Thunder Martial Chapter 314 - Formation Grandmaster

When the formation master appeared, a terrifying surging aura appeared and instantly attracted the attention of countless people.

Just an Imperial Sky Realm expert, and he is actually together with two sovereign experts?

Yeah, he's actually standing in the middle. He looks really amazing.

From the looks of his clothes, it seems like water waves are rippling, making people dizzy. It can't be that he is a formation master, right?

The crowd below burst into discussion.

Three figures quickly headed towards the Liu Family. They were obviously discussing about the trip to the ruins.

Not long after, the news about the appearance of the formation master in Yongji City spread.

Moreover, this was the first time the name formation master Ma Yanqing was known by so many rogue cultivators.

With the appearance of the formation master, the journey to the ruins will be just around the corner.

Right, after looking forward to it for a long time, we can finally enter the ruins. I just don't know what we'll get this time.

Everyone was filled with anticipation.

And it was also on that day that the few great monstrous geniuses who had not appeared for a long time appeared one after another. This time, they appeared in high profile as endless fighting intent surged around them.

A Luo, if you dare to appear, I, Chu Lie, will kill you. Chu Lie appeared, the chill around his body was even stronger, and his Qi was even stronger. After a month of training, his strength had increased by a whole level.

A Luo, how long will you keep hiding? You're a tortoise, do you dare to appear? Watch as I, Geng Le, kill you with a slap. Geng Le also came out. With a loud voice, his entire body was filled with killing intent.

The two's spatial rings had been robbed, and they suffered the biggest loss. They lost a lot of face and their hatred towards A Luo became even stronger.

Now that they had achieved a breakthrough in their cultivation, their confidence soared.

The other two families, as well as the Wu Zong Sect's monstrous genius, also appeared one after another. During this period of time, they had all been cultivating in seclusion in order to increase their level and regain their lost face.

Five-on-one, yet they had been knocked unconscious. This was simply a humiliation.

As a major power, they had to wash away their shame.

After a month of tough training and refining Yuan pills, their strength had finally broken through and they were filled with confidence.

They were monstrous genius, the strongest in terms of combat strength. Their martial skills were unrivalled, and they broke through once again. There was a difference of four levels, so they were not afraid of a mere fourth heaven.

They only dared to call out loud after breaking through. They're not just putting on airs in front of others, they're courting death. When the Wang Family monstrous geniuses came out and heard the clamoring of the other monstrous geniuses, they all sneered.

Back then, when Zi Chen was only at the second heaven, he was already able to fight a sixth heaven monstrous geniuses, which was four levels above him. With just a few Eighth Heavens, even if Zi Chen did not break through, he could still suppress them.

That day, Zi Chen easily won against five, giving people a lot of pressure. During that time, everyone was in closed door cultivation, and their strength had also improved.

Wang Qiong did not say a word. Standing there, his entire body seemed to be covered with a layer of mysterious light, causing others to not be able to see through him. His strength had always been a mystery, but as the number one monstrous genius, some guessed that among all the monstrous genius, Wang Qiong would be the first to enter the Imperial Sky Realm.

Wu Mo was wearing a wide set of robe, appearing as if he had not woken up yet; he was extremely lazy.

The formation master is here. I believe that the trip to the ruins will be soon.

It should be in the next few days.

The atmosphere in Yongji City instantly became tense. All of them rubbed their fists as they prepared to enter the ruins.

Everyone was filled with anticipation for the burial site of the Human Slaughterer.

Yongji City, Liu Family Hall.

I get first pick. Inside the main hall of the Liu Family, a few masters were seated. After discussing the trip, Ma Yanqing made his request.

Inheritances are a no. Some people frowned. The matter regarding the inheritance was extremely important, and they couldn't allow others to pick first.

I do not want the inheritance of martial skills, but if it is an inheritance of formations, I must obtain it. As for the items that are of value, I must be able to get the first pick.

I can let you choose one thing, but you can't take away the inheritance of formations. We've discussed with you before, once we discover the inheritance of the formations, we can only share it.

That's fine! Ma Yanqing did not hesitate at all. To comprehend formations, what he needed was perception.

After that, the several great powers made a relative addition to the details, and the two sides reached an agreement.

On that day, a shocking piece of news was released.

After a day, several great powers entered the ruins together.

Everyone was in an uproar, the entire Yongji City was in an uproar, everyone was in a frenzy!

This night was destined to be a sleepless night. Tomorrow, countless people would use their lives to gamble.

When Zi Chen and Nie Tian heard the news, they were completely dumbstruck.

Isn't this too much of a coincidence? Just as he was about to go, the formation master came.

Hearing Old Mo's suggestion, the two followed them and allowed them to break through the formation outside. After they were inside, they would move out separately.

Many great powers gathered and re-entered the ruins. This time, the scale was larger and the number of experts increased.

Other than that, large forces had also brought core armaments. They had brought out their Sovereign Realm experts and even formation masters, so it could be said that they were extremely prepared.

Zi Chen and Nie Tian were in the middle of the crowd.

They are really arrogant. Did they forget the scene of the previous day where they were knocked unconscious? Nie Tian was very dissatisfied.

All along the way, the five great monstrous geniuses spoke without restraints. Each and every one of them threatened to kill A Luo with one slap or one finger, making Nie Tian very angry.

Ignore them. Zi Chen laughed coldly, a cold glint flashed past his eyes.

