Thunder Martial Chapter 300 - Spirit Armament Sneak Attack

Geng Le was overbearing and he even uttered such words, causing many monstrous geniuses to frown, but they were mostly confused.

Some of the people in the crowd had vowed that the young man had kicked the monk's butt, but at the moment, he did not dare to fight with Geng Le. It was very strange.

Just at this moment, a figure appeared. It was very fierce, and the moment it appeared, it sent a cultivator with a palm strike.


A muffled sound rang out, and the cultivator was sent flying. After rolling on the ground for a few rounds, his head was hit to the side and he lost consciousness.

Everyone was shocked, just where did this fierce person come from? He was actually so powerful, and with a single strike, he knocked out an expert in the seventh heaven.

A good suggestion to learn how to bark like a dog. Today, I'll give you a chance to learn how to bark like a dog. Zi Chen strode forward, a cold light flickering in his eyes.

Who are you? Do you have the right to speak here?

This is the Geng Family's business, scram.

The two cultivators shouted coldly. They were the last few who did not recognize Zi Chen, so after they spoke, they attacked Zi Chen, their bodies flickering with light.



Just like before, Zi Chen waved his hand and slapped them twice, producing a loud sound. The two of them did not react at all and directly fainted.

Simple and relaxed, in this period of time, Zi Chen did not even look at the two of them.

Everyone was shocked. Their eyes were widened and their tongues tied. Just where did this fierce person appear from?

It's you! You actually didn't die?! When he saw Zi Chen arriving, Geng Le was greatly shocked, and his expression turned ugly. Back then, he had suffered a huge loss in the hands of the other party and lost all face.

If you aren't dead, how can I be dead? Zi Chen sneered, walked to the front of Nie Tian and changed his topic, Leave quickly, I'll take care of them.

Nie Tian's appearance was made by Zi Chen, it was a disguise technique. It was not even worth mentioning, maybe he could deceive Geng Le and the rest, but encountering some knowledgeable people, he would definitely be exposed.

Be careful. Nie Tian sent a sound transmission, understood the seriousness of the situation, and turned to leave.


Just then, a person walked forward and stopped Nie Tian.


Zi Chen appeared in a flash, and slapped him again. Light flashed between his palms, and under the force of the slap, the latter staggered a few steps back, but did not faint.

This was an expert, his strength was not bad, and after being forced back by Zi Chen's attack, he was extremely shocked.

Nie Tian's body flickered as he walked towards the crowd. After a few breaths, his figure had disappeared.

It's him. He's the one who hit the monk's head that day.

It's those two. I am not mistaken. Their strength is so powerful that it is a complete mess. One of them slapped the monk's head and the other kicked his butt.

Many people in the crowd exclaimed, as they recognized Zi Chen.

In the eyes of many monstrous geniuses, there was a different look. Fourth heaven of the Zhen Yuan Realm. Him being able to knock out seventh heaven with a single slap was already extraordinary.

Furthermore, to dare to hit the monk's head was naturally not something an ordinary person would do.

Kid, you still dare to appear here? Geng Le's face was warped, the anger in his eyes burned, and when he thought of the humiliation that day, he went crazy.

This is Yongji City, not Letian City. Why can't I appear here? Zi Chen turned around and spoke in an indifferent tone.

Good, very good. Since you've come, then don't think about leaving. Geng Le's expression was sinister, his eyes filled with killing intent.

You still haven't learned to bark like a dog, so of course I won't leave. Zi Chen calmly said as he took a step forward.

Hmph. You want to talk? Today is the day you die. Geng Le snorted coldly, took a step back and shouted, Kill him!

As soon as he finished speaking, the remaining four figures rushed towards Zi Chen. One of them being the Ninth Heaven and three being in the eighth heaven.

Rays of light flickered, and the four instantly released their killing move. A magnificent and dazzling attack appeared, making it hard for people to open their eyes.


Zi Chen's body transformed into a bolt of lightning, his speed was extremely fast. Like a phantom, he dodged several attacks, and in an instant, he was in front of an Eighth Heaven expert. His right hand was like a palm blade, fiercely chopping at the expert's neck.


At the same time, Zi Chen threw a punch out. Streams of golden light surged and a terrifying energy circulated, sending another cultivator flying.

After one attack, the eighth heaven expert was injured and fell into the crowd.


The last person was hit on the head by Zi Chen. A boundless golden light scattered and a powerful energy surged, directly knocking the latter out and causing him to faint on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, the three eighth heaven experts were knocked out.


The ninth heaven Zhen Yuan Realm expert rushed over at this moment, his eyes filled with killing intent. He was already at the peak of the Zhen Yuan Realm and if he took another step, he would be in the Imperial Sky Realm.


When that attack was thrown out, even the air gave off an ear-piercing shriek. This was a terrifying attack, causing many people's expressions to change.

However, what met this terrifying attack was only a golden fist, glowing with a golden light.

The two collided in an instant.


The expert of the ninth heavens felt as though he had suffered a huge shock. His body trembled and he could not help but retreat, following after that, a deep footprint appeared on the ground. He retreated six steps in a row, and six deep footprints appeared.

