Thunder Martial Chapter 32 - Massacre in the Forest

Zi Chen tailed them carefully along the way until it was dawn. He soon found a perfect opportunity to strike

His target was Qi Yuan, based on his feeling, Zi Chen guessed that Qi Yuan's strength was weaker.

He laid both of his hands on the ground, just like an agile leopard, and approached slowly. In this Solitary Forest, there wasn't the slightest noise being made. Zi Chen did not dare to look at Qi Yuan's face, for fear of being detected by the opposite party.

Qi Yuan was sleeping as he leaned on a tree root. Zi Chen had overestimated Qi Yuan's ability to react. As he was sleeping, his mouth opened slightly as he snored. Even when Zi Chen was in front of him, he didn't detect him.

He didn't use any True Qi, Zi Chen only stretched out both of his hands as fast as lightning, and ruthlessly twisted his neck.

Crack! A clear sound of bones breaking resounded, it was the sound of Qi Yuan's neck-snapping. After that, one of Zi Chen's hands searched Qi Yuan's chest, and another hand grabbed the token on Qi Yuan's waist.

His left hand pulled out a flask and his right hand grabbed the token, then Zi Chen fled.

Not good. The first one to react was Wang Xiong. When he heard the cracking sound, his whole body was startled and he saw Zi Chen escaping.

Chase him! Wang Xiong shouted angrily, he quickly rushed forward.

When the other people awoke, Wang Xiong had already entered the forest.

This is.... Qi Yuan. That f*cker Zi Chen, I must kill you! Lin Chuan roared as he rushed forward.

Just like an arrow leaving a bow, he used a rank two-movement technique.

The faces of the other two were very ugly, they too followed Lin Chuan and rushed ahead to give chase.

The sky brightened slowly and in the morning air, there was a trace of coldness. Zi Chen was like an agile leopard in the forest as he fled swiftly. The dewdrops on the leaves made his green clothes wet.

Wang Xiong was right behind Zi Chen in hot pursuit. Moreover, the distance between the two was slowly decreasing.

Zi Chen, I want you dead! Wang Xiong pursued while cursing angrily.

Want to catch me? Then come. Zi Chen sneered, and his speed rose again.

The road in the forest was very difficult to traverse. If it was outside, Zi Chen would've long been caught by Wang Xiong, but even so, the distance between them was getting smaller.

When I catch you, I want to see where you will run to. Wang Xiong sneered as he was getting closer.

Suddenly, the sound of rushing water reached Wang Xiong's ears, and he saw the fleeing Zi Chen in front suddenly turn around, and grins fiendishly at him. You will never catch up with me. After that, Zi Chen turned around and leaped.

As Wang Xiong approached the area, he discovered that there was a giant waterfall. Underneath it was a rapid current, there was also a white fog blocking his view.

F*ck! Looking at the towering cliff, Wang Xiong couldn't muster the courage to jump, he could only look at the flowing water and cursed angrily.

What's wrong, he got away? Lin Chuan and the others caught up.

This boy is very cunning, he seemed to have planned to this point, he jumped down. Wang Xiong said with a sinking sound, everyone could see that he was suppressing the anger in his heart.

Tch, this son of a bitch is f*cking crazy, is he playing with his life? Looking at the waterfall below. Lin Chuan felt his head became somewhat dizzy. He inhaled a breath of cold air, and couldn't help but also curse angrily.

What should we do now? They were looking at Wang Xiong once more.

If he's still alive, then we must find him. If he's dead, then we must find his corpse. Wang Xiong said coldly, his eyes were filled with killing intent. The other three nodded and walked towards the other side. They had to take a detour to descend the mountain.

Four people quickly left, after a while, a wet hand stuck out from the cliff, followed by Zi Chen's entire body that was wet due to the waterfall. He climbed up from the side of the cliff.

Pluff. He spat out the water from his mouth and wiped his face. Saw that there wasn't anyone around and couldn't help but laugh: Ha ha. They seem to have gone down to the river. What a bunch of idiots.

When Zi Chen jumped down, he didn't fall to the bottom of the waterfall because he relied on his powerful body to grab a protruding rock as he fell. He hung there tightly, resisting the impact of the waterfall.

In a short quarter of an hour, Zi Chen reached his limit twice. There was a steady stream of energy that gushed out from his heart. If it was someone else, they wouldn't have been able to hold on and would've fallen. When he climbed up, Zi Chen had also exhausted all of his strength once more.

The sky brightened and sunlight soon fell on the earth and removed the dampness of the earth, the mist above the waterfall also disappeared. At this time, Wang Xiong and the others also arrived at the bottom of the waterfall, they searched for any trace of Zi Chen, but unfortunately, they didn't see any trace of someone coming ashore.

Did he die? Follow the river downstream. Wang Xiong guessed.

Most likely, this cliff is several hundred meters high. Although he wouldn't die when he fell, he would at least be lightheaded. Zi Chen most likely flowed downstream. Lin Chuan furrowed his brows and answered. His eyes randomly searched all around. Unconsciously, his eyes followed the waterfall to the top.

The next moment, Lin Chuan's eyeballs almost popped out, he saw a person standing on top of the waterfall.

There... There seems to be a person on top of the waterfall, and it looks like Zi Chen! Lin Chuan called out in alarm.

