Thunder Martial Chapter 315 - Serial Formation

Outside of the ruins, the formation army was trying to break through the formation. However, the formations were getting harder and harder.

In the outer region, a group of people went over to Zi Chen and looked at him coldly, overbearing against him.

master doesn't care, but I can't let go of anyone slandering master.

That's right, master's name has spread far and wide. He is so mighty in the Southern region, how could a little kid ruin his reputation?

Several of the Imperial Sky Realm experts spoke up, unwilling to give up.

Zi Chen swept his gaze across everyone, his face expressionless, but he still remembered these people.

He's merely a member of the younger generation. Liu Mingyong said.

So what if he's a member of the younger generation? Do you think that the younger generation is capable of slandering the master? The Geng Family spoke up.

master has already affirmed that there are no Serial Formations here but this brat here keeps arguing, trying to slander master. Another person spoke up.

When have I ever slandered the master? I only felt that there is a Serial Formation here. Zi Chen opened his mouth, but his voice was still relatively calm.

Humph, boy, do you think you have the right to speak here? An ice-cold voice came out, the Chu Family's expert spoke out.

Forget about it. He's just a member of the younger generation. Boy, come over and apologize. Ma Yanqing waved his hand, and said with disdain.

Brat, why aren't you thanking me? Grandmaster has let you go.

Quickly come over and kowtow and admit your mistake. He will not bother with you, you are simply lucky.

The several Imperial Sky Realm experts all had a teasing look on their faces.

Why should I apologize? I only said that I thought. I didn't slander you so don't slander me. Zi Chen said.

Hmph, master already said that there is no Serial Formation here, but you still say there should be. If it isn't slander, then what is it?

You are rebutting the great master, hurry up and admit your mistake.

Ma Yanqing scoffed, and said, Junior, I originally wanted to give you a chance, but you aren't taking it. There is no Serial Formation here, and you still say there is, isn't that intentional? Now, you don't even have the chance to apologize, I think you have evil intentions.

A cold light flashed in Ma Yanqing's eyes.

At the same time, the other Imperial Sky Realm experts' eyes were filled with chilliness as well. A trace of killing intent appeared in their eyes.

The older generation did not say a word, as they knew very well what was going on. Liu Mingyong and the rest did not know what to say at this time.


Right at this moment, a trembling sound rang out, and strands of energy surged out in front of them.

Serial Formation.

A group of formation armys accidentally touched a Serial Formation, and instantly activated it. Then, the formation's energy surged.

Furthermore, the The power of the formation was very strong, so the energy it was surging was even more terrifying.

The sudden change made the formation army unable to react in time. They were all caught up by the formations and disappeared.



At the same time, miserable cries sounded out, it was a very mournful sound. The energy of the formations was surging, and the aura of destruction was fluctuating.

The other formation armys' expressions changed greatly as they hurriedly retreated with lingering fear on their faces.

This is a Serial Formation!

Heavens, there really is a Serial Formation. At this moment, everyone's expression changed.

When the Serial Formation appeared, Ma Yanqing's expression instantly became ugly. He had just mentioned that there were no Serial Formations in this place, but before he could finish speaking, the Serial Formation appeared.

His figure flashed, flying straight towards the Serial Formation. Immediately after, his finger pointed out, and streams of energy appeared and struck into every corner of the Serial Formation.

Previously, the Imperial Sky Realm experts' eyes were filled with killing intent, but now, he felt extremely awkward. Without saying a word, they turned to look at the Serial Formation, and stopped looking at Zi Chen coldly.

There's actually a Serial Formation.

The formation master did not notice, could it be that this boy's attainment in formations is even more powerful than the masters?

A few murmurs sounded, but they were heard clearly by the crowd.

The senior looked at Zi Chen with surprise.

Ah? Save me!

master, save me!

In the Serial Formation, miserable cries sounded unceasingly, these people's attainments in formations were not high, upon encountering the Serial Formation, their chances of survival were not high.

The formations was constantly revolving, a terrifying aura was circulating around it, annihilating everything.


Ma Yanqing was helpless, his hands flashed with light and a few banners appeared. The light was bright, with many lines carved on the flags, they immediately transformed into a few metres in size.

This is a formation flag, comparable to a spirit weapon. When using it to set up the formation, its power is even greater than using Yuan stones.

Using his spiritual perception, the banner flew out in all directions with a flash of light and surrounded the Serial Formation. Ma Yanqing obviously intended to use the formation flag to break through the formation.


The formation flag began to emit a blinding light, and forcefully broke through the formation. On every formation flags, a terrifying aura appeared, and it became one. Moreover, its power far surpasses that of a spirit armament, comparable to forbidden weapons.

This Serial Formation is even stronger than the previous one.

It is very strong, and it was concealed extremely well. Even the formation master did not discover its presence.

But it was discovered by a little cultivator.

Many people looked at Zi Chen in a different light.

Little Friend knows formations? Wang Zhenwei turned his head, he looked at Zi Chen, and a strange look appeared in his eyes.

I know a bit. Zi Chen smiled slightly.

