Thunder Martial Chapter 3 - Snow Ginseng

Damn it. That Zi Chen actually tricked me.

In another valley, the sound of Zhao Can cursing out in rage could be heard echoing out.

In the valley, an icy-clear fragrance was permeating around. Clearly, the fragrance was caused by the Snow Ginseng. Zhao Can saw the Snow Ginseng when he reached the valley. The Snow Ginseng appeared to be just like an ice lotus, pure white and faultless, quietly growing within the valley.

But Zhao Can also saw the Ice Bear.

Unfortunately, it wasn't just one Ice Bear... it was two Ice Bears

Previously he and Zi Chen spent the price equivalent to a True Qi pill just to get the bewitching powder. But the amount of bewitching powder was just enough to bewitch one Ice Bear but there was actually two Ice Bears. This totally fell out of Zhao Can's calculations.

During the cold season in winter; normally, Ice Bears would be lying in a dormant state in some secluded place. But the two Ice Bear were lying just next to the Snow Ginseng. Even though Zhao Can and the two other fellow Ling Wu Sect Disciples had tried to be extremely careful, in the end they still woke up the two Ice Bears.

Both of the Ice Bears were ranked 5 beasts which was equivalent to a cultivator with the strength of the fifth layer of True Qi. What was even more problematic was that against a beast with the same cultivation as a cultivator, the beast's real fighting strength is actually higher than the cultivators due to the beast's thick body and powerful strength.

All three of them belonged to the fourth layer of True Qi. In a normal situation, if the three of them were to fight against a rank 5 Ice Bear, there was only one ending for them; getting wiped out by the Ice Bear. In the winter, the Ice Bear's reaction gets slower than normal and if a bewitching powder was used, the three of them could at least barely fight against the Ice Bear for a few moments.


The three meter tall Ice Bear let out a huge roar. Getting woken up from their sleep, they were really furious right now. The Ice Bear's body was covered in black colored fur, their fur was as hard and as sharp as steel. Using its paw, the Ice Bear slapped ferociously towards the three cultivators.


The slap from the bear paw instantly caused a huge rock to get smashed in powder, the rock could not even withstand a single blow, this showed the power of an angry Ice Bear's strike.

The three of them quickly withdrew backwards with ugly expressions on their faces. Their bodies had yet to reach the point where they were as hard as a stone. Under the attack of the Ice Bears, they could only depend on their footwork martial techniques to dodge the incoming attacks.

Quickly; Use the bewitching powder. Just use it all right now

The force of the bear paw brought along a strong gale. One of the young cultivators was able to dodge the attack from the bear paw but the bone-chilling strong gale still reached his face, bringing extreme pain to his cheeks. As he quickly moved backwards, he couldn't help but shout loudly towards Zhao Can.


Another big rock got smashed into powder by the ice bear's paw. The wave of strong gales caused by the attack of the bear continuously formed. In a short time, the three of them were forced out of the valley.

Damn it

Zhao Can cursed in rage and without a choice, he took out the bewitching powder and used his third-rate martial technique Flowing Cloud Steps. Immediately afterwards, he passed through the wave of attacks and stood in front of the Ice Bears. He quickly sprinkled the bewitching powder in his hand forward.

Bewitching powder had neither color nor taste as if it was transparent. With the cover of snow in the surroundings, the bewitching powder successfully reached the noses of the two Ice Bears. When the two Ice Bears took a big breath, they sucked in the bewitching powder along with the air.

The bodies of the two Ice Bears couldn't help but sway a bit after a short while.

Zhao Can quickly used this chance to withdraw backwards.

This won't do. If it was only one Ice Bear, the bewitching powder would've been enough, that is for sure. But now there are two Ice Bears. We have to think of some other plan to get the Snow Ginseng Zhao Can anxiously exclaimed after he sprinkled the bewitching powder.

What can we do? Don't tell me you want us to stall the Ice Bears with our cultivation? One of the young disciples spoke in a bad mood. The young disciple had a bloody scar on his face from the fight just now.

Zhao Can clenched his teeth and said, You two stall the Ice Bears first. I will go inside the valley and take the Snow Ginseng and we will quickly leave afterwards.