These people spoke shamelessly so they will definitely die. Even though he did not dare to kill anyone in Yongji City, it did not mean that he did not dare to do so here either.

Using the formations to trap them to death was not impossible.


The surging energy made the formations outside slowly break.

It had to be said that in this formation army, there were a few capable people.

In less than a quarter of an hour, they had advanced a hundred meters. They had broken through multiple formations, and not a single person had died. It was not like that day, where they had to rely on cannon fodder to find his way.


The formations trembled, many ripples appeared, and many terrifying Qi surged, but following that, seven to eight people started to use their Qi, and started to attack different parts of the formations.


A few breaths later, the formation exploded.

Everyone sighed in admiration. Wasn't this too easy? With just a few strands of energy, they were able to break through a great formation.

You have to understand, previously, when many great powers were surrounded by the formations, they used forbidden weapons to blast it open.

As expected of formations master, an existence that can never be judged by one's strength. A mere few strands of energy are enough to dissolve a formation that can kill Imperial Sky Realm experts.

The way everyone looked at the formation master changed. It was a passionate look, as they finally had a better understanding of the mysterious the formation master.

With the formations being broken one after another, and the methods of these people being very high, wouldn't the formation master be even higher?

Everyone's eyes fell on Ma Yanqing, their faces full of respect and worship. There was a rumor that Ma Yanqing had used a formation to kill a Sovereign Realm expert, and no one had believed him before but now....

In the outside world, there were many great formations. The speed at which the formations were being broken through was growing slower and slower. However, formation master Ma Yanqing did not even give them a single glance. It was clear that he did not care and allowed this group of juniors to break through the formation.

If master doesn't act, they won't be in any danger, will they? Seeing that the speed of breaking through the formation had slowed down once again, one of the Imperial Sky Realm experts suddenly spoke.

These are all the simplest formations, it's not difficult. They're just slow but there won't be a big problem. Ma Yanqing said confidently.

But last time, someone discovered a Serial Formation, and quite a few people died. Could it be that this time, there's also a Serial Formation? Another person said.

Serial Formation, how is this possible? Once it is broken, it will disappear. It would be good if one of them can appear in the outer circle, there can't be another. Ma Yanqing was very confident.

This... It's better to be careful!

Ao Baichuan is a formation master, and so am I. The inheritance of the formations, I might not be able to compare to him, but with my accomplishments in the formations, I am confident that there is no Serial Formation here, I promise you. Ma Yanqing was very assured, and a look of displeasure appeared on his face.

There should be a Serial Formation here, we have to be careful. In the distance, Zi Chen whispered to the crowd as they broke the formation.

Kid, you understand formations too? Ma Yanqing turned and looked at Zi Chen, his gaze sharp.

When he heard Zi Chen's mutterings, he was already unhappy, and now, he was also making life difficult for Zi Chen.

I don't understand. Zi Chen shook his head and no longer spoke.

The path of the formations is as vast as the sea. Kid, if you don't understand, then don't spout nonsense and doubt the words of others. Ma Yanqing's gaze was very unfriendly.

Where did this kid come from? With so many experts present, do you think you have the right to speak?

To think that you are speaking nonsense in front of a formation master, you truly do not know your place.

Seeing Ma Yanqing's displeasure, one or two people immediately spoke with a cold voice.

Truly an ignorant member of the younger generation. He actually refuted the words of a master.

Not bad, as a junior, what do you know about formations? This is nonsense.

Another person spoke out in disdain, his eyes full of ridicule.

I don't understand formations, but I can guess, one Serial Formation has appeared here, maybe there's a second one. Originally, the expert wanted to settle the matter peacefully, but to his surprise, Zi Chen said it in an overbearing manner.

Haha, what an arrogant brat. Ma Yanqing laughed in disdain as he stared at Zi Chen, You little child, you actually dare to bring up formations in front of me. When I was researching the formations, I'm afraid that your Grandpa was not even born yet.

It's just a guess, why would I not dare to say it? Zi Chen's eyes were wide opened, and his face was extremely cold.

master, please calm your anger. He's just a junior, there's no need to be so serious. Furthermore, this place is a burial site of the Human Slaughter. It would be correct to be a bit more vigilant. Some of the older generation members didn't say anything and another Imperial Sky Realm expert spoke.

At that moment, the Liu Family spoke out, it was Liu Mingyong, obviously wanting to be the peacemaker.

Brother Liu, what you said is wrong, this is not something to be complacent. master has immersed himself in the elemental formation for many years, and his attainments in the formations are exceptional. How can this brat be qualified to argue with him ?

That's right. master said that there are no Serial Formations here, so it's clear that there are none. This little guy kept on saying that there are, and he obviously has ulterior motives.

He is insulting the name of the master. It is simply harboring malicious intentions. He must have some ulterior motive.

As Liu Mingyong's words fell, another expert spoke out in an attempt to curry favor with Ma Yanqing and deliberately belittle him.

If you say so, then it's fine. He's merely a member of the younger generation. He's a bit more cautious, so why do you say that he has malicious intentions and ulterior motives? Could it be that he still wants to murder a master? Wang Zhenwei laughed lightly.

The younger generation has spoken, but it is only with caution. Since you all said it like this, could it be that you all want to kill him? Qi Qingqiu from the Wu Zong Sect also said.

A master is naturally a master. It is impossible for one to argue with someone of the younger generation. However, the younger generation does not know their place in this world. They are too presumptuous and must be severely punished.

[TN: Tbh, Zi Chen should've just kept his mouth shut.]