Thunder Martial Chapter 330 - Change In The Heaven Killing Pavillion

The destruction of the burial site caused a huge commotion in the Southern region.

Zi Chen, who had disappeared for a long time, appeared again. The rumors that he left the Southern region and joined the Tianwu Union were shattered.

Furthermore, his appearance caused a huge commotion.

He entered the depths of the burial site, snatched a precious treasure, came out to kill the five monstrous geniuses, then used his precious treasure to kill Imperial Sky experts.

Once the star sands appeared, the color of the sky and earth changed. The sky collapsed and the void was pierced through. The battle that day had already been rumored to be amazing.

It's too scary, that's a star sand! Something from the legends, the moment it appeared, the sky collapsed and the Imperial Sky Realm Expert disappeared without a trace. Even the spirit armament had turned into crumbs!

Once the star sands appeared, no one can live.

That day when Zi Chen successfully escaped, it caused an uproar. Several hundred people attacked, but none of them managed to stop him, and quite a few even died from it.

The news of the incident spread like wildfire, and just like a few months ago, the people in the streets, restaurants and alleys were all talking about Zi Chen.

After that, there was also talks about the two pieces of legacies. It was really unexpected that the Human Slaughter burial would have two pieces of legacies.

When I saw the Wu Zong Sects expert that day, he spat out a mouthful of blood and returned.

The experts of the Cang and Li Clans supported each other as they circled around Yongji City. It seems that they were severely injured and did not enter.

The people from the Geng Family have all left yesterday. They were very low-profile and did not attract too much attention.

The Zhu Family members have also left, and they seem quite dejected.

In the teahouse, in the restaurant, there were many voices coming from time to time. During the battle that day, the contradictions between the major powers had completely intensified, and they were no longer as harmonious as they were before.

The Qin Family's people left as well. However, when they were leaving, they all went to Liu Family. On that day, the Liu Family arranged a great banquet to invite the great powers to send them off.

I saw Wang Qiong and Wang Xian'er from Cloud City leaving early in the morning, as did the other Wang Family members.

Wu Zong Sect's Miao Kong and Wu Mo have also left. Weird, Zi Chen has a grudge with the Wu Zong Sectthat cannot be resolved, but the Wu Zong Sect is helping Zi Chen this time.

What do you know? The Wu Zong Sect has two powers inside it, Zi Chen only has enmity with one of them. Moreover, he is a good brother to Miao Kong.

The crowd broke out into a flurry of discussion. Everyone guessed who would end up with the two pieces of legacy. However, no one knew that these great powers had been keeping a tight watch this time around and no one had not managed to get anything out of them.

However, after suffering a great loss, the major powers immediately put down their vicious words after returning.

Su Long, even if you protect Zi Chen, we will still kill him.

Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated. As long as Zi Chen dares to appear, he will definitely die.

We will definitely kill him.

Zi Chen had killed their family's monstrous genius time and time again, making them lose face. Only by killing Zi Chen, would they be able to restore their reputation.

All the major powers spoke out, they wanted nothing more than to kill Zi Chen, but they did not make a move. After all, the might of Su Long that day was still fresh in their memories.

They didn't dare to go overboard.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion was the most controversial sect in the entire Southern region.

The trials of their disciples consisted mainly of killing geniuses from great powers. Almost every year, there would be assassinations of geniuses. Moreover, it was an assassination organization. It was a common occurrence for powerful forces to hire them and kill monstrous genius.

Back then, when the Heaven Killing Pavilion sent out their Imperial Sky expert to kill Wang Qiong and Wang Xian'er, they were hired by someone but they did not succeed.

In the past few thousand years, the several great forces had surrounded and tried to annihilate the Heaven Killing Pavilion several times, but every time, they would return empty-handed.

The methods of the Heaven Killing Pavilion were endless, there were many of them, and the sect's territory was also very secretive, like a cunning rabbit in the Three Hells, no one knew where the headquarters were.

There was a rumor that the Heaven Killing Pavilion did not belong to the Southern region. It was a sect founded a thousand years ago and had been in contact with the outside world.

Over the past few thousand years, there had been many genius disciples that had been secretly sent out to be nurtured in the outside world.

Just like the Tianwu Union, the background of the Heaven Killing Pavilion was also an organization.

Their name is Destroying Alliance.

This was an organization that had existed for countless years.

Of course, everything was just a rumor. No one had confirmed it, and even the great powers that had existed for tens of thousands of years could not confirm it.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion had many branches that covered the area of Seven Cities, but no one knew where the headquarters were.

Just as the burial site's exploration came to an end and everyone was discussing Zi Chen's incident, and guessing whose family the legacies would fall into, an unusual event occurred in Heaven Killing Pavilion.

In the midst of a mountain range, the Heaven Killing Pavilion was located. It was very remote as the headquarters was covered by an extremely large concealment formation, concealing their presence. Outside the headquarters, many demonic beasts were wreaking havoc, there were also many Imperial Sky Realm demonic beasts among them.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion Headquarters was situated in the midst of a group of demonic beasts. No one could have guessed it, no one could have imagined it.

It was on this day that the formation, which had existed for thousands of years and had yet to activate, suddenly lit up in the deepest parts of Heaven Killing Pavilion's headquarters.

