Thunder Martial Chapter 322 - Ten Sides Killing Formation


This was an army of stone statues. After the stone door was activated, they carried the ancient weapon and rushed out of the stone door, heading towards the group of cultivators.


Killing intent filled the air, and the combined attack appeared once again, and a gigantic spear, over ten meters long, shot out from the stone statue experts with cold light.



Red light flashed, and blood splattered everywhere. The cultivators at the door were instantly pierced by the spear, and at the same time, even the Imperial Sky Realm experts flew backwards, bringing with them a large amount of blood.

The slaughter began in an instant.

Everyone paled and quickly retreated.



At the same time, more and more spear Qis appeared with the momentum of a joint attack. The power of this attack was terrifying, capable of slaughtering everything in its path.

At this moment, the spear Qi shined through the sky, the light was blinding, and the stone statue experts began their first wave of killing, with almost no one able to stop it.

Miserable screams and cries for help continuously rang out as broken fingers and severed arms flew about in the sky.

All the major powers were stunned at first glance. This was basically a massacre.


With a tremble, the wolf tooth staff rose into the air. It surged with a terrifying aura, and in the end, it suddenly descended like a black dragon, with its fangs and claws spread out, its might was terrifying.


Energy exploded out. At the same time, the black dragon rushed down at high speed and swept through dozens of stone statue experts below it. The destructive energy shattered the stone statues and smashed them to pieces.

To defend against the stone statue army, the only choice was to use core armaments.


A sharp sword Qi soared into the sky, shining brilliantly with a frightening power, rushing straight towards the numerous stone statue experts.



Wherever the sword Qi passed by, everything would be destroyed. The stone statues collapsed and turned into dust, while the spirit armament also dissipated.

This time, the several large forces came prepared. Each of them took out a core armament, and when they were controlled by the strongest cultivator, it unleashed a destructive attack.

In Wang Zhenwei's hand, there was a fire sword, the flames burned fiercely, causing space to distort. With the attack, the fire sword flashed, like a fire dragon that had appeared. The red light filled the horizon, causing a large portion of the stone statue experts to collapse.

Qi Qingqiu was a member of the Wu Zong Sect who was in the Imperial Sky Realm experts. He belonged to the same faction as Miao Kong and held a halberd.

Gorgeous attacks kept appearing, and after the core armament unleashed their attacks, the Imperial Sky Realm experts using spirit armaments also attacked.

The experts of the few major powers made their move one after another, stopping the slaughter of the stone statue.


Suddenly, a spear Qi shot out towards the stone statue and pierced the chest of one of them. Then, the light from the spear Qi surged and the stone statue's body exploded.

One of the sovereign realm experts made his move. His attack was very sharp and the core armament in his hands was invincible.


With a cold snort, the earth suddenly shook, and an old man walked out. He was tall and powerful, and his eyes were like lightning.

The air was swept up and a monstrous energy formed a powerful martial skill that descended, causing the heaven and earth to tremble, as it blasted towards the stone statue experts.


In the stone statue expert's hand, the spear danced as a silver light flashed. Its entire body flew up into the air and became one with its spear, releasing a powerful strike.


A terrifying energy exploded in the air as a terrifying aura surged. Quite a few stone statues below were shattered, and at the same time, quite a few human cultivators had died a violent death.

At this moment, no one held back. Everyone began to move.

The group of monstrous geniuses also joined hands and released one powerful attack after another. Amongst them, Wang Qiong and Wu Mo were the closest, and the two of them were practically able to fight against a lone stone statue expert.

There were too many stone statue experts, so when they came, the battle was very intense. At any moment, cultivators would die.

And even if the sovereign realm experts appeared, the human side would still be at a disadvantage.

Core armament!

The sovereign realm expert of the Liu Family stood in mid air as his robe danced. Suddenly, he let out a loud shout.


Liu Mingyong's hand trembled, and the Wolf Tooth Staff flew towards the sovereign realm expert of the Liu Family.

A sovereign realm expert with a core armament was very scary. The moment expert held the core armament, the aura around his body completely changed. His eyes flickered with a bright light and a strong aura coiled around his body.

At this moment, the wolf tooth staff in his hand also began to tremble.


As energy poured in, the entire wolf tooth staff went berserk, the surrounding space silently exploded, and a black hole appeared.

The terrifying pressure made people tremble, and at this moment, the expert of the Liu Family's body was filled with a dangerous aura.


The core armament moved, and suddenly smashed down, many black lights coiled around, and everywhere it passed, the space would constantly shatter, as though a black hole was spreading, smashing towards the stone statue experts below.


The sky was trembling and the power of the wolf tooth staff was peerless. The stone statue experts and the core armament turned to dust with a single strike.

Moreover, the powerful energy also caused the faces of all the masters to change.

It really is the strongest core armament. Their eyes flickered, and their expressions flickered.

