Thunder Martial Chapter 305 - core armament

The Blue Spirit Herb could be considered a rare treasure, and its effects were simple. The main thing was that it could with spiritual consciousness that had been damaged and it could also be used to strengthen the spiritual consciousness, but the effect was not too great.

Of course, if it was refined into a pill, the effect would be better, but the cost was too high. Other than the Danyang Qin Family, no one else could refine this kind of pill.

It was a completely dark blue grass. It was about a foot tall, and as wide as the palm of an adults hand. its three leaves were sparkling and translucent, emitting a gentle light. As the sealed jade box opened, the entire auction stage was dyed blue, as if it was covered in a layer of illusory blue muslin.

This was exactly what Zi Chen needed, and his gaze became very passionate.

The starting price, five Thousand Yuan Stone, increases the price by a hundred each time.

Zi Chen was shocked when he heard the auctioneer.

A mere Blue Spirit Herb that wasn't even five thousand years old but they wanted five Thousand Yuan stones for it? This was simply robbery.

Heavens! It is a single Blue Spirit Herb but they are actually asking for the starting price of five Thousand Yuan stones?

This is too expensive. Even if it's in the outside world, it's not worth that much.

The starting price is far higher than the usual price.

Shocked cries came out from the hall as everyone was shocked by the Blue Spirit Herb's price.

Five thousand and one. Zi Chen was so angry that he almost vomited blood, but he still called out the price. For this kind of thing, the price would be around five thousand. But here, it became the starting price.

This was clearly a huge trap, but he wasn't a major power, just a poor rogue cultivator.

Zi Chen's bid attracted a burst of surprised gazes. The people on the first floor's hall were all here to watch the commotion, who would have thought that someone would actually bid.

Six thousand! Right at this moment, an indifferent voice sounded. It came from a room upstairs. The voice was very familiar. That day at the ruins, they were heavily injured and had to use precious treasures to recover their strength.

Seven thousand! It was Miao Kong and this spirit herb was useless for him, he was obviously fighting for it for Zi Chen.

Eight thousand! At this moment, the Zhu Family had also called out a price. Last time, their Imperial Sky Realm expert suffered an injury, and they urgently needed this kind of precious treasure to heal the expert.

Damn. Zi Chen secretly cursed, and then shouted loudly, Ten thousand.

Adding two thousand in an instant could be considered a huge sum, and it was coming from the main hall as well. This caused quite a few people to be shocked, and they immediately turned their attention to the culprit.

However, Zi Chen had changed his appearance and no one could recognize him.

Ten thousand Yuan Stone going once.

No one said a word, the auctioneer on the auction stage shouted.

Eleven thousand. With a clear and crisp voice, Geng Le brought everyone's gaze back.

Eleven thousand. Geng Le sneered, and spoke again; obviously, he was determined to win.

Twelve thousand. Zi Chen's heart was bleeding. He was a rogue cultivator, it was not easy to get many Yuan Stones. Twelve thousand was an astonishing number.

Fifteen thousand. Geng Le opened his mouth once again, his voice calm and mocking, You are merely a mere rogue cultivator, to dare speak in such a situation, you truly do not know your place, is this a place for you to speak?

The Geng Family was extremely rich now. They had just occupied Letian City and stole all the wealth of the mayor, so they did not care about these mere fifteen thousand Yuan Stone.

Hmph, eighteen thousand. Zi Chen snorted, calling out the price, his heart was bleeding, and he wanted to jump up and kick Geng Le a few times.

At this point, no one spoke, only Geng Le and Zi Chen. If Geng Le did not say anything, the Blue Spirit Herb would be his.

Twenty thousand. In the private room, Geng Le had a teasing face as he slowly announced his bid, as if he was only announcing an ordinary number.

The price of twenty thousand stupefied Zi Chen. For a single Blue Spirit Herb, it really wasn't worth it.

Damn, am I an idiot? It's obvious that they are trying to cheat me, yet I am raising the price. Zi Chen cursed in his heart, feeling extremely unwell.

In the end, it was sold for 20,000.

Just watch the show. Do you think you're qualified to join in on the fun? Geng Le sneered and continued to bid.

After that, there were another few items that were auctioned off at a high price. This was a session for auctions that belonged to large powers, and other than large powers, no more than five people would be able to shout out loud. Furthermore, after hearing Geng Le's words, no one else spoke out.

In the blink of an eye, three items were auctioned, and were bought by the Wu Zong Sect, Zhu Family, and the Li Families at a high price.

Everything here had a higher starting price than the outside world. It could even be said that they were truly fighting against the earthly bounty, and a few major powers were even willing to be slaughtered.

A Blue Spirit Herb was just auctioned. Clearly, someone did not win and was very unwilling. Now, let's add another one. There's a total of three Blue Spirit Herb and the starting bid is ten thousand Yuan Stones.

Once again, three Blue Spirit Herbs were placed out. They shined brightly and dyed the auction stage blue. This starting bid was still acceptable.

Fifteen thousand!

Zi Chen immediately opened his mouth and increased the bid by 5,000, and light flashed in his eyes.

Twenty thousand. The Zhu Family members said.

Twenty-five thousand. Miao Kong said.

Thirty thousand. Geng Le said.

Everyone was dumbfounded. It was just an ordinary Blue Spirit Herb, but it was actually an increase of five Thousand Yuan stone. Although it was a rare treasure and the price was very expensive, it was still far from being as ridiculous as it was today.

