Thunder Martial Chapter 333 - Zhan Chen Tai

The location of the battle was a complete mess. Broken limbs, a mountain of corpses, a sea of blood, and a thick stench of blood that caused people to feel nauseous was everywhere.

Zi Chen had already escaped without a trace. As for the experts of the Wu Zong Sect, none of them were left alive.

Looking at the scene before their eyes, the major powers were extremely shocked, their hearts were filled with a chill. From the mess on the battlefield, they could tell how tragic the battle was.

Everyone became stupefied, and a chill ran down their spines. Was this really a masterpiece created by a single person? One person killed everyone?

The news quickly spread and caused an uproar. Zi Chen had single-handedly killed all of the Wu Zong Sect's experts, and there were more than ten Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Heavens! How is this possible? He is only at the Zhen Yuan Realm!

The entire world was shaken. Everyone felt this was unbelievable. In this world, the ones who could kill Imperial Sky Realm experts are very few.

Once the star sands appeared, nothing could not be destroyed. The people from the Wu Zong Sect wanted to kill Zi Chen, but they kicked an iron wall instead.

With the destruction of the Ling Wu Sect, Zi Chen had always been chased by the Wu Zong Sect. This time, Zi Chen had retaliated. Not a single one was left alive, all of them have been killed. It can be said to be a super counterattack.

The world was in an uproar. There were all sorts of voices, but most of them were gloating.

The Wu Zong Sects Imperial Sky Realm experts did not even leave behind a corpse. Even the cultivators of the Zhen Yuan Realm did not leave behind a few complete corpses. Broken limbs and arms were everywhere. It is simply a tragic sight to behold.

Zi Chen has unparalleled combat power, even Eighth Heavens can be easily killed by him. These Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators wanting to kill him, they are simply courting death.

This was a massacre that caused huge waves. All the powers were stunned, it was too terrifying. A cultivator in the Zhen Yuan Realm actually had such a method.

The massacre this time was undoubtedly a warning to the major power. However, it also thoroughly enraged Wu Zong Sect and the other great powers.

Find him. We have to find him and kill him. On that day, a roar resounded in the Wu Zong Sect. After that, more experts appeared and left the Wu Zong Sect with surging killing intent.

The power that Miao Kong belonged to, had also dispatched their experts to search for him. Under the pressure of the Heaven Killing Pavilion, all of the powers in this region were currently looking for Zi Chen.

Amongst them, the few great powers who had enmity with Zi Chen had even sent out many experts, and many young disciples clamored, and threatened to behead him.

Zi Chen, do you dare to fight with me? Watch how I chop your head off and use it as a ball to kick A Zhen yuan Realm cultivator from the great powers' clamored.

Everyone curled their lips. If the Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator wanted to kill Zi Chen, it would undoubtedly be a dream.

Zi Chen, the people of my Chu Family are here. Do you dare to come out and fight?

Our Geng Family is also here and the Zhan Chen Tai is also set up. Do you dare to fight fairly?

Without a doubt, it was to lure Zi Chen out, and in the dark, there was an unknown number of Imperial Sky Realm experts hiding

Everyone knew that Zi Chen had unrivalled combat power, and even the monstrous genius was unable to suppress him, let alone ordinary cultivators. If one did not break through to the Imperial Sky Realm, no monstrous genius would dare to challenge Zi Chen.

A few days later, a rumor spread out that Zi Chen's star sands had been used up during his last battle, and he no longer had the strength to fight against Imperial Sky Realm experts.

All the powers and experts had gathered, preparing to kill Zi Chen. Almost every day, cultivators would clamor, their words were harsh, and they were extremely insulting.

As for Zi Chen, he had also changed his appearance several times. He was very careful, with the purple golden gourd, the chances of him being found was very high.

After the last battle, he did not look for Lu Peng and the others, but instead went to Yongji City alone. A hundred kilometers away, he dug a hole and buried the purple golden gourd.

He wanted to buy Yuan Pills in large quantities so that he could make another breakthrough in his strength. Moreover, he was determined to find a place that was deep in the mountains and forests.

Zi Chen had to buy them from a large city. Fortunately, he had enough Yuan Stones.

Within Yongji City, the streets and alleys were covered with his portraits, and the purple golden gourd within them was extremely obvious.

Idiots, do you think I would take a gourd and run all over the streets? Zi Chen curled his lips in disdain and walked into a medicine shop.

Do you have Yuan Pills to sell here? Zi Chen went straight to the point.

Yes, one for Fifteenth Yuan Stones. May I ask how many of them you want? The staff member was very polite with a professional smile on his face.

I want all you have here. Zi Chen was very indifferent.

Ah? The service personnel was stunned, very surprised.

I want all the Yuan Pills. Zi Chen repeated himself again, and then, he took out enough Yuan Stone.

Wait a moment... The staff member left quickly.

With such a large sum, it attracted the attention of the crowd, and they broke out into a flurry of discussion.

Zi Chen was very calm, but he was also a bit nervous. After all, such a large scale acquisition of Yuan Pills would definitely attract the attention of some people.

A moment later, the service personnel brought over all the Yuan Pills, a total of 50 bottles, which cost almost 10,000 pieces of Yuan Stone.

Giving the Yuan Stones to the service personnel, Zi Chen left in big strides.

On that day, the medicinal stores of all sizes in Yongji City were frequented by Zi Chen and all of the Yuan Pills were taken away.

