Thunder Martial Chapter 313 - Wealth

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen bolts of heavenly lightning descended. As the power of the heavenly lightning grew more and more powerful, Zi Chen was finally injured.

On his body, cracks appeared, and they radiated a resplendent golden light as Zi Chen coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

The dumbstruck Nie Tian had a face full of worry again. The energy of the heavenly thunder was becoming more and more frightening but Zi Chen was injured.


Zi Chen coughed out a huge mouthful of blood, his entire body was immediately charred black by the lightning.

In the end, a gigantic sea of lightning appeared in the sky, each lightning bolt was like a heavenly chain, piercing through the heavens and earth, releasing a terrifying aura. Resplendent silver light illuminated the entire world, annihilating the world, engulfing the entire mountain forest, and countless beasts crawled on the ground in fear.

This was the fifth stage of Tribulation Lightning, which was even more powerful. The aura of destruction rippled out as it descended from the sky, carrying with it the power of extermination of the heavenly thunder.

Nie Tian's expression changed, and he stepped back again, his face full of worry.

The sea of lightning fell from the sky, and sounds of explosions rang out. The destructive aura spread out and wreaked havoc, and the mountain peak where he was standing on earlier was also submerged in the sea of lightning. The mountain rock turned into crumbs, and the grass and trees into wood shavings.

This is too terrifying, there are actually dozens of Heavenly Lightning. No wonder he has unparalleled combat power. Every time he increases his strength, he will have to undergo a tribulation of lightning and obtain a new life from it. How can he not be strong? Nie Tian was extremely shocked. At the same time, he silently prayed that Zi Chen would definitely be able to hold on.

The sea of lightning raged for more than a quarter of an hour, causing Nie Tian to tremble with fear and worry. Even though he was still quite a distance away, he could feel the terrifying aura contained within the Divine Lightning.

By the time the lightning sea dissipated, everything within a radius of several thousand meters had already turned into scorched earth. The mountain range had become a flat plain.

Only, in the middle of it all, there was a charred figure standing there. He was surrounded by cyan smoke but he did not fall.

Nie Tian held his breath and did not say a word.


With a tremble, a wave of vitality surged out from the figure. The resplendent golden light radiated outwards, and like a sun, it was dazzling, as if it had been reborn. The figure's black skin completely faded, and new skin appeared.

Heavens, he really withstood the tribulation. Nie Tian was aghast, his face turning into a pleasant surprise.

The lightning tribulation that made people feel fear was actually passed just like that. After going through the baptism of the tribulation, the aura around Zi Chen's body became even more terrifying.

There seemed to be a kind of destructive energy flowing through his every move.

He's too terrifying, no wonder he has unparalleled combat power. Just resisting the bombardment of dozens of heavenly thunder is enough to make one feel proud. Nie Tian was shocked.

Could it be that all the Sky Martial cultivators are this terrifying?

Hurry up and leave.

Just as Nie Tian was in a state of shock, he heard Zi Chen's sound transmission, The commotion here is too great, it has attracted the attention of experts.

After he had finished speaking, he turned into a streak of golden light and ran off into the distance.

Nie Tian reacted and quickly followed.

Moments later, numerous figures appeared in the sky above the mountain range. After seeing a range of several thousand meters turn into scorched earth, the sky changed color.

Lightning tribulation. This is yet another lightning tribulation. They have also successfully overcome it.

Why are there so many experts who have gone through tribulation lightning recently? Could it be that the tribulation lightning has become weaker now?

The group of Imperial Sky Realm experts were puzzled and searched everywhere. After finding nothing, they turned around and left.

Those who could survive the tribulation were naturally the extraordinary expert, they did not dare to disturb them.

It's too scary, Zi Chen, you are too scary. Could it be that your unparalleled combat power came because of the lightning tribulation? Every time you make a breakthrough, you will have to undergo the lightning tribulation? Once he returned to the Inn, Nie Tian couldn't wait and asked with shock in his eyes that didn't dissipate for a long time.

More or less. Zi Chen nodded.

His unparalleled combat power seemed to be inextricably linked to his lightning tribulation.

As to why he had attracted the lightning tribulation, whether it was because of the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art or his perfect physique , Zi Chen could not say for sure.

Our strength has broken through, are we going to explore the ruins now? Nie Tian was filled with anticipation. With the formation master, the two of them did not need to wait for the powerful forces to come, they could go on their own.

Don't worry, let's see how much wealth there is in the spatial ring that I went all out to obtain last time. Zi Chen smiled mysteriously.

After a month of hard work, he was able to breakthrough, so Zi Chen was very happy. During this month, Old Mo had also awakened, and his Soul Power had clearly become a lot stronger.

Old Mo. Following Zi Chen's call, Old Mo appeared beside Zi Chen. He was dressed in black, and his illusionary spirit body had become much more corporeal.

Old Mo, help me break the seal on the ring. Zi Chen took out two spatial rings.

Alright! Old Mo nodded with a face full of smiles, You have gained quite a lot during this period of time.

Afterwards, a strong Qi surged out from Old Mo's body. This was purely his spiritual consciousness, and it directly struck towards the spatial ring.

