Thunder Martial Chapter 318 - Stone Statues


A figure flashed, and rushed towards the statue in front of them.



Immediately after, another two figures appeared, their speed was extremely fast, and their target was the stone statues.

Don't do it. Ma Yanqing cried out in alarm, but it was obvious that it was too late. The one who made the move was an Imperial Sky expert. He was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, he was right in front of the stone statue.

He reached out to grab the stone statue, a light flashed and he was about to put it away but in the next moment, the stone statue underwent a change. Its petrified skin slowly disappeared, as if the experts suddenly woke up.


The sudden change occurred, and in the next moment, the expert felt a sense of danger, and retreated. At the same time, the statue released a burst of light, and with a light sound, it struck towards the three who rushed in with its spear.

One of them was injured, and the other two were also extremely miserable.

The stone statue had turned into a man, and a powerful aura surged around its body. Its empty eyes were as black as an abyss, and its face was expressionless.

The stone statue turned into a living person, causing everyone's expressions to change. They felt that it was inconceivable, as it had easily injured an Imperial Sky Realm expert with one strike. Its power was even shocking.

These stone statues, they were all experts before they died and were all sealed using the spiritual soul lock technique. If one does not understand the spiritual soul lock technique and is unable to bring away these stone statues, they would wake them up the moment they get close. Ma Yanqing then opened his mouth, full of regret and loss.

Actually, without him saying so, everyone had already sensed that the ancient spear in the statue's hands was actually a ancient weapon. This made everyone even more surprised.

Spiritual soul lock technique, it really is the spiritual soul lock technique. If you understand this technique, you can bring these experts away, this is equivalent to having an army. Amongst the taiji, Old Mo also let out a low sigh.

Old Mo? Even you do not know the spiritual soul lock technique? Zi Chen asked. In his heart, there was nothing that Old Mo couldn't do.

I do know a bit about the cultivation technique. With my powerful soul power, I would be able to grab a statue for you, but at this moment, I obviously can't make a move. Moreover, the spiritual soul lock technique used on these statues has a flaw in it, and they have lost a lot of soul power. Seems like my guess before is not wrong.

They've lost soul power. Isn't this their strongest battle force? Zi Chen asked.

That's right, they've lost a lot of soul power! The Old Mo said, If they didn't lose their soul power earlier, then their strength should be within the Imperial Sky Realm.

What? Imperial Sky Realm, which means to say that all of these statues were Imperial Sky Realm experts? Zi Chen opened his eyes wide, his face was in disbelief, and just like Ma Yanqing, he looked to be in extreme pain.

At first glance, the statues were densely packed together, forming an army, and all of them were Imperial Sky Realm experts. This was simply too inconceivable, once one grasped this army, then who in the Southern region would dare to provoke them?

A great army of Zhen Yuan Realm experts, gone just like that. Everyone exclaimed in admiration and felt that it was a pity. Of course, there were also many rogue cultivators with faces full of schadenfreude.

They would never be able to get something like this. It would be even better if no one could have it.

At this moment, what they cared about was the ancient weapon in the hands of these statues. It was a weapon comparable to spirit armaments, and was most suitable for close combat.

What Zhen Yuan Realm? When they were alive, their combat power was all in the Imperial Sky Realm Spirit Origin Realm. It was only because their soul power had been lost that their realm had been lowered. Ma Yanqing said, and felt very pained.

What? Every single one of them were Imperial Sky Realm experts?

This time, even the sovereign realm expats expression changed greatly. If every single one of them were Imperial Sky Realm experts, then so many experts would be able to slaughter a large force. No wonder Ma Yanqing said that this was a huge treasure trove.

Once all of them were collected, they could be used as a foundation.

That's right, a complete spiritual soul lock technique will not lose any soul power. Someone came here in advance and they touched the formations. Ma Yanqing said another piece of important news.

Someone came here in advance? The crowd seemed to explode, everyone felt that it was inconceivable. There were layers upon layers of formations here, and dangers lurked in every direction. There was actually someone who could arrive early?

As for the many sovereign realm experts, their expressions changed once again. This was the same as what the Liu Family guessed, someone walked in with the correct map.

These statues can no longer be used by us. We must destroy them, or else we will be in trouble as well. Ma Yanqing said as he retreated backwards.

And also at this time, one by one, the stone statues underwent a change. Their petrified skin disappeared, and replacing them were numerous experts.

The moment they recovered, they did not attack them, but held their ancient weapon, and charged towards them.

The spear moved forward, and its entire body was filled with killing intent. At this moment, everyone seemed to have merged into one, without any flaws.

Dammit, this is the combination formation, let's end this quickly. Ma Yanqing's face changed drastically as he retreated further.

It was as if they had transformed into spears. Killing intent surged as they charged forward, flashing with a blinding light.

Their eyes were empty, but every step was orderly and well-trained. With a single step, the ground trembled, as if a spear was moving. Their killing intent penetrated to the bone, causing people's hearts to turn cold.