This was the formation that had existed since the creation of the Heaven Killing Pavilion. After thousands of years had passed, it had never shone, no one knew what it was used for, and it had never been used. But during these thousands of years, beside this formation, there had always been people protecting it.

Furthermore, the elders of the pavilion had repeatedly reminded them that if there were any movements from the formation, they had to report it immediately.

Today, this formation that had been dead for thousands of years suddenly lit up.

The face of the old killer who was guarding this place changed, went pale from shock, and hurriedly went to report.

They were all killers who had existed for god knows how many years. Their beards were white, their teeth had fallen off, but the aura they exuded was extremely terrifying.

Seeing the formation shining, all the old people's eyes were filled with excitement.

It's really lit up. The rumors are true. An old killer, looking at the shining formation and he was very excited. His hands could not help but tremble.

It's been thousands of years, the one-way transfer formation has really lit up. It seems like our Heaven Killing Pavilion is really a foreign power.

According to the ancient records, we belong to the Destroying Alliance, and this, is the formation which the Destroying Alliance has left us with.

The few elders were all very excited.

Thousands of years had passed, and generations of old killers had passed away. The truth could no longer be verified, and only a few ancient books had left behind a few words.

Is it really the Destroying Alliance?

They were all elders. There were rumors about Destroying Alliances, but they were all told by those old elders that had long died. There were many experts, and their background far surpassed that of Seven Cities.


Within the formation, the light vibrated and the marks on the formation lit up. Streaks of light appeared one after another, finally forming a complete array that rippled out one after another.

All of the elders were filled with anticipation.


Immediately after, the formation lit up, a wave of Qi surged out from the formation, like a tsunami. The surrounding walls all started to crack, and an illusionary figure appeared within the formation.


A few elders released an energy, locking the stone room in place, preventing the energy from wreaking havoc.

In the formation, an illusory figure materialized, it was a youth dressed in black. His eyes were cold and a terrifying aura surged from his body.

Are you people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion? As soon as the youth appeared, he spoke with an indifferent voice and an arrogant expression.

We are indeed from the Heaven Killing Pavilion, may I ask who you are? One of the elders stepped forward respectfully.

In the hands of the young man appeared a plate, it was as black as ink, the material was unknown and it emitted a killing Intent, in it there was a skull head with crossing swords. The youth then asked coldly: Do you recognize this?

This is the Destroying Alliance's order badge. Greetings. The crowd of elders were shocked, the rumors were true, the Destroying Alliance truly existed.


From the transfer array, the light disappeared and the young man walked out. He looked to be around 30 years old, but the aura that was surging around his body, was of the sovereign realm, which was very scary.

Furthermore, his identity was not ordinary. In front of him, the elders bowed their heads and bowed their bodies, trembling in fear.

As expected of the Barbarian Land, there is nothing at all, and resources are scarce. There aren't even experts here

A few elders brought the young man to a meeting hall, where the latter sat at the main seat and gathered all the high ranking members of the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

When the many assassins heard about the people from the outside, they were all very excited and curious. From time to time, they would peek at the young man, making the elders very unhappy.

I wonder if sir has any orders for us? An elder asked carefully.

My name is Tan Fang and I am from the Destroying Alliance. Your guesses are correct, this is a branch of the Destroying Alliance.

Tan Fang's words caused an uproar, but it was more so filled with excitement.

The reason why I have come this time around is to unite the Heaven Killing Pavilion and make it the number one sect in this place. Of course, my strength alone is not enough. After a period of time, there will still be people coming from the Alliance.

This was an extremely exciting piece of news. Everyone was very excited, but a few elder's expressions changed.

However, before that, we must first resolve this matter. As his voice fell, a jade chip appeared in Tan Fang's hand. Following after the injection of an energy, the jade chip lit up and a figure suddenly appeared in the air.

This was also a young man with a majestic figure and eyes like the stars as he stood in mid-air.

Have you seen him? Tan Fang asked, his eyes sweeping the place.

The group of elders all shook their heads. Just by looking at the figure, one could tell that he was extraordinary, but it was a pity that no one had ever seen him before.

More people shook their heads, all indicating no.

No? Tan Fang frowned, his expression was filled with dissatisfaction.

It's him! Suddenly, a cry of alarm sounded from the very back.

You've seen him? Tan Fang's eyes shot out two cold beams of electricity, staring straight at the assassin at the very back.

I had seen him back then in Cangli City. His name was Su Long and he was a Sky Martial Cultivator from Tianwu Union. This was also an old killer in the Sovereign realm.

That's right, that's him. Where is he? Tan Fang suddenly stood up. The Qi around his body surged and in the hall, the Qi became oppressive.

He's gone. He brought a young man to the Tianwu Union. The old killer said.

Impossible, it's impossible for him to return to the Tianwu Union. Tan Fang said loudly, somewhat losing his composure.

Right, that young man didn't go. He appeared recently. old killer added.

Then search, find that youth, and then search for Su Long's location.

Get all the forces in this barbaric land to look for him. Even if they have to search the entire barbaric land, they will want to find him. Tan Fang emphasized, his killing intent was limitless.