Thunder Martial Chapter 335 - Floating Mist Sect

Zi Chen has disappeared, there was no other news.

The battle that day was also his final battle. It ended with a great victory, causing another sensation.

Zi Chen definitely found a secret valley and went into closed door cultivation.

That's right. Although he has unparalleled combat power, he can only cultivate in seclusion since all of the powers are now after him.

All sorts of guesses and versions of the news rose throughout the region.

But whether it was true or not, Zi Chen had truly disappeared.

Zi Chen, do you dare to come out and fight?

Let's have a fair battle. Whoever wins gets to leave.

Outside of every city, there were Zhan Chen Tai's, and atop the Zhan Chen Tai, the mass power's words were pale. This was obviously a scheme, and no one would believe it was a fair fight.

In the current world, who could possibly oppose Zi Chen? All the clamoring was part of a conspiracy.

Wang Xiong was known as the number one genius of Cloud City, and was very mysterious. He rarely made a move, but because of the relationship between Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er, he would definitely not make a move. Wu Mo was very lazy, but he was very famous in the Wu Zong Sect.

With the six-word mantra, the Good and Evil Monk could slash through the skies, but he had also disappeared. The Heaven Killing Pavilion's assassins were looking for him everywhere.

Other than the three monstrous geniuses, the jeers of the other cultivators were all pale and powerless, without even the tiniest bit of confidence.

Zi Chen did not reply, he could only grab onto the loophole once, and the next time would definitely not be good. He did not know how many experts were lying in ambush around the Zhan Chen Tai.

All the powers were mobilized, searching many mountains and looking for places that had human footprints.

But after half a month had passed, there was still no news regarding Zi Chen.

That day, Zi Chen acquired several thousand bottles of Yuan Pills. Even if it was two people, it would be sufficient for him to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

The crowd broke out into a flurry of discussion.

Zi Chen was in fifth heaven but he was able to kill all of the cultivators, and even the monstrous geniuses could be killed by him.

If he really broke through the Imperial Sky Realm, then in this day and age, who could do anything to him, other than Sovereign Realm experts?

This kind of expert was rarely seen.


Time flowed by, another half a month had passed, and Zi Chen had disappeared without a trace, as if he had vanished from the face of the earth.

The great powers searched for lofty mountains and lofty ridges but they still found nothing.

Some guessed that Zi Chen had left the Southern region for the outside world.

He's just a mere Zhen Yuan Realm. If he dares to go to the outside world, he will die within three days. That is a path of death. When Tan Fang heard the news, he obviously did not believe them. He came from the outside, so he naturally knew how tragic the battle outside was.

He told the killers in Heaven Killing Pavilion to continue to look for him, and at the same time, warned the many forces to put in some effort, to not be perfunctory.

He might not have gone outside of the Southern region, maybe he joined there, and it's very possible that he did. Another person guessed.

The relationship between Zi Chen and the Floating Mist Sect was very good. Back then, Piaomiao had said that the doors to the Floating Mist Sect were always open to Zi Chen.

Furthermore, Su Mengyao had also joined the Floating Mist Sect.

Floating Mist Sect? When Tan Fang heard this, he frowned.

To the few major forces, the Floating Mist Sect was extremely mysterious, but to Tan Fang, the Floating Mist Sect was still a huge sect. Although it could not be compared to the Limitless Sect of back then, it was obvious that since the Floating Mist Sect was able to survive the chaos ten thousand years ago, it was not an ordinary power.

Su Long might also be there. Someone else guessed and revealed the relationship between Su Long and Su Mengyao.

Floating Mist Sect, in a few days, we will definitely go and find Su Long. Tan Fang said in the end with a frown.

A few days later, the formations in Heaven Killing Pavilion headquarters once again lit up brightly. Wave after wave of powerful auras appeared, bringing about several more experts.

This time, in addition to Destroying Alliance's expert, he also brought two other Heaven Killing Pavilion's elders to the Floating Mist Sect.

There were several sovereign realm experts moving out, this was an indescribable force, with a force behind it. Once Su Long appeared, they would definitely be able to kill him.

Tan Fang left. His original goal was Su Long, so he was not the least bit interested in Zi Chen.

As for the rumored Sky Martial cultivator and unparalleled combat power, he was not very interested in them. At that time, he only curled his lips and said: Sky Martial cultivator, do you think that Sky Martial cultivators are cabbage?

Zi Chen's disappearance caused a huge tremor.

If Zi Chen really broke through to the Imperial Sky Realm, his appearance at that time would be too dangerous. Other than sovereign realm experts, who could suppress him?

Thus, they thought of all sorts of methods to find Zi Chen.

Zi Chen is very loyal, we can start from his friends. The major powers suggested that this was a very good suggestion. Although it was a bit shameless, it was clear that they cared about the result.

Thus, the people from the several big powers moved out to search for traces of Zi Chen's friends.

However, the few of them seemed to have disappeared into thin air, disappearing without a trace. Only Miao Kong had always appeared, but he was a member of the Wu Zong Sect, so who could take him down to threaten Zi Chen?

Lu Peng, Zhang Haotian, and the others did not return to the sect.

