Thunder Martial Chapter 334 - Killing With Star Sands

Witnessing the massacre with their own eyes, everyone was already scared out of their wits. Chills went down their spines and even their stomachs trembled. Under Zi Chen's cold gaze, they immediately turned and ran without saying a word.

They were frightened and disappeared almost immediately.



Right at this moment, sounds of breaking wind came from the horizon, and several figures appeared in the air, flying towards the battlestage.

They were all Imperial Sky Realm experts, a total of five people. When they finally realized that something was wrong, they rushed over at an extremely fast speed, and rushed over the heads of the panicking crowd.

It's the great powers Imperial Sky Realm experts. They've finally arrived.

They came here after everything is over, are they here to throw away their lives?

Zi Chen's strength caused everyone to be terrified, and they all subconsciously thought that these people who were Imperial Sky Realm experts could not compare to Zi Chen.

On the battlestage, Zi Chen raised his spear. Seeing that Imperial Sky Realm experts had arrived, he turned around and left.

It was simply courting death if he were to fight them, and this could also be considered his last time making a move. Even though he couldn't scare off Imperial Sky Realm experts, he still had to scare off the courage of those Zhen Yuan Realm.

From now on, he would be hiding in the forest.


Little thief, stop right there.

You have the guts to kill someone, but not to stay?

From afar, they saw Zi Chen running away and shouted from the air. Boundless killing intent swept out to cover the sky and the ground.


Spirit Armaments appeared one after another. They released a terrifying aura that was bright and powerful. Like a ray of light, they shot towards Zi Chen.

Their killing intent was boundless, the five spirit armaments were like five beams of light, behind Zi Chen.


Zi Chen turned his head, a cold light flashed past his eyes, his speed became even faster, like an illusion, leaving behind many afterimages.

The spirit armament behind him rushed over at high speed, a cold light engulfed him as it cut down numerous afterimages, but it was unable to slash onto Zi Chen's true body.

Zi Chen was extremely fast and the distance between them was far. Even if their spiritual consciousness controlled the spirit armament, it still wouldn't be able to catch up.

Zi Chen has escaped. Let's go take a look.

The rumors are true. After Zi Chen's star sands are used up, any one of them can kill him.

Seeing Zi Chen turning his head and running, the group of cultivators, who had been scared witless, turned their heads back once more.


A huge tremor shook the entire world and a stream of light passed through the ancient tree. In the next moment, the ancient tree exploded and turned into wood splinters that fluttered in the air.


There was a piece of mountain rock that was towering and enormous. However, after the spirit armament passed through, a few cracks appeared before finally exploding, and it caused many stone chips to tumble down.


In the next moment, Zi Chen's figure flashed, and dodged an attack. Immediately after, a tall mountain was smashed apart by a large hammer, and mountain rocks rolled down.

The spirit armament kept on appearing, its killing intent becoming endless, transforming into beams of light. Everywhere it passed, the mountain rock would explode, the ancient trees would transform into crumbs, and everything was being destroyed.


Powerful energy undulations erupted, Zi Chen's body was covered in a golden light, as it dissolved the energy waves. However, his abdomen was still struck by the energy, and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

Go to hell.

The spirit armament became even faster after seeing this. It unleashed its unparalleled power to cut down everything in its path.


With danger approaching, Zi Chen held onto his ancient weapon, doing his best to defend. Sparks flew everywhere, the energy was surging, and he was directly sent flying.

His figure flashed in the air, and he coughed out two large mouthfuls of blood before fleeing again.

Kid, you can't run anymore.

This time, you will definitely die. Let's see who will save you.

The five of them soared into the sky with murderous intent in their eyes.

Zi Chen is injured.

As expected, he no longer has star sands and he's been blocked by Imperial Sky Realm experts. Could it be that today, this strongest monstrous genius is going to fall?

When the people behind saw this scene from afar, they sped up their pace to catch up once again. It all depended on the final battle.



Zi Chen coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. His injuries were severe. Imperial Sky Realm experts were too strong for the current him and he was unable to resist. It would be a miracle if he could survive.

From afar, Zi Chen saw an Ancient Tree forest. It was very tall, and it covered the sky and the sun. Zi Chen's eyes instantly lit up.

After running for so long, he had finally escaped several hundred miles away.

With a flash of his body, within a few jumps, he was already beside the ancient trees.

After that, he turned his back to the ancient tree and scanned the group of Imperial Sky Realm experts.

His stature was imposing, and a cold light flickered in his eyes. His figure grew larger and larger, but soon after, he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. His spirit was dispirited, and his imposing figure instantly collapsed.

Kid, why don't you running?

Why aren't you running? Don't you have a lot of speed?

Keep running. We have plenty of time.

The spirit armament released a cold light, and stopped ten meters away from Zi Chen. The five Imperial Sky Realm experts were looking down on Zi Chen, and smiled playfully.

Their eyes were filled with disdain, as if they were looking at an ant, but also looked like they were looking at a toy.

It was rumored that Zi Chen was very strong in the outside world, but without the precious treasure, even one of them could kill him. Now that there were five of them, they were naturally unafraid.

Keep running, let's see, how fast is the strongest monstrous genius?

Exactly, let's see if the rumors are true or not. As the strongest monstrous genius, what other methods do you have?

