Thunder Martial Chapter 329 - Star Sand

Hurry up and finish the battle!

Zi Chen's voice was cold and filled with killing intent.

The strike of the purple golden gourd caused the battle on the field to instantly come to a halt. Everyone's gaze fell on it, and all sorts of emotions appeared.


During this period, the underground battle continued, the sovereign realm experts battles were unstoppable. Their core armaments were dancing crazily, the entire ruins was collapsing.

The grand formation had long since been destroyed and cracks had appeared on the ruins. The two pieces of legacies had also changed hands several times.

At the same time, all sorts of spiritual consciousness sound transmissions were transmitted out, cooperating with each other.

At this moment, the sovereign realm experts were fighting. It was worth it to completely offend some of the big powers for a legacy.

Among them, the Wang Family, the Liu family, the Wu Zong Sect and the Qin Family had formed an alliance. They were formed by Liu Family, holding onto the strongest core armament and attacking everything.

The two families of the Cang and Li, Chu Family and Geng Family, also formed an alliance.

As for the last faction, it was the Heaven Killing Pavilion and the Zhu Family. However, it was obvious that these two allied powers were also helping the Cang and Li's group.

A fierce battle was going on.

Cracks appeared on the surface of the underground cave. Then, with a loud explosion, the earth started to collapse.

The attacks of the other great forces were also getting more and more intense.

The ground was about to collapse, and on the surface, the five powers had suffered a huge loss. Three of the five monstrous geniuses had been killed.

Even an Imperial Sky Realm expert had died.

The power of the purple golden gourd caused everyone to tremble, and they all turned to look at it with greedy eyes.

Among the crowd, there were some Imperial Sky Realm experts who were neutral. However, at this moment, they appeared in a flash. It was obvious that they were tempted by this.

Two of them rushed towards Zi Chen with killing intent flickering in their eyes.

The spirit armament was brilliant, instantly unleashing its unparalleled power, rushing towards Zi Chen.


With Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness, the purple golden gourd started to swallow and release light, causing a large amount of sand to appear. It looked just like the light of the stars, sparkling and beautiful, but it contained an inconceivable energy.

Light flashed, and when the sand fell on the spirit armament, it made a peng peng sound. Soon after, a gigantic spirit armament was penetrated by the sand, it was as if it had been bitten by a bug, and instantly became riddled with holes.

When the second moment appeared, the spirit armament was already surrounded by sand and gravel. In the next moment, it disappeared and the spirit armament was destroyed.

The two Imperial Sky Realm experts coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. Their expressions changed and they quickly backed up. However, at this moment, sand quickly flew past them as it flashed with starlight. The two were instantly swept across.

Without a sound, another two Imperial Sky Realm experts died.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, and their expressions changed greatly.

This sand, even spirit armaments were destroyed.

This is the star sands! Suddenly, an exclamation was heard from the crowd.

Star sands? How could this be, how could there be a star sand in this world?

Rumor has it that star sands are sand formed from the grinding of stars in the sky. They possess unbelievable might, but this is only a rumor.

Everyone cried out in alarm and found this unbelievable.

When the sand appeared, it flickered with a light similar to the stars in the sky. It was very similar to the star sands in the legends.

Rumor has it that every single star sands are equal to tens of millions of kilograms, and it can even collapse space itself. They can even penetrate space, and are the true gritty stones grinded from the stars.

Just now when the sand appeared, the sky collapsed and even the void was penetrated. This is very similar to a star sand.

Another person spoke, and his heart trembled.

Everyone was envious, that was a star sands, something from the legends. At that moment, the other people all wanted to step forward and kick Zi Chen away, and then hold the purple golden gourd in their hands.

If a star sand has such power, then wouldn't that purple golden gourd be even stronger if it was able to store star sands?

That's right, the bottle gourd that can store star sands is even more precious than star sands.

Everyone's breathing became hurried. Today, Zi Chen did not obtain one heavy treasure, but two.

The star sands's power was already extraordinary, it was capable of immediately killing Imperial Sky Realm experts. Even Wang Zhenwei and the others who were extremely strong air felt fear, and they could see just how extraordinary it was.

But that purple golden gourd was able to store it. It was definitely not a common product, and it was even more precious than a star sands.



Just at this moment, a crisis appeared. Two cold lights shot out from the crowd, the sharp sword intent caused everyone's hearts to tremble.

The Imperial Sky realm killer of the Heaven Killing Pavilion made his move at this moment, unleashing the ultimate attack, One with the sword.


The star sands descended again, and with Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness, the sand that filled the sky dissolved the killing intent like illusory water. First, the spirit armament was obliterated, then, the two of them were erased.

The overweeningly high and mighty Imperial Sky Realm expert was instantly killed. Everything was so simple.

Aside from being shocked, most of the people lamented. This star sand could only be used once, and every time it appeared, after the enemy was killed, it would turn into dust and disappear.

At the moment, Zi Chen had already used it several times, and it was truly a waste.


After entangling for a long time, Zhang Haotian finally killed the enemy. With a slash of his sword, he chopped off the monstrous genius of the Li Family, causing the blood on the headless body to spurt out as high as it could muster. However, a bloody wound had also appeared on his body, and the wound was very deep.

