Thunder Martial Chapter 325 - Two legacies


The heaven and earth shook, the stone room trembled. The core armament released a strong Qi, and released many terrifying attacks. In a sovereign realm expert's hands, the power of the core armament was fully displayed.

This time, every major power had sent a sovereign realm expert with core armament, possessing destructive power.

Amongst them, the expert of the Liu Family were the strongest. The wolf tooth staff in his hands could be said to be the strongest.

Wherever he went, he slaughtered everything in his path.

He rushed to the last level.


An Imperial Sky Realm stone statue was sent flying and exploded in midair. It turned to dust and even the core armament disappeared.


The black dragon rushed down quickly and the destructive aura enveloped all the stone statue experts. In the next moment, all the stone statues exploded.

This was the most important treasure in the ruins, but unfortunately, no one had access to the spiritual soul lock technique and was unable to take it away.

The expert of the Liu Family walked forward with great might, and broke through layer upon layer of space. Behind him, the other sovereign realm experts were also not to be outdone. With core armament in their hands, they unleashed their powerful attacks and chased after him.

At the very back of the group was a group of Imperial Sky Realm experts.

The group spent quite a bit of time before reaching the ninth floor.


Under the attacks of the wolf tooth staff, the huge stone door was instantly smashed into smithereens. Stone fragments flew everywhere and the expert of the Liu Family entered in a flash.

This was the last floor and there was no danger at all. There were only three things placed on top of a gigantic stone table up ahead.

The first object was emitting an aura of destruction. The surrounding space was silently shattering, as if it had fallen into a black hole.

It was a sword with a resplendent silver glow. Even a sovereign realm expert would feel his heart tremble from the oppressive aura.

The second was a heavy hammer, only the size of a palm. Its entire body was surrounded by lightning, and it was like thunder snakes dancing.

Compared to the special and terrifying aspects of the first two items, the third item was much more ordinary. This bottle gourd released a purple-gold light and was covered in lines.

Compared to the previous two items, it was obviously lacking. Of course, it was also very extraordinary to be able to be placed here. However, its grade was much lower.

The expert of the Liu Family saw three things the moment he entered and his eyes flashed with red light. He was very excited.

This is a legacy. He let out a surprised cry. The terrifying aura of the weapons was not too different from the legacy weapon of his family. In other words, there were two things that could become his family's legacy.

With a flash of light, he dashed forward.

Brother Liu, do you want to take it all for yourself?

Right at this moment, an indifferent voice sounded out, following that, a figure quickly rushed over, and got behind the expert of the Liu Family.

These are weapons that are as powerful as our legacy. I can't believe there are two of them.



The few of them were all sovereign realm experts, the difference in strength was not too big. In less than a breath of time, they had already flashed in and their expressions immediately changed as they rushed towards the heavy treasure.

Energy palm prints filled the stone chamber one after another. The surging aura caused the stone chamber to shake once more.

At this moment, several large hand prints made their way to the two legacies, ignoring the purple golden gourd.


With a slight tremble, the two weapons suddenly emitted beams of light and a resplendent light barrier appeared in front of them.


All of the large hand prints were blocked by the light shields. The defensive capabilities of the shields of light were astonishing.

Damn it!

The group of sovereign realm experts were furious. They waved the core armament in their hands and smashed it down forcefully, ripping the space apart and causing the stone room to collapse.


When the core armament struck the light barrier, it caused it to tremble, but the light barrier did not budge an inch.


At the same time, numerous core armaments appeared and shot towards the light barrier with explosive aura. Around the stone room, countless cracks appeared and quickly spread like spiderwebs.


An earth-shattering explosion occurred, causing the entire ruins to tremble. The powerful light barrier also began to distort violently.

By the time Zi Chen walked out of the formations, the sovereign realm experts had already arrived. Although the two pieces of legacies created light barriers, but it was almost over.

That is...

Zi Chen's pupils instantly widened as his eyes stared unwaveringly at the two weapons. From the auras of the two weapons, Zi Chen could sense an aura that was even more terrifying than a core armament.

In other words, these two things were even stronger than core armaments.


A loud sound resounded once again as the light barrier trembled, almost causing Zi Chen to faint.


Zi Chen reacted and turned into a ray of light, grabbing towards the two pieces of equipment, he was extremely excited. This was something that was even stronger than core armaments, and once he obtained it, he would not need to fear Imperial Sky Realm experts in the future.

Damn it, why is there someone here?

Suddenly, a sovereign realm expert's level roars came from outside of the light barrier and someone saw Zi Chen within the light barrier.

It's him? It's actually him?

At the same time, someone recognized Zi Chen.

Stop, if you dare to take this thing away, there will be no place for you in the entire Southern region.

If you dare to touch that weapon, even if you go to heaven or earth, my Zhu Family will still kill you.

