Thunder Martial Chapter 304 - Auction

To the several great powers, that was an era of darkness.

It was as if a king had suddenly died in the mountains. They were a group of dragons without a leader and some monkeys jumped out, wanting to be the king while facing the encirclement and attack from the other kings of the mountains.

In this dark and chaotic era, there were many deaths and injuries. The local forces were simply not a match for outsiders.

As for those powers that had only built the city for a mere thousand years, they were at most a group of monkeys that hadn't grown up yet. How could they fight against a fierce tiger?

In that era, the experts of the local forces suffered heavy casualties.

Just then, a person appeared in the Southern region.

Ao Baichuan was a mysterious expert. No one knew where he came from, and no one knew which power he came from.

Just when the local forces were no match for the outsiders, he appeared. Dressed in black, he appeared extremely imposing, and like a giant, he blocked the attacks of all the external forces.

Around his body, there were one hundred and eight banners, radiating resplendent light and emitting a terrifying aura. The banner swayed in the air, forming a terrifying killing formation with peerless power.

On that day, the sky and earth changed color. The wind swept through the clouds, and the banner began to flutter as an incomparably terrifying aura surged.

A gust of wind blew, like a ghost's cry or a wolf's howl, it released a suction force and all the experts of the foreign forces were swept into the array. The sound of wind and thunder roared, lightning fell from the sky as destructive auras rippled out.

It was like an apocalyptic scene.

The one hundred and eight banners scattered in the air, floating in the air, shining brightly for half a month. During this time, mournful screams and cries for help constantly sounded out.

After half a month, the great formation became quiet. Ao Baichuan withdrew the banner. There was no one left alive within the formations.

Their corpses piled into a small hill, their blood turning into oceanics. It was a miserable scene, not a single expert in the big formation survived.

On the day that the banner was taken away, a wave of resentment emerged from the mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Like many Angry Dragons, they shot up into the sky, and the cold wind around them became incomparably dark.

And this move of Ao Baichuan had also intimidated all the external forces.

However, there were also some experts that appeared and challenged Ao Baichuan. Ao Baichuan's attainments in formations were very deep, and his strength was even more powerful. The chaos nine thousand years ago was basically something that he alone ended.

He had protected the Southern region.

The name Human Slaughterer was derived from this.

In the Southern region at that time, Ao Baichuan was invincible and he was the well-deserved strongest expert of the Southern region.

However, during the times of turmoil, there was another external force that had successfully integrated into the Southern region, and that was the current Heaven Killing Pavilion.

These were all secrets, and only the great powers that had experienced that battle would have records of them.

The words Liu Chen said today caused an uproar.

Even the expert died. Everyone sighed.

The expert at that time had a powerful fighting strength, and his attainments in the formations were so deep but he actually died.

It is said that in the battle all those years ago, even Sky Martial Cultivators died, but he himself was not Sky Martial Cultivator. Liu Chen spoke another shocking secret.

Wang Qiong nodded and recalled it carefully. It seemed to be related to the records he had read about in ancient books.

He's not a Sky Martial Cultivator, but he has the strength to kill a Sky Martial Cultivator? Everyone was stunned, don't Sky Martial Cultivators have the reputation of being the strongest person in the world with unparalleled combat power?

The massacre of such people was too terrifying. No one had experienced that era, but one could imagine the appearance of many experts. However, they were all massacred by someone, and their corpses were strewn all over the ground.

This heroic appearance, this magnanimity, it was truly admirable.

Only the human slaughterer's burial sight can possess such terrifying formations. Even after so many years have passed, its might is still the same. After sighing, everyone returned to reality.

This time, our Liu Family had to go through several investigations before we were certain that it was the burial site of the Human Slaughter King. Liu Chen said.

Everyone's eyes lit up once again.

If it was really the burial site of the Human Slaughter, then what would be inside?

It was very obvious that the inheritance of someone who is known as the human slaughterer will definitely be worth a lot. Other than the martial skills that had killed the Sky Martial Cultivator, there was also the inheritance of the formations.

It was not that they did not wish to comprehend it, but rather that they did not even have the chance to comprehend it. As for some of the inheritance of the formations, it was even rarer.

At that time, the cause of the chaos was the Limitless Sect. Such a large sect suddenly disappeared, and many treasures and legacies became the object of jealousy of the large powers. They all fought over them, and many ancient books and formations manuals also disappeared during the chaos.

Although the Local forces of the Southern region had survived, many of their resources were gone, looted by foreign forces.

This time, the appearance of the burial site would definitely cause a huge commotion, and Liu Chen was telling them right now, he was obviously doing it on purpose.

Everything else related to the ruins are classified as top secret. I'm not too sure either, after the auction, the Family elder will inform you. Liu Chen said.

When does the auction start? Everyone asked.

Three days later. Liu Chen said: Other than the incident regarding the human slaughterer and the ruins, we have discovered many clues, and are prepared to share it with the other great powers.

With that said, Liu Chen no longer spoke.

