had finally arisen.

Many experts had barged into the little village one after another. The peaceful life that they had lived for so many years had been broken today.

Kill, other than Lin Xue, kill them all.

A cold voice resounded through the entire village. A massacre began.