Another monstrous genius died.


The last monstrous genius of the Cang Family was played around by Lu Peng until he died. His entire body was charred black, smoke rose from the top of his head. However, in the next moment, a cold aura appeared and a silver spear pierced through his chest.

It was Zi Chen. He held the purple golden gourd in his left hand and the ancient weapon in his right, as he killed the last monstrous genius.

Let's go!

With all of the five monstrous geniuses dead, it was not good to stay any longer here. At any time, the sovereign realm experts would appear and Zi Chen would turn to leave.

Don't let him get away, he has the heavy treasure on him.

We can't let him go.

With the death of five monstrous geniuses, the group of Imperial Sky Realm experts completely berserk, their eyes had long turned red from killing, and they rushed towards Zi Chen.

The power that had protected Zi Chen before, upon seeing the power of the purple golden gourd, frowned and slowed down.

Even more rogue cultivators rushed up, each and every one of them greedily trying to take advantage of the situation. The black mass of people all rushed towards them.

Zhang Haotian and Lu Peng supported Nie Tian as they escaped, with Zi Chen at the back.


The gourd's cap opened and Zi Chen blew towards it. The star sands appeared again and transformed into a light, falling forward.

This time, there were even more star sands, almost covering the entire sky. Everywhere they passed, the sky would collapse, the void would be penetrated, and many tiny black holes would appear, as if they were filled with holes.

Everyone's face changed as they frantically retreated, but there were still seven to eight people who were too far ahead, and disappeared along with the star sands.

Two of them were also Imperial Sky Realm experts.

The star sand was too terrifying, it was just an instant kill, the group could only retreat far away and follow from afar.


Suddenly, a light tremble sounded out, a red circle rose from within, the materialized energy surged and filled the air with killing intent, this was a formation. Zi Chen and the rest accidentally touched it, and their bodies were engulfed by the formations.

Haha, barge into my Scorching Fire killing formation, and see if you die or not. A hearty laugh sounded as Ma Yanqing walked out from the darkness.

After seeing the power of the star sands, he knew that Zi Chen would definitely be able to escape. Therefore, on the way back, he used the Yuan Stones to set up a large formation.

It's the formation master.

It's actually him. He disappeared the moment he appeared, and I had thought that he had left. I never thought that he would come here and lay out a formation.

It's over. Even with the star sands, he might not even be able to break through the great formation of a formation master.

Truly, the mantis stalks the cicada while waiting for the oriole. The formation master has been waiting here for a long time.

Everyone was shaken, but they did not dare step forward, afraid that the formation would devour them.

Ma Yanqing laughed arrogantly, this was the formation he was the most proud of. Although its power was slightly weaker than since he only used Yuan Stones, it was still enough to exterminate a bunch of Zhen Yuan Realm experts. The only thing he had to worry about right now was the rest of the experts interfering.

The rest of the forces caught up, and stayed far away from the large formation, staring at Ma Yanqing with unfriendly eyes. In the eyes of the great powers, there was killing intent.

Haha, they're going to die soon. As for you two, if you're not convinced, you can come in and fight. Ma Yanqing's figure flashed, he was at the edge of the formation, and could step into the formation at any time.

With such a great formation in place, who would dare to enter? Everyone was terrified, and even the group of Imperial Sky Realm experts stopped in their tracks.



Soon, sounds continuously rang out. The great formation was in operation, erasing all life vitality. The blazing high temperature was all transmitted out through the formations.

Entering my formation means certain death Ma Yanqing was very confident, but also very excited. He was very envious that Zi Chen had the heavy treasure, but at the same time, there was another little fellow who had a formation flag in his hands. Its quality was even higher than his previous one, and it should have been left behind by the Human Slaughterer.

Not only that, but there was also the inheritance of the Human Slaughterer on their bodies. Just thinking about it made him extremely excited.

But before he could finish speaking, the formation twisted. On the other side of the formations, Zi Chen was the first to walk out, the others followed closely behind, and were completely unharmed.

This... How is that possible? Ma Yanqing opened his eyes wide, as if he had seen a ghost.

With your attainments in formations, you dare to show off in front of me? Zi Chen swept his gaze at Ma Yanqing, sneered, and turned to leave.


Numerous yells sounded out, many of them were Imperial Sky Realm experts, chasing after the few of them, but with formations blocking the way, everyone could only take a detour.


Just as the group left, in the next moment, the ruins collapsed. Smoke filled the sky, covering the sky and blotting out the sun. The area of the ruins became a deep pit.

As for the burial site of the Human Slaughter, it was currently running the great formation. The ancient castle had left the ruins and was heading towards the ground.

Figures soared into the sky one after another, terrifying auras surging as if the heavens were collapsing and the earth was cracking. There were auras of core armament among them, as well as auras of accumulation.

Several sovereign realm experts had released their true flames.

In the end, they went further and further away. But on this day, deep in the mountains, there was an outbreak of violence amongst the Vicious Beasts. The attacks from sovereign realm experts were truly terrifying, causing the mountains to explode and the rivers to wither.