Thunder Martial Chapter 317 - Spiritual Soul Lock

The large staff fell down, causing the stone room to shake. It landed on the giant and it let out a muffled sound. The giant let out a roar and took a few steps back.

Everyone in the area was shocked.

These were the attacks of the three Imperial Sky Realm experts. They were powerful and scary, but when the three of them teamed up, they did not manage to kill the Ancient Giant and only caused some light injuries to the other party.


The giant roared, and its voice was like thunder as it shook everyone's souls. Many people covered their ears and fell to the ground. This was a terrifying existence, and it was powerful. Its defensive power was also astonishing.



The three of them looked at each other and attacked again and again. The entire second floor was shaking and elemental energy was surging like a tsunami.

Zi Chen hid far away and watched the scene in shock. The Ancient Giant was still extremely powerful. With every attack that landed, the ground would tremble, and a terrifying energy filled the second floor.

At the same time, he didn't let down his guard. When he was trying to break the formation, Ma Yanqing tried to use the formations to kill him multiple times.

If not for Old Mo's timely reminder, he probably would have died.

Old thing. Zi Chen cursed in his heart.

When he looked at Ma Yanqing again, he swept his gaze at Zi Chen with provocation.

The giant was extremely powerful, and the more it fought, the more valiant it became. With a single step, the earth trembled, and a tyrannical aura surged. Its every strike was incomparably terrifying. Ordinary Imperial Sky Realm experts wouldn't even be able to withstand a single strike.

The three of them did not want to be outdone, their killing technique kept appearing and boundless energy flooded the surroundings. More and more people retreated in shock as the energy aftershock here could kill them.

The number of wounds on the giant's body increased. The three of them were very powerful, but if they wanted to kill the giant completely, it was impossible for them to do so in a short period of time.

As the injuries on its body worsened, the giant became even more berserk, each strike carried the sounds of wind and thunder.

Quick, finish the battle.

Just as the battle was about to drag on indefinitely, The Sovereign Realm expert of the Liu Family suddenly opened his mouth.

Alright! Liu Mingyong nodded his head, the aura around him changed once again, his eyes became cold and emotionless as he shouted, All of you step back.

Wang Zhenwei and Qi Qingqiu were forced to retreat. Without any hesitation, they unleashed a strike, which pushed back the giant and then they broke away from the battle.

Immediately after, many black lights appeared in Liu Mingyong's hands. Like they were coiling around each other, the wolf tooth staff appeared and exuded a powerful aura.

core armament!

Everyone cried out in alarm, and the eyes of some of the Sovereign Realm experts also fluctuated.

This was the most satisfying piece of work the Liu Family had created for the past thousand years and it was extremely powerful. Back then, when Liu Mingyong wielded the wolf tooth staff, he was able to push back the Sovereign Realm expert of the Wu Zong Sect with a swing of his staff.

Zi Chen's gaze also became extremely passionate. It was this Wolf Tooth Staff that gave birth to the idea of obtaining a core armament.

If he had such a core armament, who would be able to chase him down?

Roar! Once the core armament appeared, the giant seemed to have sensed danger and let out a low roar. Its scarlet eyes became even more crazy, as if it had lost its mind.

In the midst of the trembling, it rushed towards Liu Mingyong. With a stomp of its feet, the place trembled.


Liu Mingyong held onto the wolf tooth staff and took a step forward, the wolf tooth dysgg in his hand shone and he fiercely threw it forward. The black light waved its body, and like a black dragon appearing, the tyrannical aura appeared and tore apart the space, releasing a powerful Qi.


A powerful strike landed on the giant, and the crisp sound of bones breaking resounded. A large amount of blood blossomed out, and a surging energy filled the second floor. Such a powerful force caused the giant to retreat backwards, emitting hissing sounds.


The terrifying energy spread, and the second floor began to tremble violently. On the stone wall, cracks appeared, spreading like a spiderweb, but immediately after, beams of light appeared, neutralizing the huge power, and the cracks slowly disappeared.

The entire ruin was just a big formation, which had been activated when it suffered heavy damages.

The Ancient Giant coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. Its chest had caved in from the attack, its hands had become deformed, and its scarlet eyes were filled with madness. It had completely lost all rationality.


It roared out again, and rushed towards Liu Mingyong, releasing its most powerful attack. The tyrannical energy was like a raging storm, sweeping forward. At the same time, the wolf tooth staff in Liu Mingyong's hand was raised again, and a pitch-black light appeared as it struck out ruthlessly.



Two loud sounds rang out, and under the wolf tooth staff, a black dragon appeared. Its aura was terrifying and it smashed into the giant's head, splattering brain matter everywhere. The giant crashed onto the ground, its life force dissipated.

One hit kill.

In Liu Mingyong's hands, the Wolf Tooth Staff had almost slipped out of his hands. His palm was cracked open, blood flowed out from it and he was pushed back seven or eight steps, coughing up large mouthfuls of blood. His face was deathly pale as the last strike from the giant was extremely terrifying.

