Thunder Martial Chapter 327 - Fierce Fight

Kill them, don't leave a single one alive.

At this moment, Zi Chen had the intention to kill. A cold light flashed in his eyes and the killing intent caused people's hearts to tremble.

Was he going to kill someone?

Back then in Cangli City, when Zi Chen killed the five monstrous geniuses in a single day, it caused a huge commotion. But it was in the battlestage, with a few major powers protecting Zi Chen. The stronger Zi Chen's fighting strength, the more forces protecting him, so the more monstrous geniuses died in vain.

In order to live, it was understandable for Zi Chen to have killed the monstrous geniuses.

But today, Zi Chen took the initiative to want to kill the monstrous geniuses. His killing intent was decisive, causing people to speculate. The enmity between Zi Chen and the few major powers could not be resolved.

All of you, get out of the way. Since they're looking to die, I'll grant them their wish. Zi Chen said coldly, he walked forward step by step, the killing intent around him causing people's hearts to turn cold.

Be careful. Miao Kong and the rest, upon hearing him, changed direction and turned to send their sound transmissions to prevent others from suddenly attacking them.

Wang Shan turned and left. He was unhappy, obviously Zi Chen wanted to slap someone's face again, to show off again.


Zi Chen transformed into a ray of light and rushed towards Geng Le. Previously, Geng Le had always been noisy, and now, he was the first one to be attacked. However, at this moment, another figure rapidly ran over, Hand him over to me, I will kill him.

It's Nie Tian, his eyes flashed with a cold light. He had an irreconcilable hatred with the Geng Family, a hatred that could not be resolved.

I'm really looking forward to fighting with the monstrous geniuses of a large power. I'll also take care of one of them. Zhang Haotian took a step forward, his expression was cold as he entered into battle mode.

Lu Peng did not say anything, his entire body flashed with light, and four formation flags soared into the sky, circling around each other in the air and forming a huge formation that enveloped the monstrous genius of the Cang Family. Then, streams of energy flowed out from the formation flag.

You talk too much, kill them all!

The five monstrous geniuses also moved at that moment, their strength broke through once again. Their eighth heaven aura surged, giving them some confidence. After that, they rushed towards Zi Chen and the others.

A huge battle was about to break out, and many powerful martial skills appeared. The first exchange of moves was a killing move, there was no intention to test each other's strength.

Zi Chen's friends does not seem to be ordinary either, their strength was not any weaker than monstrous geniuses, and only one of them is in the seventh heaven, but they have a mysterious formation master, and battle strength could never represent their powers.

Go to hell! Chu Lie's entire body was surging with cold air while holding onto an ancient weapon. It was a sword, it was bright and resplendent, under the activation of his spiritual perception, it was like a ray of lightning, thrusting towards Zi Chen.

Frozen World

It was the Killing Technique of the Chu Family again. When the light appeared, the entire palace was covered in white. The cold Qi appeared and the surrounding temperature instantly descended, like a ten thousand year old ice mountain releasing cold Qi.


The sword appeared in front of Zi Chen in a flash and the surging chill made Zi Chen's movements slow.


Golden light swirled around Zi Chen, and scorching energy emanated from his body, blocking the way to the outside. He held the purple gourd in his left hand, and his right hand clenched into a fist as he punched out at the sword.

The fusion of his fist and the energy of the Extreme Yang


The fist collided with the sword, emitting a metallic sound. A scorching energy surged out, bringing along the destructive aura that was unique to lightning. It scattered out a large amount of golden light, causing an extreme amount of energy to surge.

The strong and ferocious force caused Chu Lie to retreat a few steps. His face was pale, and the ancient weapon in his hands almost fell out of his hands. When he looked down, he could see that there was blood running down from his hand to the sword.

When he looked at Zi Chen again, even though he had punched the ancient weapon with his bare hands, his hands were unharmed.

This one attack caused everyone's expression to change. They inwardly sighed that Zi Chen was indeed a Sky martial Cultivator. He was able to injure Chu Lie with a single attack, but he remained unharmed.


The sky shook, black light curled up as boundless pressure emerged. When the Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius made his move, a gigantic black palm print appeared in the sky, surging with black spirit energy.

Shatterpalm! Wu Zong Sects Killing Technique.

Knowing how powerful Zi Chen was, at this moment, the two monstrous geniuses chose to join hands and fight against their enemy.


Zi Chen clenched his fist, and jumped up into the sky. His entire body was surrounded by gold light and his blood and Qi was boiling. With one strike he had shattered the palm imprint, causing the entire place to shake, and the entire sky was filled with golden light.

Frozen World.

Although it was the same move again, the difference in power was huge. Chu Lie's body released a cold energy, and the area that the energy passed through turned white, even the air was frozen.

The cold energy was like an ice dragon, charging towards Zi Chen. Not only could it freeze one's body, it could also freeze one's soul.


Zi Chen's eyes were ice-cold and emotionless as he punched out. Golden light curled around his fist and the endless cold energy was blocked by the boiling blood and energy in his bodies, unable to advance at all. At the same time, the golden fist landed and instantly shattered the ice dragon.

Energy exploded and energy surged in the air.

However, before Zi Chen could come forward, another pitch-black sharp blade slashed across the sky and rushed towards Zi Chen.

