Thunder Martial Chapter 306 - Thief

Just as he left the auction house, Geng Le felt a chill down his spine. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a figure moving forward at a very fast speed.


Before he could even react, he felt a powerful force attacking him, as if he was hit by a giant beast. His body instantly flew backward.

This was Yongji City, the city of the Liu Family, and Geng Le was also a monstrous genius. Furthermore, many of the experts of his family had come here, so even though they were not in Letian City, they were not far from it.

But right here, Geng Le was suddenly attacked.


Under the impact, Geng Le flew out a few meters, rolled a few rounds on the ground, and then stabilized.


Geng Le instantly crawled back up, anger evident on his face, but after seeing who it was, his voice became even colder, and his eyes became completely cold, It's you?

It was Zi Chen. The Blue Spirit Herb was something that he needed, and since he did not manage to get it through the auction, he would snatch it.

It's you, a reckless rogue cultivator, do you know who I am? You dare to attack me, do you not want to live? Geng Le's eyes were filled with killing intent. To be ambushed by a rogue cultivator, he felt extremely humiliated.

You want to snatch the spirit herbs from me? I think the one who doesn't want to live is you. Zi Chen snorted, a cold glint flashed past his eyes, and he rushed towards Geng Le once again.

Geng Le was also not to be outdone, a light flashed from his body as he made a terrifying attack.

As a monstrous genius, he was naturally not afraid of the other party.


A huge tremor caused an intense sound, and Geng Le who was prepared was still sent flying.

All of the rogue cultivators in the area were shocked. The scene in front of them was simply too unbelievable.

That is?!

Even the expressions of many monstrous geniuses changed. Where did this fierce person come from?

Since he couldn't buy anything in the auction, he tried to snatch it from someone. Furthermore, he was not stealing from just anyone, but from a monstrous genius.

He's got guts.

He dares to snatch the things of the great powers' monstrous genius in broad daylight?

Everyone was dumbstruck and felt that this was inconceivable.


However, this person was very strong, with just a single exchange, he was able to send Geng Le flying.


The heaven and earth trembled, and released a powerful sound, the young man once again struck out with his powerful attack, landing on Geng Le's head.

The latter staggered and staggered, almost losing his balance.

Zi Chen's attacks were extremely fast, and after one strike, he unleashed yet another attack. His attacks were extremely quick and violent, and every attack caused the heaven and earth to tremble.

Where did this ferocious person come from, to be able to easily suppress a monstrous genius?

Looks like Ao Baichuan's burial site this time, has attracted too many experts. A monstrous genius has been suppressed by others several times over the past few days.

Everyone was shocked and constantly gasped in surprise.

Double Fist! Geng Le shouted explosively. His eyes were scarlet red, and had he lost face multiple times over the past few days. He could not throw it again today as a terrifying aura surged.


A dazzling golden light flashed and struck Geng Le's fist. In the next moment, a loud sound was heard, and Geng Le was immediately pushed back.

His hair was disheveled, and his expression was hideous and bedraggled.

What are you still standing there for? Attack! Geng Le roared, beside him, there were a few clan Zhen Yuan Realm Experts.




There were three of them, and they were all extremely powerful. When they reacted, a cold light flashed across their eyes as they charged towards Zi Chen.


With a punch, golden light scattered and a person was forced to retreat, fainting on the spot.


The heaven and earth shook as a terrifying energy surged. Another cultivator was struck on the head, his head tilted to the side as he fainted.


The last person, who was also unable to withstand Zi Chen's terrifying punch, fainted on the spot.

To be able to knock out three people in three hits, this method was truly shocking.

At the same time, Zi Chen rushed towards Geng Le with extreme speed.


They were simply not on the same level. Geng Le was forced to retreat several times, his body staggered, his steps were, and his arms, which had not been recovering for long, distorted once again.

Aren't you domineering? Zi Chen asked, taking a step forward, and then punched again.

This time, it directly hit Geng Le's chin. The speed was extremely fast, and in a moment, Geng Le was sent flying, spitting out blood.

This was a one-sided battle with almost no suspense.

Ah... Geng Le roared, his black hair was dancing frantically and the Qi around his body surged crazily.


Zi Chen's body flashed forward, his attacks were like raindrops, powerful and terrifying. As it released a sharp whistle, it struck Geng Le on the head.


Just like the sound of a bell, it released a vibration that made people's hearts tremble. The Spirit Qi around Geng Le's body was instantly scattered and his body staggered.

Everyone was stupefied. A monstrous genius was actually being suppressed like this, so easily.


The last strike caused a huge tremor to shake the place and the surrounding space trembled as well. Then, under the dumbstruck gaze of the crowd, Geng Le's eyes darkened as he fainted on the spot.

He's fainted, he's fainted! Just like that, a monstrous genius was knocked unconscious.

Geng Le fainted on the spot, following that, Zi Chen rushed towards the other party's finger and instantly took it off. There were many things inside, as for the Yuan Stone, there were probably a lot.

Without saying a word, Zi Chen grabbed the spatial ring and left. There was a hint of joy in his eyes, he had truly struck golden this time.

