Thunder Martial Chapter 326 - Kill

The two of them brought Zi Chen along a different route from the previous one.

The stone room was huge, like a maze.

The air carried a chill and Zi Chen felt very uncomfortable.

Where are we going? Zi Chen asked. In his hand, the purple golden gourd he was holding was bright and resplendent as it emitted a bizarre wave.

Outside, there is a transfer formation. We'll leave from there. Lu Peng said.

The burial site of the Human Slaughter? Is he really dead? Zi Chen was shocked, he had always thought that this place was just a ruin left over from a massacre, and it was just to leave behind an inheritance.

After all, in the legends, Ao Baichuan was the strongest person in the Southern Region, how could such a person die?

Who can live that in this world? Even if they have peerless talent, in the end, they will still be a pile of red skeletons. A sovereign realm expert's lifespan is not infinite, and in the end, there is nothing that defies the will of the heavens.

As they talked about the Human Slaughterer, other than reverence, the two of them didn't have any more expressions because they didn't know much about him. They didn't even know what realm he was in.

As the few of them moved forward, Zi Chen felt the chill growing more and more.

Is this the heavy treasure that the master left behind. Lu Peng turned his head and asked, it was very relaxed, as though he had long since gotten used to the cold air.

There are three of them altogether. This one is the worst, the other two are very strong, even more terrifying than core armaments. A group of sovereign realm experts are currently fighting over it. Zi Chen said. He did not feel disappointed that he did not get the strongest heavy treasure, on the contrary, he was glad that he did not die after taking this.

When the two of them heard this, they gasped, then shook their heads, feeling that it was a pity that such a heavy treasure actually brushed past their shoulders.

However, the two of them had a good attitude and were satisfied with receiving the inheritance, because this was a true heavy treasure. Back then, the Human Slaughterer had relied on formations to kill many experts, and he also relied on his martial skills to kill all the other Sky Martial Cultivators, so the two were filled with confidence.

Are you sure there's no problem? Zi Chen's heart chilled even more, and he couldn't help but shiver. At this moment, his perfect body felt a piercing pain, as if a sharp blade was staring at him from the side.

Don't worry, we've been here for years. There's no problem, you just aren't used to it.

The two of them were very relaxed.

Zi Chen saw the burial site of the Human Slaughter from afar. It was a pitch black ancient fortress that was made from an unknown material. A misty aura circulated around its body, like many sharp blades that wreaked havoc in the sky, forming an inescapable net without any flaws.

Every stream of Qi that escaped was like a stream of sword qi that could tear through the void. It was terrifyingly powerful. At the moment, it was densely packed, and there were no less than hundreds of thousands of it surrounding the ancient castle.

This place was filled with killing intent that overflowed into the heavens. It was like a vicious land, making people revere and not dare to advance.

That's a fully opened Ten Sides Killing formation. Once you step inside, you will undoubtedly die. Only with great strength can you break it open. Other than that, there is no other way to break it.

Zi Chen was shocked when he heard about it. Such a big formation was only second to the ancient remnants formation, which could pm;u be opened with brute force, even a sovereign realm expert would not be able to do it with a core armament of comparable level.


The entire burial site trembled. The battle between sovereign realme xperts was too terrifying and it seemed as if the entire place was about to collapse.

However, Zi Chen realized that the fortress seemed to be standing right outside of the void. No matter how the heaven and earth trembled, it didn't move an inch, as if it was frozen in place.

The inheritance and heavy treasure are gone so the great formation of the burial site will operate automatically, and the ancient castle will enter deep into the earth. Let's go now, we haven't gone out for a few years and have already forgotten the smell of the air outside.

The three of them arrived at a stone room. In the middle of the stone room, there was a drawing of a complex formation.

This was a transfer formation, a high end formation. It was very difficult for ordinary people to make it, even the Old Mo would not be able to do so.

Let's go!

Lu Peng took a step forward and stepped on top of the formation, causing light to flow from it and surround Lu Peng, and in the next moment, Lu Peng's figure disappeared.

Why do you keep it in your hand? Before leaving, Zhang Haotian finally asked about the doubts in his heart. Before, he constantly looked at it, but he didn't have the nerve to ask.

Zi Chen smiled bitterly, holding the purple golden gourd in his hand, he threw it up and said, It is very special, I am not able to take it into the Spatial Ring.


With a flash of light, the two were enveloped by the formation and then disappeared.

As he stepped into the transfer formation once again, Zi Chen still had a strange feeling, as if he had entered the void and travelled there eternally. The next moment, the three of them had already arrived outside the ruins, standing on a huge square.

Phew, I'm finally out! Lu Peng heaved a long sigh of relief, then took a deep breath. He had been inside this place for several years now, and he had finally come out today.

The sky was a deep blue, and a thousand miles clear. The sun was shining brightly, and even the air seemed to have a hint of sweetness in it.

Zhang Haotian also let out a long breath, stretched his arms wide and hugged the sky. But in the next moment, his body froze.

Lu Peng, who was at the side, was also stunned in that moment.

