Thunder Martial Chapter 302 - Beatdown


When the sword appeared, it released a sword hum, a cold light flashed, and rushed towards Zi Chen.

The surrounding area turned a vast expanse of whiteness. This was caused by the circulation of the Ice Cold Cultivation Method to the extreme. When the sword swung out, its power was peerless, as if there was a ten thousand year old ice mountain floating in the air.

This was the killing move from the Chu Family. Back then, Chu Fei had used this before and Chu Xiong had also used it before.

Golden light flickered around Zi Chen's body as he punched out, releasing a large amount of golden light.


The fist landed on the sword, causing it to tremble. A large amount of golden light scattered, creating a loud sound.

Frozen World.

Chu Lie roared, the cold surrounding him became even colder and the space around him even showed signs of freezing. It became a vast expanse of whiteness, as though it was a ten thousand year old ice mountain with an endless chill.

This was a terrifying attack. It could attack both the body and the spirit. It was a double-layered attack. The power of this slash was terrifying.


Zi Chen's entire body trembled. In his Sea of Consciousness, his powerful spiritual perception was glowing with a golden light, he was not afraid of such attacks at all. With a flash of golden light, he erased all of the attacks, while clenching his fists tightly and releasing a piercing golden light, he unleashed a terrifying attack.


The powerful collision created a loud explosion, and a large area of golden light scattered out, scattering the vast expanse of white surrounding space.

As if he had suffered from a violent vibration, Chu Lie's figure retreated, the center of his palm slightly trembled, and the sharp weapon in his hands revealed many cracks.

His expression became incomparably ugly. The sharp weapon that an Imperial Sky Realm expert had created was actually broken like this, and his powerful attack was also easily broken.


Right at this moment, Zi Chen's body flashed forward with extreme speed. Like a ray of light, he charged towards Chu Lie.


The moment his fists landed, it was like a strike from a heavy hammer, causing a huge tremor, causing the ground to shake. Chu Lie was forced to take seven or eight steps back, the blood and Qi in his body boiling.

In this world, who could fight against Zi Chen in close combat?

Under his perfect physique, he could completely destroy all monstrous geniuses. Only the monk's body could stand shoulder to shoulder with Zi Chen.


Zi Chen's eyes were like lightning, his hands moved quickly and nimbly, and with every strike, a large amount of golden light would be released. At the same time, the two types of extreme energy were constantly changing, maintaining yin-yang equilibrium.

Although he did not use martial skills, his perfect physique combined with his extreme energy was enough to suppress Chu Lie.


Chu Lie kept retreating, he did not even have a chance to retaliate, the blood and energy in his body was churning, he could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Haha, what monstrous genius! You can kill him with a single slap? So you're actually this powerful! Seeing Chu Lie coughing up blood, a sneer sounded out from the crowd. It was Wang Shan, he had a face full of schadenfreude.

With your combat strength, you still threaten to kill others with one slap? Be careful, don't let others kill you with one slap. Liu Bo also laughed sinisterly.

At the same time, soft laughter rang out.

With the sound of the laughter, Chu Lie felt that it was exceptionally ear-piercing. Furthermore, the young man in front of him was very strong, he had to come up with some special methods.

Frozen World.

This was also a Killing Technique but it was different from the previous move. One was a sword skill, while the other was a Killing technique.

Chu Lie shouted, and a seal appeared. In the next moment, a wave of cold energy, like a ten thousand year old glacier, surged, and rushed towards Zi Chen.

A white icy aura rushed towards Zi Chen, and in an instant, a layer of white ice crystals formed around Zi Chen, he was completely frozen.

Ha ha!

Chu Lie laughed, his mouth still stained with blood. This was an extremely powerful move, which had consumed a lot of his energy.

He was frozen! He was frozen just like that!

This move is too terrifying, it actually managed to freeze the opponent.

Everyone was stunned and overwhelmed with shock. The powerful youth from before had been frozen into ice just like that.

Only some of the monstrous geniuses had strange looks in their eyes.

Chu Lie strode forward, preparing to smash the ice crystal with a palm. Suddenly, he saw a flash of golden light from within the ice crystal.

With a drastic change in expression, he quickly retreated.


Zi Chen broke out of the ice and at the same time, he threw a punch towards Chu Lie. The shattered ice crystals were all dyed gold.


Chu Lie retreated in time, but was struck by the fist radiance nonetheless. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood, his face pale white, and said in shock, You're not dead?

Zi Chen sneered, Your ice crystal can only cool me down, it is impossible to kill me with it.

Ah? Dammit, let's see if you'll die this time or not! Chu Lie was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood. After being humiliated repeatedly, he had no choice but to face his opponent. Furthermore, he had used his last resort to kill Zi Chen.


A strong spiritual perception suddenly emerged from his body, which far exceeded that of an ordinary monstrous geniuses of the same level. Immediately after, a ray of light appeared in front of Chu Lie.

It was a small sword the size of a palm, and its entire body was emitting an endless number of cold energy. The moment it appeared, the surrounding temperature instantly dropped, as if it had reached below zero, and everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

This was also a spirit armament, its quality was very extraordinary.


With just a spiritual perception, an extremely terrifying aura exploded from the spirit armament. It was as if the heavens and the earth was being destroyed, as it turned into a bolt of lightning and charged towards Zi Chen.

This is?

Zi Chen's face changed slightly, he was a little shocked. He was aware that a spirit armament's power was strong, but a Zhen Yuan Realm experted was limited and was unable to fully unleash the power of the spirit armament. It was just like a forbidden weapon.