This was a huge undertaking, taking away almost an entire city's worth of Yuan Pills. The amount of Yuan Stone consumed was also an astronomical figure.

Someone calculated that it consumed at least a few hundred thousand Yuan Stone.

Everyone clicked their tongues

Zi Chen had originally wanted to keep a low profile, but never would he have thought that it would still cause a small commotion. After putting away the Yuan Stone, Zi Chen quickly left.

In the city, many people noticed Zi Chen, and their eyes flickered, thinking that he was a big fat sheep.

To take out several hundred thousand Yuan Stone in a single breath, even a monstrous genius of a great power did not possess such extravagance.

Many people followed Zi Chen and left.

A dozen or so kilometers away from the Yongji City stood a towering battlestage called the Zhan Chen Tai.

Zi Chen, do you dare to appear and fight me fairly? I can crush you to death with one hand. A cultivator in the fifth heaven was shouting with all his might.

What peerless combat power, and what strongest monstrous genius, in my opinion, you just a coward. Another person opened his mouth and began to speak, as if he was singing a big play. Each and every word he said caused the crowd below the stage to burst into laughter.

That's right, this Zi Chen is a piece of trash with an undeserved reputation. When we appeared, he is so scared that he hid from the world.

Of course, he's just a piece of trash anyway.

Almost all of the people present were disciples of great powers. Some were here to join in on the fun, trying to curry favor with the great powers. They also echoed within the crowd, and the atmosphere was rather lively.

Zi Chen walked over with large strides, and was prepared to give a few responses.

Behind him, at least a hundred cultivators had gathered, and were all eyeing him covetously with eyes that flickered with the light of greed. They were all people who had witnessed Zi Chen's big move and followed him from afar, but did not dare make a move.

Because they were worried that Zi Chen was someone from a large power, especially when they saw him leave the city, he immediately rushed over to the Zhan Chen Tai.

Old Mo, how is it? Zi Chen asked, his eyes were cold, with killing intent in them.

Since there's no Imperial Sky Realm experts around, we can make our move. The Old Mo transmitted from within the taiji.

Fine, let's kill then. Zi Chen's expression became even colder.

A chill permeated the air, causing the temperature in the air to drop by a lot. Many people on the battlestage could not help but shiver.

Soon after, they saw a young man walking in their direction. Behind the young man, there were a total of a hundred people.

What's going on?

With so many cultivators arriving, it caused the great powers' Zhen Yuan Realm experts to furrow their brows as they were unable to figure out the origin of the other party.

What are you guys doing? Don't you know where this is? Someone shouted.

Behind Zi Chen, the group formed by greed slowed down their movements as the expression on their faces kept changing.

But Zi Chen did not stop and walked forward with large strides.

I'm talking to you. What are you doing? Why aren't you leaving? The coldness on the other party's body made the cultivator of the great power feel extremely uncomfortable.

What do you think? Zi Chen laughed sinisterly, his appearance instantly changing. With a flash of light, his silver spear appeared.

You?! Upon seeing Zi Chen's real body, everyone revealed expressions of shock. Immediately after, they saw a ray of light rushing towards them.



In less than a breath of time, there were no longer any cultivators left alive on the battlestage. There was only one indifferent youth standing there proudly with a silver spear in his hand.

This scene caused everyone to be dumbstruck.

But afterwards, the crowd seemed to explode into an uproar as cries of surprise exploded forth.

It's Zi Chen, it's him.

It's actually Zi Chen, he has appeared.

Heavens, he really appeared here. What nerves!

Everyone was dumbstruck, as they had never imagined that Zi Chen would actually appear.

In the distance, the greedy army was all dumbfounded when they saw the young man suddenly take out the spear and kill people from several large forces. However, when they saw Zi Chen's real appearance, they all became terrified.

Heavens, it's actually Zi Chen.

It's that monstrous genius with unparalleled battle power! I actually wanted to plunder his wealth.

No wonder a young man like him dares to be so generous, it turns out to be Zi Chen.

Everyone was panic-stricken, they stood far away and stopped, but they did not leave, because at this time, Zi Chen rushed into the crowd with his spear in his hand.

After that, they witnessed a massacre.

The entire battle stage was dyed red with blood. His spear was unstoppable, and he never used a second move to kill people. Zi Chen was like a silver dragon, slaughtering countless lives.


Master, quickly come here.

Father, where are you?

Cries for help continuously sounded out, everyone became terrified, Zi Chen's fighting strength was too terrifying, he never used his second move to kill people.


The surging energy swirled, the golden light dancing in the sky, with boundless killing intent. At this moment, Zi Chen did not hold back at all.

Regardless of whether it was the people from the great powers or those who came to join in the fun, they were all within the scope of the massacre.

No one was to be left alive.

Everyone was panicking, they were fleeing in all directions, but under the Nine Thunder Pass, who could escape? Zi Chen's current speed was even faster than Imperial Sky Realm experts.

In a short moment, the previously bustling battlestage became an Asura hell. The blood stained battlestage no longer had a life, Zi Chen was like a god of death, standing on top of the battlestage.

Dead, all dead.

This is too terrifying, too cruel. He actually killed everyone.

In the distance, the eyes of the greedy army were filled with terror and astonishment. In the next moment, Zi Chen's ice-cold gaze swept over and their hearts trembled.


The next moment, everyone turned around and ran away like a dog that had lost its home.