Thunder Martial Chapter 309 - Fight For The Spatial Ring

The head rolled down, and the headless body spurted blood, it was a very bloody scene, but today, Zi Chen had killed many people, and everyone had already gotten used to it.

But at this moment, upon seeing this headless corpse spitting blood, the crowd fell into silence.

In such a large city, there was a deathly silence.

Even the Imperial Sky Realm experts had stopped attacking. Everyone looked down in disbelief at the headless corpse that was spitting blood.


An existence capable of flying through the sky and earth, a dignified expert in the Imperial Sky Realm, was actually beheaded by a little fellow in the Zhen Yuan Realm.

It was just a single blow, but the expert died just like that.

Everyone opened their mouths, and their faces were filled with disbelief. Everyone was stunned, and no one dared to speak.

A Zhen Yuan Realm expert killing an iImperial Sky Realm expert? It seemed like another miracle had happened.

This young man who fought against the Five monstrous genius by himself had just created a miracle when he did, and now he has created another miracle!

Everyone was stunned, but they did not forget who caused this. Their eyes turned towards Zi Chen, then towards the monk with a bright head, not far behind Zi Chen.

Just then, the monk had spoken and used a sonic wave to attack. One used a spirit armament and the other created a distraction. The two teamed up perfectly to kill an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Wherever he goes, there will be trouble. This time, there will be another sensation. Wang Shan was jealous.

As for the other monstrous geniuses, they were completely shocked. Of course, other than Zi Chen, the other one that shocked them was the monk.

The good and evil monk, this guy with a shiny forehead, actually had such strength. Once the six-word mantra came out, even an Imperial Sky Realm expert was distracted.

Covering his face with both hands, the monk was filled with regret. He roared in his heart, this was just a misunderstanding, but no one believed him. The air was chilled, and even the monk felt his body tremble.

This was completely out of fear.

Others might not know, but the monk knew very well how powerful the Heaven Killing Pavilion was. This was the southern region and they were the only power that was connected to the outside world.

Not only that, it was a major power.

So much so that, in some ways, they are not weaker than the Tianwu Union.

Assassins were a profession that had existed since the moment humans came into existence. It was very ancient, passed down from generation to generation, and would never disappear.

He had to take responsibility for the Imperial Sky Realm experts death. He had finally provoked a great enemy this time.

The monk was upset, the monk was regretful, his heart was even more anxious, and he hated Zi Chen more. Why did he have to keep going against him?

Good and Evil Monk, it's him.

As expected of the most mysterious monstrous genius of the Southern region. His strength is indeed unfathomable.

Is he doing this on purpose? He made everyone absent-minded, yet he allowed this fierce person to have no problems. Is he letting him go on purpose?

So, the two of them are in the same group. Not bad, only someone with such powerful fighting strength like monstrous geniuses can become friends.

To the monk, the chatter from the crowd was undoubtedly even worse.

Die for me. The monk roared, golden light surging around his body, turning him from a merciful man to a fiendish man, filled with killing intent. He obviously wanted to clear up the relations between them, at the same time he was also telling the people of the Heaven Killing Pavilion that it was a misunderstanding.

Sure enough, he's here to save him. Even their tones are the same.

That's right. He has the same tone as those big powers. He was clearly saving someone, yet he threatened to kill them.

No one believed the monk's pretentious expression. In their eyes, the attack from before was to create an opportunity for Zi Chen.

The monk even had the heart to die. Misunderstanding, this was all a misunderstanding.

The coldness in the air grew stronger. Their Imperial Sky Realm expert had died and they lost face, the assassins in the dark had all locked onto Zi Chen.

Misunderstanding, this is simply a misunderstanding. Boy, go and die. The monk roared again, the fierceness in his eyes grew stronger, revealing the face of an evil monk.

However, what he got in return was a knowing smile on everyone's faces. Everyone had a look in their eyes, as though they understood what he meant.

The monk was about to explode with rage.

Monk, there is no need to thank me for this great favor. I am not a person who forgets his roots. I shall remember what happened today. Next time, I will definitely drink wine and chat happily with you. Just then, Zi Chen turned his head and spoke.

Pah! Stop talking, you and I are irreconcilable. The monk was infuriated.

I know, but I will remember this favor. This is a spatial ring, as a form of gratitude, if you don't die today, then I will have to repay this kindness in the future. Zi Chen's expression was solemn as he took out a piece of the spatial ring.

He had stolen five spatial rings from the five monstrous geniuses, and none of them were ordinary, and each of them had the wealth of a large force.

To be precise, the Yuan Stones in the spatial rings were actually their families so this was a shocking amount of wealth.

Zi Chen shook his hand and threw a spatial ring over. With a face full of gratitude, he turned around and left.


The spatial ring transformed into a beam of light, and was subconsciously grabbed by the monk. In his crazed eyes, there was a hint of greed.

But at this moment, he felt even colder. It was obvious that he had been targeted by the assassins.

Misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. You can't blame me for this. The monk tried to defend himself but the spatial ring in his hand was firmly grasped.

The explanation was very pale, and no one believed him. The chilliness in the surroundings grew even stronger.

The monk's expression kept changing. This was a spatial ring, with endless wealth within. He gritted his teeth, and instantly made his decision. He turned into a ray of golden light, and also ran towards the outside world.

