Thunder Martial Chapter 332 - Complete Massacre

With the sound of breaking wind, Miao Kong's face changed. He gestured for everyone to escape and he himself led them away.

No wonder he was so successful when asking about certain information. It turned out that he had been set up by someone.

All of you, quickly leave. Miao Kong urged, and rushed forward. He did not explain, nor did he need to explain.

You can go, their target is me. Zi Chen said indifferently, he took a step forward and pulled Miao Kong, You guys leave first, I can break out of the encirclement.

No, we won't leave. Everyone insisted.

Don't worry, they won't be able to do anything to me. With a flash of light, the purple golden gourd was grabbed by Zi Chen. With a flash of purple light, the lines began to move.

There aren't many star sands left, you will die. The few of them still did not leave.

Even though there aren't many star sands left, they're enough to protect myself. Leave first, after I change my appearance, no one will be able to recognize me. You guys must also be careful. Zi Chen reminded them.

The two of them had just received the inheritances, and they naturally knew that if they stayed together with Zi Chen, they would definitely die.

Then you have to be careful. We will leave some clues behind. No one hesitated any longer.

The sound of breaking wind was getting closer and closer. The few of them didn't have much time left.

I'll go find you, take care. With that said, Zi Chen took his purple golden gourd and rushed forward like a ray of lightning.

In the skies, rays of light flashed as numerous figures appeared. These were all Imperial Sky Realm experts, following Miao Kong over here.

Of course it was the enemy side.

Zi Chen is right here. Don't let him escape. Someone shouted.

In the forest, figures could be seen, and the figures of many cultivators appeared. They were all in the Zhen Yuan Realm, and there were a large number of them.

If you have the ability, then come over. I'm here. Zi Chen shouted with a voice like thunder, successfully attracting the attention of the experts.

He's over here.


Killing intent filled the air and spatial ripples appeared. And in the forest, killing intent surged around the bodies of the numerous Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators, as they were determined to kill Zi Chen.

The strong wind whistled, the figures of people flickered, and all the experts surrounded him.

Hmph, let's see if you're still alive after this. A cold light flashed through the Imperial Sky Realm experts' eyes, but it was mostly greed.

They had surrounded and tried to kill Zi Chen many times, and knew that he had precious treasures on him. Other than the precious treasures that the Wu Zong Sect wanted, there was also an additional purple golden gourd.

Come on, if you're not afraid of death, then come to me. Zi Chen shouted loudly. He fled in the opposite direction, further and further away from Lu Peng and the rest, and the Wu Zong Sect experts got closer and closer.

The killing intent surged, and the killing intent filled the forest, scaring away the birds and beasts.

If you want to kill someone, then you must also be prepared to be killed. Being chased by the Wu Zong Sects Imperial Sky Realm experts again, Zi Chen was somewhat agitated as he shouted continuously.

How reckless. The Imperial Sky expert laughed coldly.

After chasing for over ten li, the two sides finally met.


Killing intent surged, and with an explosive shout, a wave of energy appeared. It stirred the space in all four directions, and with a powerful aura, it pressed down towards Zi Chen.

This was an attack that could lift the air. It was extremely powerful, and its energy was surging like a tidal wave. There were a total of four Imperial Sky Realm experts that were in front of Zi Chen, and the entire sky was trembling.


The star sands appeared and when it appeared, it carried a terrifying might as it pierced through the space. It pressed down against the sky, scattering everywhere it passed, and a large portion of the space was destroyed, as the many attacks from the Imperial Sky Realm experts shattered.

We already knew that you have star sands, but we still dared to try to kill you. Do you think we weren't prepared?

With a sneer, his hand flashed with light, and an artifact appeared in his hand. It was a shield that emitted a pitch-black light. On its surface were complex engravings that contained incomparable energy.

As soon as it appeared, a terrifying aura surged forth.

This was a forbidden weapon, and it was very rare. It was a defensive forbidden weapon, crafted personally by the Sovereign realm experts.

Let's see how powerful your star sands are. Let's see how it will be against our defensive forbidden weapon.

Following the movement of spiritual consciousness, the shield grew in length and turned into a dozen meters long as black light coiled around the shield like a rolling Demonic Qi.

At the same time, the other three Imperial Sky experts also unleashed their spiritual consciousness and landed it on the forbidden weapon. With the strength of the four of them, the forbidden weapon became even more powerful and ferocious.


A large group of star sands streaked across the sky, radiating an illusory light that pressed down on the heavens. With a might of a trillion, it collided with the forbidden weapon, causing loud sounds, like the rumbling of thousands upon thousands of thunderclaps.

The star sand shone brightly and instantly fell onto the forbidden weapon. The black light on the surface of the forbidden weapon instantly shattered, a small black hole appeared, and the star sands rushed past.

The strong forbidden weapon could not even block for a breath of time, and the mountain-like shield silently disappeared. At the same time, the star sands flashed and rushed towards the four of them.