You...! The color of the expert's face changed and shock appeared in his eyes. He was actually forced back by a little fellow who was at the fourth heaven.

Just at this moment, Zi Chen flashed his body forward, and the golden light from his fist surged once again. A terrifying energy circulated and struck towards the ninth heaven expert.



Muffled sounds constantly rang out, like the beating of a drum. It was abnormally heavy, and every blow caused the earth to tremble.

At the end, Zi Chen punched even faster. A large area of golden light sprinkled, and his fists fell like raindrops, incomparably violent.

After a few dozen punches, a loud sound finally came out from the air, followed by the ninth heaven expert flying out. While in mid air, he was knocked unconscious by the golden energy.

Everyone around was petrified and shocked.

After knocking out three eighth heaven experts in three strikes, he then used a thunderous attack to knock out the ninth heaven expert.

This battle prowess could be said to be terrifying.

The eyes of the surrounding monstrous geniuses also became unnatural. To be able to knock out a ninth heaven expert so easily, this was an expert that was on par with them.

Very powerful! Wang Shi said coldly.

That's right, he has the fighting strength of a monstrous genius. Wu Mo nodded his head. His lazy expression was slightly restrained.

Wang Qiong did not speak, he looked at Zi Chen from afar, the light in his eyes flickering continuously.

I think it's average. Compared to Zi Chen, he's way too lacking.

Wang Shan curled his lips. He did not like people who were more popular than him, he did not like the look of this youth.

In Wang Xian'er's big eyes, however, there was doubt. Her long eyelashes trembled, and her eyes constantly blinked. It was unknown what her little head was thinking about.

Humph! The Chu Family's monstrous genius, Chu Lie snorted coldly, and said arrogantly, With this level of fighting strength, I can settle him with a single slap.

Idiot! Wang Shan curled his lips.

It's your turn. After knocking out four people, Zi Chen turned around, and his ice-cold eyes swept towards Geng Le.

What? Geng Le's face paled. He never thought that the other party could actually deal with his subordinate so easily.

Just bark like a dog and I can let you leave. Zi Chen's voice was cold, as he returned the favor.

Kid, don't go too far. Geng Le's voice was ice-cold. He was the monstrous genius of the Geng Family. If he were to bark like a dog here, what face would he have to live with in the future?

Didn't you say that to my friend just now? Zi Chen's voice was very cold.


You're not going to bark? Then I'll teach you. Right after he said that, a cold light flashed across Zi Chen's eyes as he rushed towards Geng Le.

Who's afraid of who? Geng Le's eyes opened wide as the energy in his body surged crazily. He had the strength of the seventh heaven and possessed the fighting strength of a monstrous genius.

Don't think that I'm afraid of you. Geng Le bellowed, his entire body releasing resplendent rays, getting brighter and brighter, his aura also becoming stronger and stronger.

Double Fist!

Geng Le clenched both his hands into fists, a terrifying aura surged out, forming a fist light that was extremely dazzling. With a loud bellow, he threw out a powerful attack.

Double Fist, good name, but unfortunately, it is a waste on you. Zi Chen also brandished his fist, his entire body releasing a bright and resplendent golden light. He punched forward, bringing along a large amount of golden light. The blood in his body surged, causing Zi Chen's fighting strength to increase by a bit.


A terrifying fist collided with each other, releasing a loud sound, causing a huge tremor in the heavens and earth as a terrifying energy surged.

Geng Le groaned, he retreated at an extreme speed, both of his hands had become deformed, and were bleeding profusely.


The sharp pain that came from his palms made him cry out in pain. This time's clash was even worse than last time's. He felt as if the bones in his hands were about to shatter.

Bullying others time and time again, do you think that you're so great just because you're from a big power? Zi Chen snorted, he flashed up, and the golden light around his body surged once again.


In the midst of the dull sound, Geng Le retreated time and time again, his face turning even paler.

Surrounding them, everyone's expression changed, even the monstrous geniuses was the same.

Zi Chen's attack was strong and terrifying, in just one exchange, he had injured monstrous genius Geng Le.

Ah... Go to hell! Invincible Sword!

Geng Le shouted and his face warped. His entire body flashed with light, like many glaring sword Qis, following that, a wave of Killing Intent appeared, and an invisible sword appeared out of the myriad of lights, flying towards Zi Chen.

Such a weak attack, yet you still dare to call it the Invincible Sword. Zi Chen coldly snorted, and threw out another punch, simple and direct.


Just as the sword Qi touched his fist, it turned into energy and disappeared. Zi Chen's body was still as terrifying as before.

At the same time, Zi Chen moved his body and unleashed a powerful attack.


Like a heavy hammer striking, the air trembled, causing Geng Le to fly backwards, blood spraying out from his mouth, he was in an extremely sorry state.

A monstrous genius was suppressed just like that. Everyone was dumbfounded and in disbelief.


Right at this moment, a resplendent beam of light appeared, carrying a terrifying killing intent, as it charged towards Zi Chen.

This was a streak of light, dazzling and extremely fast.


Zi Chen's body flickered, but the latter was like maggots in his bones, following closely behind without any hesitation.

This is a Spirit Armament. A surprised exclamation sounded.