Oh, what do you mean by a bit? Liu Mingyong's eyes lit up.

I only know a little, but to be able to tell that there's a Serial Formation here, there's no problem. Zi Chen was not modest.

As for the other Imperial Sky Realm experts, their faces were ugly to behold. Before this, they had been laughing and ridiculing Zi Chen.

Hmph, it's just blind luck.

That's right, he wasn't so sure before, but now that he saw the Serial Formation, he looked so confident.

Some of them mocked him, obviously wanting to recover their previous awkwardness.

Where did you come from? How dare you spout nonsense here?

You talk too much at such a young age.

Impersonating a formation master, you are courting death

Several monstrous geniuses had held back for a long time. At this moment, they could not help but speak up for their own families.


When the banner appeared, not only did the Serial Formation not break, it became even more powerful. Ma Yanqing's forehead was already covered in sweat.

This was the Serial Formation he had misjudged, it was very powerful.

As time passed, there were no longer any screams from the formations. It was obvious that all the formation experts inside had been killed.

Then Little Friend, do you have any way to break this formation? Seeing that the Serial Formation could not be broken for a long time, Wang Zhenwei asked.

He has no methods. He's just a kid. He was just lucky.

He's just a liar. Wang Zhenwei, do you really believe that he has a way?

The Imperial Sky experts which previously aimed at Zi Chen, was once again ridiculing him.

His age isn't far from ours. Even if he started to study formations when he was in his mother's womb, it was just a little over twenty years. He probably can't even enter the Imperial Sky Realm, how can he be compared to a formation master?

That's right. In my opinion, this person is a swindler. Previously, it was just blind luck.

Geng Le and Chu Lie were also speaking up for their own family, the other monstrous geniuses also spoke up for their own family.

Learning formations is a competition of attainments, not age. It is a competition of strength, and not a competition of cultivation. Zi Chen sneered, and said, Just like before, when your realm was clearly stronger than A Luo's, you were still beaten like a dog. It's the same for the journey of the formations.

Kid, are you courting death?

How reckless.

The eyes of the monstrous geniuses flashed coldly as their killing intent surged.

Hmph, idiot, your family has been completely humiliated, yet you still dare to clamor here. A hint of disdain appeared in Zi Chen's eyes, he turned and ignored the few of them, then said to Wang Zhenwei, I hope that senior can help out, at the left side of the four banners, one meter, release a burst of energy. A mere Serial Formation is not something to be afraid of.

Wang Zhenwei was startled, and a bright light flashed in his eyes. Then, according to Zi Chen's words, with a tap of his finger, four streaks of energy were released.


Just as the four energies descended, the Serial Formation seemed to have been cut off from the rest of the energies. The light instantly dimmed, and a hole appeared in the connection between the formations.


Immediately after, the banner started to shine brightly, Ma Yanqing caught hold of this loophole, causing a terrifying Qi to surge. The powerful Serial Formation was instantly broken.

In the formations, there was a floor full of corpses, and none of the people who had been engulfed in this had survived.

Everyone was dumbfounded, their eyes filled with shock.

Once again turning their head, the gaze that they looked at Zi Chen with became one of reverence.

It was obvious that his attainment in formations was not any weaker than the formation master.

master is truly amazing, breaking the Serial Formation so easily. Once the Serial Formation was broken, Geng Le cried out.

That's right, you are truly worthy of being a master. With such attainments in formations, you have made us worship you.

A master is still a master. He is much better than those little swindlers.

This is the real deal. It's far more suitable than some people's words.

The other monstrous geniuses also voiced their opinions.

But the Imperial Sky Realm experts didn't say anything.

The monstrous genius could be this shameless, but the rest could not. Although they did not know much about formations, they knew that if Ma Yanqing had not made his move, it would be a dream if they wanted to break the formation quickly.

This child sure has good methods. It seems like his attainments in formations are already very deep. One of the Sovereign Realm experts finally spoke up, with a faint smile hanging on his face.

As for the other Sovereign Realm experts, they looked at each other, and their faces revealed kind smiles.

Average, I'm just average. Zi Chen was very modest.

Just at this moment, Ma Yanqing walked back. His face was extremely ugly, because of his carelessness, he had caused the loss of many people within the formation army, and had also lost a lot of face.

Say it, what do you want? They were all old monstrous geniuses, so they immediately understood his hidden meaning.

Zi Chen was so domineering, and yet he spoke out at this moment, it was obvious that he had other requests.

If there is anything, I will pick first. Zi Chen opened his mouth and made a request

No. Ma Yanqing's face changed, he was the first to reject, and said coldly, You truly think your attainment in formation is very profound? Kid, you only cut off the power of the formation previously. If you did not break through within a few breaths, the power of the formation would have become strong once again, and you want to use this to fight for the greatest benefit for you, you're simply dreaming.

Ma Yanqing's words caused everyone's expression to change. It was clear that at this moment, the latter had also acknowledged Zi Chen's attainments in the formations.

The inheritance of the formations, the inheritance of the martial skills, of course I wouldn't get involved. Zi Chen said, Of course, if there are any core armaments, I will choose one.