Following the sound of two slaps, as if a diaphragm had been broken and brilliant rays of light emitted from the spatial rings. Old Mo's powerful spiritual consciousness instantly broke the seal on the spatial rings.

Fortunately this spatial ring's master is not an Imperial Sky Realm cultivator, and is unable to truly refine this spatial ring. This spatial ring didn't truly recognize its owner as its master, otherwise, the only way is to kill them, and make the spatial ring recognize you as the master. Old Mo's face was full of joy.

Quickly, take a look. How much wealth is inside? Nie Tian stood at the side with a face full of excitement. He had already heard of Geng Le's wealthy and imposing manner from him that day.

Within Zi Chen's body, the golden energy surged as two golden rays of light appeared and surged towards the two spatial rings. The next moment, on top of the spatial rings, a brilliant golden light shone.

These two spatial rings covered an area of over a hundred square meters, which was many times more than the ones in Zi Chen's hands.

With a sweep of his spiritual perception, Yuan Stones could be seen everywhere within the spatial rings, forming numerous small mountains. The spirit energy gushed out and piled up there like piles of trash.

Looking at the hills of Yuan Stones, Zi Chen was a little stunned.

With so many Yuan Stone mountains, how many Yuan Stone would these two spatial rings add up to?

A hundred thousand? Two hundred thousand? Or three hundred thousand? Or was it more?

Zi Chen was startled, he felt that his brain was not working fast enough.

How is it? It can't be empty, right? Seeing Zi Chen not saying anything for a long time, Nie Tian asked nervously.

Haha... We're rich! We're rich! Zi Chen reacted and could not help but laugh out loud. This time, he really struck gold. There were too many Yuan Stones here, and Zi Chen couldn't even count them all.

If the pile contained a hundred thousand Yuan Stones, then the value of the Yuan Stone that Zi Chen had obtained this time was more than a million.

A million Yuan Stones... Zi Chen was excited just thinking about it.

In addition to that, there were also some items that were bought by two from the auction. Amongst them, there were a few Blue Spirit Herbs, and they also had pills to recover one's spiritual consciousness.

We're rich! We're rich! The people from the two big powers had definitely spat out blood. Zi Chen was extremely excited.

Back then he had killed the five monstrous geniuses, he also took their spatial rings, but the spatial ring they were using was also that kind of trash. Today, the spatial ring in their hands was a few hundred square meters.

The Geng Family and the Chu Family had indeed prepared a lot for the auction this time, and after hearing that their spatial ring was stolen, they really spat out blood. Even for a great power, the loss of a million Yuan Stone, it would still be painful for a long time.

How is it? How much is it? Nie Tian asked anxiously.

There are at least a million Yuan Stone. Zi Chen made a conservative estimate.

What? At least a million Yuan Stone? Nie Tian was dumbstruck, this was a huge sum of money, he had never even heard of such an amount before.

The thought of over a million Yuan Stone was enough to stun everyone.

Here's one for you. Zi Chen was elated. Everything added up to more than two million, which was a huge sum of money. Zi Chen took Chu Lie's spatial ring and gave it to Nie Tian. He then took out the pills that recovers spiritual consciousness and gave it to Old Mo.

No, I can't take this. Nie Tian's expression changed, and hurriedly pushed the spatial ring over. This was obtained with a slim chance at survival. He could not take it, it was too precious, and Nie Tian felt that it was too hot for him.

Take it. I have one more. Don't worry, there are a lot of Yuan Stones inside. Zi Chen handed it over to him.

If I take it, am I still a human? I am the unlucky Nie Tian, but I am not the greedy Nie Tian. Nie Tian said with a stern expression.

Zi Chen persisted once more, and in the end, Nie Tian took a hundred thousand Yuan Stones. Originally, he wanted to give him two hundred thousand, but Nie Tian insisted on one hundred thousand.

The resources required for you to break through are too great. With this hundred thousand Yuan Stones, I will be able to buy nearly ten thousand Yuan pills, which is enough for me to break through to the Imperial Sky Realm. Nie Tian laughed, he was satisfied. Before he met Zi Chen, he used Shattered Yuan Stones to cultivate, but now, in the short span of a few months, he had used Yuan pills.

Old Mo, these are all to recover your soul. Take them and use them when necessary. Zi Chen took out all of the Blue Spirit Herbs and Spirit Recovery pills.

Yes, the place you're talking about seems very complicated. I have to keep my soul brimming. Old Mo nodded his head, he then waved his hand and rays of light flashed, and the items were directly taken away.

Then, in a flash, he entered the taiji to refine these things.

We should leave as well.


Yongji City, after waiting for more than a month, a formation master has finally appeared.

On this day, a terrifying aura surged in the sky as three figures flew towards Yongji City at an extreme speed. Among them, there was a Wu Zong Sect expert and a Cang Family expert.

In the middle, there was another person.

It was an old man dressed in purple. HIs robes were embroidered with lines that rippled like water, and it had a defensive formation. When placed on his clothes, it was obvious that this person's attainments in formations were very high.

The old man's expression was cold, he was not angry, his eyes were sharp like lightning as he flew between the two experts. He was the Southern region's famous formation master, Ma Yanqing.

However, he was a self proclaimed famous formation master.