You can F*ck off"

Just after Zhao Can's words just came out, curses immedieatly rang out, We two brothers are not as stupid as that fool, Zi Chen, to believe you, and stall the Ice Bears while you go and take the Snow Ginseng. You want to stall the Ice Bears? Sure, you stall the Ice Bears and one of us brothers will go and take the Snow Ginseng while the other one will stall the Ice Bears together with you.

That won't do. I was the one who discovered the Snow Ginseng. Zhao Can coldly said.

If that won't do then we can retreat. Humph, worst case scenario is to just go back and find Senior Brother Wang Xiong. The other young disciple sneered.

They were all quite intelligent. Who would even do something that would endanger their life?

During the time they were talking, the two Ice Bears which were affected by the bewitching powder did not collapse, even though their bodies were a bit unstable. The two Ice Bears' attacks were still very strong. The three of them had no choice but to retreat backwards once again. In this pattern of the two Ice Bear attacking while the three of them retreated backwards soon brought the two Ice Bear out of the valley.

In a distant place, behind a huge stone, Zi Chen quietly hid there.

The fact that Zhao Can had betrayed him, Zi Chen was currently very calm about that. Seeing Zhao Can retreat backwards, there was only tranquility in Zi Chen's eyes and no unnecessary cold glint in his eyes at all.

Why was there no cold glint in Zi Chen's eyes? Because there was no need for it all. He, who had died once, had long viewed Zhao Can as someone that he will kill for certain.

Alright, now's the time Zi Chen smirked as he saw them retreat backwards while bringing the two Ice Bears further and further away from the valley.

Zi Chen came out from behind the big stone and quickly moved towards the valley.

Due to not having any True Qi, Zi Chen could not use any footwork martial techniques. As Zi Chen moved, he left deep footprints on the snow ground, but nonetheless his speed was still very fast. Just in the blink of an eye, he had reached the valley.

What the three of them were planning, of course Zi Chen knew. They were trying to lure the two stupid Ice Bears as far away from the valley, so that they can use footwork techniques to quickly go back to the the valley.

As Zi Chen's foot stepped on the snow, 'plop' sounds could be heard as he moved. Zi Chen quickly reached the middle of the valley and saw the Snow Ginseng that was growing on top of the ice, while half of the Snow Ginseng's body was covered with snow.

The Snow Ginseng was sparkling and is translucent all over just like a snow lotus. It's whole body permeated out a clear, icy fragrance. Even though Zi Chen was still ten meters away from the Snow Ginseng, he could still feel the extremely rich True Qi coming from the Snow Ginseng.

3 steps and soon followed by another 2 steps, and Zi Chen reached the Snow Ginseng.

I almost died for real because of this Snow Ginseng.

Zi Chen gazed at the Snow Ginseng with a complicated expression, but without hesitation he squatted down and grabbed the Snow Ginseng.

Things may happen anytime. Zi Chen did not have much time to waste as Zhao Can and the two other young disciples could come back here anytime.

Luckily Zi Chen's bones was changed and refined, although he did not have any True Qi, his strength was still very high. With his strength, he did not even use half of it to pull out the Snow Ginseng

Finally got hold of it"

The Snow Ginseng grew on top of a large piece of ice. After being pulled out, the roots of the Snow Ginseng still had some ice shards on it. Zi Chen's eyes lit up as he quickly put away the Snow Ginseng. This Snow Ginseng used to be his hope to enter into the Inner Sect. Now, this Snow Ginseng was his hope to restore his dantian back to normal.

Just at this moment, an angry voice sounded out.

Lin Hao, Lin Ying, I was the one who found the Snow Ginseng. Both of you go and stall the Ice Bears" The voice belonged to Zhao Can and his voice appeared to be flustered and exasperated while coming closer and closer to the valley.

Humph. If you say you were the one who found the Snow Ginseng then it means you were the one who found it?What an idiot. Who do you think you are, Zhao Can? How could Senior Brother Wang Xiong even look upon you? Let me tell you, the one who brings back the Snow Ginseng will get the True Qi pill. Lin Ying smirked.

You are courting death" Zhao Can's voice sounded out again.

Haha. Whether I am courting death or not, you will find out very soon. Lin Hao. Go stall him and wait for me to take the Snow Ginseng. Lin Ying laughed loudly.

Afterwards, sounds of fighting rang out.

