Thunder Martial Chapter 312 - Fifth Heavenly Lightning

Old Mo had indeed awakened, but it had not even been a breath's time before he fell back into slumber.

This soul power is too powerful. I need to refine it.

However, while he was sleeping, a spiritual perception came out from Old Mo.

Zi Chen was completely at ease. There was still some time before he could explore the ruins. During this time, he would try his best to make a breakthrough.

Last time, he risked his life to grab the spatial ring on the ground in the ruins. Other than the spirit armaments and the ancient weapons, the Imperial Sky Realm expert had a ton of wealth..

He used to cultivate with Yuan Stones, but now he uses Yuan pills.

This was a product from the Danyang Qin Family and each pellet contained dense spirit energy which could be directly absorbed. It was extremely expensive, and only the core disciples of large powers could use Yuan pills to cultivate with.

Here you go! Zi Chen threw a porcelain bottle to Nie Tian.

What? When Nie Tian opened it, a dense wave of elemental energy gushed out, and crystal clear pills appeared in the bottle one by one. There were a total of ten pills, and with a sniff of his nose, a rich wave of elemental energy entered his stomach.

Is this a Yuan pill? Nie Tian was shocked, his eyes opened wide in shock.

Nie Tian was powerful, but he had always been unlucky. He was also very poor, even though he had killed many experts, he did not have the time to search for their possessions, and was even chased by them.

It was to the extent that if he did not meet Zi Chen, he would still be cultivating with a few Shattered Yuan Stones with a mix of spirit energy, which could be said to be an extremely miserable sight.

After meeting Zi Chen, the situation had changed for the better. Nie Tian felt very dejected with using the Yuan Stones to cultivate. He had never wished to use it to cultivate, it was true high grade goods.

You are knowledgeable, even knowing about Yuan pills. Zi Chen laughed, and looked at Nie Tian in surprise.

Nie Tian smiled awkwardly, and said, I saw the mayor's foster sons use it back then. Right, why did you give me these?

In the future, we will use it to cultivate and strive for a breakthrough in our strength. Zi Chen said.

What? Using it to cultivate the entire time? Isn't that extravagant?

Only with luxury can one improve. I still have many more here, enough for the two of us to break through to the next level. With that said, Zi Chen sat cross legged with his eyes closed, adjusting his state of mind and refining the Yuan pills.

Nie Tian was a little dumbstruck. Even though happiness came at such a speed, he still did not dare to get used to it. From his point of view, cultivating with Yuan Stone was extremely fast enough for him.

Right at this moment, Nie Tian was stunned to see Zi Chen take out two Yuan pills and swallow them whole.

This is too extravagant. Does he not care about the loss of elemental energy?

Nie Tian bit his tongue, and looked at the Yuan pills in his hand unwillingly, wanting to keep it in his bosom. To use this thing to cultivate, he was not used to it, it was too extravagant.

Don't worry, just hurry up and refine it. Strength is the most important thing, there are many dangers inside the ruins. The stronger you are, the more chances you have of surviving. Geng Le and Chu Lie's spatial ring are here. As long as you open it, you will know how rich I am. Zi Chen said with his eyes closed.

When Nie Tian heard it, he no longer hesitated. He took out a Yuan pill and swallowed it, then began to refine it.

However, his refining speed was very slow and could not compare to Zi Chen's.

Yongji City, because of the ruins, had more and more experts. Among them there were many who had studied formations and they were large in number, and formed a group of formation army, only that their strength was not that great.

The real formation master had not appeared yet.

Several factions were waiting, there were already people from the older generation that had gone to invite the formation master.

During this period of time, a few rogue cultivators alliance appeared, forming a very strong force, holding onto spirit armament and forbidden weapons, they broke into the ruins.

Just as the Liu Family had said, all the destroyed formations had recovered and changed. As soon as the Rogue Cultivator Alliance broke in, they were trapped by the formations, and before they had even reached the Ancient Ruins, they had used up several forbidden artifacts. The expert had also suffered a lot of casualties, and even one Imperial Sky Realm expert had died, resulting in them returning defeated.

The loss of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance caused a huge stir. Those who were restless all quieted down, not daring to have any more crooked ideas.

As time passed, the few major forces still did not give up on searching for A Luo and the monk. However, it was as if A Luo had disappeared into thin air. No matter how the various forces searched, they could not find any clues.

Furthermore, even the extremely eye-catching monk was nowhere to be found. It was as if that shiny skinhead had vanished from the face of the earth.

The Southern region became quiet once again, but everyone knew that this was the calm before the storm.

In the little town, in the Inn.

As the Yuan pills were refined one by one, Nie Tian's heart was bleeding. These were Yuan pills, so the price was very expensive. However, using it was worth, Nie Tian's strength was increasing quickly, and he believed that it wouldn't be long before he could break through again.

As he opened his eyes, his gaze landed on Zi Chen. Nie Tian's expression fluctuated, he was able to refine two Yuan pills everyday, and this speed was not considered slow.

Zi Chen was able to refine two bottles per day, which was more than ten times his refining speed. Compared to Zi Chen's speed, Nie Tian felt that he had the speed of a tortoise.

