Thunder Martial Chapter 324 - Human Slaughterer Treasure

Hearing the voice, Zi Chen wanted to laugh out loud.

The two of them had disappeared back then, and even though they said that it was a treasure hunt, there had been no news of them for several years. No one could have imagined that they would actually come here.

Arriving at the burial site of the Human Slaughterer.

The spirit armament and formation flag both flew out. In the stone room, there was a short period of silence. It was also at this time that Old Mo completed the seal.

The stone statue expert was petrified once again.

Alright, it's completely sealed. It's just that its soul power has been drained by a lot. Its battle power is around the Late Imperial Sky Realm or the early stages of the Sovereign realm. After successfully sealing it, its soul energy was exhausted greatly.

So strong? Zi Chen was very surprised, he turned and said gratefully, Thank you, Old Mo.

There's no need for you to be so polite with me. Go and accept him, I want to recover my soul power. With that said, Old Mo's body moved in a flash, entering the taiji.

As for the sneak attack from before, Old Mo didn't even bother to ask, and after seeing Zi Chen's smile, he didn't even need to ask.

Zi Chen was very happy as he walked towards the stone statue expert step by step. He finally had a trump card up his sleeve.

Stop, if you dare take another step forward, do you believe that I won't kill you? Zhang Haotian said. He's just as cold as before.

I don't believe it. Zi Chen chuckled and walked forward in large strides.

Kid, you are courting death. Lu Peng also shouted.

Only, the two of them seemed to be afraid of Zi Chen and did not enter the stone room.

Kid, you don't seem to be big either? Zi Chen laughed loudly as he walked in front of the stone statue.

Let me warn you again, if you don't want to die, then move away. The cold voice sounded out again, and a wave of killing intent locked onto Zi Chen.

Heh heh, you guys are bored. Come in if you have the ability and clamor outside, what kind of ability is that? Besides, it's not that different from your style! Zi Chen chuckled, a light flashed in his hand and he took the stone statue away.

The latter was something that Zi Chen had a trump card up his sleeve.

You... Lu Peng was anxious. With a thought, he controlled the formation flag and ran in from the outside.

At the same time, Zhang Haotian also held onto the ancient weapon, and transformed into a ray of light as he pierced towards the center of Zi Chen's brows.

Zi Chen smiled. In the face of the two men's attacks, he did not dodge, and the golden light surrounding him surged, reverting back to his original appearance.


The longsword released a cold light, carrying a terrifying killing intent. However, it stopped right in front of Zi Chen's forehead, as if it had been frozen in place.

At the same time, the formation flag that was constantly intertwining with each other in the air had just surged out, and in the next moment, their auras retreated like a tide. At the same time, Lu Peng himself rushed in, his face filled with disbelief.

You two, long time no see. Is this how you treat your guests? Looking at the two of them in shock, Zi Chen laughed.

You... You are... Zhang Haotian's cold expression disappeared completely, his mouth opened wide as though he had seen a ghost.

You are Zi Chen? Lu Peng also could not believe it, and rubbed his eyes with both hands.

Hur hur, what do you think? Zi Chen laughed, It's been so many years since we've last met.

It's really you. Zi Chen, you didn't die. Zhang Haotian came back to reality and shouted loudly. He kept the ancient weapon and gave Zi Chen a bear hug.

Haha, of course I didn't die. Zi Chen laughed, extremely excited.

Didn't I already say it? How could there be someone else who can receive a spirit armament with their bare hands in this world? So it's you, the abnormal one. Zhang Haotian was also very excited.

At this time, Lu Peng also stepped forward, and the two of them carried a bear hug, both of them very excited.

Then, the three of them looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Their laughter shook the entire stone room, producing a buzzing sound.

Why are you here, and why did you charge through the Ten Sides Killing formation? After laughing for a while, Lu Peng said with an expression of disbelief, Furthermore, you actually know the spiritual soul lock technique, and grabbed a stone statue?

This is a long story. What about you all? Didn't you all come out to search for treasures a long time ago? Why did you all stay here? Could it be that you haven't obtained the injection?

We were waiting here to capture the heavy treasure, but unfortunately, even after several years, we still haven't been able to break through the formation. Lu Peng was very dejected.

What about the inheritance? Did you get it? Zi Chen asked.

Zhang Haotian nodded and said: I got it, I got a Martial skill inheritance legacy, he got the formations inheritance.

Sure enough. Zi Chen nodded.

A few years ago, by chance, Lu Peng obtained a piece of the map.

Originally, they were prepared to call Zi Chen over, but something happened to the Long Wu Sect. At that time, Zi Chen was being chased, and the two of them couldn't even find him if they wanted to.

Along the way, they met all sorts of dangers. At that time, the few of them were all weak, and many of them were dead, but after entering this place, due to carelessness, some people went into the wrong formations and were killed. By the time they arrived here, only two people were left alive.

Moreover, the two of them never thought that they would find such an extraordinary inheritance after just searching for a treasure.

Those stone statues were a huge treasure trove. Other than them, there were also heavy treasures.

Thus, after they obtained the inheritance, the two started cultivating here. Fortunately, this place was spacious enough and they had enough Pills of Fasting and a few cultivation Pills. Only after cultivating for a few years did the two finally have their current strength.

