Thunder Martial Chapter 321 - Hidden Formation

The two formations clashed against each other and sounds of explosions rang out, and waves of powerful auras spread out in all directions.

Everyone's expressions changed. This wave of energy was extremely terrifying. Even if an Imperial Sky Realm expert were to touch it, they would still be blasted into smithereens.


Ma Yanqing's expression was extremely ugly. This kind of scene far exceeded his expectations. His attainments in the formations were very deep, but he had never seen anyone break through the formation like this. The destructive aura attacked and its body started to emit rays of light. It was a defensive formation, and as the rays of light circulated around it, it began to resist the impact of the destructive energy.


In the midst of the loud explosion, the formation burst apart, and a destructive aura rippled out. The thirty-two spirit armaments were blasted into the air like cold lightning. At the same time, Ma Yanqing's eight formation flags were also blasted away by the impact of the energy. At the same time, the flags that were filled with pattern formation released crackling sounds as cracks appeared one after another.


Under the powerful impact, the defensive formation around Ma Yanqing's body shattered in an instant. At the same time, he was also sent flying, and coughed out a large mouthful of blood. He flew for more than ten meters, and eventually fell to the ground in a sorry state.

The formation was broken and the stone door appeared again, but there were no corpses left behind. The rogue cultivators from before had obviously been killed by the great formation and not a single thing was left behind.

It's broken. The formation has finally been broken.

As expected of the little master. He can even break such a great formation.

Exclamations sounded out from all around, and the way in which everyone looked at Zi Chen changed once again. It was clear that the other party's accomplishments in formations far surpassed Ma Yanqing's.

The formation was broken, but no one stepped forward. Everyone still had some lingering fear in their hearts.

Furthermore, there might be another one formation and no one wanted to throw their lives away for no reason.

Kid, you did it on purpose, right? Ma Yanqing crawled up from the ground, in a very sorry state. His defensive formation was broken, and his clothes were tattered.

The luster on his formation banners was dim, this was something that he had spent a great deal of effort to refine. It was equivalent to half of his life, and now seeing the cracks, Ma Yanqing's heart was bleeding.

Master, you're wrong. I warned you before, but you didn't want to retreat. Zi Chen chuckled.

With the formations broken, the crowd of Sovereign Realm experts all looked at him with much friendlier eyes, they were not afraid of Ma Yanqing suddenly attacking.

Good boy, you are ruthless. I, Ma Yanqing, will remember today's matter. One day, you will regret it. Ma Yanqing said coldly.

It's my honor to be remembered by a formation master. Zi Chen smiled faintly.

Alright, two masters, let's stop messing around. Going deeper in is the main matter of the day. I wonder if there are still formations here? Someone spoke into their minds, it was obviously a Sovereign Realm expert who spoke.

Hmph, ask him. Ma Yanqing coldly snorted.

Helpless, the expert could only look at Zi Chen.

Of course! Zi Chen nodded, and said with confidence, And more than one.

The onlookers were in an uproar, and many were rejoicing.

Fortunately, they weren't greedy, otherwise they would have died for nothing.

However, these formations aren't very strong. They're just the edge of the formations. If the main formation is broken, theses can be broken through very quickly. Zi Chen said.

Then I shall trouble the little master to take action.

After that, Zi Chen commanded a group of people to attack according to Old Mo's words in order to break the remaining formations.

Just as Zi Chen had said, the following formations were much easier to deal with. He only used a few spirit armaments to break the formation.

Since the little master is so young, to have such accomplishments in formations, his name will spread far and wide in the future.

During this period, Zi Chen had heard many praises, but he was not moved by them, because he knew nothing about the formations.

During this time, Old Mo was amazed at the profoundness of the formations, but Zi Chen could not understand it at all.


With a loud sound, another great formation was broken.

Okay, a total of nine formations have been broken. We can enter now. Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Ma Yanqing did not say a single word, but only faced them with cold eyes that flashed with cold light.

Are you sure there are no formations here? But just as Zi Chen finished speaking, Ma Yanqing suddenly asked, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Ma Yanqing's retort made those who were prepared to enter the formation stop in their tracks and look at Zi Chen in confusion.

What do you mean? Zi Chen looked at him.

I said, are you sure that there are no formations here, and this place is safe? Ma Yanqing looked at Zi Chen and laughed.

Of course I'm sure. Zi Chen said, very confident.

Hmph. he really is a little child. Ma Yanqing laughed coldly in his heart, but his expression remained calm and collected, and said, Since you're so sure, then why don't you go in yourself, and let others enter first?

What the hell do you mean? Zi Chen stared at Ma Yanqing.

What I mean is, since you broke the formation, you should go in first.

The two of them were once again at odds, but at this moment, no one stopped them. The experts that were in front of them also retreated, their expressions changing as they did not dare to move forward.

Are you questioning my attainments in formations? Zi Chen asked.

Of course not, I just hope that you can go in first. Ma Yanqing laughed in ridicule.

Hmph, let's go in. Zi Chen scoffed, but he did not move, his eyes looked straight ahead, as though he was seeing through everything.

