Thunder Martial Chapter 307 - Identity Exposed

Zi Chen who had displayed his true strength was extremely terrifying. His unparalleled combat power and his perfect physique enhanced his strength even more.

Within the crowd, the eyes of many monstrous geniuses started to waver. Zi Chen knew that his identity was about to be exposed, at this moment, he had no choice but to finish the battle quickly.

His feet flickered and like a ray of light, Zi Chen rushed towards Chu Lie, to get rid of him first.

As for the other three, Zi Chen obviously did not plan to let them go.


Just at that moment, Zi Chen felt a chill coming over and soon, a flash of lightning shot towards Zi Chen quickly

The spirit armament again.

The actions of the three monstrous geniuses bought Chu Lie precious time, and he unleashed his spirit armament.

Go to hell. Killing intent flashed in his eyes, and a powerful spiritual perception emerged from his body. He was extremely confident in his attack, as the spirit armament turned into a ray of light and shot towards Zi Chen.


A golden light trembled around Zi Chen's body as a golden sword flew out. In the next moment, it transformed into a sword that slashed forward with a terrifying aura.


The large sword descended, its aura was terrifying, and instantly slashed onto Chu Lie's spirit armament, causing violent tremors.


Chu Lie's face turned pale white, he recognized the great sword.

You are...?! Chu Lie's face was filled with shock, he did not expect to meet A Luo. It was this fierce person who directly knocked him out last time.

Zi Chen did not give him any time to speak, the great sword slashed again and again. Then, the spirit armament's might was released, releasing an endless amount of light.


After continuously attacking a few times, the spirit armament suddenly trembled, and its glow dimmed. It then landed on the ground, causing Chu Lie's face to turn even paler.

Zi Chen flashed forward, bringing along a large amount of golden light, like a golden war god, he waved his fist and suddenly smashed it towards Chu Lie.


A huge tremor shook the ground, causing the entire ground to tremble. Even the auction house shook.

Zi Chen's face changed, and he used his strength again.


This time, the force was even stronger, the fist was like a heavy hammer chipping away, releasing a 'dong' sound, following that, Chu Lie's eyes turned black, and he completely fainted.

Zi Chen's hands flashed with a bright light as he quickly took the spatial ring.

All around him, everyone's expressions changed, another monstrous genius had been knocked unconscious.


The three monstrous geniuses, the Li Family's, Cang Family's, and the Wu Zong Sect's, all struck out with their spirit armaments. It was just that the spiritual perceptions of the three of them were weaker than Chu Lie's, so the strength of the spirit armaments were limited.

Three beautiful rays of light surged, carrying the sharpness and killing intent of a spirit armament as they charged towards Zi Chen.


The golden sword slashed down once again and Zi Chen instigated it with all his strength. The sword already had some of the power of the spirit armament as it surged with a terrifying aura and directly smashed a spirit armament flying.


At the same time, the sword once again transformed into a streak of cold light and descended. A large area of dazzling golden light once again sent another spirit armament flying.

Under the encirclement of the three monstrous geniuses, Zi Chen looked like he was in a land of no people, with terrifying fighting strength. With a spiritual perception, the golden sword took advantage of the situation and broke down the last spirit armament.


Zi Chen moved his body in a flash, waving both fists, releasing a terrifying attack.

Zi Chen became anxious. The old esports in the auction house could appear at any time, and for Imperial Sky Realm experts, they might sense that something was amiss. At this moment, he no longer hid his strength and struck out with a terrifying attack.


One hit, a huge shock in energy. Li Yue rolled his eyes and directly fell to the ground, fainting.


Zi Chen's figure flashed again, and like a ray of light, he rushed towards Wu Feng, and sent a palm strike towards his head.

As the overflowing energy surged, Wu Feng's eyes rolled over and he fainted as well.

Finally, it was Cang Kun. Although he was strong, he was knocked unconscious after two attacks.

Zi Chen took away their spatial rings and ran like a ray of lightning.

If he was surrounded by the attacks from the guards. Although they were not powerful, it would be very troublesome.

Inside the auction house, there were definitely sovereign realm experts, but they were discussing matters at the moment, so it was obvious that they would notice what was happening outside. Even if they did, they would not care. However, Zi Chen still wanted to escape Yongji City before they appeared.

Heavens, one versus five, complete victory?

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? This young man actually defeated five monstrous geniuses? Isn't he stronger than Zi Chen?

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

He is A Luo!

On that day, he knocked out two monstrous geniuses with his own strength.

I never would have thought that his battle power was actually this terrifying. Back then, it was extremely easy for him to fight two people at once. Today, he defeated five people in a single match.

Although Zi Chen had changed his appearances, the powerful martial skills and the golden sword had made many people recognize Zi Chen. Shocked cries came from the crowd, and the faces of all the monstrous geniuses changed as well.

He fought alone against five monstrous geniuses but he didn't even have any injuries, this battle prowess was simply too terrifying. At the same time, in front of their eyes, A Luo's figure seemed to have fused with another figure to a certain extent.

How terrifying, his fighting strength is not one bit weaker than Zi Chen, and...! Wang Shan's eyes flashed but he did not say the following words.

Just now, many people could feel the energy of the Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang, that the young man in front of them looked similar to Zi Chen.