The Imperial Sky Realm experts were laughing, and their expression was one of ridicule. They were extremely relaxed, as if they was looking at a turtle in a jar, waiting to be slaughtered.

Standing under the ancient tree, Zi Chen's mind was sluggish and his injuries were heavy. However, his expression was very calm, and he said indifferently, I'm not running anymore.

You can keep running. We haven't had enough fun. The Imperial Sky Realm experts laughed mockingly.

Zi Chen was already injured, and on the side, there were five more spirit armaments that were eyeing him covetously.

I've had enough, and I don't want to play anymore. Zi Chen remained calm, as if he was chatting with a friend.

However, we have not played enough. Right now, we will give you two options. One, continue to run. Wait until we have played enough, then you will die.

The second, hand over all the precious treasure, then run, then die, haha

Zi Chen sneered, he looked at the group Imperial Sky Realm experts, Death occurs from both options, is there any difference between these two?

Of course... No. With that, the five of them laughed.

Haha. Zi Chen also laughed loudly, and said loudly, Since there isn't any, then I will choose the third option.

The third option? Everyone was startled.

That's right, the third option is also a dead end. However, it is you who are going to die. Zi Chen's eyes revealed a hint of berserk killing intent, following that, he suddenly stomped with his right foot, causing the ground to shake. Following that, the ground exploded, and in the next moment, a purple golden gourd flew out from the ground with a flash of light.

This is! When they saw the purple golden gourd, the Imperial Sky Realm expert's expression changed drastically as astonishment filled their eyes.

This was a precious treasure that Zi Chen used to slaughter everything.


They reacted very quickly and also in that instant, they moved in the air. Following the powerful sweep of their spiritual consciousness, the five spirit armament turned into five beams of light and rushed towards Zi Chen at a very fast speed.


A light aura surrounded Zi Chen's body as a taiji appeared above his head. It was only the size of a palm, but it circulated with the brilliance of two types of extreme energy. In the next moment, the taiji lit up and drooped down its light barrier, forming it into a taiji barrier.



The spirit armament's speed was very fast, with a distance of over ten meters between them, it arrived in a flash, piercing towards Zi Chen, slashing onto the taiji barrier, erupting with clanging sound.

The barrier was attacked by the spirit armament and a terrifying energy surged. The barrier instantly dimmed as the extreme energy formed a weak defense.


When the last spirit armament fell, it was a large hammer with a terrifying aura. With a sudden smash, cracks appeared on the taiji barrier, which immediately shattered.

The barrier had shattered, but it had blocked the attacks of the five spirit armament.

If another round were to come, and if another spirit armament were to appear, it would be more than enough to kill Zi Chen.


Just at that moment, the gourd's cap opened and light flew out. The star sands appeared, shone, and rushed towards the Imperial Sky Realm experts.

When the star sands had appeared, everything seemed to become much simpler. Although the Imperial Sky Realm experts were acting arrogantly before, now they let out miserable cries as they retreated quickly and powerful energy circulated around them. The terrifying aura surged, but they were unable to stop the star sands.

Nothing could not be broken, nothing could not be extinguished with the star sands. After that, the Imperial Sky Realm experts disappeared along with the star sands.

Five Imperial Sky Realm experts had died.


Zi Chen coughed blood again, his face was pale white. This time, his injuries were severe, holding onto the purple golden gourd, he retrieved it and ran deeper into the forest, quickly disappearing.

Old Mo, are you alright?

I'm fine. Old Mo's voice was very weak.

Everyone heard the miserable cries from the sky as they rushed over. However, it was still too late. There was nothing here.

Zi Chen had also disappeared without a trace.

Half of the ancient trees had been destroyed by the star sands, leaving only a gigantic tree trunk and no branches behind.

Dead? Are the Imperial Sky Realm experts also dead?

The rumors were wrong, Zi Chen still has star sands.

Looking at the battlefield, everyone was dumbstruck. Wasn't this too overbearing? The shock in their hearts did not dissipate for a long time.

Obviously, this would cause another sensation.

There are bloodstains here. Zi Chen must be injured and escaped from here. Someone cried out in alarm, having discovered Zi Chen's escape route.

However, no one gave chase. Everyone felt their legs go soft, and a chill ran down their spines. Even Imperial Sky Realm experts had died. If they went over, wouldn't that be suicide as well?

Even if he didn't use star sands, Zi Chen could slaughter them easily.

That day, the news had spread out, Zi Chen had massacred all the cultivators near the Zhan Chen Tai, and then killed five Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Furthermore, the rumors could not be believed, Zi Chen still had star sands.

At this moment, the entire world was shaking, it was clear that Zi Chen had brought another sensation.

That day, there were many Imperial Sky Realm pursuers, but no Zi Chen could be found even after searching through the entire forest.

He seemed to have disappeared into thin air without a trace. No matter how many forces searched, they could not find a single clue.

That day, Zi Chen purchased many Yuan Pills. He wouldn't be hiding in the mountains to cultivate, right.

It's very possible that he swept through almost all of Yongji City's Yuan Pills, making it enough for him to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm.

Heavens, if that's really the case, how scary would Zi Chen be when he appears as an Imperial Sky Realm expert?