Thunder Martial Chapter 320 - Breaking The Formation

The stone statue was killed and turned into ashes, leaving behind an empty stone door. Many rogue cultivators turned into a ray of light and charged up.

But soon after, a huge formation appeared. With a flash of light, it wrapped itself around these rogue cultivators and silently, before they could even cry out in pain, everyone had perished.

Everyone cried out in alarm and shock.

Ma Yanqing sneered, the disdain in his eyes growing even stronger.

Zi Chen, on the other hand, remained expressionless. These rogue cultivators were too impatient because even if there was something inside the stone door, it was not something they could get their hands on.

Idiots who only knows how to be greedy.

Serves you right.

The expert of a great power had a disdainful smile on his face as he sneered repeatedly.

Masters, please break the formation. Some Imperial Sky Realm experts said in a respectful manner.

On the way, no matter if it was Zi Chen or not, both of them revealed a great deal of attainments in formations, which made people admire them.

It's just a mere formation. Watch how I destroy it. Ma Yanqing coldly snorted, feeling extremely conceited.

I can break the formation, but? Zi Chen slightly hesitated, then said, The promise from before...

Haha, don't worry little master. If there are any core armaments, I can let you get the first pick. If not, my Liu Family is willing to give you one. The Liu Family sovereign realm expert opened his mouth and laughed, Little master, I will have to trouble you to make a move.

The joke attracted a burst of laughter. So far, everyone was feeling quite relaxed.

Zi Chen walked up, and looked at the empty space in front of the stone door, and frowned slightly.

Old Mo still had not spoken, it was obvious that he had not thought of the way to break the formation.

Zi Chen did not speak, and no one dared to refute him. As for some of the monstrous geniuses, they did not dare speak up.

They were monstrous geniuses, but compared to a formation master, they were nothing.

Hmph, are you dumbfounded!?

Ma Yanqing snorted, a light flashed around his body, and four banners appeared. With a flash of light, they appeared in four different directions.


The formation that had just disappeared appeared once again. Streams of energy were swept up and spread in all directions, colliding with the banner.


A deafening explosion resounded like the collision of heavenly thunder. A terrifying energy surged as a boundless aura raged.

Ma Yanqing's face turned white in an instant, his expression changing continuously, following that was a wail, and he spat out blood.

The light of the four banners in the air also became dimmer, and constantly trembled, as if they were about to be swept away by the large formation.

The faces of everyone in the area fell.

In a single exchange, the formation master spat out a mouthful of blood. It was clear that this formation was not weak.

Stop right there.

Ma Yanqing's face was extremely ugly. Just now, he was boasting about, but he had suffered serious injuries in just a single exchange. He let out a roar, and his entire body flashed again. Another four formation banners appeared, and stopped in all directions.

Zi Chen did not move, because Old Mo did not give any instructions. He pretended to look at the formations, and revealed a pondering look.


The banner trembled as it circulated with terrifying energy. Like a giant millstone, it swept in all directions, and every time it came into contact with the formation, it would emit a terrifying rumbling sound.


The great power of the formation caused Ma Yanqing to vomit blood again, his expression turning even uglier.

A formation master spat out two mouthfuls of fresh blood, causing everyone to look worried.

This formation was truly terrifying, it was probably impossible for Ma Yanqing alone to accomplish it. However, looking at the little master again, he did not have any intentions of making a move, but instead had a face of contemplation.

Break through with force!

Ma Yanqing shouted explosively, his spiritual consciousness activated the formation banner and the dull formation banner became bright once again. At the same time, a wave of destructive aura appeared on the formation banner and rushed towards the formation.


Ma Yanqing coughed blood for the third time, he could not help but retreat, and suffered a backlash. The power of the great formation was too terrifying, and he was slightly unable to withstand it.

From all directions, the formation banners were trembling and could be swept away by the big formation at any time. Ma Yanqing tried his best to resist, but everyone was shocked and did not know how to help.

Little master, quickly make your move.

Indeed, if the two masters join hands, the chances of you winning are much higher.

Some people could not help but exclaim, thinking that Zi Chen was not willing to take action.

Zi Chen shook his head, frowned, meditated and did not speak a word, his eyes staring straight at the formations, but in his heart he was extremely anxious, and repeatedly called for Old Mo.

After a long while, Zi Chen still did not move, and Ma Yanqing was about to be unable to hold on.

Hmph. he hasn't done anything for a long time. It seems like there's no other way.

He's finally exhausted himself. He's not some master, he's been pretending to be one.

He can break those normal formations but that's the end. What kind of shitty master is this?

The monstrous geniuses, who had been holding in their anger all this time, finally seized this opportunity to ridicule Zi Chen again and again.

Shut up!

However, what they got in return was the cold shouts of their seniors.

The other monstrous geniuses sneered, their eyes filled with contempt. It was clear that these people did not care.

I don't believe it, open for me.

After holding on for a long time, Ma Yanqing shouted once again. This time, he took the initiative and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, which was his blood essence.