The two monstrous geniuses had joined forces. The powerful attacks, one stronger than the other, were both Killing Techniques and they kept on attacking. They simply did not give Zi Chen any time to retaliate.


Zi Chen punched again, a large amount of golden light appearing because of the shock, the sharp blade that just touched his fist shattered into pieces, turning into a natural energy and dissipating.


The surging wave of energy had just broken through the attack of the Wu Zong Sect's monstrous genius, but Chu Lie's attack had arrived once again. The icy aura that filled the air blotted out the skies.

The two of them used telepathic transmissions, and had already thought of how to fight, to stall for time, to wait for the experts to return, and then to kill Zi Chen.

However, what they did not know was that their families experts, the Imperial Sky Realm experts, had already died in the Ten Sides killing formation, and the sovereign realme xperts were currently in an unspeakable state. They had even abandoned the purple golden gourd, let alone Zi Chen.

Looking at the incoming attack, Zi Chen's face darkened, he grew impatient. It was best to end it quickly, since if he delays it, unforeseen circumstances could happen.


Zi Chen's body flickered with a golden light, and his eyes shone with a cold light. At this moment, Zi Chen had transformed into a light and his figure was blurred, as he left behind afterimages where he stood as he dodged Chu Lie's attack.

At the same time, he used the nine thunder pass, and his body flashed, like a ray of golden light. He appeared in front of Chu Lie and punched out with his fist, and the terrifying force caused a Boom sound.

Chu Lie's face changed, this punch was too fast, he could not avoid it at all and he could only endure it. Clenching his teeth, he released his True Yuan and as he held onto the shining ancient weapon, he slashed towards Zi Chen's fist.

He was going to meet force with force.


A loud dull sound reverberated out, causing the entire plaza to shake. A golden Qi rippled out in all directions and Chu Lie groaned, as he flew backwards, and while in the air, his face changed, altering between green, red, and white. Following that, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

In a direct confrontation, Chu Lie was simply not his match.

A chill ran down his spine as the Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius seized the opportunity to launch a powerful attack. His True Yuan surged madly as boundless killing intent filled the square.

Zi Chen turned his head, his eyes flashing with a cold light. With golden light surrounding him, he punched out.


At the same time, he used the Nine Thunder Pass again. Zi Chen rushed forward and unleashed a powerful punch, causing a boundless golden light to engulf the Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius.

The battle had only just started, but the two monstrous geniuses had already been beaten to the point of vomiting blood.

He held the purple golden gourd in his left hand and clenched his fist with his right hand. The golden light around his body shone brightly as two extremely powerful energies fluctuated, one hot and one cold, but no matter what kind of aura it was, it was filled with destructive power.

Under his perfect body, when one punch was thrown out, nothing could not be broken, and nothing could not be destroyed. The Killing Technique of a great power was simply a joke in front of him.


The two were sent flying again. They coughed out large mouthfuls of blood as their faces turned ghastly.

I'll send you on your way now. Zi Chen's body surged with killing intent. His words were cold and emotionless as he took a big step and turned into a ray of light, rushing towards Chu Lie at a very fast speed.

The golden spirit energy in his hand surged, and for the first time, he changed his fist to a finger.


Chu Lie's eyes revealed shock, he anxiously dodged, but his chest was still pierced by the Sword Qi. A bloody hole appeared, and fresh blood continued to flow out.

He quickly retreated. His hair was disheveled and his body was covered in bloodstains. His expression was sinister and miserable.


The Wu Zong Sects monstrous geniuses was also not much better off, he had been slashed by a golden sword qi and almost had his head chopped off. Luckily, he managed to dodge in time, but a portion of his hair was still cut off.

Zi Chen's face was expressionless, there was only killing intent in his eyes. The earth was shaking intensely and the sovereign realm experts seemed like they were about to come out, he did not have much time.

His fingertips shone with a golden light and he formed a hand seal with one hand. The next moment, a wave of cold and sinister aura emerged.

Extreme Yin! A dazzling golden brilliance surged with surging killing intent.

Zi Chen had seen dark clouds that could even shatter the dome of heaven and destroy heaven and earth. Although he was currently unable to unleash such an attack, it was clearly enough to deal with these monstrous geniuses.


Chu Lie's face changed drastically, there was fear in his eyes as he used all his True Yuan to dodge to the side. Blood sprayed out, and the moment the golden light flashed past, one of Chu Lie's arms flew up, and was sliced off by the golden light.


Chu Lie held onto the place where his arm was severed, and could not help but let out a miserable scream.


All of this happened too fast, so fast that only a loud shout could be heard a moment later. The Chu Family's Imperial SKy Realm expert appeared in the skies and quickly rushed towards Zi Chen. He naturally could not let Zi Chen kill Chu Lie.


But at this moment, another figure blocked the other party. It was Clouds City's Imperial Sky Realm expert.


The two exchanged a palm with surging energy. The two of them retreated, and the outcome was no different than a draw.

What do you mean? Chu Family asked in a cold voice.

Let the younger generation settle the matter between the younger generation themselves. The Wang Family expert remained aloof.

Bullshit. The Chu Family expert was furious.

After which, another group of silhouettes appeared. Almost all of the experts from the five powers had appeared.