Impossible! The four of them paled and quickly retreated, releasing streams of energy. This was a defensive forbidden weapon specially made by the powerhouses. It required a lot of materials, and they could only use it twice, yet it could not resist the star sands.

They wanted to stop the star sands for a moment so that they could retreat. However, the star sands was able to break through everything, and it was able to destroy everything. In a flash, they were submerged in the star sands.

This was a terrifying scene. Even though they were holding onto a forbidden weapon, they were not able to block the star sands.

Everyone stopped.


Zi Chen's entire body flashed with a gold light, just like a Golden Warlord, imposing and majestic. He had a purple golden gourd in his left hand with a purple glow flashing and a spear in his right, with a silver glow. his entire body surging with endless killing intent as he rushed into the forest.


A silver light flashed past, like a silver dragon, it pierced through the heart of a Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator, causing the spear to jump out. The latter flew backwards and a light flashed around his body, and then suddenly exploded, causing blood to splatter everywhere.


A sharp spear light shot out. A bloody light appeared and a cultivator was split into two, dying on the spot.

Zi Chen was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, invincible and unstoppable, as if he was a god of death. He was expressionless, decisive and ruthless and everywhere he passed, a life was lost.


The purple golden gourd in his hands shone with a purple light. Following the reopening of the cap, Zi Chen blew fiercely and a large swath of star sands filled the sky. The light was as bright as the stars.


The terrifying martial skills covered the sky and the other Imperial Sky Realm experts tried to think of all sorts of ways to block it, but they were all useless, even a forbidden weapon couldn't block it.

This was a massacre. From Zhen Yuan Realm experts to experts in the Imperial Sky Realm, against Zi Chen, not a single person survived.


One by one, lives were taken. Zi Chen's body was drenched in blood, like a killing demon and his entire body was glowing with a golden light. Wherever he went, corpses would follow.


The star sands was powerful and broke through everything. The towering ancient trees disappeared in an instant without a trace, and a large portion of the mountain ridges were instantly sliced off. The numerous attacks that could be used to lift the sky were all destroyed by the star sands.

This time, the Wu Zong Sect came prepared with a forbidden weapon. They brought many experts, but never once would they have thought that powerful defensive forbidden weapon could not defend against the star sands. Instead, many experts became the target of slaughter.

Evidently, the Wu Zong Sect had miscalculated this time. However, the price of miscalculation was death.

This was a massacre. The battle had been one-sided from the very beginning.

Zi Chen killed madly, killing to the point of insanity. His entire body was dyed in blood, and with a step on the ground, he would leave behind a bloody mark.

Kill! Didn't you want to kill me? Come! Zi Chen roared. His voice was like thunder, shaking the entire mountain forest.

Ever since he had left the Ling Wu Sect, he had always been hunted down. At that time, he was only at the True Qi Realm, but there was an Imperial Sky Realm expert chasing after him. He brushed shoulders with the god of death several times.

All along the way, what accompanied Zi Chen were heavy injuries, escape, pursuit, escape, serious injury, and pursuit again. Zi Chen had always been escaping, and upon facing the Imperial Sky Realm experts, he did not have the slightest ability to retaliate.


The silver spear had already turned blood-red and corpses lay on the ground as fresh blood flowed out like a stream. Broken limbs were scattered everywhere, it was extremely violent and bloody.

Demon, this is a murderous demon.

He is a demon.

Zi Chen's methods were too cruel. There were less than five people who died with an intact body, and severed limbs could be seen everywhere.

In the air, fear was written all over the Imperial Sky Realm experts face, and an idea of retreat emerged in their mind. Inside the purple golden gourd, there seemed to be an endless supply of star sands, so they were very fearful.

Die! Today, no one will leave! Zi Chen's eyes shone with a red light, his expression was extremely sinister. His fresh blood dripped like a blood line, and the purple golden gourd in his hand continued to move. A large number of star sands appeared, and another two Imperial Sky Realm experts died.

This was a massacre, Zi Chen was extremely powerful.


Only after someone shouted did the group of Wu Zong Sect cultivators reacted. They turned around and left in a sorry state.


In the sky, even they had been forced to retreat, transforming into a streak of light as they fled. They were afraid of being killed as well.


The sky shattered as a large group of star sands appeared, and another person soundlessly disappeared into thin air.

At the same time, Zi Chen turned into a ray of light and rushed deeper into the forest. The spear in his hands flickered with a silver light and took away one life after another.

Under the Nine Thunder Pass, who could escape?

This was a shocking scene. A cultivator was chasing and killing a group of cultivators, and among them, there was no lack of Eighth or Ninth Heaven experts.


Fresh blood splattered once again as the slaughter continued.

Two hours later, another force finally received the news and chased after them. However, they did not see Zi Chen and instead, saw a miserable scene.

The mountain forest exploded, revealing a large area of open area. Corpses laid on the ground, and fresh blood gathered at the low ground, forming a stream.

None of the experts that came were alive. All of them were killed, and it was difficult to find a complete corpse from them.

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