In the middle of the valley, the sounds of laughter could be heard. Lin Ying had already reached the middle of the valley. In the distance there was the sound of a fight happening and further in the distance, there was the sound of two angry Ice Bears' roars.

But Lin Ying's laughter quickly stopped when he reached the middle of the valley. As if his neck was clutched by somebody, his voice couldn't come out. His eyes opened extremely wide as if he saw a ghost before his eyes.

Lin Ying really indeed saw a ghost. Because he saw Zi Chen in front of him.


At this moment, Zi Chen was coldly staring at Lin Ying. That ice-cold expression of Zi Chen was as if he was looking at a dead person. As for Lin Ying, he was totally stunned; he could only stare blankly at Zi Chen after crying out in alarm.

Hey hey"

The ice-cold Zi Chen suddenly laughed after saying 'hey hey'. His laughter was extremely strange, as if it was a malicious spirit's laughter, faint and sinister. This made Lin Ying's heart unable to bear, and he began to tremble with fear.

If not for his strong willpower, he would have already retreated due to being frightened.

After Zi Chen coldly laughed, similar to a ghost image, he suddenly moved towards Lin Ying. Lin Ying at the moment only saw the strange smile on Zi Chen's face and did not even look at the bottom of Zi Chen's body. Therefore he thought that Zi Chen was actually floating towards him.

Ahhh! Ghost"

Lin Ying subconsciously let out a weird scream as he quickly jumped backwards. One jump only and he had already jumped backwards ten meters.

As if he had already anticipated that Lin Ying will have this reaction. Zi Chen sneered and did not bother with Lin Ying anymore as he ran out of the valley.

The sound of snow getting stepped on was so obvious but because Lin Ying was so frightened, he did not notice it at all, and he still thought Zi Chen was floating.

He ran away... he ran away... He must have gone to look for Zhao Can. Grievance has a beginning and an end Lin Ying gasped for air as he breathed heavily. His heart also slowly calmed down. Afterwards, Lin Ying moved his gaze towards the Snow Ginseng.


Lin Ying screamed weirdly once again. The Snow Ginseng which was previously still at the middle of the valley actually disappeared.

Don't tell me, even a ghost wants to use the Snow Ginseng to cultivate? Lin Ying's heart sank down once again.

But at this moment, outside of the valley, there was actually another person's scream Ahhh! Ghost"

This voice belonged to Lin Hao. What quickly followed was Zhao Can's surprised voice, Zi Chen, it's you. You actually didn't die?

Zhao Can's words were like a bucket of cool water poured onto Lin Ying's heart. His whole body trembled again and he only now discovered the deep footprints on the snowy ground.

He didn't float. He was walking this whole time. Damn it, he didn't die. Lin Ying could not help shouting out: Zi Chen took away the Snow Ginseng"

Afterwards, Lin Ying quickly moved towards the exit of the valley.

Outside the valley, both Lin Hao and Zhao Can couldn't help but stare blankly in a daze at Zi Chen when they saw him.

Any other person, who suddenly saw someone who should have died but was still alive, would be dazed too. During the moment when the two of them were dazed, Zi Chen once again strangely smiled at them as he quickly fled off into the distance.

After the two came back to their senses, it was already too late. Zi Chen was already seventy meters away from them.

Shoutings from Lin Ying soon came afterwards. As the two of them heard what Lin Ying was shouting, their expression changed and quickly they started chasing after Zi Chen.

Roar! Roar"

Two huge roars suddenly echoed out and following the roar was a bear paw bringing along a strong gale as it slapped down towards Lin Hao and Zhao Can.

With no choice, the two of them could only once again start dodging.

Their entangling with the two Ice Bear allowed Zi Chen to run hundred meters away. After Lin Hao and Zhao Can, broke away from the two Ice Bears, Zi Chen had already run 400 meters away from them.


The three of them looked at each other and they had the same expression. They were all filled with anger. Afterwards, they quickly chased after Zi Chen.

The Ice Bears returned to the middle of the valley. When they found out that the Snow Ginseng was not there anymore, they roared once again and quickly ran outside of the valley. Since such a long time passed, the small amount of bewitching powder had already lost its effects.

The two Ice Bears had also joined the chase for Zi Chen and the Snow Ginseng.