Thunder Martial Chapter 311 - Using Blue Spirit Herbs

The exploration of the ruins was imminent, but the several great powers went crazy. Things were stolen right under their noses.

Two of the spatial rings were taken away, and the rest of the people concluded that one was with the monk, and the other with A Luo.

That day, the monk had saved A Luo and the latter had solemnly gifted him a new spatial ring.

On the second day, the two people's portraits were hung all over the place, it was inevitable that they would be found. At the same time, the Heaven Killing Pavilion said that they and the monk were irreconcilable.

Zi Chen, I am also irreconcilable with you, I want to tear you into a thousand pieces.

In one of the summits of a mountain, the monk who had received the news was roaring in anger. Wave after wave of echoes reverberated through the mountain stream. Why was he so unlucky to have met Zi Chen?

You're too wicked, you would rather throw a spatial ring away than give it to me. I'm not done with you. The monk was so angry that his lungs were about to explode, shouting at the mountain in the distance.

The atmosphere in Yongji City was extremely tense. The experts of several great forces had all moved out to look for traces of A Luo and the monk.

You have not seen the scene back then. He was fighting against five monstrous geniuses at once but he was still to knock all of the monstrous geniuses unconscious. A Luo is too powerful.

That battle was too terrifying. A Luo's fighting strength was even stronger than Zi Chen's at that time.

The whole of Yongji City was talking about this matter, and everyone already knew that fierce person was A Luo.

An Imperial Sky Realm exert was instantly beheaded by A Luo. His collaboration with the monk was simply flawless. The moment the two of them appear, all the monstrous geniuses will have to submit.

When the people of Heaven Killing Pavilion heard that, their expressions turned even worse, and the killing intent in their eyes grew stronger. The one who died was their elder and he was very powerful. Back then, he possessed a very impressive battle record. Yet, he was killed by a nobody. It was truly a tragic death.

When Chu Lie came, he said that he could kill A Luo with a slap, but the result is that after two consecutive matches, he was knocked unconscious, even his teeth were knocked out, and his spatial ring was robbed.

Even though the monstrous geniuses encircled him, they were all knocked unconscious by A Luo.

Geng Le looked down on rogue cultivators, but what happened? A rogue cultivator knocked out five of them.

The Five Great monstrous genius had not appeared for a few days. Although the matter with the spatial ring had been taken care of, they did not have the face to appear again, because this time, they had really lost a lot of face.

What the hell is going on with this Brother-in-law of mine? Every single time he comes out, he makes a ruckus and slaps the face of a big power. Could it be that he was born to slap someone else's face? In the room, Wang Shan's face was filled with jealousy and hate.

This person is strong, he must have some sort of opportunity. But I'm very curious, why didn't he leave with Su Long? At the side, Wang Shi said indifferently.

Maybe Su Long did not leave either. Wang Qiong said.

What do you mean? Su Long also wants to explore the ruins?

Who knows, but I'm guessing that Su Long isn't here. Otherwise, he would have made his move long ago.

Wang Xian'er did not speak.

In just a few days, Zi Chen had changed his appearance and swaggered over to Yongji City. In one of the taverns, he met a youth.

On the table were four dishes and two jugs of wine, and there were two people sitting across each other by the window.

How is it? Zi Chen said as he poured the wine.

I got it, I'll give it to you now. The youth sent a sound transmission and then took out an unremarkable jade box, and handed it over to Zi Chen. This is the batch of Blue Spirit Herbs that Zhu Zicong obtained from the auction, a total of three.

Thank you! Zi Chen expressed his gratitude and put away the jade box. It was a very ordinary jade box, so no one cared about it.

As of right now, the great powers are searching for formation masters. Once they find a formation master, they will go to the ruins. As long as you guard outside the city, you will be able to see them leaving, but it will be a while.

The youth finished the wine in his cup in one gulp, and then the two talked about some insignificant things.

Oh right, during this period, you have to be careful. After that day's battle, many people were suspicious of your identity, you better not show your face, and avoid fighting with others. If you display your power to suppress monstrous genius, it will arouse suspicion. The youth warned.

They suspect that I am Zi Chen? Zi Chen's expression changed slightly.

That's right, the people from the Wang Family have already confirmed your identity, otherwise, they would not have taken action that day. As for the people from the Liu Family, I'm afraid that they already know about it, because they also tried to protect you that day.

Zi Chen frowned, he felt that something was wrong, if his identity was exposed, there would probably be no hiding-place left.

After a moment, the two of them paid the bill and left. The wine pot was already empty, but the dishes had not been touched.

As Zi Chen walked out of the city, no one paid attention to him. He was able to keep a spatial ring and it was even two of them that were from Geng Le and Chu Lie. However, he was unable to destroy the imprint, so they were unable to be used right now.

Hehe, I wonder what kind of expression that damned monk has on his face right? Glancing at the picture of the monk hanging on the side, Zi Chen could not help but laugh.