An Imperial Sky Realm expert soared into the air, rushing forward. His entire body was filled with energy as he rose into the air, wanting to arrive behind the statues to kill them.

However, the spear twisted its body in charge, causing space to distort. A bizarre force appeared, making it seem like it was forbidden to fly in the air.



In that instant, at least seven or eight sounds rang out. Several ancient weapons pierced through the Imperial Sky Realm expert's body, and the latter's eyes were filled with shock as he fell backwards.

With just a single exchange, he died. Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, and their hearts trembled.

Hurry up and attack, otherwise, when the combination formation is fully displayed, no one here will be able to live. Zi Chen also shouted loudly, and retreated further. This was what Old Mo said. The combination formation was not ordinary.


When the formation master spoke, it was naturally not fake. Battle cries immediately sounded, and a boundless killing intent surged. Numerous gorgeous attacks shot into the sky, and everyone charged towards the stone statues.

The combination formation was very scary. These stone statues at the Zhen Yuan Realm held onto their ancient weapons as they charged forward, like a sharp spear that could slaughter everything.

In that instant, it was unknown how many people's hearts were pierced. Their eyes were hollow as they walked forward. They swept through everything before them, as if they were killing people and killing deities before their eyes.



Screams could be heard continuously as no one could block the attacks of the stone statues, the situation was completely one-sided. Broken limbs, fresh blood and broken bones were everywhere.

It was like a human tragedy.

The spear twisted in the air, causing space to distort. A wave of bizarre and mighty power spread out, landing one by one on the ancient weapon.

The ancient weapon suddenly shook, and emitted some kind of shockwave. In an instant, it destroyed the spirit armaments coming at it, and then, the ancient weapon pierced through the body of an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Not only did they possess combination formation, they also had a terrifying spear technique, which was extremely powerful. With their combined might, even Imperial Sky Realm experts are easily.

Break force with force, don't try to hide your strength. Attack in the front, don't take any chances. Zi Chen bellowed, and retreated further. In this kind of battle, he could not interfere, and a single clash would probably cause the spear to pierce through his body.


With a slight tremble, a Wolf Tooth Staff soared into the sky, releasing a terrifying aura. The black light surrounded the entire place, like a black dragon coming out of the world, and ruthlessly smashed towards the stone statues below.


The sky and the earth shook and the entire third floor space trembled. The wolf tooth staff was extremely powerful, the moment it landed, it shattered the momentum of the joint attack, following that, the huge staff smashed down, hitting a total of five stone statues.



They had already transformed into their human forms, but their original bodies were like stone statues, exploding in an instant before transforming into endless dust that vanished into thin air.

At the same time, their ancient weapons had also turned into dust.


A spirit armament appeared and released a terrifying might, like a ray of lightning, it chopped off the head of a stone statue expert, in the next moment, the stone statue also disappeared, turning into dust, even the ancient weapon in its hands also disappeared.


Everyone was dumbfounded. The stone statue had turned into dust, which was understandable, but the ancient weapons were all weapons. How could they have disappeared along with them?

After the baptism of countless years and the corrosion of the spiritual soul lock technique, these ancient weapons will be able to live forever, as long as its master does not die. Ma Yanqing explained

This was a tragic war, the stone statues resurrected and turned into experts. They understood the combination formation, knew powerful spear techniques, and its power was peerless. When faced with a single clash, even Imperial Sky Realm experts are having a hard time.

It was a good thing that the several great powers had made ample preparations this time.

At the instant the wolf tooth staff appeared, another core armament shot up into the sky, and descended with a terrifying might.

In the great war, a cultivator died in battle every second.

Everyone was embarrassed. This was after all, a stone statue that had lost its soul power. It had lost a whole realm but they could not even handle them.


The air trembled again as another core armament appeared. Like a surging fire dragon, it charged into the midst of the stone statues.

The appearance of several core armaments was not enough to suppress these stone statues. There were too many of them.




Rays of silver light flashed as Ma Yanqing threw out a few more banners, which danced in the air and floated in the air, forming a large destructive formation that swept away a wave of stone statues. After that, energy auras that were destroyed surged out of the formations, all of them turned into ashes, and the ancient weapons disappeared.

Ma Yanqing showed the power of a formations master to the world. This was a terrifying scene, killing more than a dozen stone statue experts.

Humph! Ma Yanqing snorted and glanced at Zi Chen in disdain. The banner moved again, and he controlled it with his spiritual perception from afar.

Everyone looked at Zi Chen, this was a little formation master. His formations attainment was not much weaker than Ma Yanqing, and everyone hoped that he would be able to come up with some tricks.

Zhen Yuan Realm cultivators, listen to my command. Attack the third, sixth, and ninth stone statue experts. Zi Chen shouted as well. Old Mo finally found the way to break the combination formation.