Thunder Martial Chapter 310 - Chaos

Yongji City was in complete chaos.

A large number of rogue cultivators had made their moves and all of them were powerful.

Ao Baichuan's inhertience attracted many experts. They were all hiding before, watching the lively scene. However, when they saw one of them snatching a spatial ring away and leaving without saying a word, they finally made their move.

Within the spatial ring, the wealth was astonishing, and it caused many experts to come out and fight for it.

It was a huge battle and it was extremely chaotic. Many people made their moves, causing the entire Yongji City to tremble. Smoke and dust filled the sky, and the sounds of explosions spread throughout Yongji City.

As for the mastermind, Zi Chen, he had long escaped without a trace.

Too terrifying.

Everyone was shocked, Wang Shan was even more shaken, Zi Chen's movements were too big.

Why does he make so much noise every time he shows up?

He single-handedly caused chaos in Yongji City. He's just too amazing.

The others were shocked as well.

Within the Auction Hall, a few of the experts were still discussing.

In Ao Baichuan's burial site, there are formations and its power is peerless. If there is no accurate route, it is impossible to enter, and it cannot appear on its own.

But now the ruins has appeared of its own accord. An old voice said.

That's right, that's why I'm certain that someone went in first, and they must have obtained an accurate route. In other words, they obtained the map from the ruins. The expert from the Liu Family said.


formations attainment. Back then, Ao Baichuan was the strongest person in the southern region and his fighting strength was strong enough to kill even a Sky Martial Cultivator. His attainments in the formations were even deeper and according to the records, his vital energy and blood was very exuberant and his vital force was very active. If he were to live for three thousand years, that would mean that his lifespan would run out six thousand years ago.

For someone who has researched formations to the extreme, with a mere six thousand years, how could the array formation within the ruins possibly be loose? Now that the ruins have appeared, it would only means that someone has entered, and even destroyed a few large formations, resulting in the appearance of the ruins.

Then who went in?

I'm not sure about that, but it's clear that they're not an existence at our level.


Suddenly, a tremor sounded, and the entire auction hall began to tremble.

Is this the news you're going to tell us?

Another person asked a question. No one cared where the sound came from.

Of course there are other things. Outside this ruins, every once in a while the formations will change, and inside the ruins, it will also change. After it is destroyed, after a period of time it will automatically appear again. This time we are going to the ruins, we must find the formation master, otherwise just the large formation alone will exhaust a lot of our energy, furthermore we need to destroy all the formations at once, so we must fully prepare before we enter again.


The trembling sound rang out once more, but no one paid it any heed.

After that, the group of experts discussed when to enter the ruins and find a good day.

We have widely distributed invitations, looking for formation masters. Maybe in these ten thousand years, there are formation masters that have appeared in the Southern region.

Right, right now, the Southern region is also a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers, maybe one or two formation masters actually appeared.

Several experts spoke out. It was obvious that they were very concerned about this trip to the ruins.


As the discussions progressed, the trembling became even louder and fiercer, causing the entire place to shake.

What's going on outside? Why is there such a commotion? Someone finally spoke, obviously very dissatisfied.

Afterwards, a terrifying spiritual consciousness spread out, enveloping the entire Yongji City.

Yi, what's going on? Why are they all fighting?

The moment the expert released his spiritual consciousness, he saw a shocking scene. The entire Yongji City had turned into a battlefield, filled with smoke and dust.

As the battle raged in the sky and the underground rogue cultivators fought, the entire Yongji City was in chaos.

What happened? The others were also dumbfounded. They were only discussing matters and this was not the end, yet the entire Yongji City was in chaos.

All the major powers were engaged in a chaotic battle.

Stop, all of you stop!

Suddenly, an aged shout rang out, directly transmitting through Yongji City. The boundless pressure was extremely terrifying, many people fell to the ground, their expressions changing greatly.

The sovereign realm expert opened his mouth, releasing an endless pressure.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, and the battle instantly stopped.

What the hell is going on? Why is everyone fighting? The expert of the Liu Family was very dissatisfied. As the host, everyone was fighting in the city, obviously not giving him face.

The group of people stopped in midair, but they did not know what to say. The people from the five forces all stared with a murderous look in their eyes, and as for Cloud City and the other powers, they too were furious.

Wang Zhenwei had injured two of them in mid air, his fighting strength was tyrannical.

Liu Mingyong, tell me, what exactly happened? The aged voice was filled with rage and the host, the Liu Family's Ancestor, had spoken with an ear-splitting voice that emitted a buzzing sound.

Elder, we were chasing after a little fellow in the Zhen Yuan Realm who was wreaking havoc in Yongji City. Liu Mingyong said in the air respectfully.

What, so many of you messed up Yongji City, and now you say that you were actually chasing after a Zhen Yuan Realm brat? What kind of logic is that? When the expert of the Liu Family heard this, he was so angry that his nose was crooked.

While the other sovereign realm experts had faces full of schadenfreude.

The expert of the Liu Family was furious, Speak, what happened?

A little fellow came here to cause trouble, injured a few other little fellows, and stole their spatial rings. We intervened to kill that little fellow, but they also wanted to kill him.

