Thunder Martial Chapter 319 - Stone Gate

Killing intent surged out, the combination formation that was formed from over a dozen stone statue experts was extremely powerful. In an instant, their spear beams fused together to form a gigantic spear.

Wherever it passed, cultivators would fall to the ground dead.

But in the next moment, a magnificent light appeared and waves of energy attacks advanced according to Zi Chen's orders, landing on the bodies of the three stone statue experts.


The energy that exploded caused a tremor as the three stone statue experts suddenly slowed down. They became powerless as the spear in their hands dimmed.

As if it was struck by a fatal blow and the combination formation was instantly broken. The sharp spear was powerless as it dimmed and then disappeared into thin air. At the same time, the momentum of the combination attack of the stone statue experts was also destroyed.

Without the combination formation, without the seamless fusion aura, these stone statues were just ordinary Zhen Yuan Realm experts and they were able to be easily killed by Imperial Sky Realm experts.


A terrifying aura surged as a spirit armament appeared. It was over a dozen meters long and radiated resplendent rays of light. Under the control of an expert's spiritual perception, it flew forward like a bolt of lightning.



Like cutting a melon and grass, everything became simple. On the spirit armament, there was an endless amount of power. There were more than a dozen stone statues that had their heads chopped off in an instant.

The Imperial Sky Realm experts, at this moment, displayed their powerful strength used to suppress the Zhen Yuan Realm, and instantly massacred a wave of stone statues.

This scene caused everyone to be shocked.

Compared to when Ma Yanqing was killing the stone statues, Zi Chen was evidently much stronger. He could directly break through the formation, and it was very easy as his speed was even faster than Ma Yanqing's.

Attack the first, sixth, and fifteenth

Zi Chen bellowed, with a thought, he commanded the others to attack. This time, more than twenty statues rushed forward.

The beautiful rays of light appeared once again, hitting the designated position. Energy surged, and exploded, causing another combination formation to be destroyed. Following that, the spirit armament of an Imperial Sky Realm expert slashed out and destroyed everything.

All of the stone statues were destroyed.

Everyone was dumbstruck. In just a few breaths, Zi Chen had broken through two joint attacks, his efficiency was too high.

Everyone looked at Zi Chen with admiration. As expected of a formation master, he actually had such methods.


Compared to Zi Chen, Ma Yanqing was a little weak. Although the formations formed by the banner was very scary, able to exterminate more than a dozen statues at once, the efficiency was too slow, and Zi Chen managed to take the spotlight in an instant.

Brat, don't be too proud. I'll think of a way to kill you later.

Ma Yanqing's face was gloomy, the cold light in his eyes flickered. Some evil thoughts were brewing in his heart, and his killing intent surged.

Continue to break the formation. Zi Chen shouted.

Beside him, there were many Zhen Yuan Realm Cultivators, as well as a few Imperial Sky Realm experts. The Zhen Yuan Realm experts were responsible for breaking through the formation and the Imperial Sky Realm experts were responsible for killing the stone statues, while Zi Chen was hiding at the back and giving orders.



There were a lot of stone statues, and they were all an army. Now that a fierce battle had occurred, all of the stone statues started to move.

Their faces were expressionless, and they didn't feel pain at all. They continued onward, slaying off anyone who blocked their way.

Zi Chen could only concern himself with one direction. There were even more stone statues that rushed into the crowd and charged towards the few great forces.



Light flickered and the void trembled. At this moment, another core armament appeared, releasing a terrifying aura, and at the same time, another spirit armament rose up into the sky, displaying boundless might.

The stone statues were collapsing. The soldiers disappeared and turned into ashes. At the same time, there were also human cultivators that were killed. Death and injury continued to appear, and their blood had already converged into a stream.


In the end, even the Sovereign Realm experts took action. A palm print appeared, obliterating everything and emitting a terrifying aura.

The stone statue expert revealed the incomparable combined attack to everyone. A mere Zhen Yuan Realm was able to suppress so many Imperial Sky Realm experts. If the great powers had not been prepared, the number of casualties would have been even more.

The battle lasted for a full two hours. The entire stone statue army was destroyed and turned to dust, and many human corpses laid on the ground.

It was a hellish scene with mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

In the third floor, there was nothing else but these stone statues. This was the biggest treasure, but unfortunately, no one understood spiritual soul lock technique, and they could only kill these stone statues.

There were no restrictions or anything else in this place. After exterminating the stone statue, the group carefully entered the fourth floor.

The space in the fourth floor was slightly smaller than the third floor, but the killing intent that was in the air was even denser, almost corporeal.

When everyone entered, the first thing they saw was eight ancient stone statues. They were very tall, lined up in a row, and their bodies were filled with killing intent.

If the stone statue from before formed an army, then the eight stone statues in front of them were generals.

Eight Sovereign Realm statues. Seeing these eight stone statues, Ma Yanqing's expression became even uglier, and his heart hurt even more.

What, these are eight sovereign realm experts?

When the others heard this, their faces also changed crazily, they were shocked, even some of the sovereign realm experts were the same.

Sigh, what a pity. Their soul power has been greatly lost and their cultivation base has been lowered. Right now, they are only in the imperial Sky Realm. Ma Yanqing shook his head, his eyes filled with regret.