After that, the drop of blood split into eight parts and headed towards the eight banners. Then, the banner flashed and absorbed them, causing the dark banners to suddenly turn blood-red.

Listen to my commands and break it!

Afterwards, streaks of blood-red lightning appeared on the blood-red banner. Carrying a terrifying aura, they enveloped the large formation.

The powerful blow caused everyone's expression to change. Eight streaks of blood-red lightning formed a complicated formation. It was very mysterious and very powerful.


A loud sound shook the air, making many people deaf. Afterwards, the great formation began to tremble, and one after another, one seal after another appeared.

Ma Yanqing coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, and he received backlash again, causing his face to turn pale white.

It's useless. Breaking through the formation like that will only make the formations stronger. It was at this time that Zi Chen, who had been watching for a long time, finally spoke.

Cut the crap! If you have the ability, then break the formation Ma Yanqing was so angry since he had worked hard to break the formation and cough blood. Yet, he just stood there and watched the scene, and even spoke some cold words. At this moment, he wanted to give up on the formation flag and slap Zi Chen to death.

Can I borrow a spirit armament for a bit? Zi Chen turned his head and looked at the group of Imperial Sky Realm expert

Take out the spirit armament. A sovereign realm expert spoke decisively after he heard him.

Little master, you can use any number of spirit armaments you want.

In the next moment, there were at least twenty to thirty spirit armaments that were floating in front of Zi Chen.

Alright, please listen to my commands. Zi Chen turned his head, looked at the formation and said. At this moment, it was as if he had truly become a master, and there was an imposing aura around him.

The little master is making his move? Everyone was filled with anticipation.

Three meters ahead, one meter to the left, go. Zi Chen raised his hand and released a ray of energy that landed on a longsword.

The longsword trembled, and in the next moment, under the control of his spiritual perception, it landed in a specified direction.

This formation is extraordinary. We must be very precise. Old Mo called out.

Zi Chen opened his mouth and spoke with an indifferent voice, You must be at the location I specified, be precise to the point, and do not deviate the slightest bit. Ten meters in front, five meters to the right, and a meter in height.

You go. With that said, Zi Chen pointed at another longsword.

Five meters in front, one meter to the left, one meter in height.

Blah, Blah, Blah [TN: It's all the same basically]

There were a total of eight spirit armaments, all of which were of the same color. They floated at a height of one meter, and under the powerful spiritual consciousness, they did not even budge an inch.

After all the longswords were in position, another eight went in the air. They then stabbed into the ground and formed a complex pattern.

Everyone on the stage opened their eyes wide, quietly watching the little master break the formation, no one spoke a word.

Ten meters ahead, five meters to the left, three meters high.

Three meters away.

While the light was flashing, another eight spirit armaments appeared and floated three meters in the air.

After that was a height of five meters.

Zi Chen used a total of thirty-two spirit armaments. With a flash of light, he stood motionlessly in the middle of the formation.

This was a very strange scene. When the big formation made contact with the great formation, it released a terrifying energy which shocked everyone. However, this energy did not affect the spirit armament at all.

None of the thirty-two spirit armaments were affected by the energy.

Alright, you can break the formation now. Old Mo sent a sound transmission to him.

Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief, then retreated, retreating roughly fifty meters.

Why did the master retreat? Someone asked doubtfully.

The next step is to break through the formation, it will produce a very strong energy wave. Master, do you want to escape first? Zi Chen looked at Ma Yanqing and asked kindly.

No need! Ma Yanqing's voice was cold and detached. These few stalks of formation flag used all the materials he had available, and took dozens of years to refine, and were equivalent to half of his life. If he stepped back now, the formation flag would definitely be destroyed by the formatios.

Furthermore, without the formation flag, his attainment in the formations would be greatly reduced.

It will be very dangerous when the time comes, you should retreat. The formation flag is gone, you can cultivate it again. Zi Chen said again, very kind.

Ma Yanqing was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

You don't need to fake it. You should first break the formation. Don't say so much in case you won't even be able to break the formation.

Alright then. A smile appeared in Zi Chen's eyes, he turned and looked ahead, and said solemnly, In front of us, sixty meters wide, and two meters tall. Use a core armament and release its energy.

Zi Chen's words caused many to be stunned. Clearly, no one expected him to even use core armament.

To use both a spirit armament and a core armament. Is he an idiot, thinking that he can break the formation with these things? Ma Yanqing sneered, he did not believe that Zi Chen could break the formation.


Right at this moment, the wolf tooth staff appeared. With Liu Mingyong's control, it accurately flew to a location sixty meters ahead of Zi Chen. After that, the core armament's energy dissipated and swept through the space in all four directions.


Like a lead wire, the moment the energy appeared, the entire formation became berserk, following that, the energy spread and connected all 32 spirit armaments. In the next moment, the spirit armament began to tremble, its light became resplendent, and it started to release a strong aura.


In the formation, another great formation consisting of thirty-two spirit armaments appeared once again. It was extremely powerful, and the moment it appeared, it released a rumbling sound as it formed ripples of destructive aura.