That day, he said a bunch of heroic words, but it was only to give the monk an empty spatial ring. When he thought about how the monk desperately escaped and then discovering that the spatial ring was empty, Zi Chen couldn't help but laugh when he thought of the monk's expression.


After walking more than a thousand kilometers, Zi Chen came to a giant mountain range. Beside the mountain range, there was a small village where Zi Chen and Nie Tian were temporarily hiding.

It had to be said that the several major powers were extremely resourceful. There were even portraits of the two of them in the small town.

What's the situation now? Asked in a slightly nervous voice when he saw Zi Chen's return.

The portrait of the monk and I are everywhere, the atmosphere in Yongji City is very tense. Zi Chen laughed, and did not mind it, But it doesn't matter, under normal circumstances, no one will recognize me.

Did you get the Blue Spirit Herb?

Of course. Zi Chen waved the jade box in his hand, and said happily, It's Zhu Zicong's. I wonder what method Miao Kong used to get it.

It was a group of three Blue Spirit Herb. The blue light was dazzling, and as soon as Zi Chen opened the jade box, the entire room was dyed with its captivating colors.

It really is a Blue Spirit Herb. What a rich Spiritual Energy. Nie Tian exclaimed.

Of course, this costs tens of thousands of Yuan Stones, so its quality naturally has to be higher.

If we succeed, will we really be able to enter the depths of the ruins? Nie Tian was a little excited, and couldn't help but rub his hands together.

In the past, he was an unlucky Nie Tian. Everything was not going well, but ever since he met Zi Chen, he seemed to have become the lucky Nie Tian. Although he was occasionally unlucky, it was much better than before. Now, many powers were having a headache from trying to find a formation master but he will soon be able to meet formation master.

Eighty percent.

Zi Chen was very confident in his Old Mo's attainments in formations.

Zi Chen pointed in the direction of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang, and in the next moment, two extremes appeared.


Then, the taiji suddenly trembled and glowed with light. It then floated into the air and started to spin. At the same time, at the location of Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang, it suddenly shot out two beams of light. These beams of light fell to the ground and reflected on the ground, just like a spinning diagram of Yin and Yang.

It's that magical? Nie Tian was stunned. He had once again seen two kinds of extreme energy, moreover, they were compatible under these circumstances. It could be said that they were mutually incompatible, and neither could be combined.

The spinning beam of light formed a picture of yin and yang, with a suction force appearing from within. Zi Chen released his spiritual perception for a moment, then placed a Blue Spirit Herb at the bottom of the picture.

On the Blue Spirit Herb, blue light flashed as if it had been split apart. Then, waves after waves of Spiritual Energies followed the two beams of light and rushed towards the taiji above, as if it was being devoured.

That's amazing. Nie Tian exclaimed.

Hu! Seeing the Blue Spirit Herb wither little by little, Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Previously, he didn't know how he would channel this energy into the taij and let Old Mo recover.

A Blue Spirit Herb soon withered and dissipated, as if it had gone through a baptism of time. In the end, it turned into powder, and its energy was completely absorbed but Zi Chen did not feel the recovery of Old Mo's soul.


Zi Chen was unreconciled, the beam of light on the taiji rotated once again and landed on the second Blue Spirit Herb. The blue light glistened, and one after another, the Spiritual Energy was absorbed, and after a while, the Blue Spirit Herb withered.

The tender leaves glowed yellow and finally disappeared.

Zi Chen's forehead was already covered in sweat, the soul of Old Mo still did not have any fluctuations, and remained as silent as before.

He only had three Blue Spirit Herbs, if Old Mo could not recover, he had no way to do anything. At that time, forget about going to the ruins, even the two spatial rings in his hands would not be of any use.

Taking a deep breath, Zi Chen picked up the last Blue Spirit Herb and placed it on the light beam.

You have to succeed, Old Mo, you have to wake up! Zi Chen roared in his heart.

The Blue Spirit Herb emitted a lustrous luster, and the Spiritual Energy in the middle was quickly absorbed by the taiji. Zi Chen's heart was raised to his throat, the Blue Spirit Herb's energy, would very quickly be absorbed cleanly.

Nie Tian was also very nervous, at the same time, he was retreating. He was the unlucky Nie Tian, and at the moment, he did not want to suppress Zi Chen's luck.

The third Blue Spirit Herb finally used up all its energy. With a Peng sound, it turned into powder and disappeared into the air.

Inside the taiji, the soul of Old Mo was still motionless. At the same time, the two beams of light also slowly dissipated.

Sigh! Zi Chen sighed, his efforts had all been for naught and his mood was very dejected.

Nie Tian didn't speak, his face was full of self-blame. He thought that he should have retreated a long time ago, so he was definitely the one who suppressed Zi Chen's luck.

Let's think of another way. Zi Chen forced a smile.

However, Nie Tian did not say a word.


Right at this moment, two rays of light disappeared from the taiji's body. However, the taiji suddenly trembled a little, and immediately after, Zi Chen sensed with his spiritual perception, that the soul of Old Mo was showing signs of awakening.

Old Mo is awake? Zi Chen's eyes suddenly lit up.