Thunder Martial Chapter 303 - Human Slaughterer

Yongji City, in a luxurious restaurant. A group of monstrous geniuses were gathered there.

Zi Chen was also invited to participate.

To be able to easily defeat two monstrous geniuses in one battle, it was enough to make the other monstrous genius apprehensive.

Cloud Coty's Wang Family Wang Xian'er, Wang Qiong, Danyang City's Qin Family Qin Xing, Qin He, and the Zhu Family's Zhu Zicong... This was a gathering of monstrous geniuses, and the scale of the gathering was no smaller than that of Cangli City's.

As the host, the Liu Family had very thorough arrangements this time. Liu Chen was slightly fat and had a simple and honest face.

Geng Le and Chu Lie were naturally within the range of the invitation.

It had to be said that the two great forces were indeed very strong. With their injuries, they actually fully recovered in a single day, and became lively again. It was said that they went to the Qin Family to beg for two pills.


Seeing Zi Chen appear, the two of them scoffed, their eyes filled with venom, at the same time, they were a bit far from other monstrous genius. After yesterday's battle, the two of them felt like they were inferior to the other, and lost face.

Especially for Chu Lie, he had threatened to kill the other party with a slap previously, but in the end, he was instead knocked unconscious.

Zi Chen had come alone. Wearing black, his expression was indifferent, and the moment he appeared, he attracted everyone's attention.

I am Liu Chen, how may I address you, my friend? Liu Chen took the initiative to step forward, and laughed simply and honestly.

A Luo! Zi Chen laughed indifferently, After that day's battle, he turned around and left but he still decided to attend this gathering. Furthermore, he was in Yongji City and he did not have any conflicts with anyone from the Liu Family, and no one made things difficult for him that day.

As a result, the group of monstrous genius only knew that the youth in front of them was very strong, but not his name.

Thank you Brother A Luo for your appreciation. Come, let me introduce you to everyone. Liu Chen laughed honestly and began to introduce them to Zi Chen.

This is the monstrous genius of Cang Family, Cang Kun. His battle prowess is extremely strong and has been hidden by his family the entire time. He belongs to the monstrous genius as a recluse.

Cang Kun was a youth, very young. Not comparable to Cang Meng's dominance, he was clearly a little feminine.

As expected. Zi Chen felt relieved in his heart. Since they were a great power with abundant resources, it was naturally impossible for them to only have one monstrous genius.

This is Li Yue, a monstrous genius of the Li Family.

Back then, when Zi Chen killed the Five Great monstrous geniuses, there were four powers among them. Today, the three forces have all come, but they did not recognize Zi Chen, so their expressions were still considered friendly.

This is Wu Feng from the Wu Zong Sect.

The Wu Zong Sect also came. Other than Wu Mo and Miao Kong, another monstrous genius came, but facing Wu Mo, it was obvious that the two of them were not on good terms.

As for the others, Zi Chen knew them all.

This is... Liu Chen continued to introduce.

No need, I will do it myself. My name is Wang Xian'er, you should recognize me, right? Wang Xian'ers eyes were extremely intelligent. With her long eyelashes, she blinked her eyes as she stared at Zi Chen.

Of course I know you. Cloud City's second monstrous genius is incomparably beautiful and lovely. Who wouldn't know of you in this world? Zi Chen laughed, then turned his gaze to the next person.

Is there nothing else? Wang Xian'er was very unwilling.

This? Zi Chen felt very awkward.

Fortunately, Wang Qiong had pulled Wang Xian'er back.

The following introductions were relatively simple. Zi Chen did not wish to reveal his identity and only nodded in acknowledgement.

As for Geng Le and Chu Lie, there was naturally no need to introduce them, and Liu Chen did not have the ability to resolve the hatred between them.

After the introductions, everyone greeted each other.

Whether intentionally or not, everyone was paying close attention to Zi Chen's origins.

May I know where Brother Luo is from? Why haven't I seen you before? The one who spoke was Wang Qiong, and this was the first time he had spoken to Zi Chen.

The others also looked at Zi Chen.

I am from the mountains. I cannot be compared to your illustrious identities. It is normal for you all to not know me. Zi Chen laughed, with the intention to curry favor.

Oh, Brother Luo has a special physique. Could it be that you've had some fortuitous encounters? Wang Shi also spoke up.

Yes. When I was young, I loved to play. I accidentally fell into a hole and ate a wild fruit. My whole body felt warm, and after that, my strength increased tremendously. Zi Chen's mouth was filled with words.

Wang Shi laughed.

There were also a few people who had strange looks in their eyes. Wang Shi and Wang Qiong did not believe it, it was obvious that they did not believe it at all.

Afterwards, the few of them asked a few more questions without leaving a trace. Zi Chen answered them fluently, evidently, he was already prepared.

When I came out this time, I heard the rumors about a man named Zi Chen. In a single day, he consecutively killed Five Great monstrous geniuses, this power makes me embarrassed. I wonder how many people have seen Zi Chen, how strong is he exactly? Zi Chen chuckled, and began to divert his attention.

Sure enough, once Zi Chen was mentioned, everyone started to talk more.

Zi Chen is very strong. The battle that day, even now, is still fresh in my mind. Liu Chen said, as though he was deep in his thoughts.

He is very powerful and possesses two types of extreme energies. He is known as a Sky Martial Cultivator with unparalleled combat power.

This time, they finally started a conversation.