Look, there's a stone door behind the stone statues.

Suddenly, an alarmed cry sounded. Everyone raised their heads and sure enough, they saw a stone door behind the eight sovereign realm stone statues.

The stone doors were three meters tall and two meters wide, and tightly closed. A few sovereign realm statues, like guards, lined up in a row, guarding outside the stone door.

Oh my god, eight sovereign realm statues guarding the door, what a grand show of power. Could it be that the stone door is where the legacy of the Human Slaughter lies?

The crowd cried out in alarm, and everyone's gazes became fervent.

After entering the fourth floor, they finally saw a stone door, moreover it was a sovereign realm stone statue guarding the door.

Very likely.

At this moment, Ma Yanqing's expression could not remain calm. Behind the stone door, even if there was no inheritance left behind, there were still some extremely valuable things.

Everyone was moved.

However, before that, they had to first take care of these stone statues.

Sigh, such a pity. If there's no one here, I could grab a stone statue. Old Mo let out an exclamation.

Zi Chen also felt that it was a pity. These were eight sovereign realm statues, even if they were now at the Imperial Sky Realm, they were still a large force and could be used as a trump card.

Just at this time, an expert made a move and struck from far away, wanting to destroy the stone statues.


However, when the strike landed on the stone statue, it only caused sparks to fly everywhere. The stone statue was not damaged at all, and the spirit armament returned empty-handed.

It's no use, this is a spiritual soul lock technique, even core armament cannot break it. Ma Yanqing reminded them.

The spirit armament's attack touched the formations, causing it to light up with rays of light. The petrified skin disappeared, and the stone statue came back to life.

When they were alive, they were in the sovereign realm. After losing their soul power, their combat power was equivalent to an Imperial Sky Realm, but the weapon in their hands was a real core armament. They released a terrifying aura that stirred the space in all four directions.

core armament, that's a core armament.

The group of experts' expressions changed. There were eight Imperial Sky Realm experts who possessed core armaments, which was extremely scary. If they could also use a combination formation, then no one would be able to defeat them.

The people from the big powers all subconsciously retreated, leaving the battlefield to the Sovereign Realm experts of the few big powers.

Now, it was their turn to take action.

And only they could exterminate these stone statues.


A tall and mighty elder walked out. His eyes were like cold lightning, and a terrifying aura surged around his body. With a single step forward, it caused heaven and earth to tremble.

A sovereign realm expert's pressure engulfed the sky. It was terrifying pressure that no one here could withstand, causing everyone to retreat, and their hearts trembled in fear.


The heaven and earth trembled as an unparalleled energy circulated, forming a palm print. It was as black as ink and as the destructive aura surged. It appeared in the air and descended.


The core armament held by a stone statue also released a sound like a flood dragon going out to sea, bringing about an endless wave. A monstrous amount of energy surged, causing the spear to go up in the sky like a huge dragon, shining with a silver light, rushing towards the palm print.


The stone statue was a sovereign realm expert when he was alive, so he possessed an unbelievable amount of power. His eyes were empty this time, but his combat power was still terrifying. The spear struck the sovereign realm expert's palm print and caused a huge quake, causing the destructive aura to explode and the palm print to be destroyed.

A silver light shot out from the sky and returned back to its original form, transforming into a spear. It was bright and resplendent and was caught by the stone statue.


Just then, another stone statue expert moved. Like a ray of light, the longsword in his hand pierced towards the sovereign realm expert, displaying the might of one with the sword.


Then, a large expanse of flames appeared, causing the sky to collapse. These were streams of fire that burned everything, filling the sky, attacking the stone statues.

At this moment, a few stone statues moved, displaying their sharp attacks, and at the same time, some of them attacked the sovereign realm experts at the same time.

They were powerful, and represented the highest fighting strength of the Southern region, so once they attacked, no one could stop them.

An aura of annihilation gushed forth as an explosive sound rang out. The entire space seemed as though it would shatter from the impact, as though the heavens were crumbling and the earth was shattering.

Everyone, including Zi Chen, was dumbstruck. Sovereign realm experts are indeed terrifying. Their combat power was peerless, even with core armaments, the stone statues might not be able to suppress them.


Boundless flames surged, instantly devouring the sword wielding stone statue. The terrifying flames burned through everything, and the stone statue only lasted for a few breaths before it disappeared.

Everyone was shocked, the Li Family's flame techniques was truly terrifying.

At the same time, the other sovereign realm experts also unleashed their terrifying martial skills, attacking all the stone statues, causing the place to shake.

The eight stone statue experts were destroyed one by one, turning into dust that disappeared. The core armaments also turned into dust, and just as the destructive energy was dissipating, one figure after another shot out, like streaks of light, flying towards the stone door.


However, before they could even reach the stone door, there was already a flash of light. A huge formation suddenly appeared and swept these people away.

Without a sound or even a scream, the few of them disappeared.

There's a formation in front of the stone door.

Someone cried out in alarm, and there were quite a few people who retreated with lingering fear.

They really are greedy. Ma Yanqing scoffed, just now, in that instant, at least a dozen people were devoured by the formations, and all of them were rogue cultivators.