As for the other monstrous geniuses, they evidently could not sit still any longer and bid their farewells one by one, leaving the area.

Hmph, be careful these days. When Geng Le left, he threatened Zi Chen.

Chu Lie's eyes also flashed with a cold light.

You guys have to be careful as well. Be obedient and follow behind your elders, so that one of you doesn't get killed when you run out. Zi Chen scoffed.

This was a major event, and the great powers had to return to report. Moreover, the auction is in three days so some of the true experts would definitely go.

Zi Chen didn't have any confidence now. This was an auction organized by the Liu Family. After that, there was another piece of news related to the ruins.

When Zi Chen returned to the Inn, he was still cultivating diligently. Zi Chen told Nie Tian everything.

Ao Baichuan? Nie Tian frowned, he had never heard of this expert before.

He is an expert from nine thousand years ago. Zi Chen explained.

The two of them discussed for a long time, but did not come to any substantive conclusions. Helpless, they could only cultivate first and wait until it was the auction.

On the second day, the news about the Human Slaughterer had spread out, and there were even legends about the Human Slaughterer. They were spread throughout the Yongji City, letting even more people know.

As a result, more and more experts were attracted to it.

The Human Slaughter was the famous and well-deserved strongest person of 9000 years ago. All the great powers at that time did not develop, and he alone suppressed them.

Nine thousand years later, his powerful battle prowess once again caused a sensation.

The three great sects of the Seven Cities were practically useless towards the elemental formations. The appearance of the burial site meant that there was a high chance of them obtaining the inheritance and this was a good opportunity.

Other than the inheritance of formations, the Human Slaughterer was extremely powerful, so he naturally had many powerful martial skills which attracted the attention of countless people.

In just a few short days, Yongji City was overcrowded.

Just when such a large Yongji City was unable to endure any more, the auction had finally started.

Normally, it was rare to open once every few months, and sometimes it opened once a year. However, today, it was packed with people. There were no empty seats.

The Seven Cities and three great sects, had all sent their experts, and there was no lack of powerful old monstrous geniuses among them.

Furthermore, it was said that this time's finale was a core armament. This was something that all the great powers coveted, and was practically priceless.

With equipment forging being the most important process in the Yongji Liu Family, the core armament that they took out this time would naturally be extraordinary.

The people of a great power all had their own seats, and each of them was displayed in their private rooms as the great monstrous genius walked in one after another.

Zi Chen still came alone, and early in the morning.

No matter what, today, Zi Chen had to obtain a stalk of medicinal plant or pills that could restore soul power.

The entire Auction Hall was extremely noisy, and many people were discussing this matter with excitement and enthusiasm. They were here to participate in the auction because of the fun, and even more people were here for the news of the ruins.

Because of the appearance of the auctioneer, the noisy hall had become quiet.

I am very happy to be able to participate in this auction. I am today's Auctioneer

Following the start of the auction, the first item was placed.

This is a spirit armament from the ruins. Through the verification by our Liu Family, the quality of this spirit armament has reached mid tier. The starting bid is twenty thousand Yuan Stones and each bid should not be less than one thousand.

A beautiful maid stepped forward with a tray. As the red cloth on top was opened, a wave of killing Intent filled the air. This was a spirit armament of high quality.

The first auctioned item is actually a spirit armament. There were many who were shocked and they were filled with anticipation for this auction.

Twenty-one thousand.

As soon as the spirit armament appeared, there was a bid, it was from someone from a great power.

Twenty-two thousand.

The starting price was set by the auctions for the big powers, so naturally they had to give face, and everyone raised their prices one after another.

Forty thousand!

After one round, forty thousand Yuan Stones was the final price. This price was already considered high enough to buy one spirit armament.

The second auction item is a spirit beast. The strength of this beast is at the Zhen Yuan Realm and it has already been tamed. It is a rare mount.

A few burly men were carrying a huge iron cage with True Yuan surging around their bodies. As soon as it landed on the ground, it made a peng sound.

The auction platform trembled.

The starting price is ten thousand Yuan Stone.

Thirteen thousand!

Fifteen thousand.

Twenty thousand!

This was a red tiger. In the past, Cangli City had auctioned one before, and even though it was at the Xiantian Realm, it had been auctioned for ten thousand Yuan Stone, but this starting bid here was ten thousand Yuan Stone also.

This was, relatively speaking, an unfair auction, because the people of Liu Family had purposely raised the starting bid.

Thirty-five thousand.

All of the powers that came here were here for the ruins. At this moment, they could only extend their heads out, and in the end, it was a 35,000 Yuan Stone deal.

Ok, deal!

The auctioneer was excited, this seemed to be the most successful auction that she had ever completed.

The next auction item is a Blue Spirit Herb. Its effect is to recover the damaged spiritual consciousness, and it also has the effect of strengthening the spiritual consciousness.

In the great hall on the first floor, Zi Chen's eyes instantly lit up upon hearing what the auctioneer said.