Lu Peng had obtained the formations's inheritance, which included the Ten Sides Killing formation, and the spiritual soul lock technique. However, his attainments in the formations was not yet very high.

Zhang Haotian obtained the inheritance of the Martial skills of the Human Slaughterer. His strength was strong and his fighting strength was comparable to the monstrous geniuses, but after encountering Zi Chen who had a perfect body, his entire fighting strength was suppressed.

Afterwards, the two of them asked Zi Chen how he had been through all these years.

Zi Chen described what happened to him, and when they heard it, they were shocked, a light flashed past their eyes, they never expected that Zi Chen had experienced so much in the past few years.

Ao Baichuan, so this is the name of the master.

Human slaughterer Ao Baichuan, the former number one expert. A Sovereign realm expert is indeed domineering.

This was the first time the two of them heard of the name of the master.

Oh right, what about the heavy treasure you were talking about? Zi Chen asked.

It's a heavy treasure left behind by the master. It's very powerful, but it's a pity that my attainments in formations is too weak, I am unable to obtain it. Lu Peng said in frustration.

Zhang Haotian's face was also filled with disappointment.


At this moment, a tremor rang out, and the entire stone room began to shake.

They are about to reach the heavy treasure's location. Lu Peng's face changed, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

What is going on? Zi Chen asked.

The two of them looked at each other, and in the end, Zhang Haotian said, Back then, when the master left behind the heavy treasure, there were only two ways to obtain it. The first way was to obtain the inheritance, with profound attainments in formations, and then through the Ten Sides Killing formation to take away the heavy treasure.

Unfortunately, even after staying here for several years, we were still unable to break through those great formations, and we were unable to obtain the heavy treasure for a long time.

And the second method, is to use powerful force to fight your way in layer after layer, and obtain the last heavy treasure.

Now that they are close to the depths, it's time for us to leave as well.

The two of them were very dispirited. Clearly, they already knew the powerful methods of the several big powers and the only proper thing to do now was to leave.

Otherwise, when the heavy treasure was taken away by the big powers, they would also snatch their inheritance.

Can you tell me what that heavy treasure is? Zi Chen asked.

We've never seen it before either. Lu Peng said.

Then take me to see the formation.

You're crazy. They're going to attack soon. We have to leave. Lu Peng glared at him.

This won't do. I have too many enemies. I must obtain something that can suppress them or else I will be hunted down. Zi Chen shook his head resolutely.

Seeing Zi Chen's resolute expression, the two of them had no choice but to give Zi Chen directions.

It was another dusky space, a single Ten Sides Killing formation. It was extremely powerful.

It's here. If we break through here, we'll be able to get the heavy treasure. Lu Peng said.

Old Mo appeared in a flash, staring at the dusky space, he frowned.

Old Mo, how is it? Zi Chen asked. Old Mo's attainments in formations was his only and biggest reliance.

Staring at the formation and pondering for a moment, Old Mo shook his head and said The formations cannot be broken and it is not easy to smoothly pass through. This is just a single formation but power is much stronger than before.

Old Mo, I have a way to break through the formations, but my level of attainment is too shallow, I am unable to comprehend it. Just then, Lu Peng spoke out, I still have a few formation flag that might be of use.

After knowing that Old Mo was the formation master, Lu Peng took out all of the Banner, there were a total of eighty-four of them, shining brightly. They were obtained together with the inheritance and it was also an essential item to formation masters.

This Banner has not been refined, and its power will have to drop by a few levels. However, if we can smoothly make it to the next level, it shouldn't be a problem. Old Mo nodded, with a wave of his hand, the 64 formation flag flew up into the sky.

Be careful. We'll wait here for you. Lu Peng used his spiritual perception to teach Old Mo the way to break the formations.

Don't force yourself, if you can't get the heavy treasure, just come back

If you have no choice, then come back. We'll wait for you here.

With so many experts present, the two did not wish for Zi Chen to take the risk.

I know.

Zi Chen nodded, and then, together with Old Mo, he entered the gray space.


The moment they entered the formation, the sixty-four formation flags began to revolve around Zi Chen, forming a defensive formation that was glowing brilliantly.


In the dusky space, the sound of thunder could be heard as the formation circulated with a terrifying killing intent.

As soon as he entered, the Ten Sides Killing formation began to revolve, forming a gigantic killing formation.

Old Mo's eyes flashed as he stared at the revolving formation, continuously analyzing it. The destructive energy revolved, and if he took one wrong step, he would sink into the abyss of death.


The formation flag vibrated and flew into the air. It stopped three meters away and landed on the ground.

The frightful energy circulated and wreaked havoc everywhere, but after the formation flag fell, the energy was like a tide that spread to both sides.


Another formation flag flew out. With a flash of light, it landed five meters away, as if it was hitting on the formations base.



More and more formation flags flew out, densely packed together and landing about ten meters in front of them, flickering with brilliant light.

In the end, all of the formation's flag flew out and formed a Ten Sides Killing formation.

We don't have much time, let's hurry up and go. Old Mo urged.

When Zi Chen heard it, he nodded and moved forward, transforming into a ray of light.