Thunder Martial Chapter 301 - Blocking A Spirit Armament Barehanded

Geng Le's entire body was drenched in blood, his expression extremely ugly, the two sides were fighting and he was suppressed, coughing blood again and again.

But once the spirit armament appeared, the situation immediately changed.

Under the control of his spiritual perceptions, the spirit armament seemed like a ray of light as it chased after Zi Chen with a frightening killing intent.

This is a spirit armament.

Geng Le actually took out a spirit armament.

Many people cried out in alarm. They recognized this light, it was a spirit armament that was flying in the sky, and it possessed unbelievable might.

All the forces were fully prepared for this trip to the ruins. Almost every monstrous genius had a spirit armament in their hands that they would use to defend themselves.

On this trip to the ruins, what the monstrous genius had to do was to keep themselves alive.




The Nine Thunder Pass appeared as Zi Chen dodged repeatedly. The bone-piercing killing intent struck straight at his heart and the spirit armament followed closely behind like maggots in the bones, Geng Le was determined to kill him.

Haha, I have a spirit armament. It's incomparably sharp, and can cut you like cutting tofu. Let's see how you break it. Geng Le laughed, his expression fierce, and with another spiritual perception, he wanted to kill Zi Chen.

The spirit armament turned into a ray of light. Although it was not the strongest attack, but it had extreme speed.

All of the monstrous genius frowned. How can a flesh and blood body fight against a spirit armament?

Without a spirit armament, this situation could not be solved, and many people were worried for Zi Chen.

But in the next moment, they saw a shocking scene.

Zi Chen's entire body suddenly released a dazzling golden light, like a round golden sun. The dazzling light made it hard for people to open their eyes, following that, Zi Chen punched towards the spirit armament.


Just like the sound of metals clashing, it was crisp and clear. A golden fist struck onto the spirit armament, shaking it and producing a large amount of golden light.

The spirit armament trembled, and its entire body flashed with light.


At this moment, many people were incomparably shocked. All of them stared in shock at the figure within the golden light. Although they were unable to clearly see what had happened, they were able to guess what had happened.

He actually used his flesh and blood to block the spirit armament?

This was a very unbelievable scene, there was actually an existence at the Zhen Yuan Realm in the world that can block a spirit's armament attack with his bare hands.


Zi Chen waved his fist, and the golden fist descended once again. Hot energy surged as he struck out with a terrifying attack once again.

The spirit armament was trembling, the light around its body constantly flickering.

During this period, Zi Chen's figure flashed nonstop, he retreated quickly and threw out multiple punches. The Golden Light around him made it hard for people to look straight at him.

After the heat turned the cold, Zi Chen deliberately used the golden light to replace it. He compressed the energy on his fist and released it.


The golden fist came down, and every time it struck the spirit armament, it caused the spirit armament to tremble like a bell chime. After seven or eight consecutive punches, the light around the spirit armament's body finally dimmed, and with a clatter, it fell onto the ground.

It was only the size of a palm and had lost all its Spiritual Energy.

Not far away, Geng Le's face paled even more as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. His spirit was sluggish and his eyes were filled with shock. How is this possible?

Yes, how could that be possible?

At this moment, not only did Geng Le want to ask this question, everyone present wanted to ask this question as well.

Just a mere mortal body, how could it possibly defend against the spirit armament?

The golden light slowly dimmed as lines of blood traces appeared on Zi Chen's right hand and a drop of blood dripped down. As he resisted the spirit armament head on, he was also injured, but he had only lost a few drops of blood, which was not worth mentioning.

All of the monstrous genius's expression changed. A light flashed in Wang Qiong's eyes, and his brows furrowed slightly. He had felt a familiar energy from the eye-piercing golden light just now.

Wang Xianer's expression changed, her large eyes were filled with disbelief. Her spiritual sense was extremely sharp, and in that instant, she discovered something.

As for Miao Kong, he remained calm and collected, but the look in his eyes betrayed him.

However, not everyone could sense the abnormality. At this moment, many of the monstrous geniuses who had seen this had faces full of shock.

To receive a spirit armament with bare hands.

How terrifying was his physique?


Zi Chen did not speak, his eyes were cold and emotionless, the light beneath his feet flickered, and like a ray of light, he rushed towards Geng Le.


With his spiritual perception damaged, Geng Le's reaction was slow and as Zi Chen's fist was hit on his chin, he flew backwards and spat out large mouthfuls of blood, accompanied by two large white teeth.

Everyone was dumbfounded and they were in a petrified state.

A monstrous genius had his teeth broken.

At this moment, many of the monstrous geniuses also felt pain in their teeth as the corners of their mouths twitched non-stop.

Hehe, didn't some people say that you can kill him in one slap? I wonder if you dare to make a move now? Wang Shan laughed strangely and glanced at Chu Lie provocatively.

A mere brute force is not worth mentioning. Chu Lie was still full of confidence and disdain.

You're quite confident. If you have the ability, then attack. Stop bragging here. Wang Shan continued to mock him.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Chu Lie sneered.

The battle continued, and Zi Chen didn't even pay attention to his side.


Zi Chen's body flashed, and struck again, causing more blood to spurt out from Geng Le's mouth, but at the same time, he changed his palm and slapped Geng Le's face.


The slap was clear and loud and five finger prints immediately appeared on Geng Le's face, clearly visible.

