Thunder Martial Chapter 323 - Getting The Stone Statue Expert

Looking at the stone statue in front of him, Zi Chen was extremely excited.

This was a stone statue expert that could slaughter sovereign realm experts. If he succeeded in taking control of this stone statue expert, then he would have a strong trump card.

Whichever power dared to provoke him, he would just throw the stone statue at them.

This... The Old Mo frowned and sized up the stone statue from afar. After a long while, he said, I can try, I have a fifty percent chance of success. If I were to tame it, its soul power would also decrease greatly. The stone statue's strength will be greatly reduced, but it won't be weaker than Imperial Sky Experts.

That's great. Zi Chen was still excited.

Even if it was an Imperial Sky expert, it would be enough to sweep away everything. Furthermore, with this trump card, Zi Chen was not afraid to pursue and kill.

Ever since he had left the Ling Wu Sect, he had always been hunted down by Imperial Sky experts.

Old Mo, grab this stone statue quickly. I will protect you. Zi Chen opened his mouth, seemingly very anxious.

Alright then.

Old Mo nodded his head. Then, he moved his finger and released a string of soul power that spread towards the stone statue.

On top of the stone statue, light was flickering. Soul power had touched the formation, following that, the soul power of the stone statue expert was released, and started to drain.

A merciless killing intent filled the stone room, causing Zi Chen's heart to turn cold. It was only a trace of Qi, yet it was actually so terrifying.

At the same time, the surface of the stone statue, and its petrified skin, gradually turned into its real body.

Not good, Old Mo, he wants to wake up. Zi Chen was shocked, and immediately shouted in alarm.

Once this kind of existence awakened, it would be incomparably terrifying.

At this moment, Zi Chen could no longer see Old Mo's hands, what he saw were numerous mysterious patterns. This was a formation, it appeared from between his fingers and pressed down onto the stone statue.


The space trembled as the formation descended. With a bright light and surging soul power, it charged towards the stone statue and sealed it.


From the body of the stone statue, a large amount of soul force was released, emitting a large amount of killing intent, causing the formation to instantly scatter.

Killing intent filled the stone room, and Zi Chen felt as though he was in an ice cave as his entire body shivered. He felt as though his body was frozen, and his movements became slow.

On the stone statue expert's body, the petrified skin changed again. This time, the entire lower part of his body turned into a real body.

Zi Chen's heart rose to his throat. Once this master revived, no one would be able to leave this place alive.


Old Mo's expression did not change as he remained very calm. A light flashed in his hand and another formation appeared. The formation's soul power surged, pressing towards the stone statue, sealing it again.


Just at this moment, the entire stone room trembled. The aftermath of the battle from the outside world had reached this place, and the entire formation had loosened a little from the trembling.

The seal landed on the stone statue's body, causing soul power to rush out from it. After dispersing the soul power, it failed again.

This time, an overflowing killing intent surged out, causing the stone statue expert's soul power to be drained even more.


The killing intent seeped through the bones, directly attacking the heart. Zi Chen coughed out a large mouthful of blood, and Old Mo's spirit body also became blurry.

Damn it! Zi Chen scolded in anger, he was flustered and exasperated, it was all because of the damned battle outside that destroyed the seal this time.

The stone statue expert's real body had already spread to his chest. If not for the formation's suppression, he would have awakened a long time ago.

But looking at the situation, the formation could not hold back anymore.


The third time the formation appeared, it was even more mysterious. The marks of the formation intersected and spread like the spiderweb, its soul power revolved, and the formation descended, enveloping the stone statue expert, releasing endless soul power.

You have to succeed! Zi Chen roared in his heart.


On the stone statue expert's body, the killing intent seemed to have solidified, it completely went berserk and filled the small stone room. Zi Chen was the one in the lead, flying out, his entire body flashed with a golden light, and fine blood started to fall down.

Zi Chen's perfect body was still not able to block the materialized killing intent. He was injured.

Old Mo's soul was also struck by the killing intent, causing it to tremble. His soul power was very weak, and his solid body became much dimmer.

Old Mo, how are you? Zi Chen was shocked, his eyes filled with worry.

At this moment, the stone statue's true body was already at his neck. Once the true body completely appeared, then both of them would definitely die, and at this moment, the two of them would not be able to withdraw. Once Old Mo withdrew his soul power, the stone statue would definitely wake up.

I'm fine. Old Mo's expression was indifferent and his voice was calm.

The fourth appearance of the formation was extremely complex. It exhausted more than half of Old Mo's soul power and descended towards the stone statue expert.


The formation descended, and sounds of trembling came out. Around the stone statue's body, soul power continuously surged, and killing intent filled the air, wanting to scatter the formation. However, the rays of light above the formation descended, and the spiritual soul lock technique started to work.

The stone statue then slowly began to petrify, as if it was being sealed again, and continued to spread downwards.

Done! Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief, he was extremely excited in his heart. After the seal is completed, he will have a powerful trump card.


Suddenly, a wave of killing intent appeared. Zi Chen felt the incoming crisis, and a cold light shot out from outside the door, aiming straight at the center of Zi Chen's brows.

