Thunder Martial Chapter 316 - Young Formation Master

When Liu Mingyong used the Wolf Tooth Staff, he knocked back four Imperial Sky Realm experts with one swing, and beat back a Sovereign Realm expert with one swing. Zi Chen was so impressed that he wanted one even in his dreams.

When the time comes, he would chase down that d*med monk with his own core armament and beat him back or even kill him, and this trip to the ruins was the perfect opportunity to obtain the core armament.

core armament, you think you also deserve a core armament? It would be good enough to just give you a spirit armament. Ma Yanqing sneered. Having his face destroyed by a junior, he did not like Zi Chen at all.

Oh, then what is master's condition? Could it be that master's condition is also a spirit armament? Zi Chen was not angry, and asked a question in reply.

I am the formation master, so who do you think you are? Ma Yanqing said with disdain.

Pah, what kind of bullsh*t formation master is this? If he could be called a formation master, then the Limitless Sect back then would have tons of formation masters. Truly a shameless junior, he barely has any attainments with formation but he calls himself a formation master. In Zi Chen's mind, the voice of Old Mo resounded.

If master is referring to age, then I believe this child is no match for you. Zi Chen smiled faintly. With Old Mo directing him, he naturally did not fear the other party.

Kid, are you questioning my attainments in formations? Ma Yanqing's face was ugly, his eyes hostile.

Okay, we can agree to your conditions, but you have to show us some skills. Just then, a Sovereign Realm expert spoke out.

Isn't it just a core armament? If it is not in the ruins, my Liu Family can give you one. The expert of the Liu Family also said.

This time, he showed the worth of a large family. The Liu Family, as a family of artificers, if they say that they will give out a piece of core armament, they will immediately give it away.

Thank you for Senior's trust, I will be making a fool of myself if I can't prove myself. Zi Chen cupped his fists and bowed towards the expert of the Liu Family.

He could already tell that the other party's voice was that of the old man who had warned him in Yongji City.

That day, he had attacked the two great monstrous geniuses and after that, these two great forces did not find trouble with him. Presumably, it had something to do with the old man.

Go. The expert of the Liu Family waved his hand.

The others, on the other hand, had faces of ridicule. They clearly didn't think that this little brat had the ability to break through the formation.

This.... Zi Chen was startled, and somewhat hesitant.

What happened? Did you forget how to break the formation? Some monstrous geniuses sneered.

My strength is low, so breaking the formations will take a long time. In order to increase my speed, can I borrow a few people to quickly break the formation? Zi Chen ignored the few of them and said to the expert of the Liu Family.

Humph! Ma Yanqing scoffed.

Apart from him, anyone is fine. The expert of the Liu Family pointed at Ma Yanqing, and smiled faintly.

Alright, I'll have to trouble the three of you to take action. Zi Chen had already thought of a candidate.

They were Wang Zhenwei, Liu Mingyong, and Qi Qingqiu. Zi Chen had a very good impression of these three people, and the three of them had all saved him before.

Alright, then we'll follow this little master and challenge the formations of the Human Slaughterer. Wang Zhenwei joked.

little master, do your best!

The other two also walked out with faint smiles on their faces.

Thank you!

Zi Chen thanked them and took a big step forward, walking towards the big formation.

Can he really break the formation?

Who knows, he shouldn't be too bad. He did help break the Serial Formation just now.

Everyone muttered as they looked at the young formation master.

Zi Chen walked up and looked at the formations, he could not understand at all. Old Mo was teaching him using sound transmission, teaching him how to break through the formation.

A meter in front of us, there is a formation base that needs to be directly destroyed. You need to use a bit of strength to destroy it.

Three meters to the left, there is another one. One strike can destroy it.

Fifteen meters in front, at the center. Shoot out some energy but don't cause an explosion.

In his mind, Old Mo explained every single detail. Every single detail was said, and Zi Chen listened quietly as he memorized it.

What is he doing? Why isn't he breaking the formation?

That's right. Aren't you very awesome? Why are you standing there?

Seeing that Zi Chen did not move, the few monstrous geniuses opened their mouths as well, and were extremely dissatisfied.

Are you all idiots? Don't you all understand the principle that you have to observe the formation first to break it? A mocking voice sounded.

Wang Shan, what do you mean? A few monstrous geniuses looked at him angrily.

What I mean is that you all already have no face, so don't make a ruckus here. Otherwise, you might embarrass yourselves even more. If you continue to talk about something even though you don't even have basic knowledge of it, others will laugh at you.

Wang Shan's words angered the group of monstrous geniuses, but they did not speak anymore. This was because the seniors of their family had a much colder expression.

After Old Mo finished explaining in detail, Zi Chen explained in detail to the three of them. The three of them nodded their heads repeatedly with a faint smile on their faces, cooperating extremely well.

The three of you, attack as soon as I tell you to. Zi Chen said.

Alright, little master, feel free to speak.