Just then, the core armament turned into a ray of light and charged towards the stone door. Everywhere it passed, the huge staff would be swung and a stone statue expert would be destroyed one by one.

Hurry up!

Seeing that the expert of the Liu Family had disappeared, the expressions of the other sovereign realm experts changed. Then, with a shake of their hands, core armaments appeared one after another.

Damn it!

Ma Yanqing's face was filled with hidden bitterness and his heart was constantly cursing. Under that helplessness, he clenched his teeth and moved forward, the eight formation flags revolving around him to form a defensive formation. In the formation, he rushed towards the stone door.

At the same time, powerful auras appeared one after another. Several people also entered in a flash.

At this moment, they had given up on the group and charged the stone door alone.


Zi Chen stepped into the formation and his body was engulfed by the formations and disappeared.

However, he was not strangled to death. Instead, he was brought to another place. This was a strange space, and it was extremely empty. At a glance, it was a field of grayness.

Just as I expected, this is the core of the relic. That concealment formation is a transfer formation. In a flash of light, Old Mo appeared.

The core of the ruins? Zi Chen was startled.

That's right, the entire grand formation is the most important part here, and it is also the core of the ruins. If there is an inheritance, it is very likely to be here. The Old Mo said.

Inheritance, Old Mo didn't you say that there is no inheritance here?

No, there must be some kind of inheritance here. It's just that someone came here before us and obtained it. This is the place where they obtained it. Old Mo was very confident. That junior, he is self-righteous and treated this transfer formation as a normal concealment formation, deliberately allowing you to enter. Presumably, that formation has already been destroyed, and they have entered the stone door.

What's behind the stone door?

I don't know, but it's definitely not an inheritance.

In the open area, Zi Chen was motionless. On the body of the Old Mo, his spiritual consciousness spread out, inspecting the big formation.

This is the core of the remains, and also the core of the formations. The strength of this great formation is extremely strong.

Zi Chen didn't say a word, and quietly waited for the Old Mo's formation breaking method.

As expected, it's terrifying. It's actually the Ten Sides Killing formation. After a long while, the sound of Old Mo's exclamations rang out.

Is the Ten Sides Killing formation very strong? Zi Chen asked.

Of course it's very strong, only second to the ancient remnants formation. Its power is very scary, barging in without the right path, even a sovereign realm expert with a core armament would be strangled to death. Old Mo said.

So terrifying. Zi Chen inhaled a breath of cold air, and asked worriedly, Then, can you break the formation?

The Old Mo stared straight ahead, saying, Breaking through the formation is naturally impossible, but finding a way out is not a problem.

Now follow my lead, don't make a single mistake.

Alright! Zi Chen nodded.


Suddenly, with a huge shake, the space trembled and Zi Chen's body swayed, almost falling to the ground.

What a powerful ripple. Zi Chen frowned.


The huge tremors resounded once again, as though the world had shattered. The entire space began to tremble violently.

What's going on? Could it be that this place is going to collapse?

Old Mo shook his head and said, There should be a huge battle. I'm afraid there are even stronger existences behind the stone door.

That concealment formation leads to the core zone, so it's normal for there to be great danger.

Afterwards, under the command of Old Mo, Zi Chen started to traverse the formations.

He walked very cautiously and very carefully.

Every step he took, Old Mo would warn him repeatedly, afraid that he would take a wrong step.

Ten Sides Killing formation, if you take one wrong step, you will fall into an everlasting abyss. Let alone you, even if you come here at the sovereign realm, you will not even have a corpse left. You must be careful. Old Mo warned again.

During this period of time, rumbling sounds kept coming out, and the entire fourth floor, as well as the stone doors, were in complete chaos.

No matter if it was the rogue cultivators or the major powers, they all suffered the attacks of the stone statue experts, with heavy casualties. Only a few of them were in the sovereign realm and there were not many Imperial Sky Realm experts there left.

In the heart of the formations, under the command of Old Mo, Zi Chen carefully proceeded forward. Sometimes forward, sometimes backward.


Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Previously, he was so nervous that he broke out in cold sweat.

The dusky space had disappeared, and was replaced by a stone room. At the entrance of the stone room, a stone statue was quietly standing there, protecting it.

That is?

The relaxed Zi Chen's heart tightened once again.

This stone statue was over two meters tall, and was very tall. Even though there was no killing intent surging from its body, it gave Zi Chen a very dangerous feeling, and the moment he saw the stone statues petrified eyes, the feeling became even stronger.

Zi Chen could not help but retreat.

What a powerful stone statue, and it didn't lose any soul power at all. Old Mo also sucked in a breath of cold air, shock in his eyes. If this kind of stone statue is released, it will definitely slaughter everyone.

So strong?

Of course, even those in the sovereign realm can be killed.

Then... Old Mo, do you have any ideas? Zi Chen was very excited. If such a powerful stone statue could be kept, he would be able to run amok in the future.