Thunder Martial Chapter 328 - Purple Golden Gourd

The five great families appeared out of nowhere and wanted to kill Zi Chen.

Liu Chen from the Liu Family, that simple and honest looking little fatty, frowned slightly as when a telepathic transmission was sent into his mind.

Wu Zong Sect's, Miao Kong, also received a telepathic transmission to protect Zi Chen.

Under Wang Xianer's pleading eyes, Wang Qiong unwillingly sent out a transmission, and at the same time, he stood in front of Wang Xian'er.

Wang Qiong was a powerful monstrous genius, known as the number one monstrous genius, and many people guessed that he had the ability to fight against Imperial Sky Realme experts since he took a step forward to stop an Imperial Sky Realm expert, causing many people's expression to change.

And right after that, the three powers ascended to the skies, blocking the path of these people. In the previous fight, many forces had suffered from injuries. However, compared to their previous entrance to the ruins, the losses sustained by the three powers were slightly less.

What do you mean?

The two sides faced off against each other, swords drawn, and the atmosphere was very tense. And in the underground, their family's sovereign realm experts were also fighting with great intensity, and the ground was constantly shaking.

Leave the matter of the younger generation to the younger generation. If their strength is insufficient, they will have died in vain. At this moment, a cold voice sounded.

Three powerful auras appeared. It was Wang Zhenwei, Liu Mingyong and Qi Qingqiu. They had just come out from the ground, and seeing this scene, they naturally wanted to protect Zi Chen as well.

Behind the three of them, Ma Yanqing had a face full of hatred. Today, he had really screwed himself over and didn't get anything.

Only when he swept his gaze across the purple golden gourd in Zi Chen's hand did his eyes light up, and his expression continuously changed.

Is that a formation flag? Then, he saw the formation flag that Lu Peng was controlling and he let out a low cry as his pupils suddenly shrank. He could already tell that the formation flag was not a common product.

Wang Zhenwei, what do you mean? Don't tell me that you want to go against our Chu Family? Aren't you afraid that our family's sovereign realm expert would appear and kill you? One of them stared at Wang Zhenwei and snorted.

It's better to worry about yourselves. Whether or not he can come out is not certain. Wang Zhenwei let out a cold laugh as he stood in front of the group of people.

Everyone helped Zi Chen block the imperial Sky Realm experts, and without any worries, Zi Chen's attacks became even sharper.


Fresh blood splattered. With a flash of golden light, the Wu Zong Sects monstrous geniuses's severed arm also flew up into the air.

The latter let out a blood-curdling screech, it was a very miserable shriek.

This was a one-sided battle, the two of them had no chance of winning against Zi Chen, in front of Zi Chen's speed, they could not even run away.

Ah! Chu Lie screamed miserably, no longer showing any arrogance. His other arm was also chopped off by Zi Chen.

If you dare to kill me, you will regret it. Chu Lie roared, his eyes filled with hatred, without his arms, even if he did not die, he would be crippled.

Extreme yang!

He formed a hand seal with one hand, and golden light surged out. It flashed, and then, a blazing golden light appeared, slicing through Chu Lie's body with a destructive aura.


With a flash of golden light, Chu Lie's body split into two, his eyes were filled with shock and unwillingness, and he fell towards both sides. His internal organs all over the ground, the scene was extremely bloody.

A monstrous genius was killed.

The Chu Family's monstrous genius was killed just like that.


Everyone's face changed drastically as their hearts trembled. Zi Chen had really killed a monstrous genius, his actions were ruthless and decisive, this was too fierce! Zi Chen and the great powers were truly unable to resolve this grievance.

Chu Lie's death gave the Wu Zong Sects monstrous geniuses a fright. Without hesitation, he turned around and left.

You want to leave? Zi Chen used his fastest speed, turning into a ray of light and, in the midst of the golden light, hit his back with a punch.

The Wu Zong Sect monstrous genius coughed out a huge mouthful of blood, his eyes filled with despair. The difference in strength between the two parties was simply too great. After that, he saw a flash of silver light, and like a silver dragon, it pierced through his chest.


Time seemed to freeze as the silver dragon turned into a silver spear. The Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius watched the spear pierce his chest in disbelief as his life force slowly dissipated.

Another monstrous genius died.

Zhang Haotian had inherited the inheritance of the martial skills of the Human Slaughterer. The Killing Sword Technique was originally a sword technique created for slaughter, adding the fact that he had a cold temperament, the might of the sword was much stronger than the Li Family's monstrous genius.


His attacks appeared and disappeared mysteriously, making people unable to predict them. However, every single strike was a powerful attack. It was extremely terrifying, and the angle of each attack was crafty and strange.

The monstrous genius of the Li Family's body surged with red spirit energy, as if he was ignited by raging flames. Every strike he made contained a blazing heat, but unfortunately, he did not manage to comprehend the Li Fire.

Confronting the martial skills that had been passed down by the Human Slaughter, the monstrous genius of the Li Family was in a sorry state.


Lu Peng stood in the distance and controlled his formation flag to attack. A formation master's methods could never be judged by strength, at this moment, not only did he suppress the monstrous genius of the Cang Family, he seemed to be even more relaxed than Zhang Haotian.

Streams of energy fell from the formation flag like thunder, hitting the monstrous genius of the Cang Family until he did not have a single temper. His skin was charred black and black smoke emitted from his head.