Everyone's face changed. Liu Mingyong who possessed the core armament was injured, the strength of this Ancient Giant could not be underestimated.

It was as if a shadow had been cast over everyone's hearts. What would happen next if there was such a terrifying giant on the third level?

Continue to break the formations.

The sovereign realm experts frowned, but remained calm and collected.

Zi Chen and Ma Yanqing continued to move forward to break the formation.

This time, Zi Chen was more cautious, he stayed far away from the formations and only commanded from afar, allowing the two Imperial Sky Realm experts to make their move.

Liu Mingyong was injured, and retreated for the moment.

Three meters to the left, shoot a beam of energy. Two meters to the right, shoot another burst of energy but don't cause it to explode

Zi Chen commanded from afar. He knew nothing about formations, so he could not use formations to counterattack.

Old Mo could do it, but he could not do it himself. He had to tell Zi Chen, and Zi Chen told the two of them.


A rumbling sound could be heard as formations were broken one after another. The two of them had broken through the formation at a very fast speed, showing the demeanor of Imperial Sky Realm experts.

He really is a formation master. The speed at which he broke through the formation was actually this fast.

Looks like the formation is about to be broken. It's hard to imagine that there are actually so many great formations in such a small place.

The two of them had already broken through dozens of formation formations. In this period of time, Ma Yanqing had wanted to think of a way to break them faster, but the two Imperial Sky Realm experts simply flew in front of him and immediately broke through the formations.

There were tens of grand formations that appeared but there is not a single trace of the stairs to the third level, causing everyone's heart to tremble.

The more formations there were, the harder it was for them to break through, but this filled many people with anticipation. The second floor had spirit armaments, then what was on the third floor, core armaments?

Many people's eyes had already turned passionate.



Formations exploded as energy surged. Just as more than a dozen formations were broken through, the third floors passageway finally appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

It opened, it opened!

Everyone exclaimed as they stepped forward. With a hualala sound, they were extremely excited, as if they had already seen a core armament.

When the passage appeared, Ma Yanqing looked at Zi Chen coldly and entered the passage. Qi Qingqiu and Wang Zhenwei also entered in a flash, followed by Zi Chen.

After the three of them, everyone began to walk in, looking anxious.

The third floor was not as wide as the second floor's stone chamber. It was as if there were no other stone chamber here.

Walking in from the passage, they could feel a wave of killing intent, causing their heart to tremble.

How could this be? Ma Yanqing was the first to enter, and when he saw all of this, his expression immediately changed.

Qi Qingqiu and Wang Zhenwei followed closely behind. Upon seeing the third floor, they were also startled, and looked forward with confusion.

Zi Chen quickly appeared. Following his gaze, he saw many stone men and statues. All of them emitted killing intent and they were neatly arranged, as if they were a well-trained army that had been baptized in battle.

However, other than this, there was nothing else.

The entire third floor was filled with stone statues, row after row, pairs after pairs.

Why is it like this? Looking at these stone statues, Ma Yanqing's face was filled with disbelief and shock. In his eyes, there was only grief, an expression of grief.

It was as if his most precious object had been snatched away by someone.

There are a lot of stone statues here. They look quite extraordinary.

Other than the stone statues, there is nothing else. Why is it like this?

Where's the core armament? There's no core armament. It would be fine if there were spirit armaments but why are there so many useless stone statues?

Everyone came in one after the other. After seeing this, they all cried out in disappointment.

There's something strange about these stone statues. Only these Sovereign Realm experts frowned, as they could tell that these stone statues were not simple.

Ah.... Damn it, why is it like this? Just then, Ma Yanqing let out a hysterical roar, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

Master, what happened? Is there something wrong with the stone statues? Someone asked.

Stone statues? How is this a stone statue, this is a huge treasure trove. Ma Yanqing lost control of his emotions.

Treasure trove? Everyone was startled, they did not understand. What did these stone statues have to do with treasures?

Many people turned to look at Zi Chen, but the latter was also startled, obviously not knowing what the stone statue was.

Little master, is this stone statue really a treasure trove? Someone asked, obviously thinking that Zi Chen was easier to talk to than him.

This! Zi Chen was startled. He was also asking Old Mo but he didn't tell him.

What does he know? Ma Yanqing ridiculed, and still looked to be in pain, This is the biggest treasure I have discovered up till now, but unfortunately, without the spiritual soul lock technique, no one can take it away.

Spiritual soul lock technique? Everyone was stunned, clearly not knowing what that was.

That's right, this is a very powerful formation, possessing unimaginable power, able to seal the soul of an expert, petrifying his entire body, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep, immortal and indestructible. Ma Yanqing said, he was still agitated.

What, it can seal the soul? You mean to say, these stone statues were all formed from living people? At this moment, even the sovereign realm experts were no longer calm.

If these stone statues were all experts before they died, then they could have taken away these stone statues and used them as their foundation.

And if every single one of them was an expert, then wouldn't they be able to rule the Southern region.

At this moment, everyone was stunned. After that, hurried breathing sounds could be heard.