What?! Their complexion changed, their eyes looked towards the direction that Lin Chuan pointed. When they saw the figure, their noses almost crinkled from anger.

They spent a great amount of time searching, and couldn't find anything. They didn't expect that the one they were looking for was above them. Zi Chen stood on top of the waterfall at this moment, he was wringing his wet clothes. He seemed to detect the eyes from below, Zi Chen looked down and he showed a faint smile. His figure soon disappeared from the top of the waterfall.

F*ck. Zi Chen, I will eat you alive Wang Xiong was furious, he only slept for a short amount of time before he had to chase and then he found out that he was being played. He was led by Zi Chen running around in circles.

They quickly climbed up the mountain once more and chased after Zi Chen.


This... So poor. There are only two contribution points, two Qi Restoration Pills, and not even a single True Qi Pill. Poor, really f*cking poor. After seeing the contribution points on the token and the Qi Restoration Pills in the flask, Zi Chen was disappointed.

He had reached the peak of the sixth layer of True Qi. After cultivating for a bit using the True Qi pills, he is very close to the seventh layer of True Qi. If he had one True Qi Pill right now, he would confidently make a breakthrough.

After some difficulties, he finally stole a flask. But unfortunately, although man proposes, God disposes. He didn't get a single True Qi Pill.

The depressed Zi Chen could only discard the empty token, and he began to flee once more. His hope of making a breakthrough and then counter-attacking wasn't fulfilled.

Wang Xiong and the others caught up, but they only saw a token and a broken flask.

Chase him! The furious group chased once more. This time, they saw a water trail on the ground.

When they were chasing, they discovered that the water trail disappeared. After all, while climbing up the mountain, they had spent a long time.

F*ck, this sneaky bastard!=. Let's split up and give chase. Be careful, as long as we are not sneak attacked and face him directly, Zi Chen will die without a doubt. Wang Xiong, who was burning with rage, couldn't help but say so.

Everyone spread out and searched for traces of Zi Chen.


The four people dispersed. They contacted each other occasionally, informing that they had yet to discover Zi Chen.

Hmph, a mere seventh layer of True Qi, he dares to come to kill me alone. I hope he has a True Qi Pill on him. From a distance, Zi Chen was looking at the weakest person amongst the four people and whispered secretly within his mind.

This Zi Chen, where is he hiding? This damn f*cker. he killed Qi Yuan. Po Luo was cursing in his mind as he looked around the giant forest. His relationship with Qi Yuan was very good, they had planned on drinking some wine after killing Zi Chen but who could've thought that after one night, Qi Yuan would be killed by Zi Chen.

That despicable f*cker, he used sneak attacks. If he meets me, I'm going to kill him personally. Po Luo couldn't help but mumble.

This is an ancient forest, the trees here are more than a hundred years old. There might be someone hidden behind each big tree.

Really? If you want to kill me, do you have the strength to do so? Just when Po Luo was mumbling to himself, a sudden sound came from a big tree

After that, a person appeared from behind the big tree. It was Zi Chen. His clothes were still wet, but they were no longer dripping water.

Zi Chen! Po Luo's eyes flashed with killing intent.

I will give you a chance to call your companions. Or... do you want to make a move and strike on your own? Zi Chen said indifferently as he looked at Po Luo.

Boasting shamelessly, I will personally kill you. Po Luo was furious, the strength of a peak seventh layer of True Qi surged violently with killing intent in his eyes. But before he attacked, he shouted, Zi Chen is here!

He was going to attack, and also called for his friends. Po Luo's reaction was fast.

Go to hell! With killing intent in his eyes. His body's aura was compressed into a single point, and the rank of two martial technique, the 'Star Burst Fist' was sent out.

The Star Burst Fist in the Ling Wu sect was one of the more powerful ranks two martial techniques; therefore, many people used it.

Facing Po Luo's attacks, Zi Chen didn't dodge. His eyes sharpened as the aura on his body surged crazily. At this moment, Zi Chen seemed to have transformed into a fierce tiger; moreover, it was both a hardness and softness type strength of a fierce tiger.

The martial technique fusion appeared in a flash.


After the roar of the fierce tiger resounded, Zi Chen sent out a strong punch. Amidst the crackling sound, Po Luo's body was blown away upside down.

He came quickly and got blown away just as quick.

Die! His feet moved, the killing intent in his eyes surged, just like an agile fierce tiger. In a flash, he arrived in front of Po Luo. Fear could be seen in the eyes of Po Lou as Zi Chen sent out another punch.

Help me! The frightened Po Luo cried out for help. His True Qi covered his body's surface, forming a defense. In his opinion, the strength of a peak seventh layer of True Qi should be able to block Zi Chen's blow.


A light sound of Zi Chen's fist punching through Po Luo's chest was heard. The True Qi protecting his body was smashed into pieces in an instant, the powerful force rushed towards his chest, at that moment, his heart stopped beating.

Uh.... in Po Luo's frightened eyes, there were traces of disbelief. He didn't expect that a peak seventh layer of True Qi was unable to block Zi Chen's attack.

Just as his life was dissipating, Zi Chen took his token swiftly, it contained four contribution points. Also, the True Qi Pill he kept for himself was taken away by Zi Chen.


Po Luo fell to the ground, and Zi Chen disappeared into the forest.