Thunder Martial Chapter 331 - No Place

Because of Tan Fang's arrival, the Heaven Killing Pavilion which was previously extremely low-profile, had now become very high-profile. This went against the conviction of a professional killer.

On that day, a piece of news had reached the various branches of the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

Find Zi Chen, kill Zi Chen.

At the same time, portraits appeared one after another. All the killers had moved out to search for traces of Zi Chen.

Seeing Zi Chen's portrait appear in many places, many people curled their lips. It had been a few years since then, and they had always threatened to capture Zi Chen. However, in all these years, they had never seen a successful capture of Zi Chen.

This time around, no one cared about it. Instead, many people were betting on how long these portraits could last.

However, high-profile killers obviously had more than this.

The three great sects of the Seven Cities were the masters of this region. Other than the mysterious Bright Moon Pavilion, the seniors of the Heaven Killing Pavilion took their time to visit the three great sects.

This gives rise to the rendering of large waves.

Some powers wanted nothing more than to use their power reserves and exterminate these old fellows, seeking peace and quiet.

Destroying Alliance has come to find Su Long, and they will kill him no matter what. This is a force that is not weaker than the Tianwu Union at all.

Our target is Su Long.

An old killer had a very high profile, and some of them had even killed ancestors of big powers before.

However, there were also those who were worried.

Tianwu Union, Destroying Alliance, just by hearing the name can cause the whole world to shake. Compared to them, they were a small power, like a monkey in the mountain, what right did they have to participate?

In the worst case scenario, they might even be destroyed in a single blow.

The Tianwu Union has already expelled Su Long, he is no longer a member of the Tianwu Union. He was no longer a member last time, and now, the people of the Tianwu Union are looking for him everywhere.

The old killer was very calm, he had long heard everything from Tan Fang.

You guys have enmity with Zi Chen, so naturally you have to kill him. If we want to kill Su Long, we can only use Zi Chen to lure him out. Our targets are all the same for now.

Some of the big powers who had enmity with Zi Chen invited the old killer in. Their attitude was very good, a small Zi Chen had caused them to lose all their face, and previously, they were afraid of Su Long, so they could only say some ruthless words.

If Su Long appears, we will naturally kill him. Don't worry, we will kill him 100%, and our alliance has asked me to give you all a suggestion. With how big the Wu Zong Sect is, having one power is enough. The old killer smiled mysteriously and then left.

At the first moment, the powers of the Cang and Li Families, Chu Family, Geng Family, and the Wu Zong Sect had expressed their support for the Heaven Killing Pavilion. They each sent out their disciples to search for traces of Zi Chen.

At the same time, these old killers also entered into the area of influence who were on good terms with Zi Chen. For example, Wang Family, and the Liu Family.

Their aura was surging, and their legacies dormant, as though it would strike out at any time, but the old killer just calmly walked in, without a single fear. His hair was white, but his waist was straight, very confident.

This time, a lot of experts came to our side. We can guarantee that they will kill Su Long with a single slash. He was very confident and also very calm.

Of course, only with enough power can we kill him. Destroying Alliance values Su Long very much, so they have mobilized a lot of power, so I hope that you two can cooperate.

The Wang Family was furious, this was clearly a threat. They were a huge power, why would they be threatened like this? The legacy of the Liu Family was also emitting a terrifying aura, and on this day, the entire Yongji City was enveloped by a wave of pressure.

The Destroying Alliance has officially taken over the Heaven Killing Pavilion. This region will face a reshuffle, I hope you all can think it through, and don't accidentally fall into the abyss.

He did not say much, and the old killer left indifferently. They were so angry that the teeth of the great powers were itching, but they were mostly shocked.

The Destroying Alliance came.

On that day, many of the higher-ups discussed and argued fiercely. In the end, it even shocked the ancient existences in the family that were on the brink of death.

It's not appropriate to fight. The ancestors gave their final opinion.

Not long after, the various factions also declared that they would look for Zi Chen and kill him.

This was the first time Zi Chen's portrait was made known to the people of the three great sects of the Seven Cities. At the same time, this was also the first time Zi Chen's name was known to everyone in this region.

Every place, every corner, and every place where there were people had a portrait of Zi Chen. This time, all the powers had moved out to cover every corner of this region.

Everyone burst into an uproar.

What was going on? Why did some of the powers who were on good terms with Zi Chen give this order?

The attitudes of the several major powers were hard to fathom.


A dazzling golden light descended and a short hill suddenly exploded. The surging energy swept up as dust and rubble flew everywhere.


Another golden light flashed, bringing with it a chilling aura. A few large trees was instantly chopped in half.

This was an enormous mountain range, and mountain rocks stood tall and steep. The ancient trees reached into the sky, and their branches and leaves were luxuriant. Zi Chen had already stayed here for half a month.

Aside from cultivating all day long, he would also continuously unleash the energy in his body. The Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang constantly alternated between each other.

Within the Cangli City, he had killed the five monstrous geniuses in a single day. He had fought to his limits, causing his understanding of Yin and Yang to deepen once again.

Following this battle, Zi Chen realized that his understanding towards Yin and Yang had deepened.