Just the Blue Spirit Herb that Geng Le has was already worth tens of thousands of Yuan Stone, and that was not even including other things. Furthermore, Geng Le was extremely rich and overbearing, from his arrogant appearance in the auction, it was not hard to see that he was rich.

Everyone was speechless, this was too fierce, robbing a monstrous genius just like that.

This was an undisguised slap to the face.

Halt, is this a robbery? A cold snort sounded out, and Chu Lie walked out from the crowd, unable to watch any longer.

At the same time, a few Chu Family experts appeared and surrounded Zi Chen.

Where did you come from, this is Yongji City. Under broad daylight, you dare to come and steal? Chu Lie's voice was cold.

Who are you? Zi Chen asked coldly.

Who do you think I am?

An idiot.

With that said, Zi Chen clenched his fists and punched. The golden light shone brightly and a terrifying aura surged.


Without any suspense, one strike from Zi Chen made Chu Lie retreat. At the same time, Zi Chen flashed forward, used the Nine Thunder Pass and he chased closely after Chu Lie.

The attacks were like a drum, constantly releasing sounds, rippling out a large amount of golden light. Chu Lie's face was pale white as he retreated.

In this exchange, Chu Lie was forced to retreat.

Frozen World.

The coldness in his eyes grew stronger, seizing the opportunity, he unleashed a terrifying attack, the endless cold energies attacked like a thousand year old ice mountain, but before they could attack Zi Chen, they were scattered by a powerful force.

Chu Lie coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, and was sent flying in the end with a slap. A few days ago, he was already no match for Zi Chen, and now, he was naturally no match for him either.

Now that he had appeared, he could only meddle in other people's business.




At the same time, Zi Chen had also knocked out the people from the Chu Family.

All around them, everyone was petrified. This was simply too fierce, battling two monstrous geniuses consecutively.


In the crowd, Cang Kun, Wu Feng and Li Yue looked at each other and nodded. Then, a light flashed and the three of them rushed towards Zi Chen.

You dare to steal something in broad daylight? You are courting death.

How dare you! I, Li Yue, will kill you today!

Little thief, prepare to die.

The three of them turned into three beams of light and moved forward at an extremely fast speed.

The surrounding people went into an uproar, this was the tempo of a siege, the three monstrous geniuses actually wanted to attack one person?

No, it's the four of them. Chu Lie had not been knocked unconscious, and was still persisting.


As the three monstrous geniuses stepped forward, Zi Chen had no choice but to pay attention to them. Cold light flickered in his eyes and a terrifying aura surged around his body.


His entire body seemed to have gone completely berserk and robe fluttered even though there was no wind. The bright golden light caused the expressionless Zi Chen to turn even colder.


A large expanse of flames charged towards Zi Chen, bringing a terrifying high temperature along with it. In the midst of the flames, there was also an exceptionally sharp sword of fire, its power peerless. This was the Li Family's monstrous genius's attack, so its might was naturally extraordinary.


Zi Chen waved his fist, bringing along a large amount of golden light. Like a powerful demonic beast, he directly struck the flames. The golden light scattered everywhere and like a myriad of rain drops, it directly extinguished the flames. At the same time, the fist directly went forward, with a 'bang', and shattered the sword Qi.


The terrifying aura continued to surge. A blazing fist light struck Li Yue's body. The latter suffered a heavy blow and his body trembled as he flew backwards, spitting out large mouthfuls of blood.

The air trembled as the sky suddenly darkened and a palm print appeared. It was incomparably pitch black, and looked like rolling Demonic Qi as it curled and coiled, and it struck towards Zi Chen's head.

This was an attack from the Wu Zong Sect's monstrous genius. It was very scary and if it was used on a normal Fourth Heaven, they would not even be left with ashes after receiving such a strike. However, they had to face off against Zi Chen, an existence with unparalleled combat power.

Such an attack wasn't enough.

Zi Chenleaped up, his eyes cold and emotionless as he punched out, bringing with it a large amount of extremely cold Qi. In the next moment, with a loud bang, the palm print transformed into a natural energy and disappeared.

Zi Chen's powerful and terrifying unparalleled combat power was completely displayed.

Right at this moment, the martial skills of the Cang Family descended. It surged with boundless energy, as if it was able to topple mountains and overturn the seas. It quickly rushed towards Zi Chen, brimming with boundless killing intent.


Zi Chen punched again, very simple, and very direct. The energy, which could topple mountains and overturn the seas, seemed to have collided with an abnormally sturdy dam, and was instantly disintegrated.

The three strikes had broken the attack of the three monstrous geniuses. With such combat power, everyone was shocked speechless.

However, the expressions of all the monstrous geniuses suddenly changed.

What a familiar energy aura.

At this moment, this young man's figure seemed to have changed in their eyes, and started fusing with another figure.


Zi Chen's entire body shone with a golden light, as though he had donned a layer of golden armor. His eyes were cold and emotionless, and his feet flickered as he rushed towards Chu Lie.

This was Yongji City, he had to finish this battle quickly.