Thunder Martial Chapter 30 - Might of the Thunderbolt

During the peaceful night, a sudden pitiful scream of a fierce tiger and a thundering sound resounded. The billowing sound spread out several miles away.

What was that sound Lin Mi was outside of the Solitary Forest. After he heard the abnormal sound, he got up and looked at the direction of the Solitary Forest

A thundering explosion coming from the forest, as well as the terrified scream of a fierce tiger made Lin Mi curious. He took advantage of the night and proceeded carefully towards the source of the sound.

He had just entered the forest when Lin Mi heard chatter.

This was... Zi Chen's voice. Lin Mi's eyes suddenly lit up. In the dim light of night, he stayed motionless and looked ahead quietly.

A moment later, the sounds came closer. They came from the casual conversation between Zi Chen and the old man.

It is Zi Chen. It really is Zi Chen. Lin Mi gasped. He suppressed the wild joy within his heart, and didn't dare to make a sound.

Taking advantage of the moonlight, Lin Mi saw Zi Chen and an old man who was carrying a gourd bottle.

Zi Chen was really here. The True Qi Pill reward is mine now. Zi Chen, many thanks. Because of the excrement throwing, Wang Meng looked at me favorably, and today because of you, I will get one True Qi Pill. After waiting a while for Zi Chen to leave, Lin Mi then carefully returned.

The old man lived in a small log cabin under the mountain. It was just an ordinary log cabin, nothing special since the old man was only an ordinary person.

After he stayed for a while, Zi Chen left, and returned up the mountain.

Little brother, you have to be careful. In these last few days, there were several people who wore the same clothes as you, they looked like they were searching for something. When he was about to leave, the old man suddenly said.

Thanks uncle, I will pay attention, Zi Chen smiled.

The old man watched Zi Chen leave with a satisfied smile on his face, then returned to his log cabin.


Lin Mi hurriedly traveled through the night. There was a trace light that appeared on the horizon when he arrived at the Ling Wu sect.

Through some connection, he went straight to the inner sect, and looked for Wang Meng.

Senior brother Meng, senior brother Meng.

In the early morning, Lin Mi's voice rang outside his door. Wang Meng had yet to wake up, so he was irritated and went out impatiently.

What's the matter? Wang Meng asked coldly.

I found Zi Chen. Lin Mi looked very excited.

What? Wang Meng rubbed his sleepy eyes.

I found Zi Chen, last night I saw him so I hurriedly returned throughout the night

Less nonsense, just say the specific place Wang Meng waved his hand and said

Outside the Solitary Forest, I know the direction. Lin Mi said.

Good, wait for a minute. After that, Wang Meng quickly left.

A moment later, Wang Meng came with two white clothed youths, they were Wang Xiong's subordinates. Their names were Cao Kai and Yi Ping, and they had the strength at the seventh Layer of True Qi. They were much stronger than Wei Ling, Cao Kai is also at the peak of the seventh Layer of True Qi.

Where is senior brother Wang Xiong? Lin Mi asked puzzledly.

Hmph, we can kill Zi Chen without senior brother Wang Xiong. Cao Kai snorted coldly. This frightened Lin Mi, making him not dare to speak again.

After eating something simple, Lin Mi and Wang Xiong's his subordinates set off.

Senior brother, umm... What about the True Qi Pill? Halfway there, Lin Mi couldn't help but ask.

When we see Zi Chen, we will naturally hand it to you, Yi Ping said coldly.

Yes, yes. Lin Mi nodded and increased his speed.

Half a day later, three people arrived at the Solitary Forest. With Lin Mi's guidance, they walked towards the mountain.

These three people saw Zi Chen standing on top of the hill, and at that moment, Zi Chen was looking at them.

You came. Looking at three of them, Zi Chen spoke indifferently.

After the old man's reminder yesterday, Zi Chen was even more cautious. He guarded the hill since early morning and after he saw the three people, Zi Chen was relieved.

As long as it wasn't Wang Xiong, he had confidence to deal with them; therefore, he didn't leave, but waited here.

Zi Chen. The three people looked at Zi Chen coldly.

In the inner disciple assessment, Zi Chen's talent overshadowed everyone in the inner sect, and there was almost no one that didn't know Zi Chen.

Zi Chen is here. Can I have the True Qi Pill now? Looking at both sides that were about to break into a fight, Lin Mi said cautiously.

Hmph, just a trivial True Qi Pill. Cao Kai snorted coldly, took out a bottle from his chest, poured out one True Qi Pill and gave it to Lin Mi.

On top of the hill, Zi Chen's eyes shone suddenly, and muttered out one word, Lucky. The idea to kill and seize their valuables appeared.

Good, I have shown the way and found the person, so I should leave. Lin Mi said tactfully. Now, he needed to find a place to refine the True Qi Pill and breakthrough to the fifth Layer of True Qi in one fell swoop.

Go. Cao Kai said coldly.

You can't leave! Just as Lin Mi nodded and prepared to leave, a bursting shout from Zi Chen resounded. He saw Zi Chen move his feet and float towards their side, just like a weightless feather.

I have yet to repay your kindness for the day you threw sh*t on my hut so how can I let you go? Zi Chen sneered, he recognized Lin Mi.

Senior Brothers, help me When he heard Zi Chen's words, Lin Mi's face changed greatly. The present Zi Chen couldn't be compared with the past, even Wu Sheng wasn't his match, let alone a trivial fourth Layer of True Qi Lin Mi. He drew back, and sought help

Zi Chen, go to hell Seeing that Zi Chen took the initiative to attack. Cao Kai and Yi Ping's eyes flashed with a dense killing intent, they looked at each other and sent out an attack together towards Zi Chen.