A sneak attack. Zi Chen's face changed, the light beneath his feet flickered, like a ray of lightning, he flashed towards the side.

Nine Thunder Pass!

It was like a real light.


The cold light followed like a shadow, following closely behind with a boundless killing intent, its speed was not slower than Zi Chen.

This was a spirit armament, only the size of a palm. It was bright, dazzling, and gave off cold light that made Zi Chen feel that it was very dangerous.

Zi Chen turned into a ray of light and dodged, the cold light following closely behind. On the side, Old Mo was currently sealing the stone statue, and at the critical moment, he had no time to help.


He dodged quickly, and at the same time, Zi Chen pointed forward with both of his hands, releasing a ray of golden sword Qi that struck the spirit armament.

But it was to no avail, the sword Qi was instantly minced by the spirit armament.

In the midst of dodging, Zi Chen finally found an opportunity to strike out with his fist. With a flash of golden light, the entire stone room turned golden, and a powerful strike with a perfect body appeared.


With a huge tremor, the stone room trembled. The spirit armament trembled in the air and quickly retreated backwards. At the same time, Zi Chen felt a strong force approaching him, causing him to retreat. At the same time, he felt a wave of pain on his fist.

What a terrifying spirit armament. Zi Chen's expression changed, his perfect body was injured again.

This was the physique of someone who had endured five stages of tribulation lightning. Ordinary spirit armament would be able to hurt him, but today, he was injured frequently.

Zi Chen was shocked, but what he did not know was that outside the stone room, the person controlling the spirit armament was even more shocked, his eyeballs almost falling out.

In this world, there was actually someone who could use their own body to block a strike from a spirit armament. This was simply inconceivable.


The spirit armament retreated out of the stone room, but it quickly flew back again, its speed was even faster, the chilliness around it surged, and it was filled with killing intent.


In the middle of the stone room, the golden light shone even more brightly as a small sword appeared, floating in the air. In the instant it appeared, it became a meter in size, and a terrifying aura surged as it charged towards the spirit armament.


The two spirit armaments clashed in the air, releasing a sonorous sound, and released golden light waves. Zi Chen's spiritual, was obviously stronger than the person dark, after one attack, that person's opponent's spirit armament began to tremble, as though it was injured, and retreated backwards.

Where do you think you're going? Zi Chen bellowed, with a thought, a golden light flashed, and he took the initiative to stop the spirit armament.



In the middle of the stone room, golden light scattered. He had completely gained the upper hand as he continuously suppressed the spirit armament. After several attacks, the light atop the other spirit armament became dimmer and dimmer.

At the same time, a groan came from outside the stone room. It was the sound of someone with heavy injuries.

Who is it? Come out!

Zi Chen bellowed, he looked at the entrance of the stone room. A cold light flashed in his eyes, killing intent surged.

Lu Peng help, this is a tough nut to crack.

Just then, an alarmed cry came out, following that, the killing intent in the stone room surged again and a cold light shot towards Zi Chen.


This time, it was not a spirit armament, but an ancient weapon. Its killing intent seeped out of its bones as it charged towards Zi Chen while carrying the might of One with the sword.


Zi Chen shouted and struck out with his fist. Golden light surged and his perfect body provided endless energy.


With that one attack, it was like the sound of thunder, causing the entire stone room to tremble. The attacker and the ancient weapon were all blown away by Zi Chen.

Lu Peng, quickly come and help. This is a tough one, coming out alive from the Ten Sides Killing Termination formation. The loud shout once again rang out, sounding anxious, but it was the same voice from before. Zi Chen felt that it was very familiar.

Lu Peng? The furious Zi Chen suddenly froze. He seemed to have thought of something and his face changed to one of disbelief.


Just then, a light flashed and a few small flags flew out of the stone room, surrounding Zi Chen and forming a formation.

With a thought from Zi Chen, the golden longsword flew and slashed at the small flag.


The formation flag released a terrifying light aura and unleashed a strike that was like a clap of thunder. Its might was peerless, and Zi Chen's spirit armament was actually shaken by the strike.


On top of the spirit armament, a golden light shone out once again. Zi Chen controlled the light with his spiritual perception, transforming it into a huge sword and slashed at the formation flag.


The formation flag was trembling, Zi Chen's spiritual perceptions were too powerful, the spirit armament's might have already been revealed.



Golden light flashed, and a terrifying aura escaped from the great sword. The formation flag that formed the formations and at this moment, it trembled non-stop, and before the destructive aura appeared, it was beaten back by the spirit armament.

Taste my Ten Sides Killing Formation. In the next moment, the formation began to change forms in the air, forming a large formation that stopped in four directions. At the same time, a terrifying energy appeared on every single formation flag, like a bolt of heavenly lightning descending.

The spirit armament was kept back and Zi Chen threw out a punch. With a flash of golden light, he suddenly threw out four punches.

At the same time, Zi Chen's figure exploded forth. Waving both fists, he threw out attacks at the four formation flags.

No, Zhang Haotian, this person is too strong, even the formations cannot suppress him, let's work together.