Thunder Martial Chapter 308 - Killing An Imperial Sky Realm Expert


The entire Yongji City had become a mess, all the cultivators had gone crazy, and all the people on the ground had gone crazy as well.

In broad daylight, in a clear and bright world, there was actually someone who stole something from the great power's monstrous genius, and it was from even five of them.

The most lamentable thing was that the other side had a perfect victory when he fought one against five.

When the major powers heard this, they were so angry that they almost vomited blood. This was a true slap in the face in broad daylight.

The wind blew, a terrifying aura revolved as a series of destructive attacks appeared. An Imperial Sky expert had used his power on Zi Chen, and he was definitely going to kill him.

Get out of the way!

Zi Chen shouted from within the city as he ran quickly, turning into a golden light.

Actually, there was no need for him to shout. Everyone opened up a path for him, and their eyes all became filled with fanaticism and worship.

He was simply an idol.

Even more terrifying than Zi Chen because what he had done, was even crazier than Zi Chen.


A sharp cold light appeared from the crowd and suddenly shot towards Zi Chen, a terrifying killing intent surging.

This was a sword of absolute death. The killer of Heaven Killing Pavilion seemed to have noticed something and actually attacked at this moment.


Zi Chen pointed with one hand, and a golden light appeared, striking the center of the enemy's brows. In the next moment, a blood flower bloomed, and the killer fell to the ground.


A ray of blade light emerged from the crowd. A burly man leaped up, and rushed towards Zi Chen.

On the ground, other than the assassin's attack, there were also people from several other great forces. They were all extremely strong in the Zhen Yuan Realm.


With a tap of Zi Chen's hand, a resplendent golden light appeared. It was as if a sharp blade had slashed across, shattering the Bladelight and slicing apart the big sized man's body.

Blood sprayed out, and the burly died.

Zi Chen was like a demon that had just walked out of hell, killing without blinking an eye and blood continuously dripped down his clothes. He killed every man in ten steps, not leaving a single one alive behind.

His expression was indifferent. His actions were decisive and ruthless.


Another hit, and another assailant fell to the ground.

Above his head, just like how the Imperial Sky Realm experts were ruthless to him, Zi Chen was ruthless to others.


A terrifying power surged in the air and struck downwards. Zi Chen's body flickered with a golden light as he continuously dodged, but he was still struck by the immense energy and flew forward, spitting out large mouthfuls of blood.

Facing so many aerial attacks, he was finally injured.

At this point, an injury meant death.

Yongji City was very big and escaping was easier said than done. Moreover, there were a lot of Imperial Sky Realm experts above.

Out of the five great forces, two people came out each, a total of ten people. Ten people made a powerful attack, and not to mention a Zhen Yuan Realm expert, even if it was an Imperial Sky Realm expert, they still had to avoid it.

You big powers are indeed shameless. Your monstrous geniuses are no match for me so they sent Imperial Sky Realm experts after me. You are truly shameless to the extreme. Zi Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth but his speed was not slowing at all.


A terrifying energy descended once again, and a terrifying aura gushed forth.

Zi Chen coughed blood again.

You all are simply shameless to the extreme. You monstrous genius that you all have nurtured is just like trash, now there are more than ten Imperial Sky Realm experts attacking, why don't you all just die due to your shamelessness? Zi Chen scolded angrily. Your shamelessness is simply indescribable.

Everyone around was dumbfounded.

At this moment, they were thrown into disarray. Just who was the shameless one?

The shamelessness of stealing something, or the shamelessness of having something stolen away?

From a moral perspective, the person who robbed things was very shameless. However, at this moment, it was clear that it had nothing to do with morality. Everyone thought that the ones who were shameless were the several big powers.

More than a dozen Imperial Sky Realm experts were chasing after a single person. They truly were shameless.


In the sky, a slight tremble could be heard, followed by a terrifying killing intent. At this moment, the wind and clouds were churning violently as boundless killing intent filled the air.

A shining sword that was a dozen or so meters in size appeared in the air. The aura that rippled out from its body caused ripples to appear in the air.

Zi Chen's face changed greatly as an expert actually used a spirit armament.

You guys are really shameless, to actually use a spirit armament. Zi Chen's face turned ghastly pale from the spirit armament used by an Imperial Sky Realm expert and this was practically the strongest attack from them. The speed and attack, they were both so terrifying, and he could not block them at all.

Go to hell! A sinister laugh sounded out, the sword in the sky transformed into a ray of light, which was more than ten meters long, rushing towards Zi Chen. Its speed was extremely fast, and the distance between the two of them was shortened in an instant.

A merciless killing intent filled the air and Zi Chen felt the danger of death.

Around him, cries of surprise rose again and again.

Dammit, to actually dare injure Wu Feng, hand over your life. Right at this moment, an explosive shout sounded out like rolling thunder, causing the heaven and earth to tremble.

Immediately afterwards, a pitch black palm print appeared, and with a terrifying aura, it descended towards Zi Chen.


As the palm landed, it was the first to crash into the spirit armament, exploding with a terrifying energy. In the sky, the destructive energy rippled endlessly.

As for the spirit armament, because of this attack, it trembled in the air and immediately rolled back. As for the palm print, it also dissipated in the air.

However, Zi Chen had just passed through a strike. This scene was truly dramatic.

Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief and quickly escaped.

Qi Qingqiu, what do you mean? An explosive shout came from the sky, it was the owner of the spirit armament.