Star Burst Fist.

Titan Fist.

Rank two martial techniques with true essence appeared, making them their strongest strike. The wind howled and their fists' pressure surged at Zi Chen ruthlessly.

Facing their attacks, Zi Chen didn't dodge, but in his dantian, the silver lightning True Qi started to surge. Just like a thunderbolt meandering from his body, the silver True Qi moved towards his fingertip. In an instant. Zi Chen's finger changed into a streak of lightning, and directly shot towards Yi Ping.

Seeing Zi Chen's finger turn into a thunderbolt, it caused Yi Ping to be scared sh*tless when he felt the oppression from the thunderbolt. His complexion turned ghastly pale. He immediately stopped his attack and placed his fist in front of his chest, he moved his feet and flew back because he wanted to withstand Zi Chen's attack.


But his speed couldn't be compared with the speed of the thunderbolt, and in an instant, the thunderbolt exploded onto Yi Ping's chest. The deafening explosion was like a rumbling thunder sound.

Under the thunderbolt, Yi Ping's body was burnt black in an instant, just like being roasted on a fire. Under the huge violent force, his body flew towards and collided with the escaping Lin Mi.


Seeing the charred corpse, Lin Mi couldn't help but utter a terrified scream. His feet grew weak, he fell to the ground and was unable to flee.

At the same time, Cao Kai's fist landed on Zi Chen's body, but because of his formidable physique, Zi Chen's body only shook a little in the air and caused him to retreat a few steps. He didn't suffer any injuries, only his blood surged a little within his body.

That was the Thunderbolt Fingers! Cao Kai cried out in alarm, his face turned pale, his eyes were filled with shock.

In the Ling Wu sect, the only technique that could control lightning power was the Thunderbolt Finger. It was known as the strongest useless martial technique. Initially, since Zi Chen offended senior brother Luo Men, it was thus given to Zi Chen. However, Cao Kai didn't expect Zi Chen to actually master it.

Good, you have some knowledge. Zi Chen sneered as killing intent flashed across his eyes.

You, you actually mastered it. Cao Kai was terrified, he walked back slowly with the intention to retreat.

Without the strength of the eighth Layer of True Qi, he was absolutely unable to withstand the rank one martial technique, Thunderbolt Fingers.

Only a brief encounter, and Yi Ping was already killed by the Thunderbolt Finger. Cao Kai was only slightly stronger than Yi Ping, therefore in that instant, he turned his body and used a rank two movement technique as he began his retreat.

You want to run? It won't be that easy. Zi Chen sneered and moved his feet. The true essence of the Flowing Cloud Step appeared, and he chased after Cao Kai.


The roaring sound of a fierce tiger resounded repeatedly as Zi Chen sent out the Fierce Tiger Fist.

Go away. I won't kill you anymore! Cao Kai shouted repeatedly, he turned his body and sent out some attacks, but each of his attacks would suffer a loss after meeting Zi Chen's strike. The formidable body of Zi Chen was simply too terrifying.

Go away, you're a monster!

Go away, I said I won't kill you anymore!

Cao Kai roared repeatedly. In his eyes, Zi Chen became a monster. He was obviously at the sixth Layer of True Qi, but he actually had a body comparable with that of a rank seven ferocious beast. Cao Kai's attack couldn't break the opposite party's defense.

First Finger of the Raging Thunder

In the end, Zi Chen caught up with Cao Kai and used his killing move. His True Qi surged, and lightning appeared on his fingertips again and went straight towards Cao Kai's back.

Cao Kai cried out loudly and all of the True Qi in his body surged. A white light appeared on his fists and moved to guard the front of his body. He wanted to block this strike.


When the Thunderbolt fell on Cao Kai's body, the qi that protected his body was shattered in an instant. At the same time, both his arms were pushed away under the impact of the thunderbolt, causing his entire chest to be charred.

His life force soon dissipated.

Two powerhouses at the seventh Layer of True Qi were killed by Zi Chen. One became a black charcoal and the other one wasn't any better.

'What a close call.' Zi Chen stepped quickly forward, searched Cao Kai's chest, then pulled out a bottle. After he saw that the bottle was safe and sound, he secretly said in his heart

What a poor fellow He opened the bottle and a delicate fragrance that belonged to the True Qi Pills greeted his nostrils. There was actually only one True Qi Pill in the bottle, making Zi Chen say in disdain

After that, he arrived by the side of Yi Ping. He had been killed by the blast of the lightning, his corpse wasn't even intact. Even if he had a True Qi Pill, it would've been destroyed by the thunderbolt.

Zi Chen didn't have any harvest. Finally, it was the turn of the terrified Lin Mi who was sitting on the ground.

Don't kill me... Don't kill me. Lin Mi's eyes were filled with fear, even his voice started to tremble. He was absolutely terrified by Zi Chen's aura.

Just within a dozen days, Zi Chen had grown to such a degree. He is now able to kill two inner sect disciple at the seventh Layer of True Qi in just a few moves.

Lin Mi had long since been scared silly. Sitting on the ground, he didn't even dare to move, letting Zi Chen take away his True Qi Pill.

You can go, I won't kill you today. Go back and tell Wang Xiong, if he wants to kill me, it's better to arrange some decent opponent.

Zi Chen no longer paid attention to Lin Mi and started to deal with the two corpses.