Yesterday, Chu Lie said that he could kill Zi Chen with a single slap, but today, he did not say a word. His gaze was very cold and he was together with Geng Le, the two of them could be considered to be sympathizing with each other.

On the side, Zhu Zicong and the members of the Cang and Li Family were also there. It was obvious that they were part of a small group and this group would not discuss about Zi Chen.

Are you really from the mountains? Wang Xian'er asked.

Of course.

I don't believe it, I feel like you're a familiar person. Wang Xian'er was unwilling to let it go.

The Qin Family's monstrous genius was a pair of twin brothers. The elder brother was Qin Xing and the younger brother was called Qin He.

The two were practically the same, even Zi Chen was unable to differentiate between the older and younger brother.

Brother Qin. Zi Chen cupped his fists and walked over.

Oh, Brother Luo, you have something to talk to us about? The two of them were very surprised. They never would have thought that this A Luo would ignore a beauty and come to talk to them instead.

I heard that the Danyang Qin Family has a great deal of knowledge on alchemy. I wonder if the two of you have pills that can recover soul power? Zi Chen went straight to the point, as this was one of the reasons why he was here at this monstrous genius gathering.

The Danyang Qin Family was good at concocting pills, and Zi Chen had experienced the divine effects of pills before.

Soul power? The two of them were stunned.

Soul power was actually just spiritual perception, but it was also different. When a person was alive, it was called spiritual perception, or the spiritual consciousness.

That's right. Zi Chen nodded.

The two of them were shaken inwardly, but their expressions did not change. Among them, their older brother Qin Xing smiled apologetically, Apologies, there was indeed this kind of pills, but after the last time we entered the ruins, the Family elder was injured by the sound wave from the giant. They were all used to recuperate from their injuries.

Oh Zi Chen nodded, unavoidably somewhat disappointed.

Many big powers have come, the auction is about to open, there will definitely be this kind of herbal medicine inside. The younger brother said.

The two exchanged a few more words of greeting before Zi Chen left in disappointment.

Old Mo had a very high attainment in formations, so if he were to awaken, it would definitely be of great help to him when he goes to the ruins.

What, what's the matter? Miao Kong walked over, maintained his composure and said with the sound transmission.

I'm looking for a medicinal plant to recover my soul power. Zi Chen said.

Miao Kong was the only one who knew that he had not left the Southern region. He was only guessing, but he was not sure.

Recover your soul power? Miao Kong's brows slightly creased, and said: This time, the Liu Family has long since been prepared.

Are you in a hurry?

With this pill, I'll have a 50% chance of surviving after entering the ruins. Zi Chen said.

Then... I'll think of a way. I'll help you get one when the time comes.

The two of them only spoke briefly before attracting Wang Xian'er's attention. Zi Chen smiled slightly and turned to leave.

Wang Xian'er followed him.

Zi Chen pretended not to have seen it, his identity was extremely awkward. If he was exposed again, he was afraid that he would die. Moreover, Su Long seemed to have an urgent matter so he had left a long time ago and he kept warning Zi Chen not to reveal his identity.

The gathering of the monstrous genius was naturally not just to have a conversation with other monstrous geniuses. When the conversation came to an end, the main event would come.

Liu Chen, I heard that your Liu Family knows some information about the ruins, is that correct?

Yes, this ruins was discovered by you, could it be that you sensed something beforehand?

Last time's trip to the ruins, your experts of Liu Family suffered the least damage.

A few monstrous geniuses stepped forward. This was the main event this time, and some of it was for the ruins.

How is that possible? We were only guessing before, but this time, after entering the ruins, we can confirm it. Liu Chen laughed honestly.

So you're saying, you've really discovered something? All of the monstrous geniuses walked over with shining eyes.

There are indeed some discoveries. According to the rumors, we know that it's a burial site of an expert. Furthermore, we have investigated him multiple times. We can now confirm whose burial site it is. Liu Chen said.

Which expert is it? Everyone's eyes lit up.

In the next moment, everyone looked at Liu Chen.

He was famous nine thousand years ago, and his attainments in Formations had reached the pinnacle. It is senior Ao Baichuan's burial site. A look of reverence appeared in Liu Chen's eyes.

Ao Baichuan? Everyone was startled, they had obviously never heard of this name before.

Is it him? The person who massacred an entire region's power in a single day? Right at this moment, a surprised exclamation came out. It was Wang Qiong from Cloud City.

Cloud City had already been established for ten thousand years, so it could be considered a huge power.

It's him, it's actually that person. I heard that the number of people who died at his hands exceeds a hundred thousand. This is an unrivalled expert.

Soon after, more exclamations of surprise rang out. It was clear that the identity of the man was extraordinary, but only a few people knew of his name. However, the name of the man was incomparably illustrious.

Zi Chen frowned, he did not know about him at all and it was also clear that not everyone knew about the human slaughterer.

That's right, it's his burial site. Liu Chen nodded.

Ten thousand years ago, when the Limitless Sect was annihilated and the Seven Cities rose in power, it was a chaotic era. Other than the local forces, there were also many external forces that wanted to occupy this place.

The war between the local forces and the foreign powers.

At that time, the Limitless Sect was famous. In the Southern region, it was the undisputed number one sect.

When the Limitless Sect went to attack the Temple of Thunder, all of them were killed. However, the territory they were in control of made many people jealous, resulting in a huge war to break out.

How could the local forces contend against an outsider's power? It was practically a one-sided battle.

In the end, the human slaughterer appeared.