I want to avenge Wu Feng, I want to kill him. The cultivator named Qi Qingqiu appeared. He was a tall man and a terrifying aura surged around his body. His eyes were filled with killing intent.


Just at this time, another spirit armament appeared and was activated. Boundless killing intent filled the air, and a sky-upholding blade appeared, slashing towards Zi Chen.

The crisis came again.


But right after, the terrifying palm print appeared again, and struck the blade, causing it to dissipate as the blade returned to the expert, Brat, I want you to die!

It was Qi Qingqiu again, he roared once more, his eyes staring like a copper bell, the killing intent around him growing even stronger.

Qi Qingqiu, you did it on purpose, right? Another one said in a cold tone.

That's right, I am trying to kill him on purpose. All of you, do not act recklessly and allow me to behead him. Qi Qingqiu shouted, and struck out with his palm again.


The third spirit armament was returned.

You?! The Imperial Sky Realm expert that was controlling the spirit armament frowned.

Are you looking to die? I already said not to attack, let me kill him. But before he could speak, Qi Qingqiu glared back at him.

Enough, Qi Qingqiu, stop acting here, how can you be so kind as to take revenge for Wu Feng? Another voice rang out. It was the voice of the Wu Zong Sects expert.

As fellow disciples of the same sect, it is only natural for us to act against outsiders. Why would I have bad intentions? Qi Qingqiu's eyes widened.

Hmph. Stop acting. Although it is true that we are in the same sect, you are not that kind. The expert turned his head, looked at the others and said, Everyone, do not hold back, we must kill this thief who does not know his place.

As the sound of his voice faded, numerous spirit armament appeared, their terrifying killing intent causing even the sky to tremble.


At the same time, another killing cry sounded out. A series of terrifying attacks appeared, and attacked Zi Chen ahead of them.

There were the Shatterpalms, Azure Peak Seals, and even a spirit armament.

These attacks were the first to appear, but they did not land on Zi Chen's body, and were immediately pierced through by the numerous spirit armaments that came afterwards.

Waves of energy resounded as numerous attacks collided in midair. A large pitch-black hole appeared, and many attacks exploded into pieces. The rippling Qi was truly terrifying, and many spirit armaments were scattered by the force.


The people from the big powers were anxious as they looked at the people from later. The leader was Cloud City's Wang Zhenwei.

What are you trying to do? Why are you stopping us? Are you trying to let him go? Hmph, since he dares to make a move in broad daylight, he must be killed. Wang Zhenwei said coldly, killing intent flickering in his eyes.

That's right. Daring to cause trouble in my Yongji City, this is courting death. Liu Mingyong also appeared, it was just that he was missing his wolf tooth satff, otherwise, he would have been able to intimidate the group of Imperial Sky Realm experts.

But all of you...! The others were unwilling to accept this.

Don't attack. Let us settle this matter. If everyone attacks, it will only bring about more trouble.

Wang Zhenwei said coldly.

Qi Qingqiu and Liu Mingyong also nodded.

However, the people from the several great powers were not willing to give up, and they struck out with another terrifying attack.

Let's attack as well. With Wang Zhenwei as the leader, the group of people once again launched a powerful attack.

A dramatic scene played out. The young man who should have been easily killed had caused chaos in the air because of the number of people who attacked. Black holes appeared one after another, but the young man below was completely unharmed.

What's going on?

Everyone blinked. This was too funny.

However, there were also those who knew that these were powers that wanted to protect this young man and deliberately stirred up trouble.

Go to hell.

Just as Zi Chen was about to rush out of Yongji City, a burst of killing intent filled the air, followed by a figure suddenly appearing. It was obvious that this person was already waiting for him, and was going to give Zi Chen a killing blow.

Zi Chen's face changed, this sneak attack was something he had never expected and he could not even dodge at this moment.


However, at this time, a light tremble sounded out and a green light shot out from behind Zi Chen.


A light sound rang out and the green light flashed, transforming into a sword that was a meter long.

This was a spirit armament, which helped Zi Chen block the attack.


At the same time, a cold shout sounded out, and the spirit armament rushed towards the Imperial Sky Realm experts quickly. Zi Chen turned his head and saw an indifferent Wang Qiong and a teary Wang Xian'er.

Without time to thank her, Zi Chen turned and left.

With a flash of a terrifying killing intent, a person rushed out from the crowd, One with the sword, rushing towards Zi Chen. This was a sneak attack from an Imperial Sky Realm expert, and the assailant was very scheming. It was someone from the Heaven Killing Pavilion.


Suddenly, a sound wave rang out. The six-word mantra of the Buddha appeared, and like a heavy hammer, it resounded in everyone's minds. Everyone's figures couldn't help but slow down as their eyes became dazed and at a loss.

The monk made his move, wanting to grab Zi Chen.

However, he cleverly helped Zi Chen dissolve this killing blow. The bone-piercing killing intent suddenly stopped, and the attack was also temporarily stopped.


Right at this moment, Zi Chen seized this opportunity. A light flashed in his hand and the golden sword appeared once again, instantly transforming into a meter long golden light. Then, with his spiritual perception, the sword flew forward, its speed was extremely fast.

This attack was so close to him that even though he was an Imperial Sky Realm expert, he was still distracted. This attack had no suspense at all.


Blood splattered everywhere as a head flew into the air. As the assassin died, he was only able to react with shock and unwillingness in his eyes.