But at that moment, the power of the spirit armament that Chu Lie was controlling was actually two times stronger than Geng Le's.

What a powerful spiritual perception.

With his spiritual perception, he was able to give the spirit armament such power. This is too terrifying.

The might of the spirit armament caused the expressions of some of the monstrous geniuses to fluctuate. At this moment, they finally knew where Chu Lie's confidence came from.

My spiritual perceptions are several times stronger than those of the same level, and when controlling the spirit armament, its power is even stronger! What are you going to use to fight me, with your body? If you have the ability, block it Chu Lie sneered, controlling the spirit armament to fight.

A wave of killing intent surged and the terrifying Qi suffused the air. Zi Chen felt his body was about to collapse, the killing intent was too terrifying, his body could not withstand it.


However, he was not afraid. With his spiritual perception, a beam of golden light appeared. It circulated with a golden brilliance like water waves, blocking in front of him.

This was a spirit armament that had been fused with a diamond. The quality was extremely high and it was refined by Su Long.


The two spirit armament collided and unleashed a terrifying aura. The energy ripple scattered in all directions and the two lights continued to stick together.



Sounds came out as the spirit armament collided in mid air, its power was about the same.

What? How could this be? Chu Lie was dumbstruck, his powerful spiritual perception was his strongest ability, and also his last resort. However, he never would have expected the other side also had a spirit armament, and their spiritual perception weren't weaker than his at all.

What a powerful spiritual perception.

What a terrifying spirit armament.

Seeing Zi Chen taking out a spirit armament and blocking the attacks of the Chu Lie's, everyone's face changed.

The group of monstrous geniuses nearly lost their composure.

Could it be that this fellow who appeared out of nowhere was not a human? There were almost no weaknesses in his entire body.

I don't believe that your spiritual perception is stronger than mine. Chu Lie roared loudly. In his Sea of Consciousness, his spiritual perceptions were surging frantically as he controlled the spirit armament to kill Zi Chen.

And after unleashing its power, Zi Chen's spirit armament was indeed suppressed.

Hmph. Zi Chen snorted. Within his Sea of Consciousness, his spiritual perceptions that was like the ocean gushed out crazily and controlled the spirit armament.


In the next moment, the spirit armament started to tremble, and an even more terrifying aura swept out. It was like a monstrous wave and it was almost comparable to the spirit armament controlled by an Imperial Sky Realm expert.


The golden colored spirit armament slashed down with a terrifying might. In the next moment, sparks flew in all directions, and a large hole appeared on Chu Lie's spirit armament. At the same time, Chu Lie could not help but let out a shrill scream.

His spiritual perception was shaken.

Like a tidal wave that overflowed the heavens, the Golden Spirit Soldier descended once again with terrifying might. With peerless power, he slashed at Chu Lie's spirit armament yet again.

This time, the spirit armament released a crackling sound and cracks were spreading one after another.

The surrounding people's expressions all changed. This was too terrifying, a mere Fourth Heaven actually had such a strong spiritual perception.


When the third Golden Spirit Soldier landed, there were more and more cracks on Chu Lie's spirit armament. It was like a spiderweb, and it exploded in the end with a bang.

In the next moment, Chu Lie released a miserable cry as blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and his expression instantly withered. This was the result of the huge impact on his spiritual consciousness.


Zi Chen's eyes flashed with killing intent, his heart was filled with killing intent. However, at this moment, a chill ran through his body.

Could it be another old demon? Zi Chen was afraid in his heart, but he still scolded angrily. He could only give up on his Golden Spirit Soldier and charge towards Chu Lie.

The following matter seemed to be much simpler. Zi Chen, who did not dare to kill Chu Lie, could only ruthlessly humiliate him.

As for how he was going to be humiliated, it was naturally to slap his face.

Even though it was not the unparalleled slap technique, it was a real slap to the face.

The slapping sound caused many people's heart to tremble, and many monstrous geniuses felt their mouths tremble.

This guy who suddenly appeared was simply too terrifying. He actually possessed such combat power.

He suppressed the two great monstrous geniuses.

It was so easy for him and he was even scarier than the Zi Chen from back then.

You...! Chu Lie's face was covered in blood, and a few of his teeth had even fallen off. At this moment, he seemed to be preparing to say some ruthless words, but in the next moment, he was sent flying by Zi Chen's slap. At the same time, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

It was over.

Geng Le was beaten until he did not look like a human and another monstrous genius was knocked unconscious. Not far away, the eyes of all the people from the Chu Family were on fire. However, they did not move forward, as if they were deliberately suppressing it.

Wow, wow, wow, wow! You're so awesome!

After knocking Chu Lie out, Zi Chen stood proudly in the middle, his eyes cold, the Qi around his body surging, everyone was afraid and no one dared to step forward. Just then, a clear voice came out, Wang Xian'er actually ran over, with a pair of big eyes looking at Zi Chen, sizing him up.

Err... Do I have flowers on me? Zi Chen was startled, and felt very awkward.

Wang Xian'er was circling around him, looking like she was looking at a work of art, muttering from time to time, That shouldn't be the case, I clearly felt that familiar aura previously, but why is it that it suddenly disappeared?

She quietly muttered to herself, causing Zi Chen to jump in fright. Could it be that she noticed something when he made his move just now?

Zi Chen ignored Wang Xian'er, and turned to leave.

Hey, wait a moment, I have something to ask you. Wang Xian'er chased after him. Feeling that something was wrong, Zi Chen ran even faster.