Nie Tian had also disappeared.

As for Su Mengyao, she was in the distant Floating Mist Sect, so no one dared to cause trouble there. Furthermore, there were rumours that the Destroying Alliance went there.

Other than that, there was another person that attracted the attention of the mass power.

Lin Xue!

Zi Chen's other confidante, who was originally from Cangli City, had disappeared in one night on the last trip to the ruins.

Previously, no one had paid much attention to the matter, but now that they thought about it more carefully, they realized that someone had discovered some clues.

Zi Chen's friends had all received the inheritance, there was no reason why she wouldn't get one. Furthermore, the disappearance of the Lin Family was very strange.

She must have obtained the inheritance and hidden herself.

It was hard to find a single person in this vast world. However, there were so many people in the Lin family that it was impossible for them to disappear without a trace.

The Floating Mist Sect was located at the northernmost point of the Southern Continent. It was a place filled with clouds and mist, with steep mountain peaks that reached into the clouds. The mysterious Floating Mist Sect was built on top of the summit of the mountain and was hidden by the clouds and mist.

Also, the formations were all around it, so it was easy for one to get lost.

Tan Fang brought a few sovereign realm experts and stood in mid air, looking at the gigantic sect from afar, he shouted, Destroying Alliance has come to visit.

His voice rumbled like a thunderclap, shaking the clouds in all four directions as it traveled forward.

The entire Floating Mist Sect was covered by the clouds and mist. This was a Sect Protection formation, and its power was unimaginable.

When Tan Fang's words fell, his voice surged, causing severe tremors, but there were no sounds within the Floating Mist Sect, it was completely silent.

Destroying Alliance is here to visit you. Tan Fang shouted again, but his voice was cold. It stirred up endless clouds and mist, and the sound wave spread out.

After a long while, a voice finally sounded out from within the Floating Mist Sect, Our Floating Mist Sect and your Destroying Alliance do not have any interaction at all. Everyone is aggressively rushing over, are you looking for trouble or are you here to pay a visit?

A deep and dignified voice rang out.

We do not have any connections, but your Floating Mist Sect has hidden the person our Destroying Alliance is looking for. We are here for him, and I hope you can hand him over. Tan Fang was not angry, and said slowly.

As someone who is in the sovereign realm, it was naturally impossible for him to not have a sense of shrewdness.

You have come to the wrong place, this is the Floating Mist Sect, other than the disciples of our sect, no one else has come. The sound once again rang out from within the mountain gate.

Su Long has already been removed from the Tianwu Union, and has become the target of the Tianwu Union's pursuit. He is already a stray dog, and has no place in the entire Sky Martial Continent. Tan Fang said again, his eyes flickering.

You can go back. As I said, there is no one here other than the Floating Mist Sects disciples.

Behind Tan Fang, a sovereign realm expert shouted. If you say there's nothing, then there's nothing? How can we believe you?

Suddenly a loud shout brought about billowing clouds and the clouds in the sky were blown away. Everyone saw an old man standing quietly on top of the mountain gate.

He wore a Daoist robe, and his hair was white. He had the appearance of a transcendent being. He stood there atop the mountain gate, holding a piece of Buddhist Tassel in his hand. His Daoist robe fluttered, and his silver hair fluttered.


Seeing the old man's appearance, some of the sovereign realm experts let out a cry of surprise. In the Southern region, there were almost no sovereign realm experts who didn't recognize Piaomiao.

The sensation he had caused back then was simply too great.

And when he reappeared several years ago, he beat Wu Ruoshan into a pig head. After that, Su Long killed Wu Ruoshan in Cangli City.

It's fine if you don't believe it, but this is the Floating Mist Sect. Only the disciples of the Floating Mist Sect are here. With a flick of his daoist robe, the Buddhist Tassel in Piaomiao's hands shook, giving off a transcendent temperament.

He was very powerful, and did not have the slightest bit of humility because of the other party's background.

Do you want to protect Su Long? If you do, your Floating Mist Sect will be against the entire Sky Martial Continent's power Tan Fang's voice became much colder, and his face became gloomy.

I already said, Su Long is not here, you came to the wrong place.

Nonsense, if Su Long isn't here, then Su Mengyao is. Hand her over, and I won't believe that Su Long won't appear.

Hehe, Su Mengyao is a disciple of my Floating Mist Sect, how can I simply hand her over to you guys? Piaomiao also coldly swept his eyes over.

You! The gazes from the sovereign realm experts became unfriendly.

This is the Floating Mist Sect, not the Destroying Alliance, and not the Tianwu Union either. You guys have come to the wrong place to get people. Piaomiao emphasized once again.

Have you considered the consequences? Tan Fang asked. His body was surrounded by a strong aura and an extremely strong energy.

Consequences? Piaomiao laughed loudly. The same aura surged around his body as he said, Our Floating Mist Sect never voluntarily provokes others, but if anyone feels that we are easy to bully, then they are extremely wrong.


Tan Fang's entire body turned into a ray of light, like a sharp blade with sharp sword qi charging straight into the sky.

At this moment, he seemed to have transformed into a heavenly sword.