You?! Geng Le's entire body was covered in blood. Blood lines were left behind at the corner of his mouth and his expression was terrifying. With this slap, he was almost shocked senseless.

He was the monstrous genius, the monstrous genius of the Geng Family, but he had actually been slapped.


But right after, Zi Chen made another backhand slap, and directly caused Geng Le to spin around four or five times, and then fell to the ground, waking him up.

Kid, I swear, I, Geng Le will definitely kill you. Geng Le roared like an angry lion. He had completely lost control of his emotions, he had never suffered such grievances before.


Zi Chen kicked again, sending Geng Le several meters away, drawing out a long blood line.

Zi Chen's attacks were strong and sharp and his attacks were also ruthless and merciless.

Just as everyone was finally able to react after the incident of Zi Chen blocking the spirit armament with his bare hands, they saw that Geng Le was beaten badly, and was on the verge of death.

A monstrous genius was slapped in the face and almost killed by someone. Everyone was dumbfounded, feeling that their brains were not enough.

How fierce must this person be to dare to act in such a manner?

I swear, I, Geng Le, will kill your entire family, leaving no one alive. Geng Le's mouth was full of blood foam, his expression sinister and venomous.

Very good. Today, I shall send you on your way and put an end to you. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with killing intent, and golden light surged on his large feet as he prepared to step on the ground.

Kid, although this place is not the Letian City, if you kill him, you will still die without a doubt. You have to reconsider. Suddenly, an aged voice sounded from Zi Chen's Sea of Consciousness.

This was a strong person, his voice could cause Zi Chen's soul to tremble, if his voice was slightly louder, it would probably shatter Zi Chen's soul.

Stop! He's so young, yet he's actually so ruthless! Just at this moment, a shout rang out, and a tall man walked out. He was covered in white robe, but his entire body was ice-cold, like a ten thousand year old iceberg.

It was Chu Lie, who was being continuously bullied by Wang Shan, who walked out.

Hmph, an idiot and an arrogant guy are both not good people. Wang Shan sneered. He did not like the two of them, and wished for them to fight so that both of them would die in the end.

Sis, why are you staring at me like that? Suddenly, Wang Shan felt a chill and realized that Wang Xian'er was staring at him.

Did I glare at you? Wang Xian'er stared at Wang Shan with wide eyes, with a cold intent circulating within.

Really? Looking at your expression. You seem to even want to beat me up. It's not like I've offended you. Wang Shan felt very wronged.

Hmph, I'll deal with you later. Wang Xian'er said angrily.

With regards to Geng Le, Zi Chen really wanted to kill him, but with that voice, even a few words could shock him to death. This caused Zi Chen to be afraid in his heart so he did not dare to kill him.

He felt depressed. At this moment, a reckless fellow walked out to speak.

Zi Chen looked at his opponent, his gaze cold.

He's not that old, but his methods are already so vicious. If he's careful, he might die early. Chu Lie walked out, his tone was as cold as a human.

I won't live long? Zi Chen was angered and asked in reply: Am I not going to live long, or is it that you, a busybody, are not going to live long?

Hmph, to be so ruthless at such a young age, how dare you call me busybody? Chu Lie walked over step by step.

Didn't you hear him say he was going to kill my entire family? Zi Chen asked. Geng Le was currently being stepped on by him, and needed more air to get in and out.

He only said that and did not carry it out. Chu Lie stood in front of Zi Chen and stopped, a cold light flickering in his eyes.

Oh, looks like you have a good temper. If he's just talking about it, then that's fine. Since that's the case, then tell him to scram. With that, Zi Chen's kick sent Geng Le flying, causing him to cough blood.

Then, Zi Chen looked at Chu Lie and asked, What you said is reasonable, it is just a statement, and it is not carried out, and it cannot be true.

Hmph, at least you know. Chu Lie scoffed.

Of course, because I also want to kill your entire family, not a single chick or puppy will be left alive. Zi Chen laughed faintly, his voice was calm.

Kid, are you courting death? Chu Lie's gaze turned cold.

I was just saying it, and I didn't carry it out. Why would you care? Zi Chen mocked.

Chu Lie, you shouldn't care about this, isn't this what you said? Wang Shan spoke up in time, but he did not do it out of good intentions. He wanted the two of them to fight as soon as possible.

Earlier, I tried to advise you, but it is all because of you. You actually said those words to me. You are courting death.

Why can you tell me but I can't tell you?

Because you are not worthy. Chu Lie's voice was cold, he looked at Zi Chen and said, Who the hell do you think you are, daring to say you will kill my entire family, how dare you?

Zi Chen's voice was also raised by quite a bit as he said, You sure are an arrogant dog. To come here and meddle in my affairs, you must have a lot of nerves

You have offended the Geng Family, and now you're being rude. Very well, the dignity of the Chu Family cannot be violated, you should just use your life to apologize. As the sound of his voice faded, a terrifying aura gushed forth.

Chu Family? Wang Shan laughed coldly, and said, Didn't you first say that the dignity of the Chu Family cannot be violated in front of Zi Chen, and then you said that you had misunderstood him?

Once these words were said, the entire audience burst into laughter. It was clear that Wang Shan was one of those monstrous geniuses who desired to stir up trouble.

And this laughter, which was obviously filled with ridicule, also completely angered Chu Lie.


Chu Lie bellowed, releasing the cold energy from his body, he rushed towards Zi Chen.