You want to leave so easily after injuring our men? Suddenly, an ice-cold voice sounded. A frightening aura surged forth from the distance. It was as if mountains were toppling and the seas were overturning.

Imperial Sky Realm experts had appeared

Moreover, they numbered in the tens as soon as they appeared.

They appeared and released a terrifying aura, flying towards Zi Chen. They finally detected the abnormality and rushed into the sky.

Zi Chen transformed into a ray of golden lightning, running out of Yongji City. Time was the most precious thing to him, as soon as he escaped Yongji City, the sky would be at his mercy.

Family Elder, he injured Wu Feng and stole Wu Feng's spatial ring, please do not let him leave. The Wu Zong Sect men stood beside Wu Feng and shouted.

Chu Lie's spatial ring was also snatched away.

There's also the young master Cang Kun. This fellow is too despicable, you can't let him go.

One voice after another rang out. Everyone began to complain as they gnash their teeth.

This was simply too shameful. In a big city, five monstrous geniuses were knocked out and the spatial ring was taken away.

Ah? Damn it. When an Imperial Sky Realm expert heard what they said, killing intent surged out from his body, and the aura around him exploded forth once more.

Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated! With an explosive shout, the Chu Family's expert soared through the air like a beam of light, quickly chasing after Zi Chen.

All of the Imperial Sky experts chased after him, killing intent exploded around them.

The crowd also became restless. Everyone wanted to witness a great battle so they chased after them.

Due to the large number of people, it became a trampling event. A few unconscious monstrous geniuses were almost trampled to death.

Who exactly is this A Luo?

He managed to easily injure five monstrous geniuses. With his combat power, he is even more terrifying than Zi Chen.

Strong martial skills, a fast footwork, and a powerful spiritual consciousness. Could this be another monstrous genius that has appeared in the Southern region other than Zi Chen?

Everyone was extremely excited as they chased after them. They wanted to see if this strong youth could escape from being hunted down by Imperial Sky Realm experts.

It's him. Damn it, I should have thought of this before. Besides him, who else has a physique stronger than me? In the middle of the crowd, there was a monk who had a kind face and looked like he was an esteemed monk. However, after he recognized Zi Chen, his expression changed, becoming flustered and exasperated as he scolded himself repeatedly.

It turned out that he was the one who had smacked him in the head. The monk was on the verge of exploding from anger.

With a flash of his feet, he transformed into a golden light, chasing after Zi Chen at a speed even faster than flying.

Let's see how you'll run this time? The monk was furious. He would settle the old and new grudges at the same time.


Just as Zhu Zicong was about to step forward, he was met with a knock from the side, causing him to become dissatisfied. But immediately after, an apologetic voice sounded out, Sorry, sorry.

Silly? You don't even know how to walk? Zhu Zicong frowned, while Zhu Zicong's guard scolded from the side.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It was a young man with small eyes. He was very ordinary, and at the moment, he was apologizing repeatedly.

Scram! The guard shouted angrily. It was obvious that he did not want to get entangled with the other party, as he followed Zhu Zicong and flew ahead.

Yes, yes! The young man nodded his head as though he was granted amnesty. With a grateful expression, he turned around and left.

At the moment, the crowd was in chaos and no one was paying attention to what was happening. After the other party walked out a dozen meters, a light flashed in his hand and a jade box appeared.

Hmph, as expected!

The young man sneered, put away his jade box and ran into the distance. His speed was very fast, not weaker than Zi Chen.

Senior brother, let our experts make a move and disrupt the situation. As he ran out, his appearance instantly changed. He changed into Miao Kong and sent a sound transmission to Wu Mo.

Wu Mo nodded, and his figure disappeared from the group of people.

At this moment, if Zhu Zicong was able to take a look at his own spatial ring, his expression would probably change greatly, because the batch of Blue Spirit Herbs in his spirit ring had actually disappeared soundlessly.

The culprit, or in other words, Miao Kong, had unleashed a supreme consummate technique.

Brother, you have to save him!

The overflowing energy surged and the entire Yongji City was in chaos. Wang Xian'er was fuming with rage, jumping and screaming. Her jade hand grabbed onto the corner of Wang Qiong's clothes, wriggling about, as though she was about to tear it apart.

Wang Qiong frowned.

Although I hate his arrogance, making such a big fuss every time, and making people shocked every time, and making me very unhappy, I have to say, our Wang Family owes him. The usually extremely arrogant Wang Shan actually spoke up at this moment.

As long as they were not idiots, they could guess A Luo's identity from the battle just now. But other than that, they could also guess A Luo's other identity.

It was Zi Chen.

The few of them had their suspicions, but they were certain after that battle.

He is a Sky Martial Cultivator with unparalleled fighting strength. Although I do not know why he did not leave the Southern region, if he were to be killed just like that, it would truly be a pity. I am looking forward to fighting him. Wang Shi also said.

After muttering to himself for a moment, Wang Qiong finally nodded his head, Alright, I'll ask our Imperial Sky Realm experts to help him, but remember, we don't owe him, but he owes us. Last time he almost killed Xian'er, I haven't settled the score with him yet.

When he thought about what happened that day, Wang Qiong had a face full of displeasure. He was always displeased to be called a third party by the people of the Wu Zong Sect.