The number of collisions between Yin and Yang also became fewer and fewer. Although it was still impossible for him to make the Yin and Yang truly be compatible, it was still much better than before.


Zi Chen released energies again and again, and this time it was the strongest martial skills, the Extreme Yin and the Extreme Yang. Every time he struck out, he would carefully sense the two energies, and from then on, he would find a common ground that allowed Yin and Yang to be compatible.

Beside him, it was shining with a purple light. The purple golden gourd was placed there, a very special precious treasure and there were star sands inside it. It was something that could even destroy the sky, but it could not do anything to the purple golden gourd.

Furthermore, he was also unable to put it away. The Spatial Ring seemed to be unable to bear the purple golden gourd and the two were incompatible.

Zi Chen, you're cultivating again. Lu Peng walked over from the depths. Around his body, there was a flash of light and several banners began to dance on the ground, forming formations one after another.

Recently, Old Mo had been instructing Lu Peng on formations.

Zi Chen laughed. Since the last time they returned from the ruins, everyone had been working hard, cultivating all the time.

Nie Tian was the most hardworking among them. He did not have strong martial skills or any special inheritances, he relied on himself for everything.

The last time he was injured, it took him several days to recover. After that, he cultivated diligently, not even wasting a second.

Every time they saw Nie Tian cultivate, Lu Peng and Zhang Haotian would feel extremely embarrassed.

It's time to eat. Zhang Haotian's voice came from afar and the smell of roasting meat wafted through the forest.

I knew it. He was on time. As the formation flags were put away, Lu Peng walked towards the forest.

Zi Chen laughed and followed along.

Where's Nie Tian? He's not here yet? Scanning with his eyes, Zhang Haotian said. He did not see Nie Tian.

That's a cultivation madman. Lu Peng said as he spread out his hands.

Can I not cultivate crazily? It's not like I'm Zi Chen. So abnormal, refining pills for him is like eating sugar beans, melting it in his mouth, and then refining it in an instant. Just then, Nie Tian's voice sounded out.

He did not hold back and immediately grabbed a piece of roasted meat to eat.

Zi Chen is indeed abnormal. His refining speed is so fast, but his energy consumption is so huge. The energy required to break through is more than ten times that of others. If it's a poor bloke, he won't be able to break through no matter what. Zhang Haotian curled his lips.

Hehe, but your battle prowess is also more than ten times of the same level, so it's not considered a waste. Although your consumption is huge, you can get unparalleled combat power in exchange. Lu Peng laughed.

The few of them chatted and laughed as they ate.

Oh no, oh no... Suddenly, an anxious voice was heard from the forest.

It's Miao Kong. Zi Chen frowned, he put down the roasted meat in his hands and looked into the forest.

Only Miao Kong knew about their hiding place, and the anxious exclamations were also made by Miao Kong.

A few figures flashed in the forest, with a few rises and falls, Miao Kong had already arrived there, his movements light and nimble.

What happened? Why are you so flustered? Zi Chen asked.

It's a huge matter. A super huge matter. With regards to you, in the future Southern region, there will be no place for you. Miao Kong said, he was clearly running at full speed along the way, gasping for breath.

You are currently wanted by all the major powers. Miao Kong revealed an astonishing piece of news.

What do you mean? The few of them stood up, looked at Miao Kong, and their faces changed.

Being wanted by all the major powers, this was no small matter. The entire region was under the rule of the major powers, once all of them wanted him, there would no longer be any hiding place left.

Due to the great pressure exerted by the Heaven Killing Pavilion, right now, all of the powers in the Southern region are after you. Anyone who sees you must kill you without hesitation. Miao Kong said: Of course, some powers are only looking for you, and might not kill you.

Heaven Killing Pavilion's pressure? Lu Peng was startled, and said: That's impossible. Your Wu Zong Sect is also a great power, and you're still afraid of a Heaven Killing Pavilion. Do you think that they would dare to threaten your three forces?

At this moment, Lu Peng was not the only one who was puzzled, he was also very suspicious.

We weren't afraid in the past, but now that the Heaven Killing Pavilion has a powerful backing, all of the powers have to be wary of it. Their target is Su Long, and the reason they wanted to kill you is only to lure Su Long out. Miao Kong said.

Su Long! Zi Chen's expression changed.

Back then, Su Long had left in a hurry and did not bring Zi Chen away. He had even threatened to keep Zi Chen in hiding, not revealing his identity, and told him that it would be best if he didn't leave this area until he reached Imperial Sky Realm.

They are from a foreign power called Destroying Alliance. They are staying in Heaven Killing Pavilion and a lot of experts came. Their goal is Su Long.

Su Long is from the Tianwu Union, why would they dare to kill him?

He used to be in it, but it's not now. According to the news, Su Long was removed from the list of names on the Tianwu Union.

Miao Kong said. This was something he spent a lot of effort to find out.

Are you saying that all the powers are looking for me? Zi Chen asked.

That's right! Miao Kong nodded.

Got it. We can't stay here any longer. You guys hurry up and leave. Zi Chen nodded, he was very calm.

What do you mean? Everyone was startled.

Then, sounds of something tearing through the air could be heard.

Damn it, I've fallen into a trap. Miao Kong's expression changed, filled with regret, as he said: You guys go, I'll cover for you.