Looking around, Zi Chen was also startled, a look of surprise and vigilance appeared in his eyes, the purple golden gourd in his hands was grabbed even tighter.

He saw a dense crowd surrounding them. It was pitch black, and there were at least several hundred people looking at them.

They were the cultivators who entered the ruins before. Because of the fight between sovereign realm experts, they were forced out of the ruins.

However, they did not expect to see three people appearing out of thin air in the middle of the square. The moment they appeared, many people had green light shining in their eyes, like hungry wolves that had seen a delicacy.

The three of them were surrounded.

What's going on? The figures of the three trembled when they saw the pair of green eyes. They were no longer confident.

Especially Zi Chen, because these lush green rays of light, were all directed towards the purple golden gourd in his hands. That undisguised greed was not hidden at all.

Zi Chen, you are Zi Chen. Right at this moment, a surprised exclamation came out, and someone recognized Zi Chen.

That's right, that's him. He's Zi Chen. I saw him in Cangli City before.

Didn't he leave the Southern region with Su Long and join the Tianwu Union? Why is he here?

At this moment, even more people cried out in alarm. They all recognized Zi Chen.

What's that in his hand, a heavy treasure?

Why did they appear here, could it be that they were the first to enter the ruins, and obtained the inheritance and heavy treasure?

The sound of discussions rang out. The gazes that everyone shot at the three of them became unfriendly. Their greedy gazes were completely undisguised.

Zi Chen, it's you, you're A Luo right? Suddenly, a voice filled with thick killing intent sounded out. It was Geng Le.

All along, Geng Le had always kept what happened that day in his heart, he had always felt that A Luo was extremely familiar to him, but he could not recall anything. Now that he saw Zi Chen, he came to a sudden realization.

What do you think? Zi Chen turned his head and gave Geng Le a strange smile.

It's you. Damn it, I should have guessed it earlier. Geng Le's eyes flashed with killing intent, the aura of the Eighth Heaven started to surge.

It's you?

At the same time, Chu Lie and the rest also walked out, their eyes flashed coldly, their bodies filled with killing intent.

Hur hur, everyone is here. Why, haven't I tamed you all that day? Zi Chen laughed coldly, the purple golden gourd in his hand shone brilliantly, attracting everyone's attention.

What are you guys doing? Are you going to gang up on him? Just at this moment, Miao Kong took a step forward, and blocked Geng Le's path.

Ganging up? Liu Bo also appeared, with a sneer in his eyes. The Qi around his body was not weak as he stood beside Miao Kong.

Sigh, every time he appears, he would cause such a commotion. Wang Shan was extremely unwilling to be dragged out by Wang Xian'er, and said unhappily, What's going on with all of you, can you guys save some face? Every single time you get slapped, you still want to cause trouble, don't you all feel embarrassed?

Seeing others being slapped in the face, Wang Shan was naturally not annoyed. It was just that he was extremely displeased when he saw Zi Chen taking the spotlight.

What did you say? Chu Lie's expression was not friendly, the cold around him became even stronger, and the temperature in the air dropped once again.

He said you guys are very annoying and always looking for trouble. Wang Xian'er said. She protected Zi Chen very much, every time.

You already knew his identity. No wonder your family forces would help him that day. Geng Le clenched his teeth and was extremely angry.

What, A Luo is Zi Chen?

No wonder he was able to fight one against five. So it's Zi Chen, this Sky Martial Cultivator.

Everyone cried out in alarm, and all sorts of unbelievable things happened all because of a Sky Martial Cultivator.


Inside the ruins, the shaking continued and the whole ruin was shaking. It was obvious that the victor had not been decided yet.

As for the few monstrous geniuses who appeared, they formed a hostile force, causing the people standing next to them to have unfriendly expressions on their faces.

Inside, the powerhouses were fighting and did not show any mercy. And here, there was no need for them to be patient.

Zi Chen. Nie Tian had already walked over, and was standing together with Zi Chen.

Get out of the way, this is a grudge between Zi Chen and I. Geng Le said coldly.

Ha! Don't put gold on your face. We didn't stop you from the start. If you have any grudges, go settle them yourself. Wang Shan was very rude when he spoke, and indeed, they did not stop Geng Le, but only stopped the other few.

You... Geng Le was so angry that he couldn't say a word.

All of you get out of the way, today I will kill Zi Chen. Chu Lie said coldly.

Alright, let's go and fight it out. Wang Shan curled his lips and said disdainfully.

Chu Lie was also unable to say a single word.

Zi Chen, if you have the ability, stand up. Don't stand behind a woman, what is your ability? Geng Le roared, he purposely ignored Wang Shan and the others, and ridiculed Zi Chen who was behind Wang Xianer.

That's right, with you being a Sky Martial Cultivator, how can you not have any sense of shame when you are like this? The other monstrous geniuses scoffed as well, their faces full of ridicule.

Hehe, if you want to die, then just say it. There's no need to speak so much nonsense. Zi Chen sneered, a trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes as he said, Kill, don't leave a single one alive.