It could also be seen from this that the attention of a few major powers towards the ruins was serious and they were even willing to be ripped off by the Liu Family.

Zi Chen gnashed his teeth in anger, he simply didn't have that many Yuan Stones.

Miao Kong had fought a few times too but he could not win against the other party. Geng Le was not strong, but he had a lot of money.

A group of Blue Spirit Herb had been increased to forty thousand.

Fifty thousand. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold, as if he was holding in air. When he shouted out the number, it was somewhat crazy.

This was a gamble, and of course, a huge gamble.

Like I said, for today's auction, you rogue cultivators will only have the chance to watch the show. Sixty thousand. Geng Le ridiculed him, he was truly rich.

Everyone clicked their tongues, feeling shocked at Geng Le's extravagance.

Zi Chen did not bid anymore. He did not even have fifty thousand Yuan Stones with him, he was just trying to keep his cool. If the latter did not want it, he would be in trouble.

Three Blue Spirit Herbs were once again obtained by Geng Le.

The auction continued. After that, there were a few rare items that appeared, and each of them was extremely expensive.

As for Blue Spirit Herbs, another two groups appeared, the price was outrageously high. Zhu Zicong took one group, and the other two groups belonged to Geng Le.

A group of pills that were refined by Blue Spirit Herb appeared as well. Although Miao Kong had been bidding the entire time, it was clear that he did not have enough authority to bid for them.

All around, dozens of things were being auctioned, all of them being high prices. The Liu Family had gained a lot this time.

Now, the last thing to be auctioned is a core armament.

The moment the auctioneer's words fell, a commotion broke out. It was obvious that the main event had arrived, and the price of the core armament would reach an extreme level. Even someone at the sovereign realm would be tempted.

We've finally reached the core armament.

After the core armament, there's news about the ruins. I'm really looking forward to it.

There was some disturbance in the crowd.

This is the last item of the auction, and it will not be made public. Everyone, please leave the stage now.

But in the next moment, the auctioneer's words caused a wave of discontented voices to rise.


Why not let us stay here?

We still need to hear about the ruins

The crowd of rogue cultivators were dissatisfied. Each of them glared at the auctioneer and refused to leave the stage.

We won't leave.

We want to hear about the ruins.

That's right, what kind of heavy treasure does the burial site that killed Ao Baichuan possess?

The rogue cultivators were all very domineering and excited. They were not here for the auction, their main goal was the ruins, telling them to leave was obviously not an option.

Everyone has to leave this time for the internal auction of the core armament. An elderly voice suddenly sounded, carrying a fearsome might within. Everyone felt their hearts tremble, and they found it hard to breathe due to the oppressive aura emanating from the voice.

This is, sovereign realm! Everyone's expression changed. Some of those who were hooting instantly shut their mouths as well.

A bunch of idiots!

Right at this moment, a sneer came out from the second floor's private room, followed by numerous monstrous genius. They walked out of the private room, clearly wanting to leave as well.

Zi Chen swept his gaze towards the second floor's private room. His eyes flashed as he walked out first.

Very quickly, the hall was empty, and even the auctioneer had left. It was empty, as though there was no one there.

At this moment, an aged voice sounded.

core armament, one million Yuan Stone starting price, increasing the price by one million Yuan Stone every time.

Two million. A voice came out from the darkness, You sure are evil. Is the matter of the remains, true or not. Is it really Ao Baichuan's burial site?

Of course it's true. Ao Baichuan is already dead.

Three million. For such a huge news to be spread out from your Liu Family. Why didn't your Liu Family not hold it in and make a fortune out of it? Another person spoke up.

These were obviously the real experts, with a fighting strength comparable to old monstrous geniuses.

Ao Baichuan is powerful and his attainments in formations are high. Entering the Ancient Ruins is fraught with danger, and it is highly likely that we will die. Our Liu Family will not be able to take it down.

Four million. Is it true that there's an inheritance in the ruins?

Of course, but there is also an even more important piece of news.

What news?

There was no sound in the dark.

Five million, what news?

Still no one spoke.

Six million.

7 million.

8 million, what news is this? It's actually worth that much?

A very important piece of news.

10 million. The price of core armament had broken through to ten million. This was a number that shocked everyone.

Under normal circumstances, Ao Baichuan's burial site would sink underground and would not even appear. For such a situation to occur right now, it only proves one thing.

What problem?

Someone had already gotten there, and had already broken through some of the restrictions, which was why the burial site appeared.

The experts of the Liu Family's words stirred a thousand ripples.

Sir, this is yours.


As soon as Geng Le walked out of the private room, there were servants waiting there holding items that Geng Le had bought.

Oh, very soon.

Geng Le laughed, a light flickering in his hand, and Yuan Stones appeared one after another, forming a small mountain that emitted dense spirit energy.

Just count them slowly. There's no need to look for me if there's too much. Geng Le laughed indifferently, the light in his hands flickered again, he kept the items and walked out.

Geng Le was very proud as he walked out boldly. In today's auction, he had made a name for himself by buying a lot of things.

A bunch of trash.

Just as he walked out, he heard the dissatisfied mutters of some rogue cultivators, Geng Le curled his lips in disdain.

All of a sudden, he felt a chill run through his body. His body trembled, and in the next moment, he saw a figure rushing towards him from the corner of his eyes.