In Zi Chen's hand, a light flashed and a spear appeared. It was a normal weapon, but in the next moment, it was thrown out by Zi Chen, and like a bolt of cold lightning, it flew forward with a whistling sound.

Idiot, how can you break the formation like that? Brat, I think you're just a little liar, let's see how you're going to die. Seeing Zi Chen's method of breaking through the formation, Ma Yanqing sneered and completely heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.


After the spear landed on the ground, it released a loud sound. In the next moment, a formation appeared and rays of light shot out from it.




The moment the first formation appeared, another one followed closely behind. With a flash of light, the first one was closely intertwined with the first one, surging with energy with an overflowing aura.

Immediately after the third formation appeared, an even more intense fluctuation appeared.

This is? A Serial Formation.

Another Serial Formation?

Shouts of alarm came from afar as one formation after another appeared, forming a Serial Formation.

Ma Yanqing's face turned ugly once again.

Several monstrous geniuses did not speak either.

Break the formation! At this time, Zi Chen's indifferent voice sounded out.


Light flickered as the three of them launched their full strength. The aura around their bodies surged as they unleashed a series of attacks.

They were like streams of sword Qi, some were strong and some were weak, scattered in all directions and some of them were filled with destructive aura, exploding the moment they landed.

Some were very solid, while others were incomparably sharp, and directly pierced through the formations.

Just as everyone was dumbstruck, a brilliant light appeared, followed by a burst of terrifying energy that was filled with a tyrannical aura.



A sonic boom sounded out. Within the Serial Formation, one formations after another exploded as the energy continued to wreak havoc.

After several consecutive explosions, the entire formation was completely shattered, and it was broken.

Everyone was stunned, and no one spoke a word.

In just a few breaths of time, he broke through a Serial Formation. Such a technique was simply too strong compared to Ma Yanqing.

Formation master, you're really a formation master.

How old is he? His attainments in the formations are actually so profound.

To be a formation master at such a young age, isn't that a bit too much?

Everyone was extremely shocked as they looked at Zi Chen.

As for Ma Yanqing, his expression was gloomy to the extreme.

The few monstrous geniuses were also speechless.

Haha, as expected of the little master. Your offer wasn't high, so I can give you one core armament.

That's right, this little master is not excessive at all.

The Sovereign Realm experts laughed heartily. Obviously, they was satisfied with Zi Chen's methods.

Seniors, you flatter me, I hope you will keep your promise. Zi Chen said.

Don't worry, it's just a core armament, as long as we can enter deeper in, I'll immediately hand one to you.

Then let's begin to break the formation. With the two great formation masters here, we can move a bit faster.

After that, Zi Chen brought the three of them to break through the formation with Ma Yanqing.

Ma Yanqing's accomplishments in formations were not bad, and those few banners were even more extraordinary. As they rolled, each and every one of them exploded, and as long as they were not a Serial Formation, it was still very easy for Ma Yanqing to decipher them.



But compared to that, Zi Chen's speed was even faster, and it was even simpler.

And every single time, Zi Chen was able to accurately find the location of the formation base, as well as the weakest part of the formations, and directly crack it.

The formations outside was quickly broken.

They entered the ruins, after a month, the formations were restored, and the two of them needed to break it again.

The Ancient Giant had already disappeared.



The sounds of formations exploding continuously rang out, and spread throughout the entire relic. The remnants of the first floor were also broken through by the two of them.

Soon after, they entered the second floor.

There was nothing here anymore. The big powers had gained a lot last time, but at the last moment, an Ancient Giant appeared.




Suddenly, a loud roar rang out. The rumbling sound was like numerous sharp blades that stimulate one's mind.

Zi Chen stomped his feet on the ground and suddenly retreated backwards.


In the instant he retreated, a terrifying energy fluctuation appeared from where he stood. If Zi Chen was still there, he would have definitely been ground to smithereens by the energy.

Old thing. A cold light flashed across Zi Chen's eyes.

Looking at Ma Yanqing, he laughed coldly. With a teasing expression, he also retreated quickly.

With a roar, a huge monster appeared. It was the Ancient Giant.


The moment the formations broke apart and the other party appeared, it lifted it foot and stomped. Streams of energy surged and a brutal aura spread out.

Hah! Wang Zhenwei shouted, and the red light around his body flickered like a blazing flame. He was from the Wang Family, but he did not cultivate the Azure Dawn Secret Art, but instead, a different type of technique, it was extremely powerful.


Qi Qingqiu was not weak either. Black light surrounded his body, and a huge sharp blade appeared in front of him, cutting towards the giant.

A large staff appeared in Liu Mingyong's hand, and he suddenly swung it forward, causing ripples to appear in the air.


The Ancient Giant roared, the Spirit Qi around its body became even more tyrannical. It suddenly stepped forward and the void seemed to be about to shatter. With a loud sound, it shattered Wang Zhenwei's palm imprint, but the powerful might of the palm imprint also caused its body to stagger.


At the same time, the sharp blade slashed across, leaving behind a scar on its body. Blood began to flow out from the wound.