What spatial ring, he can even trigger a free-for-all? None of you have ever seen a spatial ring before? The experts of the Liu Family were furious. Today, with so many sovereign realm experts present, he could only feel ashamed that he had been humiliated.

Hur hur, these little fellows are very interesting.

That's right, just for a single spatial ring, they would cause chaos.

That's not right, your Liu Family is a weapon refiner. If you say that there aren't many spatial rings, we would believe it, but if we say that there's not many spatial rings, we definitely would not believe it ourselves.

In the auction house, ridiculing laughter rang out, and all the sovereign realm experts looked like they were watching a good show.

Your men have also made their move as well. All of you are laughing at me. Is there any point in this? The expert of the Family was very dissatisfied.

Hehe, making a move for a spatial ring is indeed wrong.

That's right, we should ask, whose spatial ring is it.

Another sovereign realm expert laughed and ridiculed as his voice spread across the entire Yongji City.

Then tell me, just what kind of spatial ring is it that caused you to lose all face? The expert of the Family was furious, it was clear that he had a bad temper.

A terrifying imposing aura swept out and Liu Mingyong trembled as he said, It's the Wu Zong Sect, Geng Family, Li Family, Cang Family, and Chu Family's. Those few little fellows participating in the auction were knocked unconscious by a single person and their spatial ring was taken away.

What? They were beaten up? One versus five, and they even fainted from the attacks?

At this moment, five voices sounded out in succession, carrying astonishment and disbelief. They were precisely the sovereign exerts who were ridiculing the Liu Family's experts before.

The moment they appeared in the auction house, they were beaten up by that youth. In the end, they were all knocked unconscious. Liu Mingyong slowly explained.

Below, the few monstrous geniuses who had just awakened heard this and were extremely embarrassed, wishing that they could find a hole to hide in.

They fought five against one, but they still lost. That's when we finally made our move. Liu Mingyong emphasized five against one.

Haha, to be able to fight against five monstrous geniuses. That person is really amazing. Clear laughter sounded out, and the sound was ear-splitting.

Elder, we almost captured that person. It was because of these that came out to cause trouble, that's why that thief was able to escape. Just then, a person walked out, a member of the Cang Family.

Nonsense, we are here to kill that thief, you are the ones causing trouble. Immediately, retorts sounded out.

All of a sudden, the argument started.

Great ancestors, it's like this, their monstrous geniuses are useless and they can't even deal with a single person, and they even used their spirit armaments. Since these monstrous geniuses can't do it, we decided that we might as well attack, and not let this thief escape, but who knew that this thief is very cunning. After killing an Imperial Sky Realm exert, he threw away the satial rings and ran. Wang Zhenwei stepped forward with slight respect.

The Five Forces, who had suffered greatly, had an ashen face. Several of the sovereign exerts did not even say a word as their faces darkened.

Face-smacking. This was an undisguised face-smacking.

Suddenly, someone seemed to remember something, What? You said that he killed an Imperial Sky Realm exert?

Yes, one of the Heaven Killing Pavilion's Imperial Sky Realm exert had their head chopped off. Wang Zhenwei said.

Afterwards, the crowd dispersed, and a headless body appeared. His entire body had already been plundered clean, even his clothes were gone.

Under the powerful spiritual consciousness, the sovereign realm exert almost vomited blood. This was simply a slap to the face.

What is going on?

It's the Good and Evil Monk, after using the six-word mantra, the thief was able to kill the Imperial Sky Realm expert. That thief, in order to thank him, gave him a spatial ring, and he ran away.

All of the sovereign realm exerts were furious, but fortunately, they were able to keep their cool.

Search, we have to find him.

We can't let this thief escape. After we capture him, bring him back.

All of you, hurry up and go. Bring the Good and Evil monk back as well.

All of the sovereign realm exerts spoke out in a deep voice. Although their voices were emotionless, the cold aura in the air had become much stronger after they spoke.

Yes sir!

At this moment, the experts of the five forces all moved out, and of course, before that, they first recalled the spatial rings back.

Out of the ten spatial rings, only three belonged to them. The remaining seven were all empty.

The Good and Evil monk took one, and there is one missing. It must be in the hands of that thief.

Find it. You have to find it for me.

One by one, they charged out of Yongji City.

You guys should go as well, in case someone runs away. The other sovereign realm experts spoke up.

Liu Mingyong, Wang Zhenwei, and the others nodded as they quickly left the place.

Thousands of miles away, the Good Evil and Monk finally escaped from his pursuers. His cassock was tattered, it had become tattered cloth, but the spatial ring was tightly gripped within his hands.

Hmph, consider yourself lucky. I'll deal with you next time. The monk snorted, he leaned on a big tree and stopped, after that, golden light surrounded his body and rushed towards the spatial ring.

Done! When the spatial ring became golden, the monk was overjoyed, his face full of smiles.

But in the next moment, the smile froze all over his face and he was stunned. After a long while, he roared out, Zi Chen, I am irreconcilable with you.

The spatial ring was empty, without any wealth. The monk's expression was ferocious and terrifying.

Compared to the major events in Yongji City, when Zhu Zicong went back to treat his injuries, he suddenly realized that the Blue Spirit Herb had disappeared.