For this spatial ring, he will go all out.


At this moment, the assassins in the dark arrived. They each released a fatal attack. The cold light flashed and the sharp sword qi raged.


Around the monk's body, golden light shone as the six-word mantra appeared. It directly shook the heart, making it hard to guard against. Plop plop sounds rang unceasingly as many of the assassins became absent-minded, and they directly fell to the ground.

The monk seized the opportunity and fled at full speed.

At the same time, the monk also added an extremely strong defense on himself. The Buddhism body protecting technique appeared again, it was another terrifying martial skill.

With this, the monk led the group of assassins away.

Zi Chen offended the five great forces and escaped quickly. Even though the three great forces were helping him, the amount of Imperial Sky Realm experts could not be compared to his enemies. There were even more Imperial Sky Realm experts who were rushing towards Zi Chen.

The spirit armament that was used by Imperial Sky Realm experts was very scary. Once the attack hit, Zi Chen was definitely going to die.

Come, let's see if you want to kill me or collect the spatial ring. Zi Chen used all his might to block the attack. The light in his hand flickered, and a spatial ring appeared as he shouted, This is Wu Feng's spatial ring.

With that, Zi Chen threw the spatial ring out, causing the spatial ring to transform into a ray of light and fall down.

It was unknown if it was intentional or a coincidence, but somewhere where the spatial ring had landed, there were a few monstrous geniuses, including Zhu Zicong, Liu Chen, and the people from the Qin Family.

The eyes of the few of them lit up as they made their moves in an instant. This was Wu Feng's wealth, and also the wealth of the Wu Zong Sect.

The spatial ring flew out and an Imperial Sky Realm expert also hesitated for a while. In the end, he gave up on Zi Chen and rushed towards the spatial ring.


Beneath them, because of a fierce battle for the spatial ring, several monstrous geniuses were running around. They naturally wanted to snatch spatial ring away.

This is Cang Kun's spatial ring.

Zi Chen took out another piece of spatial ring, and threw it at the place with the most people, causing an uproar.

At the same time, numerous figures ran in the direction that the spatial ring had flown in. Compared to Zi Chen's life, wealth was even more important.

This is Chu Lie's.

A spatial ring appeared once again and threw it towards the other monstrous genius. At the same time, his entire body turned into a ray of golden light and escaped towards the outside.

There were many monstrous geniuses, and the large powers who did not make a move previously became frantic due to the spatial ring's appearance.

But there were a lot of Imperial Sky Realm experts, and before long, Zi Chen was surrounded again.

This is Li Yue's. Zi Chen threw out another spatial ring, which was thrown far away like a ray of flowing light, towards the horizon. Zi Chen was using a spatial ring to protect his life.

At the same time, the Nine Thunder Pass appeared and he transformed into a ray of light and continued to flee.

Once the spatial rings were left behind, everyone went into a frenzy. They continuously fought over them, and with their great strength, they could no longer remain calm and released terrifying attacks. The wealth in the spatial ring's possession was simply too much, they could not afford to lose it.

This is Geng Le's.

After that, Zi Chen clapped his hands with a pained expression, but it was very relaxed as he said, I don't have any more spatial rings, you guys go and fight for it, don't make things difficult for me. Today is not about wealth, it is about face. Geng Le looked down on rogue cultivators so I had let him know. He is someone who has been raised by the Geng Family with endless resources but he is not even comparable to rogue cultivators.

With that said, Zi Chen turned into a golden light and escaped.

Furthermore, Zi Chen's words caused many rogue cultivators to cheer, obviously showing their respect for rogue cultivators.

Geng Le, who had just woken up, spat out another mouthful of blood and fainted.

Everyone cheered for Zi Chen. He was a noble person, a person that was above the low interest, he did not even care about wealth. All the wealth was just like passing clouds to him, it was truly admirable.

Zi Chen had only snatched five spatial rings, but now, including the monk, he had thrown six spatial rings away.

Why is there one more?

Some people's minds were in a daze, unable to react. Could it be that they had made a loss?

Damn it, this spatial ring is empty.

Just then, an exasperated voice sounded out, a man had snatched a spatial ring away, but quickly discovered that something was amiss, it was completely empty.

Damn it, this is empty too! Another roar was heard, this one filled with boundless rage.

They had fought for who knows how long before they managed to get their hands on a spatial ring, but it was actually empty-handed.

When they said that, everyone was dumbfounded. Previously, even those who praised Zi Chen for his virtuous and noble character, who treated wealth as nothing, were unable to say a word.

Kid, prepare to die!

The group Imperial Sky Realm experts frantically chased. This time they lost even more face, they had actually been tricked.

And this time, Zi Chen could be considered to have incurred the wrath of the public.

At this time, a light flashed on Zi Chen's hand again, and he took out a piece of spatial ring, and said, This is Wu Feng's spatial ring. With that, he threw it out.

This is Geng Le's, it doesn't matter if you believe it or not, I believe it.

Stop chasing, I'll give the spatial rings to you guys.

Zi Chen waved his hand, and several spatial rings flew out, flying in different directions.

As he fled and disappeared from everyone's line of sight, Zi Chen threw out a total of ten spatial rings. Everyone was stupefied, not knowing what to say.