Brat, aren't you very confident in your attainments in formations? You broke this great formation, so why don't you dare to go by yourself?

Who says I don't dare?

If you dare, enter.

I'll go when I'll go. Zi Chen still did not move, his eyes staring at the stone door in front of him.

Ma Yanqing was so angry that his nose was crooked. He just kept talking and said angrily, Brat, if you still have a bit of the appearance of a formation master, and a bit of dignity, then go in yourself.

Since you want to go in so much, why don't you go in. Zi Chen still did not move, and stared fixedly in front of him, wanting to find out what was going on.

Ma Yanqing was furious, this junior was truly shameless.

Little master, since everyone has addressed you as a master, they have clearly acknowledged your attainments in the formations. Since you think that there's no problem with the formation, why don't you go in yourself?

That's right, could it be that the Great master intentionally left a formation. is it to deal with people, or is there a problem with this formation. The little master's attainments in the formations are not good enough, so you are unable to see it?

Seeing Zi Chen standing in place without moving, a few monstrous geniuses also ridiculed him. This time, no one stopped them and it was obvious that Zi Chen was not confident.

Zi Chen turned his head, with a faint smile on his face, he said, With my attainments in the formations, I am naturally confident. I can conclude that there are no formations here.

Since that's the case, why don't you enter? Geng Le spoke with a face full of ridicule.

The other monstrous geniuses jeered as well.

As for Ma Yanqing, it was obvious that he was too lazy to bother with the other party.

Then I will enter the stone door, and you can take a look, but when the time comes, I will have the thing, don't regret it. Zi Chen's face had a smile, which looked a little strange.

Haha, a master is indeed a master. Since that's the case, please go ahead.

Ma Yanqing also said in a low voice, That's right, since little master has come to such a conclusion, then let us do it.

This was the first time he called Zi Chen little master, but looking at his expression, no matter how you looked at it, it didn't look good.

Fine, don't regret it.

With that, Zi Chen turned and walked towards the stone door in large strides. He was very decisive.

Some of the Sovereign Realm experts frowned, feeling that something was wrong and wanted to stop him. If he really got his hands on a heavy treasure, that would be bad.

But before they could say anything, Zi Chen had already appeared in front of the stone door and stepped onto a formation. With a flash of light, a great formation appeared, instantly devouring Zi Chen.

Without a sound or even a scream, Zi Chen's figure disappeared.

Haha, idiot! Seeing that Zi Chen had disappeared, Ma Yanqing laughed out loud. You can't even see the concealment formation, how dare you call yourself a formation master. What a dog shit master.

The faces of everyone around turned pale. That little master had disappeared just like that.

Haha, the formation master that was killed by the formations is indeed very funny.

What kind of formation master is this. I can't even tell if he has any attainments in formations or not.

The other monstrous geniuses also laughed loudly. After being suppressed along the way, they were finally able to lift their eyebrows and exude their energy.

How could this be?

Little master's previous performance has proven that his attainment in the formations is very high. Why couldn't he tell that there is a formation here?

Even more people had puzzled expressions.

On the surface, there are nine big formations. When linked together and broken with power, it will cause the other big formations to become stronger, causing the power of the formation to become stronger. However, other than the nine big formations, there is also a hidden formation. Ma Yanqing laughed. He was very carefree since he finally managed to kill the other party.


The crowd sighed, they clearly felt that the death of the little master was not worth it.

This hidden formation is not very powerful and is very easy to break. However, if one were to be caught within it, they would undoubtedly die.

The banner that possessed cracks from before started to move again, emitting rays of light. Then, following the surge of powerful aura, the formations exploded with a loud bang.

The formations disappeared and there was no one inside.

The little master was dead.

As disappointment spread, everyone felt that it was a pity that a future formation master who would become famous in the Sky Martial Continent would die so carelessly.

Only the previous monstrous geniuses felt very comfortable.

Alright, there are no more formations here, we can go in and look for treasures now. The inheritance is very likely to be inside.

This time, Ma Yanqing was very confident.

A few of them stepped forward and forcefully pushed away the stone door.



The stone door was pushed away, causing a sound. Just as the stone door was pushed open the door, killing intent appeared. The terrifying killing intent caused people to tremble.

Everyone's expression changed. They were extremely vigilant. This killing intent was many times more frightening than the previous two layers.


The stone door was activated, causing a tremor.


At the same time, a wave of killing intent rushed out as if it was materialized, causing the person who pushed open the door to quickly retreat.

Killing intent permeated the air, causing everyone to suck in a breath of cold air, their eyes filled with amazement.

Looking over, there were stone statues that were densely packed and they were all releasing a terrifying aura. Furthermore, the moment the stone door was pushed open, the spiritual soul lock technique was activated, and all the petrified skin on the stone statues disappeared, turning into the experts.

They held either ancient weapons or core armaments, and their empty eyes were filled with endless killing intent.


The ancient weapon trembled. All of the stone statue experts moved, holding onto the ancient weapon as they rushed out of the stone door.