Other than the speed of refinement, what surprised Nie Tian the most was that the extreme energy in Zi Chen's body was simply a bottomless pit that could never be filled. Nie Tian thought that if he had Zi Chen's refining speed and so many Yuan pills, he could easily break through two heavens once more and reach the peak of Zhen Yuan Realm.

But as for Zi Chen, his strength had not broken through, and had not even gone from the fourth heaven to the fifth heaven.

This huge consumption rate left Nie Tian speechless.

In front of him, a floor full of fallen jade bottles looked extremely shocking. Those were the endless Yuan Stones.

In the beginning, Zi Chen only refined two pellets, but in the end, it was a bottle of ten pellets.

It was as if he was eating candy, Nie Tian felt embarrassed.


Another empty bottle appeared and fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Another bottle? Nie Tian was startled, and rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, he met Zi Chen, otherwise, his body would not have had any resources, and his strength would not have increased even after so many years.

I have to work hard too.

Taking a deep breath, Nie Tian closed his eyes and started to refine the Yuan pills. Beside him was the ten bottles of Yuan pills that Zi Chen had given him.

Enough for him to squander.

With endless resources, Nie Tian trained even harder.

Days passed and the two of them remained motionless. In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

There were still no movements from the several great forces, and the formation masters had not been invited yet. The crowd of rogue cultivators were a little impatient, but they had no choice.


In the Inn, in the room, the natural energy suddenly trembled. The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the room was like boiling water, surging continuously. With Nie Tian at the center, a huge suction force appeared, forming a whirlpool.

I'm about to break through. Nie Tian was overjoyed. After cultivating day and night, refining a few bottles of Yuan pills, he was finally about to break through. At this moment, it was rare for him to be so generous. Grabbing a porcelain bottle, he took out three Yuan pills and swallowed them in an instant.

Breaking through to the next stage required a lot of energy.

Is he about to break through? Zi Chen opened his eyes. He felt that his energy had reached a limit as well, and in front of him, he took several tens of empty porcelain bottles, almost a hundred of them.

Around Nie Tian's body, the Qi was becoming more and more powerful. The natural energy was getting more and more agitated, this was the sign of a breakthrough.

After a moment, a strong aura exploded and streams of spirit energy surrounded Nie Tian's body.

Eighth Heaven, Nie Tian had broken through to the Eighth Heaven. One more step and he will be in the Ninth Heaven, the peak of the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Ha ha! Sensing the abundant elemental energy in his body, Nie Tian could not help but burst out in laughter.

Congratulations! Zi Chen also laughed.

This is all thanks to your Yuan pills. Otherwise, who knows how long it would take? Nie Tian turned his head, and looked at Zi Chen, You have refined so many Yuan pills, it is ten times more than mine, could it be that you have not broken through?

Soon, I feel the limit. I'm going to break through now. Zi Chen nodded; he was truly excited in his heart because his strength was about to break through once again.

Break through now? Nie Tian was startled, and did not understand.

Zi Chen smiled mysteriously, and didn't explain anything. He immediately walked out of the Inn, leaving the little town behind, and arrived at a mountain range, looking for a suitable location.

Breaking through and coming to the mountain range? Nie Tian followed behind with a face full of suspicion.

However, when the first bolt of lightning descended from the skies, he understood.

Heavens... Heavenly thunder? Nie Tian opened his mouth wide with a face full of shock.


A bolt of heavenly lightning landed, carrying with it a terrifying aura, and directly smashed onto Zi Chen's body. Terrifying lightning wreaked havoc, and under Nie Tian's dumbstruck gaze, Zi Chen remained safe and sound, as he swallowed the lightning energy in one gulp.

How is this possible? Nie Tian had a face full of disbelief. He couldn't believe that a person at the Zhen Yuan Realm would be able to attract a tribulation of lightning, and could even resist a tribulation of lightning.

Just as Nie Tian approached even a tiny bit, he was caught off guard by the impact and was forced back by the lightning energy.

His internal organs were all churning, showing just how terrifying this power of thunder and lightning was, but Zi Chen was using his body to block it.


Bolts of lightning descended with a terrifying aura. It was as if a lightning dragon was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.


The dazzling golden light rushed towards the sky and instantly destroyed a streak of heavenly lightning. The extreme yang, which had not appeared for a long time, appeared once again.

Next was extreme Yin.

The aura of the destructive power was like a golden divine lightning, going against the heavens and causing energy to rumble, destroying the heavenly thunder in the sky.

In the distance, Nie Tian had long since been struck dumb.

Lightning tribulation, this was a terrifying existence. No one was willing to endure it. Who wouldn't tremble in fear upon hearing this? Its appearance meant that Heaven and Earth could not tolerate someone's existence, and lightning would fall.

But looking back at Zi Chen, a mere Zhen Yuan Realm seemed to be very relaxed in the face of a tribulation of lightning.

As the bolts of lightning struck down one after another, their power grew stronger and stronger. Zi Chen easily resisted as he continuously devoured the lightning energy.

Nie Tian's current expression was indescribable, it was as if he had seen a ghost. How could Zi Chen seem so relaxed under the heavenly tribulation? Moreover, he seemed to be devouring it.