The two legacies were too precious, to the point that even sovereign realm experts like them had lost their cool.

Zi Chen curled his lips, completely ignoring the other party. He directly grabbed onto the two items with a clear target.

Don't touch those two things, take the purple golden gourd.

Suddenly, a spiritual consciousness sounded from Zi Chen's Sea of Consciousness. It was Old Mo, he had warned him in time.

Ah? Zi Chen was startled.

Quick, take the gourd and leave. Old Mo urged, his voice anxious.


Along the way, Old Mo had helped Zi Chen greatly. At this moment, Zi Chen did not hesitate at all and chose to unconditionally trust him. He grabbed the purple golden gourd and turned around to leave.

The moment Zi Chen stepped into the formations, he heard a loud explosion, and the light barrier shattered. A few sovereign realm experts rushed in.

Zi Chen did not take the two weapons, he only took the purple golden gourd, and the sovereign realm experts did not have the time to care about him, so they directly grabbed onto the items.


At the same time, explosions rang out one after another. As they charged towards the legacies, several of them continuously attacked, preventing others from coming in contact with it.

All of you, go and chase Zi Chen. You must snatch the purple golden gourd back for me. The Li Family sovereign realm expert spoke as he fought.

Zi Chen did not change his appearance and they recognized him at a glance.

What? Zi Chen? He's Zi Chen? The other Imperial Sky Realm experts were startled. They obviously did not expect that the Zi Chen who was the talk of the town, would actually be that brat.

Hurry up. The Cang Family expert also shouted loudly.



Just the aftermath of the sovereign realm experts battle was extremely terrifying. If they were not careful, they would be killed by this energy. No one hesitated, and turned to chase in the direction that Zi Chen had escaped in.

There were a total of eight or nine Imperial Sky Realm experts, and the one leading them was Ma Yanqing.

The others followed.

Old Mo! Just as he entered the formation, Zi Chen shouted loudly, feeling a sense of lingering fear in his heart.

Luckily he was warned by the Old Mo in time, otherwise, he would have been killed before he could even obtain the bottle gourd.


Old Mo appeared beside Zi Chen and released strands of soul power. Afterwards, a formation flag flew up and landed beside Zi Chen.



Zi Chen fled quickly towards his original path. Behind him, the sounds of exploding continuously sounded out as one after another formation flag flew into the air, no longer suppressing the Ten Sides Killing Formation

The space became grayish once more, and the power of the Ten Sides Killing formation began to show.


Immediately, a wave of aura surged from behind him.


Just at this moment, Zi Chen rushed out of the formation and took away all the formation flags.

The entire space was covered in a greyish haze as groups of people charged into the place. The Ten Sides Killing formation was activated and destructive auras rippled.

The killing formation operated and killed everything inside it.

Dammit, this is the Ten Sides Killing formation. The moment Ma Yanqing rushed in, he was welcomed by the activation of the killing formation. His expression changed greatly, and there was not a trace of blood in his face.


The big formation activated and released a beam of light, instantly shattering the defensive formation around Ma Yanqing's body.

At the same time, his spiritual consciousness moved again, controlling the formation flag to form a defensive formation.



The great formation revolved, extinguishing all life within them. In that instant, three Imperial Sky Realm experts' bodies were torn apart by the great formation. Blood splashed everywhere, and not even their bones remained.


At the same time, the defensive formation that Ma Yanqing had just propped up was instantly broken, and even a few formation flags were shattered by the formation.

When a light beam descended, Ma Yanqing rushed out. His entire body was covered in blood, his spirit was in a withered state, and after coming out, he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

At the side, Wang Zhenwei, Liu Mingyong, and Qi Qingqiu's faces were pale white, as they suffered heavy injuries from the formation.

Just now, at least eight people had rushed in, but in just three breaths of time, only four had survived. As for the rest, all of them had died.

Moreover, the three of them were outside when the others were dragged in the formation but they were still struck by its energy.

How terrifying!

After appearing, they retreated extremely quickly. The battle here was even more intense, and the energy aftershock was also very terrifying.

Damn it! Ma Yanqing let out an unwilling roar, his heart was infuriated. The gains were not worth it, this time he did not get anything, instead his formation flags were shattered.

He was simply unable to break through the Ten Sides Killing formation.


A wave of energy swept over, causing Ma Yanqing to be directly sent flying. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, he had truly met with bad luck today.

Sovereign realm experts' battles were unstoppable. Core armaments appeared frequently, and at this moment, they no longer hid their abilities.


The entire room was trembling as many cracks appeared. Even though the form was flickering on the surface, it was still unable to stop this wave of destructive powers.

Hurry and get out. At the same time, Lu Peng and Zhang Haotian brought Zi Chen and fled towards the outside.