Everyone was stunned, it was fine that Zi Chen was strong, since he was still a Sky Martial Cultivator, but why were these friends of his so terrifying and abnormal?


Compared to the two of them fighting with ease, the battle between Nie Tian and Geng Le was much more intense. Before Nie Tian came to know Zi Chen, he had always been unlucky. It was already difficult for his strength to keep up with the monstrous geniuses, and as for martial skills, he had even less, and used all sorts of methods to fight for his life.

You are Nie Tian. Was it Zi Chen who saved you back then? Geng Le clenched his teeth tightly, there was a deep wound on his chest, which was left behind by Nie Tian previously.

Nie Tian's injuries were heavy too, there were many wounds all over his body, the killing intent in his eyes did not diminish as he shouted, Die! With a flash, he rushed forward.

This was a life and death struggle. There were no Killing Techniques, and no powerful Cultivation Methods but Nie Tian still fought desperately.

Unlike Zi Chen, who had a mysterious heart, a powerful cultivation technique, and unparalleled combat power, Nie Tian didn't have anything. He only had a ruthless, and desperate method to survive the battle.

The two of them collided again and again, causing blood to spurt out. Nie Tian did not defend at all, he was only attacking. Fortunately, Geng Le was not used to being in close combat with others at such close range.

Furthermore, such a desperate battle had attracted quite a few gazes.


The blade in Geng Le's hand flickered with a bright light as he seized the opportunity and pierced through Nie Tian's chest.

Go to hell. Geng Le laughed sinisterly, the blade in his hand moved.

But Nie Tian did not seem to have any reaction at all, he just threw a punch forward, and it did not stop there, it directly struck Geng Le's chest, and an endless amount of energy surged towards his heart, causing it to tremble.

Nie Tian coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, his eyes still cold and ruthless. Looking at Geng Le again, he coughed out a similar mouthful of blood, but there were also the internal organs and bone fragments, the shocked expression in his eyes slowly faded.

Using his life in a fight, Nie Tian lived, Geng Le died.

As for the injustice of Geng Le's death, he had pierced his sword through Nie Tian's chest. He thought that Nie Tian would retreat in fear, but he never thought that his opponent would be so decisive and ruthless.

Geng Le lost his life force, and his body fell backwards.

The crowd was in an uproar, another monstrous genius had been killed.


Monstrous geniuses died over and over again and the Imperial Sky Realm experts were anxious, they could not care about anything else at the moment, and instantly attacked.

The surging wave of energy caused an extremely large battle to take place in the sky. Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they ran into the distance.

The ground that was already shaking violently shook even more after the attack was made. Huge cracks spread and rumbled, causing the entire plaza to almost collapse.

But with such a powerful existence like Wang Zhenwei, if they wanted to rush over, it was simply a dream.

Spirit armaments was blinking, it released waves of terrifying spatial energy, causing ripples to appear in the surrounding space.

But it was still unable to break through the defense of Wang Zhenwei and the others.


The Geng Family's Imperial Sky Realm expert was coughing up large mouthfuls of blood, his face was pale white, and he had received heavy injuries, but miraculously he managed to break through the defense and rush out.

Go to hell!

His target was Nie Tian, who had killed Geng Le. With a dense killing intent in his eyes, he turned into a ray of light and charged forward. And at this moment, Nie Tian was heavily injured, and could not even stand steadily, how could he dodge an attack from an Imperial Sky Realm expert?

I think you're the one dying.

Just at this moment, Zi Chen let out a loud shout. The purple golden gourd in his left hand was shining brightly for the first time.

The purple golden gourd had been held in Zi Chen's hands the entire time. On the surface, it was engraved with lines, and it was shining with a purple light.

With his spiritual perception, the purple golden gourd flew up into the sky. It hung upside down in the air, and in the next moment, the purple-gold calabash cap trembled and it opened.


The air trembled, and illusory light shot out from the purple golden gourd. It was a small piece of sand, like stars flickering, shiny, and illusionary, but it possessed an unbelievable might. The moment it appeared, the sky seemed to collapse, and black holes appeared one after another.

Everyone's expressions changed. What exactly was in the gourd? Why was it that when it appeared, even space itself was shattered?

The sky was filled with illusions. These small star-like grains of sand glistened and crushed everything, locking onto the Imperial Sky Realme xpert. His expression changed drastically as he sensed a dangerous aura and wanted to escape.


The small gravel fell from the sky along with many tiny black holes, which seemed to carry a myriad of forces, directly impacting through the Geng Family's Imperial Sky Realm expert. Small bloody holes appeared one after another, and then the endless sand submerged him.

When the small grain of sand finally dispersed, the figure of the Imperial Sky Realm expert had already disappeared along with the small grain of sand, without a sound or trace.

This was a terrifying scene, causing everyone's expressions to change. An Imperial Sky Realm died just like that.

A single strike from the purple golden gourd had actually soundlessly and effortlessly killed an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Seeing that the Imperial Sky Realm expert died, Zi Chen was very excited. His eyes had a look of ecstasy, an Imperial Sky Realm expert really died.

With the purple golden gourd in his hands, he could feel a terrifying aura circulating within.

What kind of heavy treasure is this, for it to be so terrifying?

That small star-like grain of sand actually possesses such great power.

Everyone's expression changed, and they were extremely shocked.

The monstrous geniuses of the Cang Family Li Family were even more shocked after seeing the powerful might of the purple golden gourd.

Out of the five monstrous geniuses, three had died, making the two of them turn around and left decisively.